There's No Right Way To Do The Wrong Thing

There's No Right Way To Do The Wrong Thing

There's No Right Way To Do The Wrong Thing

Christopher Gilbert

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Afirmación personal, motivación y autoestima
16,12 €
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Trustworthiness is not a destination, it’s a way of life! -C. GilbertIn today’s rapidly-changing global society, do you wonder what it means to make honest decisions, and hold yourself and others accountable in your personal, professional, and family lives? Do you want to know how you can become: more authentic in your relationships more transparent in your organizations better able to identify the reality behind increasingly outrageous “alternative truths' The truth is, we have only two choices when it comes to an honest world - we can either continue down our current path of increasingly situational ethics that treat some more fairly than others and where honesty in our connections and relationships is the luck of the draw. Or, we can believe we have the capacity to create a world that operates on an integrity practiced by everyone for everyone.  In There’s No Right Way to Do the Wrong Thing, you’ll find answers to these concerns and more as author Christopher Gilbert invites readers into an accessible and inspirational conversation spiced with an abundance of personal stories, humorous anecdotes and invaluable guidance about making good choices. Drawing upon decades of research, training and ethics consulting experience, There’s No Right Way to Do the Wrong Thing brings a fresh approach to personal growth and an honesty that empowers a brighter future for all of us.  Whether you’re an ethics expert or simply someone navigating the moral mud around us, this easy-to-follow book will have you examining your own standards and values and applying transformative concepts to your life. Most importantly, readers will finish this book encouraged that we all have the power and capacities— individually and collectively— to morally progress past where we are now and help bring better ethics into our families, our communities, our organizations and our world.  

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