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  • Understanding Change
    Dr. Albert De Goias / DrAlbert De Goias
    This book is about looking at life analytically and formulating a sense of purpose by understanding the unknown, seeing the invisible, and anticipating the unexpected. These are always new and often unprecedented challenges. They are the result of continuous, invisible change on which life is designed. It is not a story about the journey of a particular individual. It is not ab...

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  • Vicissitudes
    Tholakele Langeni
    This is a story of Sisi, a young woman who, while on vacation in a far away country, meets a young couple, complete strangers. This encounter brings her face to face with a "ghost" from her past and evokes memories of what she went through in her past. In this book Sisi shares some of the issues young women and men experience and find difficult to talk about; and how if left un...

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  • Byways to Blessedness
    James Allen
    Once again James Allen instructs us on how to improve our life and spiritual wellbeing through the power of positive thinking. He teaches us how to see what is in front of us and not rush by it. There are a multitude of opportunities for us all and this book will help make sure you don’t miss them.Life is full of beginnings. They are presented every day and every hour to every ...

    17,89 €

  • Your Invisible Power and How to Use It
    Genevieve Behrend
    In Your Invisible Power and How to Use It, Genevieve Behrend will guide you through the use of visualization. Teaching you how to manifest the things in life that you want by visualizing them and making them come to you. This power of positive thinking has revolutionized how we look at the world. Everything you need to succeed is inside you and this book will help you unlock it...

    24,60 €

  • The Science of Mind
    Ernest Holmes
    re is the complete first edition of The Science of Mind. For the careful practitioner this is the preferred edition, as later editions lacked the power and focus of this edition and were simply less readable. Here you will find six lessons and countless affirmations that will help you unlock the power of your mind and find higher truths. You won’t find a guide to the science of...

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  • How to Live Life and Love It
    Genevieve Behrend
    The purpose of this series of personal-pointer Lessons, which are herein compiled into one volume, is to indicate in a clear, concise way 'the natural principles governing the relation between the creative action of all thought-power and material things,' i.e., circumstances and conditions. If these few simple principles are carefully studied, and mastered to your satisfaction,...

    20,55 €

  • The Creative Process in the Individual
    Thomas Troward
    The Creative Process in the Individual scientifically explains the sequence of creative activity starting from the beginnings of life through the development of mankind. We each have a divine right of creation. Sharing in that divine power to create what is good will open up a wonderful vista of possibilities. ...

    20,57 €

  • Traveling to a New America
    James Hilgendorf
    Author, speaker, poet, and filmmaker James Hilgendorf draws upon his own books, poems, blogs, and articles, to create a pastiche of a new America - one that even now, amid all the division, anger, and loss of hope we are experiencing in our country, is struggling to be born.A song of immense new beginnings, of a deep seismic shift in the way we view our own individual identity ...

    13,54 €

  • Peeking Over the Edge ... views from life's middle, 2nd Edition
    Cathy Marley
    Fifty … middle age … over the hill.  Is middle age a time that scares the living daylights out of you?  Or is it a time for celebration? Which are you?Cathy Marley reached her 50s and took a long look at where she had been and where she was going and discovered the long-buried passionate soul of a writer. But “everyone” said 50 is a hard time to change direction from technology...

    17,13 €

  • Inside Out
    Veronica Campbell Brown
    An elite athlete with a phenomenal career in athletics, eight-time Olympic Games medalist, Veronica Campbell Brown (VCB) has written Inside Out: Activate The Power Within You.  This amazing work was carefully designed to help people around the world achieve fulfillment in their lives through her powerful message of love, mental toughness and purpose fulfillment.Inside Out: Acti...

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  • The Lost Teachings of Jesus
    Elizabeth Clare Prophet / Mark L. Prophet
    Mark L. Prophet and Elizabeth Clare Prophet prove that many of Jesus’ original teachings are missing. They show that the New Testament records only a fragment of what Jesus taught. And that what was written down was tampered with by numerous editors. Or suppressed by “guardians of the faith.”Now, in their landmark series The Lost Teachings of Jesus, the Prophets fill in the gap...

    12,88 €

  • Strong Beauty
    Karen Furneaux
    Strong Beauty: Power Up the Champion Within is an Olympic athlete’s journey to harness the POWER of self-belief and appreciate the beauty in us all.Karen Furneaux, world champion, Sports Hall-of-Famer and international speaker, shares her deepest insights and the golden nuggets that it takes to succeed at your goals.Karen’s actionable P.O.W.E.R. tools help you to find your uniq...

    14,33 €

  • The Beautiful Book for Lovers
    Laine Cunningham
    Transform your relationship with yourself, your partner, your family and your friends with profound and profoundly moving original sayings in The Beautiful Book for Lovers.Perfect for readers of Georg Feuerstein, Harville Hendrix, Gary Chapman, Don Miguel Ruiz, Esther Perel, bell hooks, and Deepak Chopra.More loving, supportive, and deeply satisfying relationships can be yours....

    9,78 €

  • It's Positively Cancer
    Andy Smith / Tracy Lynn Hamilton
    She was a young wife. Her and her husband, Jesse, owned two businesses- a trendy new bar in the rising community of East Nashville, as well as a bartending service for major events around Nashville. They just welcomed their first child, a boy named Charlie, into their world.Life was was full of hope for Tracy Lynn Hamilton.Then she found lumps under her arm.This began a two yea...

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  • Lazlo Llama - Happiness Handbook
    Lazlo Llama
    Hey, llama.  This is my pocket guide to happiness. A collection of stories to help you and your loved ones see life from a fresh perspective.  Here's a quick example:--------------------------------------------------------------The Grain of SandOne day, a tiny grain of sand asked a larger grain of sand,'What is my purpose?'The large grain smiled a warm smile and looked down...

    11,20 €

  • 101 Tales of Finding Love
    Irma Sheppard
    Thirty Meher Baba devotees share their coming-to-Baba stories. They come from England, America, India, Peru, and Australia. Lavishly illustrated. These stories speak for themselves.Several of the contributors to this collection of stories told me how meaningful the process was of gathering their thoughts and memories, and reliving that time of unutterable joy—finding themselves...

    24,85 €

  • Inspiration & Wisdom
    Inspiration and wisdom is a powerful transformation book that contains 300 profound quotes that has motivated and inspired the author to take unstoppable action during the time of hardship and challenges in his life. The power of inspiration in these profound quotes has transformed his life and propelled his hunger to continuously follow his passion against all odds and challen...

    12,23 €

  • Glücklich trotz Scheidung
    Rossana Condoleo
    'Glücklich trotz Scheidung' ist der ultimative, umfangreichste Ratgeber für Frauen und Männer, die sich scheiden lassen (hilft vor-durch-danach einer Trennung / Scheidung). Die Autorin und Lebensberaterin motiviert ihre Leser mit Humor, und sorgt für Lösungen und eine positive Einstellung von der ersten bis zur letzten Seite.Teil I erleichtert die emotionale Last und hilft: Str...

    18,50 €

  • The Key to LIFE
    Jim Phillips
    LIFE is singing the song within you that yearns to be sung.  Join Jim Phillips as he explains the “simplexities” of LIFE over the course of your current, unique “souljourn”. The Key to LIFE: Living In Full Expression reveals ancient wisdom within the context of modern day living that unlocks the vault of Divine wisdom within you. Jim’s insights and experiences offer an opportun...

    21,50 €

  • Happiness
    Ace McCloud
    How long has it been since you felt truly happy? Do you long for joy to fill your heart?Whether you want to (1) defeat fear and dread, (2) learn to look on the bright side of life, or (3) find a way to stop feeling so miserable, this book will teach you everything you need to know.Is the drudgery of your life keeping your spirits low?You don't have to always feel like the g...

    18,76 €

  • Gratitude
    Ace McCloud
    Do you feel blind to the abundance all around you? Are you tired of feeling unhappy?Whether you want to (1) live better and be happier, (2) eliminate negative feelings and emotions , or (3) discover a life that is worth living, then this is the book for you!Don't just muddle about in grey oblivion; deliberately choose gratefulness and bring the color back into your life!You...

    18,76 €

  • Sex After...
    KaNisha L. Hall
    KaNisha L. Hall, M.D.'s 'Sex After...' is the all-encompassing guide to personal sexual empowerment for women of all generations. This work emanates from the sexual challenges faced by those closest to Dr. KaNisha L. Hall, in addition to many women observed in her daily medical practice. Dr. KaNisha L. Hall's desire to provide every woman with the tools to take ownershi...

    20,59 €

  • Enlightened Real Estate
    Scherr B Barry
    A NEW DIRECTION FOR REAL ESTATE Does real estate evolve and grow with the times? Or does brick-and-mortar, by its nature, hold back progress, trapping us in traffic, low affordability, and endless rebuilding? Enlightened Real Estate will open our eyes to the astonishing potential of the man-made world. The reconstruction of buildings, towns, and cities will be the basis for t...

    13,03 €

  • Be Outrageous
    Jean M Walters
    This book provides the answers you need to achieve any goal or overcome any challenge.  Looking for passion in life?  You can find it my following the directions given in this book.   If you can dream it - you can be it and have it!  Learn how to use the Universal Laws to fullfill every desire.   There are stories provided to stimulate your imagination and inspire courage.  ...

    12,60 €

  • God Is In The Little Things
    Patricia Brooks
    God is in the Little Things: Messages from the Golden Angels is a riveting true story that reveals Patricia's struggles to reclaim her connection to her Higher Self and discover the meaning of her life. Travel with Patricia through her past lives from ancient Rome to the cobblestoned streets of colonial Boston.Cry with Patricia as she shares the intimate details of her stru...

    19,01 €

  • Nikola Tesla
    Francesca Thoman
    Part One: Healing, in Volume Two, represents an extended “correspondence” between the spirit of Nikola Tesla and Dr. Todd Ovokaitys, as channeled through Francesca Thoman. With Dr. Todd’s permission, all questions in Part One, Healing, are from their exchange, unless otherwise noted.Part Two: Manifestation Magic covers numerous articles that Nikola Tesla wished to present conce...

    17,53 €

  • Art In My Heart
    Michele Faia
    Michele created this book, Art In My Heart; The Power of Watercolor Mandala Making, from her original 6-week classes, where she developed her own unique way of teaching watercolor and mandalas. She makes learning to paint watercolor simple and easy. At the same time, she teaches how to have fun with the profound process of creating personal mandalas.Full color and beautiful, th...

    20,07 €

  • Coloring for Your Soul - volume 1 - Mandalas
    Jami Gibson
    Why has coloring become such a phenomenon? Because it is a fun, relaxing, creative and a powerful form of meditation. Through the practice of coloring we connect with our Soul in an easy, non-intimidating way, while being open to messages from our guides.  Inside this book are fifty unique mandalas, each with an affirmation or an inspiring quote which will assist you in conne...

    10,42 €

  • Get Selfish- The Way Is Through
    Joanna Hunter
    Get Selfish- The Way is Through, teaches the reader personal empowerment and the Law of Manifestation- for an unstoppable, powerful, combination to creating the life you want. Straight talking book that gets right to heart of the matter, beautifully illustrated with uplifting, and empowering quotes in full colour. The author Joanna Hunter cleverly takes you on a journey through...

    15,57 €

  • Lovefullness (Czech Edition)
    Jakub Tencl
    Víte, že Vaše pocity mají neomezenou sílu? Je to Vaše dokonalost ve Vás. Můžete znovuobjevit tento potenciál skrze tuto metodu. Tato kniha je souborem vysvětlení a instrukcí jak pracovat s touto metodou. Každá kapitola má svůj úkol což by Vám mělo pomocí pochopit podstatu této metody. ...

    4,70 €