Understanding Aikido

Understanding Aikido

Jan J Sunderlin

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The Zantotsu Ryu
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Historia de Asia
63,06 €
IVA incluido

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Understanding Aikido: Essential Information and Perceptions (Special Edition) presents an historical, cultural, and philosophical look at the development of the Japanese martial art of Aikido. Sunderlin focuses on the influences brought to bear on Morihei Ueshiba, the founder of Aikido, and the subsequent cultivation of the latter's martial art as a vessel of Budo. The author also provides a look at the different directions Aikido has taken since its inception and tackles some of the criticism leveled by practitioners of other martial arts, then offers ideas for strengthening Aikido as a viable method of self-defense while calling for increased cooperation between its numerous styles. The book is NOT an Aikido 'How to,' though its technical characteristics are competently discussed. The topics are in-depth and complex. Includes 17 chapters with endnotes, special editorial comment, tables, figures, pictures, a glossary, a bibliography, and an index; 530 pages. The Special Edition includes gray cloth coverboards with gold impressed lettering on the spine, new and different dust jacket imagery, a description of the derivation and meaning of the dust jacket's front cover Shodokan Aikido symbol, color highlights on the chapter heading images, and color highlights on three drawings. 3

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