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  • Coming Around
    Richard Rose
    While researching family history for his semibiographical opera Monte and Pinky, Richmond-based poet and songwriter Richard Rose came face to face with the fact of his ancestors’ involvement in the local slave trade. As a social and environmental activist, Rose became determined to explore and come to terms with the many consequences of the injustices in which his family took p...

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  • ’Dignity of Labour’ for African Leaders
    Shoko Yamada
    From 1910 to the 1930s, educating Africans was a major preoccupation in the metropole and in the colonies of imperial Britain. This richly researched book untangles the discourse on education for African leaders, which involved diverse actors such as colonial officials, missionaries, European and American educationists or ideologues in Africa and diaspora. The analysis is prese...

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    Ali Mahdi Muhammad
    The Al-Fard, or the The Dawn, has captured the early rays of Our history. This history is essential if we are to be brought face to face with the One true and living God of the universe. The purpose of this writing is to bring the reader step by step, one degree at a time to the reality of God in person. The teachings of Our Father elevates the believer to the level of Godhood ...

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  • The New England Historical and Genealogical Register, 1847

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  • Conklin-Marinkovic Family History
    David G Conklin
    A family history and genealogy of the Conklin, Lingren and Marinkovic families that emigrated from Western, Northern and Eastern Europe, merged in America and dispersed across the United States. Includes stories, photos, documents, pedigree charts and genetic DNA reports. 3 ...

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  • Manifesto of the Communist Party
    Karl Marx
    The Communist Manifesto was first published on February 21, and it is one of the world’s most influential political tracts. Commissioned by the Communist League and written by communist theorists Karl Marx and Friedrich Engels, it laid out the League’s purposes and program. The Manifesto suggested a course of action for a proletarian (working class) revolution to overthrow the ...

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  • Traveling to a New America
    James Hilgendorf
    Author, speaker, poet, and filmmaker James Hilgendorf draws upon his own books, poems, blogs, and articles, to create a pastiche of a new America - one that even now, amid all the division, anger, and loss of hope we are experiencing in our country, is struggling to be born.A song of immense new beginnings, of a deep seismic shift in the way we view our own individual identity ...

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  • Pan Kapitan of Jordanow
    William Leibner
    Yeshayahu Drucker devoted a good part of his life to rescuing Jewish children from non-Jewish homes. Many parents had given their children to Polish neighbors for safekeeping during the war. Unfortunately most of the parents did not survive the Shoah. At the end of the war, there was no one to claim the children and they remained with the “adopted” Polish families. Following hi...

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  • The Uniqueness of Israel
    Lance Lambert
    Woven into the fabric of Jewish existence there is an undeniable uniqueness. There is bitter controversy over the subject of Israel, but time itself will establish the truth about this nation's place in God's plan. For Lance Lambert, the Lord Jesus is the key that unlocks Jewish history He is the key not only to their fall, but also to their restoration. For in spite of...

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  • Irish Heraldry
    Nicholas Williams
    Few topics are as interesting as heraldry although it is necessary to learn a new vocabulary to enjoy the subject fully. In this book, illustrated by the author, the origin, development and particular nature of Irish heraldry are described; how heraldry was first brought to Ireland by the Anglo-Normans and gradually adopted also by the Gaelic Irish. When describing the various ...

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  • Tea
    Velina Hasu Houston
    It’s 1968.  Himiko Hamilton struggles in a graceless marriage in a country that is not her own.  Having come from Japan at the end of World War II and landed in a small Kansas town because of her marriage to an American soldier, she is at odds with the culture that she left behind and the one in which she is trying to survive. In the midst of this turmoil is her beautiful mixed...

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  • Girlhood in America
    Suzanne Sherman
    Collected stories from fifty-six women and young girls around the country reveal the times and tensions of a wider world, from a first ride in a Model T in 1911 to leading a school campaign against bullying in 2011.Girls' lives change in expected—and surprising—ways when indoor plumbing and electricity come into homes in the 1920s. Antibiotics replace mustard plasters, Worl...

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  • Arizal
    Raphael Afilalo
    The Ari overflowed with Torah. He was expert in Scripture, Mishnah, Talmud, Midrash, Maaseh Bereishit and Maaseh Merkavah. About all the different levels of prophecy, their details and from which level the prophets had their revelations.  He understood the whistling of the trees, the grass and stones, the language of the birds and other animals, the conversations of angels, the...

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  • Rose-tinted Memory
    Michael S Fryer
    “Those who deny Auschwitz would be ready to remake it”.  ~ Primo Levi, Holocaust survivor and author Seventy years after the mass murder of the Jews of Europe, Holocaust denial and Holocaust revisionism are creeping into our overall perception of what actually happened.Christendom has not ‘denied’ Holocaust, but it has attempted to create a memory of Holocaust which suggests th...

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  • Deep Denial
    David Billings
    Deep Denial explains why race is still with us, and what the Civil Rights Movement can tell us about today.Part I takes a broad historical view, from seventeenth century Virginia through World War II., examining the origins of white supremacy as a structural feature of US society and describing its evolution over time.Part II features the Civil Rights Movement, how it emerged i...

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  • '...and the Mille Lacs who have no reservation...'
    Clarence Ralph Fitz
    The book chronologically explains the bungling of the federal government as they attempted to be fair to the Indians while at the same time moving them out of the way of settlement. It also delves into the interaction between the Sioux and the Chippewa, including the joint attempt in 1862 to kill all the white people in Minnesota, and how the results of that interaction affecte...

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  • The Worst Country in the World
    Patsy Trench
    “Set against the backdrop of the Australian migrant experience, 'The Worst Country in the World' is not only a great read but a thought-provoking one too, especially for those with links to Australia, which reinvented itself from a convict colony to one of the ’luckiest’ countries in the world.” Karen Clare, Family Tree magazine.In 1801 Mary Pitt, a 53-year-old widow an...

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  • Freedom by a Thread
    Freedom by a Thread: The History of Quilombos in Brazil brings together some of the best scholars in the world working on the history of quilombos (maroon societies) in Brazil from a variety of perspectives and approaches. Over 40 percent of the total volume of captive Africans arrived in Brazil during a 400-year period of legal and contraband transatlantic slaving. If slavery ...

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                                                      The Hamiltons                The experiences of the Danbury Hamilton family run through 350 years of U.S. history.  Originating in Glasgow in 1640, family members hunted whales off Cape Cod and were charged with witchcraft.  They purchased large swaths of land on Bear Mountain in Danbury’s Pembroke district.  They served as mil...

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  • Suburban Bravery
    Andrew R Duckworth
    In suburban Western Australia at the turn of last century, the threat of fire was both menacing and real. Lives and public infrastructure were destroyed. The need for fire brigades both in Western Australia and across the globe had never been greater.Join the men of the North Perth Fire Brigade as they form their fledgling brigade of 20 men and grow into a respected institution...

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  • Tula the Revolt
    Jeroen Leinders / Brian Doyle-Du Breuil
    An inspiring historical novel based on the true story of the Great Slave Revolt on Curacao in 1795.***Now a major motion picture staring Danny Glover and Jeroen Krabbé***Tula, a slave in Curacao, is convinced that God made all human beings equal. Stirred by news from abroad - that the French have abolished slavery on neighbouring Haiti and that the New Dutch Republic is now und...

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  • Wild Things. Nature and the Social Imagination
    HISTORIES OF HUMAN CONSTRUCTIONS OF NATUREWild Things: Nature and the Social Imagination assembles eleven substantive and original essays on the cultural and social dimensions of environmental history. They address a global cornucopia of social and ecological systems, from Africa to Europe, North America and the Caribbean, and their temporal range extends from the 1830s into th...

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  • Holy Dissent
    Glenn Dynner
    BThe religious communities of early modern Eastern Europe—particularly those with a mystical bent—are typically studied in isolation. Yet the heavy Slavic imprint on Jewish popular mysticism and pervasive Judaizing tendencies among Christian dissenters call into question the presumed binary quality of Jewish-Christian interactions. In Holy Dissent: Jewish and Christian Mystics ...

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  • Bio-Invaders
    Sarah Johnson
    We are pleased to announce a new series ofenvironmental history readers, suitable for students.Comprising essays selected from our journals,Environment and History and Environmental Values,each inexpensive paperback volume will address animportant theme in environmental history, combiningunderlying theory and specific case-studies. The firstvolume, Bio-invaders, investigates th...

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  • A Walk Through the Past - People and Places of Florence and Lauderdale County Alabama
    William Lindsey McDonald
    Descended from early pioneers of Florence and Lauderdale County, Alabama, the author, William Lindsey McDonald began collecting historical information about the Muscle Shoals more than a half century ago. This research has involved personal interviews with Civil War veterans,former slaves, and descendants of both Native Americans and families of the frontier who were among the ...

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  • Remembering Sweetwater - The Mansions, the Mills, the People
    William L. McDonald
    Remembering Sweetwater gives an historical account of the Sweetwater area of Florence, Alabama in the late 19th and early 20th centuries. Mr. McDonald gives detailed accounts of such notable people from the area such as Governor Robert Miller Patton, teacher and writer Maud Lindsay, Judge William B. Woods, as well as many others. He also covers the major industries and business...

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  • Name Construction in Mediæval Japan
    Solveig Throndardottir
    Name Construction in Mediæval Japan examines Japanese names from earliest records to the close of the medieval period in 1600. Like ancient Greek or Latin names or Arabic names, ancient and medieval Japanese names express the social role of the individual in Japanese society. The main text and accompanying notes provide a guide to the origin and social role of formal names, com...

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  • 50 Afrikans You Must Know, Vol. 2
    Nikala Asante / Samori Camara
    This is Volume 2 of Kamali Academy's Bestselling Reading Comprehension book. This book will grow comprehension skills and knowledge about some of our Greatest Warriors.This Book is for Middle to High School Warrior Scholars 3 ...

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  • Descendants of John Flora, Sr. and Sarah Harter, of Flora, Indiana 1802-2016
    Eric E. Flora
    John and Sarah (Harter) Flora moved from Preble County, Ohio to Carroll County, Indiana in 1829. The German-speaking couple bought land, befriended the Indians, raised eight children and had a town named after them. John and Sarah were members of the German Baptist Church (Dunkards). John and Sarah, their children and grandchildren were “builders.” Some physically built homes a...

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  • Mountain Environments in Prehistoric Europe

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