'Braid Beauties

'Braid Beauties

Selena L L Arnold

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Indy Pub
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Mente, cuerpo y espíritu: pensamiento y práctica
8,53 €
IVA incluido

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'Dive into a world of radiant beauty with our coloring book, ’Braid Beauties: Shades of Strength.’ This captivating 8x11 size book features 70 pages of intricately illustrated black American women adorned with stunning braids. Immerse yourself in the artistry as you bring these empowering images to life with your own vibrant palette. Each page tells a unique story of resilience, celebrating the diversity and strength of black women. Elevate your coloring experience with ’Braid Beauties,’ where every stroke becomes a brushstroke of empowerment.'

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