Advancing Student Employability Through Higher Education

Advancing Student Employability Through Higher Education


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The global skills gap and labor market disruptions pose a significant challenge for organizations worldwide. Higher education struggles to bridge the mismatch between skills taught in academia and those demanded by employers, hindering organizations in an era of heightened competition. Advancing Student Employability Through Higher Education offers a comprehensive solution to address this issue. Edited by Bryan Christiansen and Angela Even, this publication brings together innovative research and insights from employers and employees, serving as a valuable resource for academic scholars seeking the latest research on employer requirements in an era of increasing global hyper-competition. Covering topics like industry-academia collaboration, educational innovation, learning analytics, and educational artificial intelligence (AI), the book provides practical strategies and innovative approaches to bridge the gap between academic instruction and real-world organizational needs. It equips students with the skills and qualifications necessary to thrive in today’s global economy through case studies, online learning effectiveness, and training evaluation. By leveraging the expertise of renowned scholars and industry practitioners, the book enhances understanding of the intricate dynamics of the workforce. It empowers scholars, graduate students, and higher education professionals to navigate the evolving needs of organizations, fostering success for individuals and organizational growth in an increasingly competitive landscape.

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