Salud pública y medicina preventiva

Medicina / Medicina: cuestiones generales / Salud pública y medicina preventiva (1957)

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  • Nutrition and Allergic Diseases
    The purpose of this Special Issue, “Nutrition and Allergic Diseases”, is to provide an overview of the role of nutrition in allergy. The prevalence of asthma, rhinitis, and food allergy has increased tremendously over the last few decades. Is there a role for nutrition to help managing this global challenge? This Special Issue touches upon the many aspects that relate to nutrit...

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  • Vitamin K and Vitamin K-Dependent Proteins in Relation to Human Health
    This Special Issue of Nutrients focuses on advances that extend our knowledge of the biochemical functions and health roles played by both the micronutrient vitamin K and its target Gla proteins.  The scope of potential topics is wide and may include studies in population and patient groups, animal models and at the cellular level.  Examples include the presentation, diagnosis,...

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  • Stakeholder Health
    Stakeholder Health: Insights from New Systems of Health, developed with support from the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation, is a rich and detailed review of some of the best practices in the areas of community health improvement, as well as clinical and community partnerships, spanning 11 chapters. The chapters range from a crisp review of the social determinants or drivers of hea...

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  • Public Health Genomics and International Wealth Creation
    E. William Ebomoyi / EWilliam Ebomoyi
    In 2003, the secrets of the human genome were cracked open, creating a flurry of anticipation (and more than a little commercial buzz) about the role that genetic modification would play in years to come. This burgeoning field stands poised to redefine old paradigms and reshape industries such as medicine, agriculture, pharmacology, and biotechnology. Public Health Genomics and...

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  • Social, Economic, and Political Perspectives on Public Health Policy-Making
    Presently, the healthcare industry is grappling with many challenges both nationally and globally, including escalating costs, a move to a preventative care environment and a technology savvy patient with high expectations. To accommodate the changing health demands of the current global population, public healthcare policy must undergo a critical analysis. Social, Economic, an...

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  • Examining the Role of Environmental Change on Emerging Infectious Diseases and Pandemics
    Maha Bouzid
    Climate change is one of the most widely debated and worrisome topics of our time. As environmental changes become more prevalent, there has been evidence to suggest that there is a correlation between the environment and a substantial increase of infectious diseases and viruses around the globe. Examining the Role of Environmental Change on Emerging Infectious Diseases and Pan...

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  • US Health
    Lykourkos Liaropoulos
    HOW TO FINANCE AND DELIVER HEALTH CAREHealth has been one of the most frequent issues arising in the Social Policy debate for the last 60 or more years. The answers given vary according to political ideology, economic expediency, and the moral standing of individuals and society. The sources of funding are essentially two: either the individual directly, or a larger group actin...

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  • Mind And Body
    William Walker Atkinson
    Mind and Body - Mental States and Physical Conditions To the mind of those who have contented themselves with merely the superficial aspects of things, these two things, mind and body; and mental states and physical conditions, seem to be as far apart as the two poles; seem to be opposites and contradictories impossible of reconciliation. But to those who have penetrated beneat...

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  • Smart, Connected, and Portable Biosensors and Bioelectronics for Advancing Human Healthcare, Disease Diagnosis, and Therapeutics
    Research and development related to smart, connected, and portable biosensors and bioelectronics have been game changing in the fields of diagnostics and health management. Unlike conventional biosensors, these devices allow rapid, accurate, and on-site detection of biomarkers, which helps to prevent disease spread by the source control. This reprint contains experimental/compu...

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  • Principles of Public Health
    Thomas Dyer Tuttle
    The earliest history of remote ages describes methods employed in combating disease, and down through all the centuries the struggle against infection has been going on. The science of health as applied in recent years reveals wonderful progress in the avoidance of disease, and in the control of the violent epidemics by which in the past nations were almost exterminated. Modern...

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  • The Logic of Vegetarianism
    Henry S. Salt
    In preparing this 'Logic of Vegetarianism' for a new edition, I have carefully re-read a sheaf of press opinions which greeted the first appearance of the book some seven years ago, with the hope of profiting by any adverse criticism which might point out arguments that I had overlooked. In this, however, I have been disappointed, for, apart from a few such objections as that r...

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  • Psoriasis Demystified
    Dr. Ankita Kashyap / Prof. Krishna N. Sharma
    Unlock the secrets to living well with psoriasis in "Psoriasis Demystified: Doctor’s Secret Guide." This comprehensive guide offers an insider’s perspective on understanding and managing psoriasis using a holistic healing approach.Begin your journey with a deep dive into psoriasis, unraveling its mysteries, and discovering the transformative potential of the biopsychosocial app...

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  • Who Shall Live?
    Karen Eggleston / Victor R Fuchs
    Since the first edition of Who Shall Live? (1974), over 100,000 students, teachers, physicians, and general readers from more than a dozen fields have found this book to be a reader-friendly, authoritative introduction to economic concepts applied to health and medical care.Health care is by far the largest industry in the United States. It is three times larger than education ...

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  • Who Shall Live?
    Karen Eggleston / Victor R Fuchs
    Since the first edition of Who Shall Live? (1974), over 100,000 students, teachers, physicians, and general readers from more than a dozen fields have found this book to be a reader-friendly, authoritative introduction to economic concepts applied to health and medical care.Health care is by far the largest industry in the United States. It is three times larger than education ...

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  • The Essentials of Community Medicine
    Aviraj K S
    1.The first textbook of community medicine based on the NEXT Exam pattern set by the NMC.2.One of the most comprehensive textbooks of community medicine, written by around 50 authors.3.The book has been extensively peer-reviewed by senior faculties, residents, and students.4.The unique feature of the book is the combination of Question bank with quick revision theory using the ...

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  • Resilient Health Systems
    Federico Lega / Giada Carola Castellini
    Since February 2020 the COVID-19 pandemic has strained health systems worldwide. This book explores the factors determining the ability of health systems to cope with and recover from a crisis, and therefore their level of resilience. ...

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  • Energy Efficiency, Environment and Health
    Cities are widely recognized as environments which can present risks to humans. Risks to health and well-being are measured in three groups of indices: physiological, emotional, and cognitive. The environmental factors discussed in studies include physical factors such as noise, heat load, and air pollution, and social factors include feelings of discomfort, crime, transportati...

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  • A Manual of Public Health
    Ernest Abraham Hart / James Alfred Wanklyn / William Henry Corfield
    This manual is a comprehensive guide to public health practices for local authorities, medical officers, and others. Compiled by leading experts in the field, it provides specific advice and guidance for promoting health and wellness in communities.This work has been selected by scholars as being culturally important, and is part of the knowledge base of civilization as we know...

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  • The New Hygiene
    Elie Metchnikoff
    In this book, Elie Metchnikoff presents three lectures on the prevention of infectious diseases. Metchnikoff was a Russian biologist who won the Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine in 1908 for his work on immunity. He believed that good hygiene and nutrition could prevent disease and extend life. The lectures cover topics such as the role of microbes in disease, the importanc...

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  • Public Health
    William Augustus Guy
    This fascinating and informative book offers a history of public health and sanitation from ancient times to the present day. Written by a leading British physician and public health expert, the book covers topics such as disease prevention, water supply, and environmental health. With its clear writing and informative illustrations, the book is an excellent resource for anyone...

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  • Report On The Sanitary Condition Of The Habitations In The Parishes Of Vaynor And Penderyn, And In The Hamlet Of Rhigos Part Of The District Of The Rural Sanitary Board Of The Merthyr-tydfil Union
    Thomas Jones Dyke
    A report on the sanitary conditions of a region in Wales, based on a survey conducted in the mid-19th century. The report covers issues such as housing, water supply, sewage disposal, and disease prevention, and provides recommendations for improvement.This work has been selected by scholars as being culturally important, and is part of the knowledge base of civilization as we ...

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  • Hints On the Medical Examination of Recruits for the Army
    Thomas Henderson
    This book is a guide for medical officers and practitioners in the United States Army, covering the medical examination of recruits and the discharge of soldiers on medical grounds. The authors, Richard Henry Coolidge and Thomas Henderson, were both experienced military surgeons and their advice is based on years of practical experience. The book provides detailed instructions ...

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  • Body Fitness
    DR. Ebrahim Zamani
    Fitness Body is main program for the body as Focus on Lose Fat and Also fitting body Organs and Lose the fats layers to Reach a suitable body as control of weight is needed for body.I advise Reading to Fat persons with fitness Organs and control of weight and Fats in a periods time. ...

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  • Multiagency Approach to Disaster Management, Focusing on Triage, Treatment and Transport
    Several steps need to be considered in the management of disasters and emergencies. Establishing command and control, with leaders having communication skills, enables sufficient collaboration and engagement with other agencies and offers the opportunity for situational assessments of the incident as well as the ability to achieve a balance between available personnel and mater...

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  • Standing Up for Science
    Salim S. Abdool Karim
    Early in the Covid-19 pandemic, Salim S. Abdool Karim was catapulted into a prominent position in the media and on television as the face of South African science in the country’s response to the pandemic. Up to that point, his groundbreaking research on AIDS had garnered many awards, leading to his recognition as one of the world’s leading epidemiologists, making him ideally p...

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  • Personalized Medicine Care Planner
    Kara Ware
    From the outside, this planner looks like any other planner - but inside, it’s specially designed to be your record-keeping journal, helping you track essential information on your functional medicine journey.The care planner is your best tool for beating overwhelm and burnout, creating a sustainable budget, and communicating effectively with your medical providers. Inside you ...

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  • Supporting Effective Quality Care in Public and Community Health
    Anita Finkelman
    Designed to support current standards and goals for health care, Supporting Effective Quality Care in Public and Community Health provides readers with an examination of continuous quality improvement and its integration into public and community health organizations, services, and programs. The text underscores the idea that continuous quality improvement activities must consi...

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  • System Dynamics Models for Public Health and Health Care Policy
    System dynamics is a simulation modeling approach to strategic and policy analysis that has been applied to many health care and public health issues since the 1960s and has become increasingly prevalent since the 2000s. The ten articles in this reprint appeared in a Special Issue of Systems and cover a broad cross-section of relevant methodological topics as well as applicatio...

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  • Prevalence of Orphans
    Elizabeth A. M. Makau
    We have entered an ephod fundamentally at variance with anything we have experienced before, in the third world. The plight of orphans from poor and deprived backgrounds in the face of HIV/AIDS related deaths have impacted health of many children. In the face of postmodernism where traditional family network support is diminishing, an effective alternative option is required. A...

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  • Flattening the Curve
    One of the key issues the world grappled with during COVID-19 was the distributional implications of lockdowns globally. The shadow of lockdown policies continues when nations still try to emerge out of the pandemic. Heterogeneity herein over time, country and even within nations in policy making resulted in unintended consequences and debates between citizens, scientists, poli...

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