New Life 20 Years of Changing Lives Memory Book

New Life 20 Years of Changing Lives Memory Book


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Iglesias y confesiones cristianas
20,94 €
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'How do you capture twenty years of changing thousands of lives? How do you find the highlights of half a generation? How do you give God glory for how He used the Life Changers of New Life? You do it One page at a time! One memory at a time! One year at a time! One page at a time and take your time to look at where the Lord has brought us from. As you look, laugh, cry, and let this memory book take you on a journey, that now thanks to this 20-year record, you can never forget!' Bishop Geoffrey V. Dudley, Sr., Ph.D., D.Min. - Senior Pastor In January 2001, Bishop Dudley shared a vision of beginning a wholistic ministry to meet the spiritual needs of the O’Fallon area and its surrounding communities with those who God had brought together for such a time as this. Shortly thereafter, he began teaching Bible Study classes in the home of Herman and Deborah Williams of O’Fallon, Illinois. This group of believers became known as the Core Group.In September 2001, they began planning and sowing finances to support the establishment of the ministry. The same year, God gave Bishop Geoffrey V. Dudley, Sr., D.Min. the name of the church, New Life. In January 2002, the founding Core Group had established a Business Planning Committee to begin laying the foundation for the vision. In August 2002, Bishop Dudley and the Core Group leased several office spaces at 1400 South Lincoln Avenue, O’Fallon, Illinois to serve as an office and teaching/learning facility. With the help of the Lord, in November 2002 NLC purchased 11.5 acres of land (West of Troy-Scott Road O’Fallon, Illinois) for $446,000.00 to serve as the future home of NLC. Bishop Dudley opened the Bible Studies to the public in January 2003. By April 6, 2003, approximately 225 LifeChanger Covenant Partners were aligned with the vision of NLC.On April 20, 2003 (Resurrection Sunday), NLC held it first worship service at the Four Points Sheraton Hotel in Fairview Heights, Illinois. Over 812 individuals were there to witness the beginning of God’s work.By January 2004, there were over 1000 LifeChanger Covenant Partners (adults and children). Good Friday, April 9, 2004 NLC celebrated a Groundbreaking Ceremony to build the church. As of 2005, there were 1500 LifeChanger Covenant Partners and the church was preparing to march-in to the new church building. June 25, 2005 was the first worship in New Life Church at its new home on 689 Scott-Troy Road which is a $4.3 Million Facility (30,000 square feet with a 450-seat sanctuary, gym, Christian Education classrooms, administrative offices and child care center).Senior Pastor Dudley was consecrated as a Bishop in the Lord’s church in October 2009. New Life continues to grow the kingdom through winning souls for Christ; mentoring young people; ministering to young families; becoming more diverse and 50% male. The church continues construction of Charles & Deanne Rayford CDC (TeenCity). LifeChangers at NLC are committed to laying the foundation for the New Life Community Campus in order to meet its obligation to this generation and generations to come. As of today there are over 2500 LifeChanger Covenant Partners connected at the main campus. New Life changed the name to simply New Life in 2020. There are two church plants in Africa; Ivory Coast and Monrovia, Liberia and one church plant in Columbus, GA - New Life Columbus. What a Mighty God we Serve!

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