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  • Beneath the Scar
    Dr. Samone Brown
                                               The Inspiration for the Beneath the Scar Movie!Samantha Nicole Allen is the beautiful Mississippi debutante and daughter of one of the town's most notable preachers. Who would ever think that she would find herself entangled in a trap that has the potential to cause her to lose her confidence, beauty, and more tragically, her life?...

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  • A Dude’s Guide to Surviving His Wedding
    Tyler Cameron
    In this witty, yet educational handbook, Tyler Cameron guides you through every stage of the wedding process. A Dude's Guide to Surviving His Wedding takes you from what to look for when buying a ring, wedding planning navigation to marriage advice. This book is all you need for you soon-to-be-grooms. Tyler Cameron is a small-town guy who has found success in the largest ci...

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  • A Dude’s Guide to Surviving His Wedding
    Tyler Cameron
    In this witty, yet educational handbook, Tyler Cameron guides you through every stage of the wedding process. A Dude's Guide to Surviving His Wedding takes you from what to look for when buying a ring, wedding planning navigation to marriage advice. This book is all you need for you soon-to-be-grooms. Tyler Cameron is a small-town guy who has found success in the largest ci...

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  • How to Make a Confident and Memorable Wedding Speech
    Graham Le-Gall
    When you discover you have to make a wedding speech it can be terrifying. This means that the big day for the bride and groom can become a nightmare for you.This book will help you to get over your fear, so you can enjoy delivering a memorable wedding speech.You will learn effective, simple techniques which build confidence and create powerful speeches… AND you will discover ho...

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  • Close to Forever
    Victoria D. Loggins / Victoria DLoggins
    Alexis had known since she was a young girl that if she wanted something she would have to work for it.  Not born with a silver spoon in her mouth, she knew the road to success and having it all would be a challenging and sometimes difficult path to take.  What Alexis didn't see coming was Oliver, the man who would take her heart almost from the second she met him.  Almost ...

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  • A Lifetime At War
    Gordon L. Ewell
    Master Sergeant Gordon L. Ewell is a combat engineer and expert in the tactics and techniques the enemy used in Iraq to assemble, disguise, and detonate deadly improvised explosive devices (IEDs). He became part of the first special two-solider team whose mission was to find and render safe the IEDs, before they could unleash their deadly force upon other soldiers, convoys, civ...

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  • Tending the Tree of Life
    Richard W Voelz
    There is nothing quite so valuable as a book that is rooted in difficult and real personal experience, constructed with sound theological thinking, and applied in a practical manner. That combination is rare, but Richard Voelz manages it in this book.Often those who are in ministry, in positions of leadership in the church, fail to respond to needs, or seem insensitive to them,...

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  • Spring Awakening
    Frank Wedekind
    Set in late-19th century Germany, it concerns teenagers who are discovering the inner and outer tumult of sexuality. The plays performance was threatened with closure when the city’s Commissioner of Licenses claimed that the play was pornographic, due to its portrayal of abortion, homosexuality, rape, child abuse and suicide, but a New York trial court issued an injunction to a...

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    I wonder what it would feel like to meet your family – your parents, siblings, aunts and uncles for the first time in the middle of your childhood? At a time when making friends, and being accepted is anxiety ridden and tenuous. What if you were damaged, fragile and angry? What if this was your last chance to be part of a family before being sent permanently to a group home for...

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  • Ditch the Mommy Guilt
    Dr. Leesha M. Ellis-Cox / Dr. Leesha M. Ellis-Cox
    They say that becoming a mother is one of the most rewarding experiences that a woman can experience… Well, that doesn’t mean it’s easy or that you have to love every single waking, screaming, and runny-nosed minute of it! In her funny, honest, and uplifting debut, Ditch the Mommy Guilt: A Blueprint for the Modern Mommy, psychiatrist Dr. Leesha Ellis-Cox dispels the myth of the...

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    5-star reviews by Readers' Favorite, and written by a woman of distinction, this brave memoir will help anyone understand the harm of silence.Romuald Dzemo for Readers’ Favorite says"Readers understand how what happens in our childhood can determine the quality of our psychological and emotional health as we grow into more mature adults. Readers will understand the silent t...

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  • The Perfection of Valor
    Bob Mustin
    Colonel Fletcher Hinton, USMC, Retired, has had a storied career, but one aspect of his life remains wanting as his end approaches: family. Son Cary, a former Marine and now a college professor, is about to marry outside his race, and the old man, suffering a bout of dementia, insults Cary's fiancee. Too, Cary has moved his mother away from Fletcher, fearing the old man has...

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  • Tu tipo de personalidad - Presentador (ESFP)
    Jaroslaw Jankowski
    «Tu tipo de personalidad: Presentador (ESFP)» es un extraordinario compendio de conocimiento acerca del presentador, uno de los 16 tipos de personalidad ID16. Esta guía es parte de la serie ID16, formada por 16 libros dedicados a los diferentes tipos de personalidad. De forma exhaustiva y clara responden a las siguientes preguntas: ¿Qué piensan y sienten las personas que pert...

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  • Tu tipo de personalidad - Protector (ISFJ)
    Jaroslaw Jankowski
    «Tu tipo de personalidad: Protector (ISFJ)» es un extraordinario compendio de conocimiento acerca del protector, uno de los 16 tipos de personalidad ID16. Esta guía es parte de la serie ID16, formada por 16 libros dedicados a los diferentes tipos de personalidad. De forma exhaustiva y clara responden a las siguientes preguntas:  ¿Qué piensan y sienten las personas que pertene...

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  • The Beautiful Book for Lovers
    Laine Cunningham
    Transform your relationship with yourself, your partner, your family and your friends with profound and profoundly moving original sayings in The Beautiful Book for Lovers.Perfect for readers of Georg Feuerstein, Harville Hendrix, Gary Chapman, Don Miguel Ruiz, Esther Perel, bell hooks, and Deepak Chopra.More loving, supportive, and deeply satisfying relationships can be yours....

    9,78 €

  • Relate with Me
    NG / Ngozi Emele
    Relationships are a vital part of our lives, and we continuously need ideas on how to sustain them. Therefore, this book serves as a guide to anyone who desires to have a good and Godly relationship either as a single person, dating, married or family, including tips on how to take care of your children from research.   3 ...

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  • Loved Fearless
    Rachael Sanowski
    Maybe you currently have no deep relationships.  Or maybe your relationships are so deep you're drowning in them.  In both cases, you have misplaced your worship.  You can find it again in the garden:  Not my will, but yours, God.  His will is to lead us to the green pastures and still waters of His love and care.  His will is to give us good gifts and good traveling compan...

    11,96 €

  • Broken Conditions
    Jo Lena Johnson
    Broken Conditions, Volume 1 of The Clean Colored Girl Chronicles highlights the author’s college years and chronicles key relationships, which lead to drama, adventure, hurt and poor choices into her 30s. See how growing up affects and influences almost every decision, relationship and behavior. When what she learned wasn’t working, she did something about it … sometimes!The Cl...

    13,82 €

  • Couples by Intention
    Elliott Kronenfeld LICSW CST
    Wouldn’t it be great if relationships came easy? What if we all just knew intuitively what to do to make our marriages and committed partnerships the absolute best and deepest that they could be?But the reality is that none of us are pros, and even our best relationships can go deeper. We often use love and sex as measurements for how developed our relationships are, but in rea...

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  • Selecting Your Mate
    V. A. Sutton
    This is an informative explanation of mate selection. Since this is a topic of great controversy, it is an importanat task that will determine the path of the rest of your life. The decision that leads to a marital commitment is failing far too much when divorce becomes a dominant solution.  Many relationships are failing as people attempt to secure love and happiness for thems...

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  • The Triumph of Rosemary
    Marylin E. Atkins / Marylin EAtkins
    Baby Rosemary – born to an Italian teen and a married black man in Detroit in 1946 – is adopted from an agency by a black couple in Saginaw, Michigan  The adoptive mother’s abuse instills in the girl, whom they name Marylin Elnora, ambition to achieve great things on her own.  At age 19, Marylin sparks a racial and religious scandal by marrying former Roman Catholic priest Thom...

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  • Just Winging It
    Angelia J Griffin
    Aviation marriage is a unique and beautiful entity. Your husband is not an inconvenience or a blight on the flight plans of your life. He is a gift, a co-pilot with whom to share life’s journey. Whether your marriage is already soaring and you want to keep it that way or you are experiencing turbulence and long to know the joy of marriage as it was meant to be, this book is goi...

    16,20 €

  • Chicken Sniffer
    Leo J Ward
    Chicken Sniffer will have you laughing out loud as Leo Ward shares anecdotes of his life with you. You will learn why it’s not a good idea to test out scissors on your mother’s new coat; why to check and see if the peanut butter in your sandwich is still there after you leave the kitchen; and several more humorous stories that will not improve the quality of your life one bit! ...

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  • Cold Fusion 2000
    Karl Drinkwater
    Can love defeat the laws of physics?Science teacher Alex Kavanagh’s love life is imploding, his job repels him, and there’s friction with the teenagers who bully him at the bus stop. Even his super-power - being pedantic - doesn’t help much.Enter his ex, Lucy, in what seems to be a chance meeting. Her betrayal marked the point when his life went nuclear. But - holy protons! - h...

    14,54 €

  • Cravings
    Wanda Hennig
    Did some link between infidelity, a blue movie, vegetables and Paris, France, sprout the seed of liberation? Or was it that ‘Aha’ moment on the waterbed in Pocatello? In Cravings, long-time journalist and life coach Wanda Hennig writes—wisely, hilariously and sometimes poignantly—about sex and food; living for three-and-a-half years at the San Francisco Zen Center; moving solo ...

    10,96 €

  • Super Flyers
    Baudino M Lori
    This book provides the mindset, preparation and tools for parenting starting with airplanes and landing in daily life.With all that we know about parenting and helping our children succeed- I can empower parents to use these skills and take children to new heights exploring cultures, change and travel in the sky! Finally a full proof way to successfully prepare, engage and enjo...

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  • Glücklich trotz Scheidung
    Rossana Condoleo
    'Glücklich trotz Scheidung' ist der ultimative, umfangreichste Ratgeber für Frauen und Männer, die sich scheiden lassen (hilft vor-durch-danach einer Trennung / Scheidung). Die Autorin und Lebensberaterin motiviert ihre Leser mit Humor, und sorgt für Lösungen und eine positive Einstellung von der ersten bis zur letzten Seite.Teil I erleichtert die emotionale Last und hilft: Str...

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  • Dear People in the Yellow House
    Dave Kardee
    Just when Dave thought things couldn't get any worse, the world proved him wrong. Dear People in the Yellow House is a story of childhood tragedy that reveals the dark side of Australia and its education business. Dave Kardee has written a coming of age story like no other.The ultimate goal of this project is to: Expose and eradicate the physical, emotional, and sexual mist...

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  • VI
    Ashley Capes
    New poetry from Australian author Ashley Capes. His first new collection since between giants in 2012. VI brings together published and unpublished work from the intervening years. ...

    12,03 €

  • Peaceful Conversations - Preventing Conflict in Communication
    Gail Nemetz Robinson
    One of the greatest challenges facing society is how to develop peaceful communication, empathy and mutual understanding. Entire communities are being stereotyped and targeted for hate. In the political arena, differences of opinion turn into violence. In the workplace, simple differences in communication style cause loss of clients and jobs. Children, parents, couples and frie...

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