Space opera

Ficción y temas afines / Ciencia ficción / Space opera (1793)

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  • Like Stars in Heaven
    Eric Thomson
    One last mission. One mysterious passenger. One baffling destination. After centuries of travel, an ancient log buoy finally reaches human-controlled space. In the midst of a stalemated interstellar war, the Admiralty has little interest in wasting resources on what would likely be a fruitless search for the truth, but someone was able to convince them they could afford to send...

    24,38 €

  • Message for the Dead
    Jason Anspach / Nick Cole
    Survive the Future.As Legion Commander Keller attempts to coax the Republic and Black Fleet into a winner-take-all battle at the heart of the Galactic Core, Wraith uncovers secrets from Tyrus Rechs’s past. Determined to liberate his crew from the clutches of a dormant fleet controlled by a hostile AI, the soldier-turned-rogue comes face to face with the galaxy’s greatest threat...

    18,82 €

  • The Path of Duty
    Eric Thomson
    Duty, honour, loyalty. What meaning did those words still hold in the midst of a stalemated interstellar war where the difference between the enemy and one’s own leadership was sometimes paper thin? Unfairly relegated to punishment duty far from the battle lines and still pursued by her past, Siobhan Dunmoore was ordered to sail her ship deep into pirate-infested space on a que...

    24,37 €

  • No Remorse
    Eric Thomson
    Wanted by their enemies for exposing the Black Sword cabal and faced with the difficult task of rebuilding the Special Operations Division while treason remains rampant, Major Zack Decker and Commander Hera Talyn are stuck in desk jobs. Until, that is, the Coalition and its minions decide to make things very personal. Forced back into the role of field operatives, they discover...

    24,37 €

  • Howling Stars
    Eric Thomson
    Every Marine has a story about someone he couldn’t save, a face that would haunt him forever. When Command Sergeant Hal Tarra, one of Decker’s oldest friends, vanishes on the Commonwealth frontier shortly after taking early retirement from the Corps, Zack knows what memories are driving the former Pathfinder, because he sees the same face in his worst nightmares. Naval intellig...

    24,35 €

  • Cold Comfort
    Eric Thomson
    Some people never learn that it’s a really bad idea to mess with a Marine Pathfinder, even one who has been forced into early retirement. Zack Decker just wanted to be left alone so he could live a quiet life with the woman he loved and make up for lost time, but his enemies simply couldn’t resist the temptation to pursue their vendetta. One moment, he was hauling cargo across ...

    24,37 €

  • Death Comes But Once
    Eric Thomson
    Zack Decker wanted only one thing in life: to fight as a Marine Pathfinder. But his temper and his loathing for careerist officers cost him dearly. Forced into early retirement, with a wife who left him long ago, no job, no friends and no future, the former sergeant crawled into a bottle and stayed there, moving from planet to planet, looking for some reason to keep on living. ...

    24,32 €

  • Citadel
    Algis Budrys
    He was looking for a privacy his strange personality needed. And-never quite seemed to achieve it. All his efforts were, somehow-great triumphs of the race, and great failures for him! ...

    17,75 €

  • Deathworld 2
    Harry Harrison
    Jason dinAlt has been kidnaped and is being returned to the planet Cassylia to stand trial for his crimes. But on route the space ship he is on crash lands on a planet inhabited by men who have lost much of their technology. It is up to Jason to find a way to stay alive and get off planet. Can he succeed in leaving this new Deathworld? ...

    28,28 €

  • Fantastic Stories Presents the Worlds of If Super Pack #1
    K Dick Philip / K. Dick Philip
    Worlds of If was a three-time winner of the Hugo Award for best science fiction magazine. Worlds of If discovered many talented writers who would go on to dominate genre fiction. Here are more than 250,000 words of some of the best stories ever published in its pages.The Snowbank Orbit by Fritz LeiberThe Victor by Bryce WaltonBreeder Reaction by Winston MarksTurning Point by Al...

    40,90 €

  • Fantastic Stories Presents the Fantastic Universe Super Pack #3
    E. Robert Howard / ERobert Howard
    Fantastic Universe started publishing in 1953 and continued until March 1960. It was one of the better magazines to launch during the boom in science fiction magazines publishing. It published many important stories by some of the fields best known writers. This is our third Fantastic universe Superpack. Collected in this over sized edition are more than 100,000 words of scienc...

    40,44 €

  • Star Surgeon
    Alan E. Nourse / Alan ENourse
    A Sector General NovelIn the far future Humans are part of an intergalactic civilization populated with countless alien races. Humans are prized for their medical expertise and make up almost all of doctors in the galaxy. Dal Timgar is the first non-human to attempt to become a qualified physician recognized by the Hospital Earth. But, before he reaches his goal he and his comp...

    17,73 €

  • The Voyages of the Solar Queen
    Andre Norton
    The Solar Queen is a trader ship crewed by Dane Thorson, Tau, and Captain Jellico. These are her voyages.The Plague Ship: The Solar Queen and her crew have the trading rights to the wealthy planet Sargol, But to take advantage of them and see a any return on their investment they must fight the Reptilian Gorp, negotiate with the cat-like Salariki, and find a cure for the sleepi...

    27,83 €

  • Wonder Stories Super Pack
    Fletcher Pratt
    Wonder Stories was founded by legendary publisher Hugo Gernsback after he left Amazing Stories. Wonder Stories thrived in one form or another for more than thirty years, briefly rivaling even Astounding. This four hundred plus page anthology collects ten important stories from the magazine's zenith. ...

    30,70 €

  • Echoes of Esharam
    Robert Davies
    He only wanted to go home, but first he must save humanity. . .Delivered at last from the hell that was Bera Nima prison, Darrien Norris basks in a freedom he thought would never arrive. But as he waits for the Transceptor to restore his memories from seventeen years before, he discovers an alien race intent on destroying everything, and everyone, in its path.Now Norris and his...

    17,21 €

  • Discovery of the Saiph
    P P Corcoran
    In the near future humans can travel to the stars. Instantaneously. The Marco Polo leads a human expedition on its maiden voyage outside Earth's Solar System when the ship's scientists detect power readings: they are alien and emanate from Planet III... a wasteland which suffered a devastating nuclear bombardment many thousands of years before. Deep, under the surface o...

    28,32 €

  • The Biggest Bounty
    Brian Koscienski / Chris Pisano
    Fiore is the (chemically enhanced) muscle; Zeus is the (super-genius) brains. Together, they’re out to become the greatest interstellar bounty hunters ever. But along the path to fame and fortune, they’ll accumulate contacts, partners, and enemies without even meaning to. It’s all part of the job, when you’re chasing the biggest bounty ever, and picking up the strangest milks i...

    21,24 €

  • Dreadnought And Shuttle
    LJ Cohen
    When a reckless young computer programmer resurrects the damaged AI on a long dormant freighter, she and her accidental crew expose explosive secrets from a war they were taught ended decades ago.Welcome to the universe of Halcyone Space.Charged with protecting Ithaka and its covert rebellion from discovery, Ro and the members of Halcyone's crew learn to lead double lives w...

    12,74 €

  • The Cosmonaut’s Book
    Ryan Nerding
    Wormholes, alien fraudsters and a book that shouldn't exist.When a book that doesn't exist slips through a time vortex and ends up in the hands of alien entrepreneurs, one author's future falls to the whim of sentient algorithms controlled by a secretive organisation. Only The Cosmonaut can help. But can he be bothered? ...

    8,79 €

  • Risen
    Michael Phillip Cash
    Imprisoned on the dead moon of Bina, trapped at the bottom of the cold Hixom Sea, locked in a cell in the flooded Desa and blinded & defeated in the Eastern Provinces, the ruling class of Darracia is defeated without hope.In the stunning conclusion of the Darracia saga, V'sair, Tulani, Zayden and Reminda must dig deep and find both strength and faith to rise from the depths...

    11,97 €

  • In Strange Orbits - Volume 1
    Ramón Somoza
    Only ten years old, Tanit is a genius and the youngest astrobiologist in history. For that reason she has been authorized to journey to the newly founded colony of Thuis, fifty light-years from Earth. There she will finally join her mother, who left for the colony two years before. But Tanit has no idea of the terrible events looming in her future that will force her to fend fo...

    7,82 €

  • Amazon Seven - Book One
    Alex James
    Commander Astra Solara is Earth’s current ‘Mission Queen’, a self-possessed intelligence officer who has taken so many risks and survived so many perilous assignments while exploring the galaxy’s most remote sectors, that every time she returns to Earth, she’s considered an ever greater security risk.Captain Hylar Moondarla is Earth’s most celebrated starship pilot – she’s been...

    15,92 €

  • The Link
    Alan E. Nourse / Alan ENourse
    It was nearly sundown when Ravdin eased the ship down into the last slow arc toward the Earth’s surface. Stretching his arms and legs, he tried to relax and ease the tension in his tired muscles. Carefully, he tightened the seat belt for landing; below him he could see the vast, tangled expanse of Jungle-land spreading out to the horizon. Miles ahead was the bright circle of th...

    14,28 €

  • Tripleye
    John Hegenberger
    Tripleye ~ We never blink…Early in the twenty-second century, a master of mind-control has risen to the head of Earth’s Weave Corp. Under the guise of the Neo-Socialists, he threatens to terrorize both the Inner and Outer Planets with murder, sabotage, and the theft of a strange bio-substance known as the Snot.Against this malevolent foe, the mismatched ops of Tripleye use the ...

    9,01 €

  • Abysm
    G. S. Jennsen / GSJennsen
    In the quest to be the masters of their own fate, will humanity rise to become liberators or follow the path of their ancestors into darkness?Alex Solovy and Caleb Marano risked everything to learn the hidden purpose behind the Metigen’s multiverse portal network, but nothing could have prepared them for the answer.  Humans are a genetic recreation of the Anaden, the dictators ...

    19,24 €

    T. Jackson King / TJackson King
    PRAISE FOR T. JACKSON KING'I sometimes think a writer’s greatest virtues are persistence and endurance, and it seems as if you have them.'-Roger Zelazny, Hugo and Nebula Award winner.'Congratulations on the long overdue story collection, Tom! What I find most terrific is your range of topics and styles. You have always been an explorer.'-David Brin, Hugo and Nebula Award winn...

    37,34 €

  • The Immortal Universe
    Matti Silver / Vito Andrews
    When an entire planetary system is about to fall apart, an indecisive Ambassador Slydin is given the task of keeping it together — but the solution is far greater than he could imagine.Betrayed and pressed to make alliances with his naysayers, Slydin's journey will take him to places with little hope of survival. Armed with only his crew and technology he doesn't unders...

    10,74 €

  • Rebel
    Eve Langlais
    Prophecy says he’s the one who will find the lost Rhomanii homeworld. Fate has governed his whole life. But he’s not letting it control his future. The Rhomanii are looking for the man foretold in the prophecy, a leader that will unite the clans and lead them home. Some addled seers decided that man is Rafe. That caused a bit of an issue, mostly because there is a second fore...

    11,72 €

  • Castle Vroman
    Thomas J DePrima
    From inside a giant asteroid, hundreds of light years from Earth, Admiral Jenetta Carver is beginning to look forward to a trip home, and finally receiving command of her own ship. Her five-year tour of duty as the Base Commander of the Stewart SC Base is nearing an end, and the ship carrying her replacement has been underway for more than a year. However, when the GSC destro...

    14,00 €

  • Cuentos del multiverso
    Matías D’Angelo
    Seleion es un extraterrestre que ha recorrido un millar de universos y sus archivos llegaron a tus manos. ¿Te atreves a leerlos? En ellos encontrarás: planetas y seres que creías olvidados, fuerzas primordiales creadoras de nuestros mundos, humanos híbridos, calaveras aladas que quieren alimentarse de tu alma, Capuchas Rojas liberando a su reino de los lupinos, viajeras que abr...

    10,40 €