Point-Set Topology with Topics

Point-Set Topology with Topics

Robert André

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World Scientific Publishing Co Pte Ltd
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Cálculo y análisis matemático
225,97 €
IVA incluido

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This textbook can be used as introduction to a general topology course at undergraduate and graduate level courses. However, many parts of this book present topological concepts that apply directly to functional analysis, which will be of interest to scholars working in those fields.In Part I, readers are eased into the main subject matter of general topology, being presented with summaries of normed vector spaces and metric spaces. Parts II to VI form the core material contained in most Basic General Topology courses. After having worked through the most fundamental concepts of topology, the reader will be exposed to brief introductions to more specialized or advanced topics of pointset topology. These are presented in Part VII in the form of a sequence of chapters, many of which can be read or studied independently or in short sequences of two or three chapters, provided that the student has mastered the previous sections.Chapters related to the more basic ideas of general topology are followed by a collection of ’concept review’ questions, the answers to which are found in the main body of the text. These questions highlight the main concepts presented in that chapter, as well as ideas that are often overlooked when first encountered, which will help to test the students’ understanding. The efforts required in answering correctly such questions will provide the student with the ability to solve more complex problems in the exercises collected at the end of each section.

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