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    Brett Ladds
    As the Queen walked over to the lounge in her beautiful, wide-brimmed hat, I realised I’d just been speaking to the Queen of England. She was sweet and caring, with a warm family feel about her – obviously very well spoken, yet I’d felt like I was speaking to my gran. How does all that power and influence fit into one lovely, caring lady, I wondered.Brett Ladds’ cooking has mad...

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  • Charleston’s Gullah Recipes
    Darren M Campbell
    Charleston's Gullah Recipes features 50 favorite family recipes, some of which are identical to what Chef Darren Campbell grew up eating in his grandmother’s kitchen. These recipes will emphasize Charleston’s fresh seafood such as Shrimp and Grits and tasty desserts such as Sweet Potato Pie, along with traditional Sunday dinner favorites such as Collard Greens with Fried Ch...

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  • 47 Recetas de Jugos Orgánicos Para la Madre Embarazada
    Joe Correa
    47 Recetas de Jugos Orgánicos Para la Madre Embarazada: Absorba Rápida y Fácilmente Ingredientes de Calidad Que su Cuerpo Necesita Durante el EmbarazoPor Joe Correa CSN El período en el que la familia espera un bebé debería estar repleto de energía positiva y alegría. Sin embargo, este también es el momento para pensar acerca de sus hábitos de estilo de vida y, sobre todo, su d...

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  • 47 Organic Juice Recipes for the Pregnant Mother
    Joe Correa
    47 Organic Juice Recipes for the Pregnant Mother: Quickly and Easily Absorb High Quality Ingredients Your Body Needs During PregnancyBy Joe Correa CSNThe period in which a family is expecting a baby should be filled with lots of positive energy and excitement. However, this is also the time to think about your lifestyle habits and most of all, your diet. Every woman faces the s...

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  • It's Got To Taste Good!
    Annie Oliverio / Elaine Spencer / Libby Doughty
    This collection of time-tested recipes offers the home chef, the kitchen adventurer, the newly vegan, and the vegan-curious, easy, flavorful and satisfying meat- and dairy-alternatives that taste great! It’s Got To Taste Good! is filled with comfortingly familiar foods, such as: Seitan BBQ Brisket Tofu Teriyaki Strips Breakfast Sausage Patties TVP Ham Salad Artichoke Crab...

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  • 97 Organic Juice and Meal Recipes For People Who Suffer From Heart Disease
    Joe Correa
    97 Organic Juice and Meal Recipes For People Who Suffer From Heart Disease: Give Your Heart the Tools It Needs to Get Stronger!By Joe Correa CSN Heart disease is the number one cause of death in the world. A wide range of conditions that affect the heart can become a serious problem for middle-aged as well as older people. Once the disease is diagnosed, it lasts for life which ...

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  • The Swedish ABCs of Feeling Good
    Åsa Katarina Odbäck / Emile Odback Nelson
    Just like the Swedish Fika, Fika Fix is designed to pick you up when your cup feels half empty, and energize you to smile and feel good – now! Filled with recipes, stories and fun facts about coffee and funny, inspirational quotes, Fika Fix not only makes you feel better, but helps you live a happier life one sip at a time.In this book, you will learn about the social aspects, ...

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  • 47 Alzheimer's Preventing Juice Recipes
    Joe Correa
    47 Alzheimer’s Preventing Juice Recipes: Naturally Lower the Risk of Alzheimer’s disease without the use of PillsBy Joe Correa CSN Alzheimer's disease is a disease that gradually destroys nerve cells and links between them. The greatest risk factor for this disease comes with age, the majority of people with Alzheimer’s are 65 and older. However, I have to point out that it...

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  • The Book of Donuts
    Diane Lockward
    Editors Jason Lee Brown and Shanie Latham selected fifty-four poems by fifty-one poets, happily including Denise Duhamel, Jack Bedell, Mira Rosenthal, Martha Silano, Julian Stannard, Charles Harper Webb, and others. With all poets singing together, we have a rainbow of words—alive, nourishing, rich—that clearly define the range and power of the once humble doughnut. Poetry and ...

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  • Chez Nous
    Daria Souvorova
    Chez Nous is meant as a juncture between a journal of our experience and a curated inspiration for the beginning of yours. Each chapter is a different cuisine that we have explore and presented to our guests. Within each culture, you will find three courses and how the meal was organized. You will also find a game plan on how and when to prepare each dish if you would like to r...

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  • 87 Recetas de Jugos y Comidas Post Quimioterapia
    Joe Correa
    87 Recetas de Jugos y Comidas Post Quimioterapia: Fortalézcase y Siéntase Con Más Vitalidad Con Estos Ingredientes Ricos En NutrientesPor Joe Correa CSN Cada individuo tiene síntomas diferentes luego del tratamiento, pero todos tienen una cosa en común: un organismo delicado que necesita recuperarse rápidamente.Cuando termina con la quimioterapia, tiene que mejorar su salud en ...

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  • 104 Recetas de Comidas y Jugos Para la Diabetes
    Joe Correa
    104 Recetas de Comidas y Jugos Para la Diabetes: Controle Su Condición Naturalmente Usando Ingredientes Ricos En NutrientesPor Joe Correa CSN En este libro, encontrará recetas deliciosas y consejos que puede seguir al cocinar alimentos beneficiosos para los diabéticos. Para ayudarlo a iniciar en este estilo de cocina, una lista de recetas de jugos y comidas le será brindada.Bás...

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  • 39 Recetas Orgánicas de Jugos Para Limpiar el Mal Aliento
    Joe Correa
    39 Recetas Orgánicas de Jugos Para Limpiar el Mal Aliento: Elimine el Mal Aliento y la Boca Seca En Cuestión de DíasPor Joe Correa CSN A veces, incluso con la mejor higiene oral posible, no podemos prevenir el mal aliento. Esto puede volverse extremadamente frustrante, y afectar nuestra confianza de muchas formas diferentes. Desafortunadamente, el mal aliento no siempre es un r...

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  • 92 Homeopathic Juice and Meal Recipes to Lower High Blood Pressure
    Joe Correa
    92 Homeopathic Juice and Meal Recipes to Lower High Blood Pressure: The Solution to Hypertension Problems without Recurring to Pills or MedicineBy Joe Correa CSN Having high blood pressure is becoming more common due to unhealthy eating habits and undue stress. Reducing stress and learning to eat healthier will dramatically reduce your blood pressure.These juice and meal recipe...

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  • A Grandmother’s Legacy
    Jenny Mallin
    “I read your manuscript with real interest – there is a true warmth and charm to the book, and the stories behind the recipe names and the dishes themselves are fascinating and full of life. I can see that these recipes are authentic and they sound delicious.”     Natalie BellosBloomsbury Books    "It was fascinating, and you’re clearly in possession of a real family treasure –...

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  • 7 Hours to Sofia
    Louise Mae Hoffmann
    7 Hours to Sofia: challenges and discoveries of a Peace Corps Volunteer, Louise Mae HoffmannHoffmann makes a powerful point in this book about democracy. Bulgarians struggle to come to terms with their own freedom. After retiring from her career directing a college library, and serving as president of the New Mexico Library Association, she decides to volunteer for the PEACE CO...

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  • Gluten Free
    Ace McCloud
    Are you tired of having low energy? Do you suffer every time you eat bread, pizza, or pasta? Do you wish you could feel good more often?Whether you want to (1) eliminate gluten from your diet entirely, (2) feel better and have more energy, or (3) explore a variety of healthy gluten-free recipes, then this is the book for you!Your discomfort and low energy may be caused by the g...

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  • The Native American Cookbook Recipes From Native American Tribes
    G.W. Mullins
    Light Of The Moon Publishing along with Author G.W. Mullins and Illustrator / Artist C.L. Hause have joined together to explore Native American Indian Cooking.  More than just a cookbook, this Native American recipe collection offers a look into a forgotten past.  'The Native American Cookbook Recipes From Native American Tribes,' offers a large collection of recipes from and i...

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  • 43 Rezepte um Nierenstein vorzubeugen
    Joe Correa
    43 Rezepte um Nierenstein vorzubeugen: Iss smart und schütze dich vor den Schmerzen bei NierensteinenVon Joe Correa CSN Diese Rezepte sind nicht nur lecker sondern auch voll von essentiellen Nährstoffen, die unser Körper braucht um die Bildung von Nierensteinen zu verhindern und auch um sie zu zerstören.Die meisten Nierensteinen entstehen, wenn sich kristallbildende Substanzen ...

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  • Lasting Touch
    Jean-François Pinsonnault
    For nearly ten years Jean-François visited his widowed and unwell mother every other week, to ensure her comfort. Regularly, he invited her to come and live with him. Each time Lise, his mother, kindly refused saying she was not ready. One spring day, she called and asked: “Is the offer still good?” Not long after that life changing conversation began a journey of joy, challeng...

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  • English Teatime Treats
    Sandra Hawkins
    Fragrant and warm from the oven, English shortbread could be yours to eat 30 minutes from now! All recipes use US cup measures and many go from measure to munch in less than 30 minutes! Just grab a saucepan, your cup measures and a pan for the oven. Sandra guarantees: No electric mixers or food gadgets, no rubbing in or rolling out, and no pile of cleaning up.Would you love to ...

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  • The Terlingua Chili Cookbook
    Tiffany Harelik
    The Terlingua Chili Cookbook features the sparse desert community of Terlingua, known for their infamous annual chili cook-off. Complete with recipes so good they could charm a snake, this non-traditional cookbook takes you on the road trip of a lifetime culminating in the Woodstock of all chili-fests: The Terlingua chili cook-off. Starting in Study Butte and Big Bend Park, you...

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  • Recetas para Construir Músculo para Fisicoculturismo, para Pre y Post Competencia
    Joseph Correa
    Recetas para Construir Músculo para Fisicoculturismo, para Pre y Post Competencia: Recupérese más rápido y mejore su desempeño, alimentando su cuerpo con poderosas comidas para construir músculo y destruir la grasa Este libro le ayudará a incrementar la cantidad de proteínas que usted consume al día, para facilitar el aumento de masa muscular. Estas recetas le ayudarán a aumen...

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  • Essential Kidney Disease Cookbook
    Lasselle Press
    Manage Your Kidney Disease With Over 130 Delicious, Kidney Friendly Recipes!   Making the decision to change your diet and lifestyle after a diagnosis of kidney disease is a huge step. By making the best choices, you can make a difference to how you feel along with the symptoms you experience.   The Essential Kidney Disease Cookbook provides over 130 delicious, kidney-frien...

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  • Ketogenic Homemade Ice cream
    Elizabeth Jane
    Are you enjoying the fat-burning benefits of following a low carb diet but missing having a scoop or two of your favorite ice cream as one of your keto snacks or desserts? If you would like to easily whip up a soft, creamy and carb free version of your favorite ice cream or tease your taste buds with an amazing range of low carb flavors, this book is for you!This book will leav...

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  • 85 Meal and Juice Recipes to Lower Your High Blood Pressure
    Joseph Correa
    85 Meal and Juice Recipes to Lower Your High Blood Pressure will help you to control your blood pressure better naturally and fast. Hypertension is a serious health problem that should be addressed with exercise and proper nutrition.  Being too busy to eat right can sometimes become a problem and that’s why this book will save you time and help nourish your body to achieve the...

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  • Montana Territory Pioneer Recipes & Trivia
    Louise M Shafer
    The ladies of the Jolly Jill's Women's Club learned the early day pioneer methods of living from their grandmothers, mothers, and yes, from experience.  They have gathered wood, cooked on wood stoves, had gardens, preserved fruits and vegetables, butchered livestock and wild game, and had no electricity or running water.  They were not the early pioneers of the frontier...

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  • Salmon From Market To Plate
    Maureen C. Berry / Maureen CBerry
    When you want to maintain a sustainable kitchen, the cliché, knowledge is power, is more relevant than ever. When it comes to salmon—with all the choices, catchphrases, and eco-labels—buying salmon can be overwhelming. Seafood advocate and cook Maureen C. Berry shows you how to be a sustainable salmon shopper and conscientious cook with Salmon From Market To Plate when you want...

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  • My Vegetarian Life
    Fullan Partick
         In this book are over 90 of Patrick’s favorite vegetarian recipes. Being vegetarian for close to 25 years, and with more than 20 years of experience teaching yoga, it was time to share some the insights and knowledge of his life experiences. This book only includes recipes that Patrick makes on a regular basis, with no recipes that are ‘one time experiments’, or recipes th...

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  • La pâtisserie du XXIe siècle
    Berry Farah
    Berry Farah a ouvert la voie d'une autre pâtisserie avec son premier livre, « La PâtisserieNouvelle Théorie ». Son second ouvrage, «La Pâtisserie du XXème siècle: Les NouvellesBases», fait entrer définitivement la pâtisserie dans une nouvelle ère. Dans cet ouvrage, ilrevoit l'histoire de la pâtisserie et fait tomber les mythes. Il interroge la tradition d'hier pourm...

    60,77 €