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  • Otto Skorzeny
    Massimiliano Afiero
    Quella di Otto Skorzeny è sicuramente una delle figure più controverse ed interessanti della Seconda Guerra Mondiale, alla quale molti storici hanno dedicato articoli e libri, per esaltare o denigrare le sue azioni che nel bene o nel male furono comunque straordinarie: la liberazione del Duce sul Gran Sasso, l'operazione 'Panzerfaust' nell'ottobre del 1944, l'operaz...

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  • The Greatest Test of Courage
    Ronda Hassig
    Edward Mack had everything: a wife, a newborn son, and his dream job. But as a West Point graduate stationed in the Philippines, his life changed forever on December 7, 1941. Not long after, he would survive the Bataan Death March, Camps O’Donnell and Cabanatuan. At Cabanatuan, he headed an underground operation to get food and medicine for his fellow prisoners. His final desti...

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  • The Shadow Tiger
    Barbara L Evenson / William C. McDonald III
    Born to Fly China’s wide-open skies were perfect… if you didn’t mind typhoons, sand storms,  blizzards, uncharted mountains and  Japanese Zeros hunting you. Billy McDonald of Birmingham, Alabama, had an adventurous and dangerous career as a pilot in the Golden Age of Flight, and into World War II.  He jumped from military cadet to wingman in Chennault’s famed aerobatic flyin...

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  • Renatus' Kayak
    Rozanne Enerson Junker
    Woody Belsheim had one question when he gave his niece, Rozanne Enerson Junker, a miniature sealskin kayak made for him in 1944 by Inuit hunter Renatus Tuglavina: Would it be possible for you to find out what happened to Renatus...and to his daughter, Harriot?Woody had seldom spoken about his World War II service when he and six other G.I.s manned a secret American weather stat...

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  • Operation Barbarossa
    Nigel Askey
    In June 1941 the German Wehrmacht launched Operation Barbarossa: the attack on the USSR and the largest land invasion in recorded history. The titanic battles that followed led to the greatest loss of life ever experienced in a military campaign. Since the end of WWII there has been intense discourse about the key operational and strategic decisions made by the German and Sovie...

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  • The Axis Forces 4
    Massimiliano Afiero
    Book magazine dedicated to the German, Italian and Japanese armed forces and their allies during WW2.In this issue. The battle of Narva 1944, The japan in war, The Italian Alpine Division Monterosa of RSI. Eastern Volunteer insignia. Heinrich Sonne. Knight Cross Holder. ...

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  • Frecce Nere
    Pierluigi Romeo di Colloredo Mels
    Dell’impiego in linea del Corpo Truppe Volontarie, inviato da Mussolini in aiuto ai nazionalisti di Franco a partire dal 1936, la storiografia e la pubblicistica corrente concentri la propria attenzione su un periodo di un mese, sino al marzo del 1937, quando avvenne la battaglia di Guadalajara, enfatizzando l’unico insuccesso del C.T.V. (presentato comunemente come una sconfit...

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  • The Soldier That Wagged Her Tail
    Dolores N Morris
    World War II sits in our collective memory as the 'Good War': the one where the sides were clear and the sacrifices great. Literature and film have produced very few images of a certain group of heroic soldiers who died on foreign beaches, fields and jungles. The African American soldier, in segregated units, fought and died on those battlefields, and for the most part, their...

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  • WWII Jeep Guidebook
    Ren Bernier
    This book has what you want to know, and what you need to know. Written by Ren Bernier and based on his thirty years of experience with vintage jeeps, this book answers your questions about finding, evaluating, owning, driving and enjoying one of the most historically significant vehicles ever made.Ren Bernier’s interest in old jeeps began in 1975 with purchasing and rebuilding...

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  • All My Love and Then Some
    Margaret Melhorn
    In the middle of World War II, in September 1942, an enthusiastic eighteen-year-old named Polly Meilman boarded a train to Toronto. She was leaving her home in Nova Scotia for her basic training in the Women’s Division of the Royal Canadian Air Force (RCAF). By July 1943, her abilities were recognized with a promotion to the rank of corporal. She continued to serve until her di...

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  • Berlin 1945
    Michael Brettin
    Berlin 1945 zeigt fast 200 schwarz-weiße Fotos von Berlin unmittelbar nach dem Zweiten Weltkrieg, die von sowjetischen Armeefotografen aufgenommen worden sind, darunter Mark Redkin and Jewgenij Chaldej, aber auch von Deutschen, die für die Rote Armee arbeiteten, wie Otto Donath. Es sind herzzerreißende Bilder von ausgebombten Straßen, brennenden Häusern, toten Soldaten und verl...

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  • Die Berliner Mauer Heute. Steine, Spuren, Erinnerungen
    Michael Cramer
    Die Berliner Mauer heute ist ein reich bebilderter Farbfotoband, der die Mauerreste, Steine und Spuren des Eisernen Vorhangs zeigt - Mahnmale, Gleise, Hinterhofmauern, Friedhöfe. Das Buch erzählt von dem Kampf, der Verzweiflung, dem Überlebenswillen und der Wiedergeburt der Stadt, von einer Geschichte, welche die ganze Welt beeinflusste, aber auch davon, wie sich die Berliner h...

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  • Occupied Hearts II
    Alice Parker
    'I found a Pandora’s box exploding with such emotional tales, I was not really prepared to hear. In many of the Japanese I interviewed, there was this driving-need for the world to know their harrowing experiences, as they had been almost randomly tossed into, in the countries Japan had occupied.' Occupied Hearts: Japan as the Occupier & The Occupied is the second book in the s...

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  • The Stage of Survival The Art of Theater in Buchenwald Concentration Camp
    Davis Truman
    Many of the concentration camps and ghettos under the Nazi regime had cultural and artistic activities which have been reported upon. The cabaret was very popular in the concentration camp of Buchenwald. Any available space could be transformed, as was done in Auschwitz, Buchenwald, Dachau, and Theresienstadt. It seems apparent that these cabaret presentations were acts of resi...

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    Colonel Penny
    The ever-controversial subject of Bomber Command’s strategic air offensive against German cities, and industrial targets, in a series of 35 maps extracted form the four volume official history of the air offensive against Germany.Britain’s bombing offensive, one of the few weapons available to it in the dark early days of the war, escalated after the battles of France and Brita...

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  • Gone with the World Wars (Chinese Version)
    Hildegard Bonacker Bruni / Hildegrad Bonacker Bruni
    第二次世界大战后,在统治被占领德国的四个盟国--美国、英国、法国和俄罗斯的同意下,包括东普鲁士在内的东德三分之一的领土被割让给了波兰和俄罗斯。在此过程中,1400万居住在该地区的德国人被赶出自己的土地,受到可怕的待遇,并且永远不允许返回。这是一个故事,讲述了一个家庭的安全之旅以及上帝的奇迹为他们带来了拯救。在《随世界大战而逝》一书中,希尔德加德·博纳克·布鲁尼分享了鼓舞人心的真实故事,讲述了她的家人在二战期间和战后令人难以置信的经历,以及上帝令人惊叹的信实,在他们的每一步中都保护着他们。希尔德加德分享了她父母古斯塔夫·博纳克 (Gustav Bonacker) 和艾米莉·博纳克 (Emilie Bonacker) 的证词,他们出生于东普鲁士,经历过第一次世界大战和第二次世界大战。 1944 年 7 月,古斯塔夫应征入伍,同年 8 月,艾米莉和她的七个...

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  • Fit to Fight
    Robert O. Babcock
    The 4th Infantry Division (4ID) was the Utah Beach assault division at H-Hour, D-Day, June 6, 1944; a liberator of the port city of Cherbourg on June 25, 1944; part of the St. Lo breakout on July 25, 1944; and a liberator of Paris on August 25, 1944. On September 11, 1944, 4ID troops were the first to breach the 'impenetrable' Siegfried Line. In November 1944, they slugged it o...

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  • Gone with the World Wars
    Hildegard Bonacker Bruni
    第二次世界大战后,在统治被占领德国的四个盟国--美国、英国、法国和俄罗斯的同意下,包括东普鲁士在内的东德三分之一的领土被割让给了波兰和俄罗斯。在此过程中,1400万居住在该地区的德国人被赶出自己的土地,受到可怕的待遇,并且永远不允许返回。这是一个故事,讲述了一个家庭的安全之旅以及上帝的奇迹为他们带来了拯救。在《随世界大战而逝》一书中,希尔德加德·博纳克·布鲁尼分享了鼓舞人心的真实故事,讲述了她的家人在二战期间和战后令人难以置信的经历,以及上帝令人惊叹的信实,在他们的每一步中都保护着他们。希尔德加德分享了她父母古斯塔夫·博纳克 (Gustav Bonacker) 和艾米莉·博纳克 (Emilie Bonacker) 的证词,他们出生于东普鲁士,经历过第一次世界大战和第二次世界大战。 1944 年 7 月,古斯塔夫应征入伍,同年 8 月,艾米莉和她的七个...

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  • Bielski Brothers, The
    Peter Duffy

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  • Matter of Honor, A
    Anthony Summers / Robbyn Swan

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  • The Flying Life
    Stefan A. Cavallo
    The Flying Life is the life story of our father, Stefan Cavallo, a test pilot at Langley Field during World War II, who passed away peacefully on September 25, 2022, at 101.While attending the School of Aeronautical Engineering at New York University, he also took flying lessons at Teterboro Airfield in New Jersey through a government-sponsored program and graduated with a comb...

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  • SOLDIERS of the North Shore (New Brunswick) Regiment, WW2
    Bruce Morton
    Soldiers, of the North Shore (New Brunswick) Regiment, WW2, Who They Were and the Battles They Fought, is a history of Canada’s contribution to WW2, told in brief biographies of about 200 soldiers of all ranks. Author, Bruce Morton, the official historian of the regiment, previously recorded the regiment’s history in his books One Hundred Years and the French equivalent Cent An...

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  • Cent Ans
    Bruce Morton
    Cent Ans retrace l’évolution du North Shore (New Brunswick) Regiment depuis sa création au Nouveau-Brunswick, au Canada, il y a plus de cent ans, en mettant l’accent sur les expériences et la contribution du régiment pendant la Seconde Guerre mondiale. Le régiment a fait partie de la première vague du débarquement en Normandie, en France, le jour J, le 6 juin 1944, et a partici...

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  • Waffen-SS 1939-1945, A ruthless Enemy
    Perry Pierik
    The Waffen-SS, as fourth ’army branch’ of the German army, is still surrounded with a certain mystical fog. Some divisions, mostly from the first levies, have general fame, like Hitler’s body guard division, the ’Leibstandarte Adolf Hitler’, or the ’Das Reich’ division. However, the fact that Waffen-SS grew into a significant force - 38 divisions - during the war, is largely un...

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  • The Dairy Of a Young Girl
    Anne Frank
    'The Diary of a Young Girl' by Anne Frank is a Holocaust-era diary chronicling the experiences of a Jewish adolescent during World War II. Anne Frank’s diary serves as a historical document of immense significance, capturing the raw emotions and struggles of life under Nazi occupation in Amsterdam. Through her diary, Anne Frank provides a deeply personal account of survival ami...

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  • No Life Without You
    Franklin Felsenstein
    The letters and journals of Ernst Moritz (’Mope’) and Vera Hirsch Felsenstein, two German Jewish refugees experiencing the tumultuous years leading up to the Second World War, form the core of this book. Abridged in an English translation from the original German, this vast correspondence and diaries has been expertly compiled and annotated by their son, Franklin Felsenstein, w...

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  • Dive Bomber Down
    Bryan J. Dickerson
    James A. Nist lived an extraordinary life in his 24 years. Raised on a New Jersey farm, he graduated high school at 16 and earned both a bachelor’s degree from Rutgers University and a private pilot’s license. In 1942, he joined the Navy as an aviation cadet, earning his wings and an officer’s commission in the Naval Reserve. He became proficient in three of the Navy’s high-...

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  • 'Green Balls' The Adventures of a Night-Bomber
    Paul Bewsher
    'Green Balls' by Paul Bewsher is a riveting account of military aviation during World War II, offering a firsthand glimpse into the harrowing experiences of fighter pilots. As one of Paul Bewsher’s notable works in military aviation fiction, this book stands as a compelling testament to the courage and sacrifice of those who served in the air. Through vivid aerial combat narrat...

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  • After the War is Over
    R.B. Rosenburg
    Made public for the first time, this collection of more than 150 personal letters, telegrams, and V-mails sent to his parents in Atlanta, Georgia, from mid-1942 through December 1945, provides an eyewitness portal to the past that sheds light on a cast of characters from the greatest generation. A treasure trove of humor, anxiety, and hope, the letters reveal a young white Sout...

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  • Malta’s Savior
    John Henshaw
    Holding the small island of Malta, the British Empire’s strategic centerpiece in the Mediterranean Sea, was critical to the Allied cause in World War II--and taking it was essential for Axis victory. German forces laid siege to the island beginning in June 1940, and it soon became the most bombed place on Earth. By August 1942, with supplies running out, Malta was in dire ne...

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