A New Water Future

A New Water Future

Ric Davidge

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WorkBook Press
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Ciencia, ingeniería y tecnología medioambientales
12,86 €
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Just as cities and nations face the challenge of providing clean water to their citizens and their economies, a new opportunity has finally been constructed that can fix these challenges.  This is a time-sensitive opportunity, and this book is provided to help you move forward. AQUEOUS International, Inc. has developed this over the past 30 years with global research and the concept developments of new technologies that lower costs and provide extraordinary water for global demand. AQUEOUS International, Inc. is providing this book to the world offering not only water but exceptionally clean natural glacial water from one of the largest hydrologic systems on this earth. In addition, other sources have been found in areas of the Atlantic, that can dramatically fix water demands in those markets.Yes, the book is long and very detailed, but it provides essential knowledge including both economic and ecologic understanding for those willing to step forward and help rebuild their communities (both people and economies) in desperate need of more cost-responsive clean renewable freshwater.We address all existing technologies around the planet that are failing, including desalinization and the growing global understanding of its long-term ecological harm, and always-growing costs.We also address the huge and growing problem of pharmaceutical contaminants such as estrogen and hundreds of others, that most scientists are convinced are causing significant harm to male, pre-birth, and elderly beings with no cost-effective filtering technology to stop it. Almost every major city on earth has this and many other big pharma contaminants. In some markets that reaches over 60 contaminates in each gallon.Another way to look at this is to ask yourself, especially those who live and work in areas of the world that have been inhabited for thousands of years. 'Would you rather drink pristine natural glacial water with no contaminates - some over 32, 000 years old - or groundwater that has been peed in for thousands of years.?'It is our hope that you will read all of this book and then reach out to us so that together we can quickly initiate A New Future for Water.

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