The Old Testament in Theology and Teaching

The Old Testament in Theology and Teaching

The Old Testament in Theology and Teaching


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APTS Press is privileged to offer this festschrift honoring Dr. Kay Fountain, who for more than twenty years has served the Lord at the Asia Pacific Theological Seminary (APTS), in Baguio City, Philippines, first as a student, then as a faculty member and finally as the Academic Dean. Our hope is that this book will reflect her passion for teaching and understanding the Old Testament, which has instilled in her students that kind of passion for the ministry as well.From the Foreword In keeping with the theme of this Festschrift: The Old Testament in Theology and Teaching, the included articles predominantly provide an Old Testament focus. Significantly, most have been written by Kay’s current and former students and colleagues, both Western and Asian, including one by her PhD Mentor, Dr. Tim Bulkeley. John Carter, PhD, President Emeritus, Asia Pacific Theological SeminaryWonsuk Ma--Tragedy of Spirit-Empowered Heroes: A Close Look at Samson and SaulTim Bulkeley--How Can a Man Read Esther?Jacqueline Grey--Navigating the Empire: Esther As a Model of MarginalizationTim Meadowcroft--Wise Participation in the Divine Life: Lessons From the Life of DanielTeresa Chai--Old Testament Pedagogy on MissionDave Johnson--Gideon and the Angel of the Lord: An Anthropological Perspective on Judges 6:11-40 Tham Wan--Asian Theological Education Now and Then: An Asian Pentecostal Pastor- Educator’s Survey of Theological EducationLian Sian Mung--The Charismatic and Non-Charismatic Roles of the Spirit in Isaiah 11:1-5Itzhaq Shai, with Chris McKinny, Benjamin Yang and Deborah Cassuto--Illuminating a Canaanite and Judahite Town: The Archaeological Background of Tel BurnaAdelina C. Ladera--Kay Fountain: Historical-Biographical SketchThe EditorsTeresa Chai, PhD, is the academic dean at the Asia Pacific Theological Seminary in Baguio City, Philippines and is a past president of Alpha Omega College in Malaysia. She also served for eight years as a missionary in Bangladesh and is the author of numerous articles in various publications.Dave Johnson, DMiss, has been a missionary to the Philippines since 1994. He currently serves as a faculty member at APTS as well as the managing editor of the Asian Journal of Pentecostal Studies and the director of APTS Press. He is the author of Led by the Spirit: The History of the American Assemblies of God Missionaries in the Philippines and Theology in Context: A Case Study in the Philippines.

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