The Gods and the Killer Apes

The Gods and the Killer Apes

The Gods and the Killer Apes


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Venkatesh Radhakrishnan
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Description:- --------------- This is a self help book that unearths many untold facts about your very existence, unravels all unknown mysteries surrounding your life, reveals the suppressed truths about your religion and unseen Gods and explains about importance of the nature in great detail. Thus the expected outcome after reading and following this book is that you will get to know who you are and how to make the best out of your life in your short stint here and to attain more happiness and peacefulness. As the saying goes, awareness gives clarity and clarity gives power. This book gives you the necessary power to face challenges in your day to day fast life and to live a happy and a stressfree life. As each individual's satisfaction can eventually lead to the happiness of the entire Universe. This book is also written keeping in mind of global peace and to make this world a better place to live today and to hand over safely to tomorrow's generation. About the Author ----------------------V Kris is a college of Engineering graduate - a prestigious institution in Chennai, India. He is a humanitarian, a spiritualist who coached many people in his lives around the globe. He is the founder of a NGO by name Im-de-NewFaceOfChange to serve the people of India. He has written many management articles in all forms of media. He has undergone a lot of research in human existence and shared his experiential learning in a simpler form here.He wants people to be powerful and believes that clarity in each and everyone's life is power. He wants to bring in an awareness in every moment in our daily lives and hence to take correct decisions to excel and succeed.His articles, this book and his forthcoming awareness series books are set to help millions of people around the globe to discover simple truths and hence to lead a blissful life.

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