Trusting the Cat Burglar

Trusting the Cat Burglar

Trusting the Cat Burglar

Pamela Gossiaux

10,68 €
IVA incluido
Tri-Cat Publishing
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Narrativa romántica
10,68 €
IVA incluido

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But come what sorrow can…Abigail Russo and her handsome husband Tony met one winter night when she caught him breaking into her library to steal a map. Now, just six weeks into a whirlwind marriage, it might be a map that tears them apart.Abigail, up for tenure soon, has lured the prestigious and charming Frenchman Jean-Pierre Mauvais to display his rare collection at the university library. But when Mauvais reveals a secret about one of his maps that links to Tony’s dark past, it might be more than Abigail bargained for when she hastily said, “I do.”Tony, serving time in community service and struggling to start up a legitimate business, is content because he has found the love of his life. But soon, he realizes fresh starts aren’t easy, and that building—and keeping—someone’s trust is more difficult than he thought. As danger lurks closer and Abigail’s career is put in jeopardy, she must ask herself how far she will go to keep Tony in her life and her marriage alive?

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