Building Bridges

Building Bridges

Building Bridges

Helen K Gediman

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I have, in this collection, placed 20 of my articles that have been previously published separately in refereed psychoanalytic journals or as chapters in psychoanalytic books. The papers are ordered in six “Parts,” not chronologically but according to subject matter that fits together by topic or area of interest. Each part involves a topic that had customarily been thought of in binary terms, but may now may now be thought of not as “either/or” theoretical and clinical issues, but more integratively. Of utmost importance to the nature of my thinking as I put this work together, is the fact that I had not always known that a paper developing and arguing issues on one subject would some day turn out to be intimately and significantly related to a paper developing and arguing issues on another subject. It was only after the fact that I discovered the connections. But is that not exactly how we expect our minds to preconsciously learn and then influence our consciously grasped ideas and outcomes? 3

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