Hendrik Bryan Lai

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Afirmación personal, motivación y autoestima
8,43 €
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Healing the Healer: Positive Affirmations for the Healing Professions is full of positive affirmations for those moments you need a personal boost. Written by a practicing clinician and designed with clinicians in mind, Dr. Hendrik Lai knows the physical and mental challenges that come with the work. He has seen countless colleagues burn out and suffer from depression as they struggle in silence. It's difficult to juggle the day-to-day stresses of being a healer with competing priorities placed upon clinicians by patients, an overwhelming health care system and their own personal doubts. As a prominent figure in his field, Dr. Lai has learned to balance these surmounting stresses and found a positive solution to tackle the questions that plague us all. the Healer is designed as a go-to reference that assists healers to get through some of the most frequently encountered situations, so that they can get back on track, and return to their core business of making their client’s well and maintaining their wellbeing. You will learn numerous positive affirmations that cover a wide range of areas, such as giving your day a positive start, optimizing your performance, dealing with failure, coping with the loss of a patient, and ending your day with peace and love. Although written with clinicians in mind, anyone needing a positivity boost in their lives will benefit from the Healer. By opening the first page of this book, you’re giving yourself a flourishing chance at mending your body and mind, and those around you.

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