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  • Expressing a Nazarene Identity
    Floyd T. Cunningham / Floyd TCunningham
    This book focuses on how the Church of the Nazarene has perceived its mission and purpose in the world from beginning days to the present. The book describes the particular reason-to-be of the church and its distinctive character, particularly in relation to its organisational structure, educational philosophy, and missions. It explains some of the ways in which the church has ...

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  • The Pentecost Revolution
    Hugh J. Schonfield
    In this scholarly yet readable book Schonfield tries to unravel the mysteries behind the development of early Christianity in the thirty years between the crucifixion of Jesus and the Fall of Jerusalem.It builds on the famous work 'The Passover Plot' by the same author. It is a companion reader also to 'Those Incredible Christians' and 'The Politics of God&#...

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  • For the Love of Hymns
    Belliston Rebecca
    Intermediate to Advanced piano solo arrangements of beloved LDS hymns including:  How Great Thou Art Abide With Me 'Tis Eventide Oh, How Lovely Was the Morning Jesus, the Very Thought of Thee A Poor Wayfaring Man of Grief Nearer, Dear Savior, to Thee My Country; 'Tis of Thee Perfect for church services, firesides, or home enjoyment. ...

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  • The Trial of Christ
    David K. Breed / David KBreed
    The great fact, and the Eternal Fact, in the life of Jesus was his death, because of our sins, upon the Cross. This was the fact which St. Paul declared he preached to the Corinthians 'first of all'; not that they were the first to hear it; not that it merely came first in the enumeration of the great truths of the Gospel; but that it was first in importance, the Eternal Fact o...

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  • The Westminster Larger Catechism
    In 1643 when the Long Parliament of England called the Westminster Assembly to produce the Westminster Confession, it also asked for a directory of 'catechising'. The Assembly asked Herbert Palmer to produce a draft of the Larger Catechism. Robert Baillie and other Scottish delegates found the work disappointing. In December 1643 a committee was formed to write the Catechism. I...

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  • The Pastor Wears a Skirt
    Dorothy J. Friesen / Dorothy Nickel Friesen
    Dangerous Woman? Ordained by God? Gender matters!What do pastors really do beyond the pulpit? What’s it like to be a woman pastor?It’s complicated. People leave congregations when the pastor wears a skirt. Other congregations become advocates for women clergy.Rev. Dorothy Nickel Friesen, an ordained Mennonite pastor, digs deep into the soul of a pastor with humor, pathos, and p...

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  • 30 Day Passageway to Revival
    David c Woodrum / David C. Woodrum / David CWoodrum
    Since 1988, the ten focus points presented in this book have been fruitfully utilized in various venues throughout the world to encourage prayer and fasting for revival and spiritual awakening.Both individuals and entire congregations have utilized these points for the ‘crafted launching’ of concerted seasons of ‘targeted prayer’ in and through their lives. It has been translat...

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  • Liturgical Worship
    Mark Earey
    This is an essential introductory to liturgy for both ordinands and trainee lay readers – indeed for anyone who finds themselves having to plan or lead public worship. Well-known worship writer and speaker Mark Earey has written this book both for lovers and loathers of liturgical worship – and for those who want to discover it for the first time. This updated and enlarged seco...

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  • Incarnational Mission
    Samuel Wells
    In this follow-up to Incarnational Ministry: Being with the Church, Samuel Wells explores what it means for Christians and churches to engage with the world. Drawing on the Gospels, Acts, and personal insights gleaned from more than two decades in ministry, he shows how ‘being with’ others includes experiences of presence, attention, mystery, delight, participation, partnership...

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  • How to Become an Effective Leader in God’s Church
    Floyd L. Matthews Sr. / Floyd LMatthews Sr.
    One of the greatest desires of the church community in today’s society is to have leadership that adds value to the personal growth of its membership while effectively supporting God’s plan for building his kingdom. Church leadership whether a pastor, preacher, deacon, teacher, or hopeful prospects of these positions need desperately to know who they are, whose they are, what i...

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  • Apostolic Leadership
    Mosy Madugba
    Apostles. After Christ's resurrection from the dead and ascension into Heaven, what could have possibly transformed a handful of His unknown, uneducated, average followers into an unstoppable revolutionary global force that turned their world upside down? In this book, Apostolic Leadership: The Bold Leadership That Laid The Foundation of God's Conquering Church, master-...

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  • Gathering Together Volume 2
    Lance Lambert
    Do you want to see the church in practical expression on earth in our day? Do you want to see the glory of the latter house exceed that of the former? What is the secret, the key to the source of the life of God in which everything lies inherent?The house of God is going to be built; it must be built. The top stone will be brought forth one day with shouts of “Grace, grace to i...

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  • God Wants a House
    Lance Lambert
    Where is God at home? Is He at home in Richmond, VA? Is He at home in Washington? Is He at home in Richmond, Surrey? Is He at home in these other places? Where is God at home? There are thousands of living stones, many, many dear believers with real experience of the Lord, but where has the ark come home?Where are the staves being lengthened that God has finally come home? In G...

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  • Evidence for Speaking in Tongues
    Billy Prewitt
    If there is one thing that we need, it is a mighty move of the Spirit to revive the Church and sweep countless sinners into the Kingdom. This is ultimately the end goal of Evidence for Speaking in Tongues: Fanning the Flames of Revival. In this book, you will learn answers to these and other questions: Is the Baptism in the Spirit separate from conversion? What is the eviden...

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  • God’s Romantic Getaway
    Jemma Regis
    Be prepared to embark on a spiritual journey like no other where you are invited to share in the personal and intimate insights of a woman desperately compelled to deepen her relationship with her heavenly Father. “God’s Romantic Getaway” is a refreshingly honest account of the process to becoming a child of God and living in this world according to the Divine guidance that can...

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  • Church Through the Roof
    Alvin C. Bernstine / Alvin CBernstine
    We are people of stories, and our stories, even church stories, need not be closed-ended. To be alive is to live out a story, and for our churches to come alive, we must continue to live out the gospel story, which is a living story. Therefore, the primary need in most congregations is a dynamic and compelling story, inviting people into faithful living.I believe a narrative th...

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  • Christ Alone
    Jon Zens
    Just as physical families have to face difficulties, so every group of believers will face challenges in their life together. In Christ Alone, Jon Zens opens up five crucial areas that every group will wrestle with at some point in their journey. The first challenge—for Christ to be everything—is the first priority and the other four challenges flow out of it. How do we show th...

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  • Rest in Green Pastures
    Jay Lockhart / Jerrie Barber
    The role of elder is arguably the church's most thankless job. From putting out fires and dealing with disgruntled members to teaching new Christians and encouraging the weak, all while being a model disciple, an elder's role can seem exhausting and unrelenting. To survive, elders need a place of spiritual solitude and relief where they can draw closer to the Chief Shep...

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  • In from the Rain
    Brett Christensen
    Being open to consider things which differ from one's own beliefs is crucial in a search for truth. This is the story of how faith developed in a boy as he grew towards adulthood and left behind many beliefs of his upbringing. Brought up in a church-going family, he did not end up rejecting Christ or God, but the version of Christianity in which he had been raised. 'Christ&...

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  • Born Again... and Growing!
    Rosie Justus
    What are the real priorities in your life? Author Rosie Justus will help you to discover what is truly important in her book Born Again...and Growing! Life can be over whelming and it is only human to not lead to most God-centered life possible. Born Again...and Growing! shows us how to live a life with Jesus as our priority while being more of a tour guide than an expositor. T...

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  • Becoming A Multiethnic Church
    Glenn Rogers
    In Becoming A Multiethnic Church, Dr. Rogers offers insightful information and helpful suggestions to church leaders struggling to respond appropriately and effectively to America’s growing ethnic diversity. From ethnocentric Anglo assumptions to the role of worldview in shaping ethnic perspectives, from the cultural aspects of spirituality, to strategies and models for meetin...

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  • Jefferson’s Religion
    Stephen J. Vicchio / Stephen JVicchio
    Thomas Jefferson’s views have led many to conclude that he was an atheist, as recently as in the work of Christopher Hitchens. But the third President has also been labeled a deist, a Unitarian, and a Christian. Philosopher and theologian Stephen Vicchio takes on the challenge of analyzing Jefferson’s writings in detail to see if any of these appellations is fitting. The author...

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  • HEARTcore
    Antar Muhammad
    Leadership and servitude can be both rewarding and fulfilling. Both can be quite demanding of you, emotionally, mentally and sometimes physically; however, the thing that is required to be effective at either is HEART! In this book, you will be able to take what is in your HEART and cultivate it to become more effective in your service and leadership role. Neither longevity nor...

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  • Activating 5Q
    Alan Hirsch / Jessie Cruickshank
    In 5Q, Alan Hirsch took a deep dive into the fivefold typology of ministry as articulated in Ephesians 4:1-16. Now in this User's Guide, Alan and Jessie challenge and equip you, your organization or church to live into a new way of seeing, thinking, and living.Summarizing and simplifying the key themes of 5Q, this practical guide is ideal for either individuals or groups. W...

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  • Your Next Thirty Days
    Dean Fulks
    You’re only thirty days away from a brand new perspective on life.The United States is a spiritual paradox. Eighty-nine percent of the population believes in God. Yet, only thirty-eight percent feel relationally close to God. There’s a Grand Canyon of difference between comprehension and connection.Spiritually, we are the most informed generation in history. Yet, we are also th...

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    Dr. Steve R. Parr / Dr. Thomas Crites / DrSteve RParr / DrThomas Crites
    PIVOT POINTS: Attitudes, Motivations, and Priorities That Make a Difference.   Learn how to lead your church in:  Spiritual Renewal, Kingdom Generosity, Church Revitalization, Church Planting, and Authentic Evangelism.Here is a powerfully-insightful  comparative study of several hundred churches that  identifies key differences between churches that are thriving and churches th...

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  • Relational Mission
    Mike Betts
    HOE ZOU DE KERK ERUITZIEN ALS… ... het een plek was waar gezamenlijk gebed en gezamenlijk het evangelie uitdragen hoge prioriteit had? ... zij gekenmerkt werd door diepe, echte en langdurige vriendschappen, en liefde voor een gebroken wereld? … de volgende generaties werden toegerust en aangemoedigd om nieuwe kerken te planten? Mike Betts is ervan overtuigd dat dit niet gewoon ...

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  • The Significance of Being Born
    Pieter van der Westhuizen
    Are you living your purposeful life? Many people struggle to find their true purpose and go through life feeling useless and insignificant. This book can help you to discover the truth about who you are in the eyes of God, and encourage you to see your true value. You will learn 8 methods to help you uncover your purpose and live a life of significance.'What then shall we say t...

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  • Exchanging My Disability for God's Ability
    Joy Ani
    Exchanging My Disability for God's Ability fills a niche in the Christian publishing world that few other books seem to fill; practical and spiritual support specifically for deaf and disabled Christians. Joy Ani's honesty about her personal experience of hearing loss gives her advice extra authenticity, and this book will be of great help and encouragement to those who feel is...

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  • Clergy, Culture and Ministry
    Ian Tomlinson
    All too often Church leaders may want to work cooperatively with others, and yet find themselves frustrated. Clergy, Culture and Ministry considers the difficulties and challenges faced by any incumbent wishing to interpret and understand what is going on in their congregation and parish, and why it might be happening.Engaging with the work of Wesley Carr, Ian Tomlinson brings ...

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