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  • Miracle
    Jason Pinter
    An inspiring, funny, and heartwarming story for everyone who has dreamed of having their own Miracle. When rabbits Merle and Pearl meet on one beautiful day, they know that they have found true joy. Yet while they couldn’t be happier with each other, there’s one teeny, tiny thing missing...a child of their own  Merle and Pearl dream of expanding their nest by bringing a baby bu...

    19,25 €

  • Timmy and Tina
    Lorna Doolan
    It's lambing time at the farm! Meet Timmy and Tina, tiny newborn lambs in need of some extra care. When mother ewe is unable to feed her babies, Mrs. Jane is happy to help. Timmy and Tina drink special formula from bottles, nibble on tender spring grass, and explore their foster home. As the days grow longer, the lambs grow bigger, stronger, and more adventurous. The arriva...

    20,05 €

  • Creciendo en mi mundo al reves
    Katish Mira
    Un libro con 6 historias que hablan sobre el cuidado del mundo y de las personas. Con actividades adicionales para que los niños disfruten y amplíen un poco más cada cuento.  ...

    50,47 €

  • Amy Throw’s a Line...
    Haley Belinda
    Amy meets new friends at Gates Lake. They were all excited to be going fishing.What do the boys help with? What do they catch? Is Amy pleased with the outcome?This children's storybook is colourful, engaging, rhyming and funny. It is also multicultural.Is Amy pleased with the outcome? Come inside the story and see...Essentially a children's storybook about a fishing tri...

    10,80 €

  • Baxter’s Big Adventure
    Tracy L. Floyd / Tracy LFloyd
    Baxter is super excited to go on his big adventure. Along the way, he meets all kinds of creatures. Come join Baxter on his big adventure to see if all the creatures he meets teach him to follow them into trouble or make him learn how to be a leader. ...

    10,97 €

  • Bacon’s Big Smooching Adventure
    Olivia Johnson
    'Bacon’s Smooching Adventure celebrates diversity and how wonderfully unique we all are. This book is fun, whimsical, and empowering to children who care about animals in need.' ...

    29,98 €

  • The Game That Sam Plays
    Barbara A. Pierce / Barbara APierce
    Young Samuel Nabors plays a game that only he enjoys. As in all games, winning is the goal. However, Sam’s success always becomes an inconvenience for his family, that is, until the game is played once too often. The boy does win, but he also loses. Read further to find out which game is played, and how it is possible that Sam wins and loses at the same time. ...

    6,06 €

  • Stinky Frog Feet
    D. D. Davis
             A sweet storyabout a little frog's adventure    and the happiness he finds  when he returns home. 3 ...

    9,04 €

  • The Legend of D’Woof-ta, The Little White Wolf
    Clifton E Stine
    In the beginning of time, all the free people roamed the fields, plains, and forests of the new world and grew in numbers until the lands became over crowded. The animals became hungry. Father Time saw the problem and, one moonlit night, brought forth the Great Mother Wolf from the waters of the first spring. He then charged her to take from the free peoples the old,sick, and i...

    8,55 €

  • Little Honker Saves the Day
    Virginia K White
    Warren’s meow is a honk.  He doesn’t sound like his Seal Point Siamese family or look like them.  His brothers and sisters will not play kitty games with him.  And, then, on a backyard adventure things change.  He saves his family from an unwanted visitor and his honking is important after all. ...

    6,26 €

  • Miss Bee and the Butterfly Garden
    Brandi Chambless
    The first of the series Tails of Two-Paw Estates, Miss Bee and the Butterfly Garden will introduce readers to this delightful story. In the village of Two-Paw Estates, Miss Bee seems to make all the world full of sunshine, even on the rainiest of days. Even White-Out, Miss Bee’s grumpy cat, learns to tolerate the bad days.Readers will discover Miss Bee’s secret passion for grow...

    21,61 €

  • Fetch!
    Paula Clinedinst
    Dogs love to play fetch. Crandall the farm dog thinks everything is a ball. Watch what happens when Crandall tries to play fetch with everything he sees!With vivid illustrations that almost seem to jump out at you on the page, children and adults alike are sure to enjoy Crandall and his farm antics, and the wise farmers who love him.  3 ...

    22,39 €

  • Boxer and Brandon
    Inna Nusinsky / KidKiddos Books / S.APublishing
    English Serbian Bilingual children's book. Perfect for kids studying English or Serbian their second language. This is a touching story of friendship between a dog and a little boy. When one of them needs help they are always there for each other. This is what true friendship means. ...

    20,81 €

  • Boxer and Brandon (Serbian children’s book)
    Inna Nusinsky / KidKiddos Books / S.APublishing
    Serbian language children's book "Boxer and Brandon".This is a touching story of friendship between a dog and a little boy. When one of them needs help they are always there for each other. This is what true friendship means.This story may be ideal for reading to your kids at bedtime and enjoyable for the whole family as well! ...

    35,61 €

  • Did Sasha Save Baba?
    Kathy Bihun
    Cute puppy, also known as Sasha, is an adorable Bichon Frise. He was brought home in the hope that he might perform the biggest miracle ever. While mischievous at times, Sasha becomes inseparable from Baba, who is very sick. Sasha never leaves Baba's side. Will Sasha's heart and soul be enough? Kathy Bihun introduces Sasha, the miraculous Bichon Frise, in this her first...

    20,46 €

  • Sherlock Ferret and the Missing Necklace
    Hugh Ashton
    Miss Leticia Rabbit leaves her gold necklace on the grass outside her house one evening. When she gets up in themorning, it is gone!To help her get it back, she asks Sherlock Ferret, who lives with his well-whiskered friend Watson Mouse M.D. (aDoctor of Mousology) in rooms under Mrs. Hudson's baker's shop.Sherlock and Watson, and their friend Lestrade, who is a rhinocer...

    6,21 €

  • Baree, Son of Kazan
    James Oliver Curwood
    This story is about Baree’s survival after being separated from his parents as a young pup. He eventually finds himself in the care of Nepeese and her father Pierrot, a trapper. He bonds with Nepeese, and the story goes from there. James Oliver Curwood took the well used 'a boy and his dog' formula, and created a great adventure story about a girl and her dog. ...

    28,08 €

  • The Call of the Wild & White Fang
    Jack London
    White Fang is a companion novel (and a thematic mirror) to London’s best-known work, The Call of the Wild, which concerns a kidnapped, domesticated dog turning into a wild animal. ...

    36,88 €

  • The Call of the Wild
    Jack London
    The plot concerns a previously domesticated dog named Buck, whose primordial instincts return after a series of events leads to his serving as a sled dog in the Yukon. Buck learns from his experiences and becomes a pack-dominating feral beast. He learns lessons and relies on resurgent behaviors inherited from his wild predecessors, helping him to survive adversity as a ferociou...

    17,97 €

  • Samad in the Desert
    Mohammed Umar / Sulaiman Katsina Ibrahim
    Samad loved to go out. His dream was to spend a whole day in the desert and swim in the oasis. Follow Samad as he embarked on this adventure where he made wonderful friends and amazing discoveries. Going into a desert has never been so much fun.Samad yana son tafiye-tafiye. Gurinsa ya shafe tsawon wuni ɗaya a hamada kuma ya yi ninƙaya a fadamarta. Biyo Samad don jin yadda ya ɗa...

    12,69 €

  • Harley Basil and the Lost Pup
    Lena Cannata Patterson
    Harley Basil's family thinks he's a lazy, quirky dog, despite his attempts to save them from the dangers of the world: balloons, darkness, water, and flash photography.  When the family goes on a trip to London, England, Harley tries to prove himself to his family by making it his mission to find the Queen's lost pup! Will Harley Basil find her?  3 ...

    16,85 €

  • Ice Breaking
    Kyle Torke
    Join Clementine on a Winter Adventure in the Great Outdoors!Clementine and her two boys set out for adventure on a snowy morning, mittens and imaginations in tow, and discover, among the many wonders revealed during a day outside, the miracles of cascading ice falls, a warren of rabbits, and golden fish in a frozen pond.  When they return home, their imaginations are warm as a ...

    24,93 €

  • Peter Porcupine and the Peanut Butter Lies
    Donna Keith
    Peter Porcupine loves creamy peanut butter and does not want to eat other foods.  Discover how he spins tales and lies to convince his mother that he only wants to eat peanut butter.  3 ...

    12,79 €

  • Percy’s Pet Pugusaur Pete, bully eradicator
    Charles E. Pickens / Charles EPickens
    Percy’s Pet Pugusaur Pete, is a sci-fi comedy about two young adventurous kids, Percy and Nelly and their unique method for resolving neighborhood bully issues. The two kids accidentally stumble upon a secret portal that takes them into a strange new world. While exploring this world, they find and brings back a rather odd and mysterious creature. They decide to call the creatu...

    24,37 €

  • Waiting for the Night
    Julie Thorndyke
    Possums high in blossoms...Dingoes dancing on tiptoes...Sugar Gliders munching on spiders...Blue-tongue lizards showering in the flowers...These are just some of the things our native creatures do to get ready for their night time.What do you do? Tuck your little ones in with this beautifully illustrated rock-a-bye lullaby. Metrical verses introduce us to a plethora of Australi...

    24,34 €

    Kathleen Randolph

    17,48 €

  • Max’s Wild Night
    Meg Welch Dendler
    Max didn't mean to run away, but when he found himself alone in the moonlit woods, he saw his chance for freedom. No humans to tell him what to do. No cats running the house. No one to call him Bad Dog. No fences and no rules. He could be wild and free and never have to answer to anyone again! But will that freedom turn out to be the fantastic journey he was expecting? What...

    14,51 €

  • The Third Kind of Magic
    Elizabeth Forest
    Can one twelve-year-old girl fight a witch?Exiled from her village for using advanced magic accidentally,Suli must either become a wise woman or be shunned as a witch.Apprenticed to the wise woman Tala, Suli’s magical education is cut short when a witch kidnaps her teacher to learn the secret of shape-shifting.Suli discovers she’s inherited the shape-shifting ability, too; she ...

    11,15 €

  • How Coyote Became Clever
    Gini Graham Scott
    How Coyote Became Clever is an adaptation of a traditional Native American folktale told by the Karok people.  In the story, Coyote seeks the gift of being smart from the maker of all animals, and he tries to outwit the other animals by staying awake to get the first gift.  But will that strategy work? And if not, what happens 3 ...

    18,43 €

  • The Rescue Chickens Save Baby Frog!
    Christina McGinty-Carroll
    Mother Frog has a problem. Baby Frog is stuck on a log in the bog.What will they do? Why, call the Rescue Chickens, of course!The helpful hens are always ready to save the day!  Enjoy the first adventure of the brave Rescue Chickens as they help Mother Frog and her baby! ...

    16,19 €