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My story begins with my amazing conception against all the odds. I have an idyllic childhood in post WW2 Britain and grow up in a lovely Surrey village. I enjoy my school days, complete a secretarial course at college and find myself a good job in London. I become a teenage bride in the swinging sixties! My daughter is born in 1971 and life is good for over 44 years. In 2008 I am diagnosed with clinical depression that becomes increasingly severe while I wait for counselling, culminating in an attempt to take my life. I have absolutely no recollection of events but discover I was rescued from the train tracks by the Kent Surrey and Sussex Air Ambulance. I survive with severe electrical burn injuries to my skull and side of my face resulting in the loss of an eye and ear. My left arm has to be amputated in order to save my life. I spend five months in the Royal London Hospital where the trauma team exercise their expertise to save my life and the amazing care of the medical staff aids my recovery. I am delighted to discover that I have a life completely free of pain, worry or anxiety: I not only survived I am cured! I become a public speaker and as a volunteer for the KSSAA and the Katie Piper Foundation tell my story at amazing venues including The Chamber in City Hall, London, a University and a Women’s Prison; I join a club for disabled swimmers and win medals in their galas; I sing with an amazing gospel choir. None of these interests had ever been on my radar yet now I have confidence to accept and relish new challenges. Life is very good for eight years but then a tragic event shakes my foundation and familiar symptoms begin to plague me; depression had returned just like before, leading me to another attempt on my life. Even more miraculously I survive again but with the loss of a leg. Unlike the first time I have to work hard at dealing with guilt, shame, panic and anxiety to reach a full recovery. In the end with support and love from my family and friends I come through and face up to my new challenges. I return to my choir, my keep fit class and my swimming club. I also accept requests to tell my story. Life is good again and I now have all the steps in place to keep it that way.

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