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  • Operación influencer
    Leire y Manu son dos buenos amigos que empiezan las vacaciones de verano con un sueño: convertirse en creadores de contenido exitosos.Para ello, abren su propio canal de videos y deciden centrarse en los retos.¿Conseguirán que sus videos se vuelvan virales? ¿Cómo lograrán alcanzar su sueño?Para triunfar necesitan algo grande.Un auténtico desafío.Un reto de verdad... ...

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  • The Actors Success In The Making
    Christopher Healy / Christopher M. Healy
    'The Actors Success In The Making' will empower you to separate yourself from the pack, work hard towards your dreams, navigate your way through the Status Quo and play the game really smart.Chapter One is about the business of show-business. Remember, talent is what you start with, and you are going need to know the business of show-business if you are going to propel yourself...

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  • Communicate! Memorable Lines
    Dona Herweck Rice
    To be or not to be. There’s no place like home. We’ll always have Paris. Memorable lines like these from movies, TV, music, books, plays, and commercials stick with us and become part of our common language and popular culture. What makes these famous lines so memorable? And why do we love repeating them so much? Explore the most famous quotes of all time with this informationa...

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  • Communicate! Documentaries
    Kelly Rodgers
    Documentaries play a vital role in our world. They educate, inform, and inspire. These films promote awareness of ongoing problems and issues. Explore how filmmakers use documentaries to appeal to audiences and bring attention to important issues around the world. This nonfiction book includes important text features such as a glossary, index, and table of contents to engage st...

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  • Child Out Of Time
    Hayden Gribble
    For 26 years, DOCTOR WHO was a British institution, capturing the imaginations of generations of children.But then, in 1989, it was cancelled. The Doctor and his on-screen adventures were no more. There was no longer a hero, a champion for the outcasts who struggled to fit in. It was as though he had walked into his TARDIS and set his controls for dematerialisation, never to re...

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  • The Twin Connection
    Cailin Loesch / Hannah Loesch

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  • American Cinematographer Manual Vol. II
    Asc Michael Goi

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  • Love, Honor, and Cherish Until Marriage Do Us Part
    Diane Saks
    Love, Honor and Cherish Until Marriage Do Us Part is the long awaited follow-up to So You Want To Be A Rock n’ Roll Bride . It’s for teens, young adults and anyone who loves stars.. What the admiration of her favorite males star says about her.. Preparing to travel in the social circles that lead to hanging out with her cherished star.. Introducing techniques to help teenage...

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  • Laguna Beach
    Beth Efran / Kathy Passero
    Welcome to Paradise. Otherwise known as Laguna Beach.You’ve seen the backstabbing, betrayal, and small-town gossip set against the wealthy beachside paradise that is Laguna Beach, California. You’ve seen hook-ups, break-ups, screw-ups and make-ups -- and all just during two years of school. Now find out what life was like for the stars of Laguna Beach: The Real Orange County be...

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  • Sounds in the Air
    Norman H. Finkelstein

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