Salmon From Market To Plate

Salmon From Market To Plate

Salmon From Market To Plate

Maureen C. Berry

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Berry Consulting
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When you want to maintain a sustainable kitchen, the cliché, knowledge is power, is more relevant than ever. When it comes to salmon—with all the choices, catchphrases, and eco-labels—buying salmon can be overwhelming. Seafood advocate and cook Maureen C. Berry shows you how to be a sustainable salmon shopper and conscientious cook with Salmon From Market To Plate when you want to eat salmon that is good for you and the oceans.With an approachable, informed voice, Maureen shows you why you should care about the salmon you buy and eat. Then you’ll head to the kitchen to discover which tools and pantry essentials make you a salmon-cooking success. She shares easy, delicious Everyday Recipes that will appeal to beginners with little or no experience to cooks who want to impress. And for cooks who want to up their game in the kitchen, Maureen shares ten Chef-Inspired Recipes from celebrity chefs who support ocean conservation and sustainable fisheries.Salmon From Market to Plate when you want to eat salmon that is good for you and the oceans is the quintessential quick guide for anyone who wants to buy and eat salmon that is good for you, our planet, and our growing global population.

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