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  • Hearn’s Japan
    Lafcadio Hearn
    'Finally the treatment these true classics deserve: thoroughly re-edited and modernized texts, with glossary, index...and beautiful layout to boot.'Lafcadio Hearn (1850-1904), the son of an Irish Surgeon-Major and a Greek woman of noble lineage, who settled in Japan after a checkered career in journalism in Cincinnati and New Orleans, is still considered by many the most astute...

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  • China Through American Eyes
    Wenxian Zhang
    Cultural understanding between the United States and China has been a long and complex process. The period from the mid-nineteenth century to the early twentieth century is not only a critical era in modern Chinese history, but also the peak time of illustrated news reporting in the United States. Besides images from newspapers and journals, this collection also contains pictur...

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  • Rain Falling on Tamarind Trees
    C. L. Hoang
    Finalist (Travel category), 2019 San Diego Book Awards Former Amazon #1 New Release in Vietnam Travel Guides 5-Star Rating from Amazon Hall-of-Fame Top Reviewer Have you ever wondered what Vietnam is like some forty years after the war has ended? Then come along with the author as he returns to visit his ancestral homeland for the first time after a decades-long absence.Retrace...

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    Jeanhee Kang
    In November, 1982, Jesus asked Kang on the darkest night of her life, 'Why aren't you going to church?' Kang who had broken almost all of the Ten Commandments by age 25, questioned God in disbelief, 'Why me?', ' You must not know of my dark Past...'      Three years after the Korean War ends, Jeanhee Kang is born to poor rice farmers in a predominantly Buddhist culture. A b...

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  • An Artist in Japan
    John La Farge
    “Finally the treatment these true classics deserve: thoroughly re-edited and modernized texts, with glossary, index…and beautiful layout to boot.”John la Farge (1835–1910), traveling Japan’s interior in the summer of 1886, sees Japan in a way only he can: through the eyes of a painter, observing a vast canvas in which he discerns every color, every shade, every nuance, every re...

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  • Understanding Aikido
    Jan J Sunderlin
    Understanding Aikido: Essential Information and Perceptions (Special Edition) presents an historical, cultural, and philosophical look at the development of the Japanese martial art of Aikido. Sunderlin focuses on the influences brought to bear on Morihei Ueshiba, the founder of Aikido, and the subsequent cultivation of the latter's martial art as a vessel of Budo. The author a...

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  • Life and Death in the Korean Bronze Age (c. 1500-400 BC)
    Sunwoo Kim
    This research focuses on the Bronze Age in selected areas of Korea; Seoul, Incheon, and Gyeonggi province. Two forms of evidence - settlements and monuments - are taken into account to identify their relationship with landscape and the social changes occurring between ca. 1500 to 400 cal BC. Life and death in the Bronze Age in Korea has not been synthetically investigated befor...

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  • Not by Love Alone
    Margaret Mehl
    Suzuki Shin'ichi, the Tokyo String Quartet, Midori - How did Japanese violinists manage to revolutionize violin teaching, win international competitions, conquer Western concert stages, study at world-famous conservatoires and take up positions in leading orchestras and prestigious music faculties? What enabled the Japanese to master Western classical music within a few decades...

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  • Pictures in Transformation
    Luca Maria Olivieri

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  • South Asian Archaeology 2007
    Proceedings of the 19th Meeting of the European Association of South Asian Archaeology in Ravenna, Italy, July 2007.                     ...

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  • Living Dangerously in Korea
    Donald N. Clark
    Korea was “discovered” by the West after World War II when it became a flashpoint in the Cold War. Before the war, however, it was home to many hundreds of Westerners who experienced life there under Japanese colonial rule. These included missionaries who opened Korea as a field for evangelism, education, and medicine; speculators who risked much and reaped riches from mining c...

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  • Name Construction in Mediæval Japan
    Solveig Throndardottir
    Name Construction in Mediæval Japan examines Japanese names from earliest records to the close of the medieval period in 1600. Like ancient Greek or Latin names or Arabic names, ancient and medieval Japanese names express the social role of the individual in Japanese society. The main text and accompanying notes provide a guide to the origin and social role of formal names, com...

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  • The Moon Year - A Record of Chinese Customs and Festivals
    Igor Mitrophanow / Juliet Bredon
    The Moon Year is a facinating recording the mysterious and somewhat elusive traditions of the Chinese. Juliet Bredon and Igor Mitrophanow trace their way through the intimate life of Chinese religion, superstitions, philosophies, customs, and society. Only after a year’s residence in China are the authors able to gather an intimate perspective on this age-old civilization that ...

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  • India - What can it teach us?
    F. Max Müller
    A must-read for every Indian. What Can It teach us? is a compilation of lectures delivered by Max Muller at Cambridge.F. Max Müller in lectures portrays India; specially the Vedic India; as an epitome of virtuosity & morality; whose glory is equal if not greater to the classical Greek or Roman Civilizations.F. Max Müller urges the Westerners to come out of their supreme colonia...

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  • 八十年代的一束思想之光
    14期刊物中竟有8期都以'自由'为主题,几乎贯穿了办刊的全过程。如此密集、充分的讨论,在同时期的民间刊物里,都是仅有少见的。《青年论坛》在1980年代独树一帜地高扬'自由'精神,这无疑具有思想史与出版史的意义和价值。--著名学者、北京大学教授 钱理群你们要想了解中国的年轻一代在思考什么,可以读读《青年论坛》。--著名历史学家、华中师范学院院长章开沅教授这个刊物的确发表了好些在别处较难看到的饶有新意、颇有胆识的文章,提出了或初步论证了好些相当尖锐和敏感的理论问题与实际问题,这恰恰是饱学之士、老师宿儒们所未敢轻易下笔的。尽管这些文章欠成熟,有毛病,但它清楚地显示了年轻一代强烈追求改革的理论锐气和朝气。--著名学者李泽厚20世纪80年代是中国思想史上波澜壮阔的时代。知识分子和广大民众从思想的桎梏中挣脱, 呼唤自由、民主、法制和人道主义的声音空前强烈。在这一...

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  • Situating religion and medicine in Asia
    Michael Stanley-Baker
    This volume presents studies of the mobilisation of practices for health and spiritual well-being in various regions and times across Asia. The chapters use a common structure to situate these practices within their regions and times, demonstrating how they circulated across religious, medical and scientific domains. Introducing methodological tools and positions, the chapters ...

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  • Conceptualising China through translation
    James St André / James St. André
    This book provides an innovative methodology for investigating how China has been conceptualised historically, tracing the development of four key concepts (filial piety, face, fengshui, and guanxi) in English and Chinese. It explores how specific ideas about what constitutes the uniqueness of Chinese culture influence the ways we think about China. ...

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  • Kerala Calling
    'Kerala Calling: A Comprehensive Tourist Handbook' is your ultimate guide to the enchanting and diverse world of Kerala, often referred to as 'God’s Own Country.' This beautifully crafted book offers a detailed and immersive journey into one of India’s most captivating and culturally rich states, making it a must-have companion for anyone planning to explore or discover the hid...

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  • Negotiation Dynamics to Denuclearize North Korea
    Comprehensive examination of the goals, strategies, and motives of the six parties involved in North Korea denuclearization talks through the lens of negotiation theory. ...

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  • Ancient China
    Ahoy Publications
    Unlock the secrets of ancient China with 500 interesting facts!Do you want to learn more about ancient China? Look no further than 500 Interesting Facts About Ancient China. This book is packed full of exciting facts and historical information that will captivate readers. Here’s just a snippet of what you will find inside:Over two thousand years of Chinese imperial history, fea...

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  • Writing Early China
    Edward L. Shaughnessy
    Considers what unearthed documents reveal about the creation and transmission of knowledge in ancient China. ...

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  • Everyday humanitarianism in Cambodia
    Anne-Meike Fechter
    Offers an accessible account of everyday humanitarianism in Cambodia, as well as wider insights into how people link local actions to global challenges. ...

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  • South Indian Brahmins in Sri Lankan Culture
    Bandara Bandaranayake
    This book presents a new and confrontational perspective on South Indian migration to Sri Lanka, in contrast to the traditional historical records.The central theme of the book is about a group of South Indian Brāhmins who migrated to Sath Korale (Kurunegala District), Sri Lanka, in the 16th century, during the Mundukondapola regional kingdom. In addition to an account of Brāhm...

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  • Shanghai Demimondaine
    Nick Hordern
    Shanghai in 1930s had a booming prostitution industry which gave the city a certain reputation across Asia, and the beautiful Australian Lorraine Murray was one of its stars - until her patron Edmund Toeg convinced her to leave the high class brothel where she worked. Against the backdrop of the Japanese onslaught on China, and guided by the American author Emily Hahn - the ’Ch...

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  • Chinese Global Exploration in the Pre-Columbian Era
    Sheng-Wei Wang
    How early did the Chinese explore the world? Did the Treasure Fleets, led by Admiral Zheng He, discover many parts of the world before Christopher Columbus? While it is known that Christopher Columbus discovered America and Europe ushered in the Age of Discovery, there is an ongoing debate on the 'unknown' areas depicted in Western maps from the period and earlier. There is agr...

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  • The Impact of Coincidence in Modern American, British, and Asian History
    Bruce A. Elleman
    In 21 case studies, this short book examines the distinctive coincidental history of America, Britain, and various Asian countries during the twentieth century. ...

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  • 西江逝水

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  • The Book of Five Rings
    Musashi Miyamoto
    ’When you attain the Way of strategy, there will not be one thing you cannot see.’ - Miyamoto Musashi.  Book of Five Rings Shortly before his death in 1645, the undefeated swordsman Miyamoto Musashi retreated to a cave to live as a hermit. There he wrote five scrolls describing the 'true principles' required for victory in the martial arts and on the battlefield. Instead of rel...

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  • Illustrated Book of Traditional Chinese Sport
    Chongshen Li / Lijuan Mao / Qilin Sun
    Through the use of archaeology, anthropology, sociology, and iconography, this book utilizes a multidisciplinary approach to research Chinese sports. A unique aspect of this book is that it documents the history and culture of Chinese sports through relics of mythology, rock paintings, painted pottery, oracle bones, bronzes, tomb bricks, paintings, porcelain, copper mirrors, an...

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  • The King’s Chinese
    Daryl Yeap
    An informative and well-researched book, The King’s Chinese provides a superb account of the Straits British Chinese, a distinct migrant society from various districts of South China in the late 19th Century. Daryl Yeap gives us a fascinating story of this hybrid community, taking us on tour through one man’s journey, beginning with how he left a war-ravaged China to Penang, wh...

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