Kannan Solayappan

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What happens when ancient civilizational traditions encounter the modern world? The very nature of truth becomes contested. In this book, Kannan Solayappan, thematically, tries to explore the nature and dynamic of this interaction between modernity, civilizations and the truth. He draws on the Indian independence movement in the first half of the 20th century to help him make sense of this interaction.   “This is a book about the Truth” says the author Kannan Solayappan and adds ”In referring to this book as a book of truth, I am not in any way suggesting that I have a new truth to offer to the world. I don’t. I am merely reiterating an age old truth that is now practically lost upon humanity. I have to do five things to reiterate this truth. First I need to set the context for our discussion. Next, I need to expose the various faces of falsehood that are prominent in our midst. Then, I must present this timeless truth in the context of our times - which is to say that I must be cognizant of the historical circumstances in which we find ourselves, where our major civilizational traditions are substantially disrupted by the cascade of modernity and are seemingly edging towards a confrontation with each other. Finally I must be positive and show a way forward for humanity.” This book shows a way by which nations and civilizations can live together in peace and harmony. It provides a framework by which nations can move from independence to interdependence where true co-operation between nations is possible without loss of self-respect to anyone of them. While the book is essentially secular it recognizes the role of religion in resolving some of the historical and cultural dilemmas that different civilizations face and anticipates such resolution. Poverty and warfare can be abolished for all time, animals can be treated more humanely and the same facilities for education, transportation and healthcare that are today available in advanced countries can be made available to all of humanity - are some of the noble possibilities offered by this book. The book is closely argued and can be profitably read by anyone who is historically literate.

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