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  • Optimism
    Helen Keller
    Who better than Helen Keller to write about optimism? Helen Keller became blind when she was nineteen months old. At the time children who were deaf and blind were simply given up on. But Helen’s mother read that a deaf blind person had been educated and decided to explore that possibility for her daughter. As a result of this Helen Keller was the first deaf blind person to ear...

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  • Words of Hope in Troubled Times
    José Ramos-Horta
    The Twenty-first Century offers us a chance, a unique chance, to coalesce around common global interests – to reverse the nefarious consequences of climate change, manage clean water reserves that are becoming a rare commodity, save our polluted rivers, lakes, and seas, replenish the depleted fish stock, eliminate extreme poverty and hunger, and de-escalate tensions on the Kore...

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  • Best Korean Short Stories Collection 2 대한민국 베스트 단편 소설모음집 2
    Meet the very finest of Korean short stories. This compilation of 17 short stories bring you the essence of Korean literature, covering the early 1900's to the late 1900's. Also ideal for advanced Korean learners.대한민국 문화의 정수를 담아 1900년초부터 1900년후반까지의 거장들의 작품을 담은 모음집. 한국 문화와 언어를 공부하는 상급자 수준의 학생들에게 교재로도 적합한 도서. ...

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  • the post calvin
    After three years of publishing daily pieces online, the post calvin is proud to present the post calvin: selected essays. Editors Josh deLacy, Will Montei, Debra Rienstra, and Abby Zwart have gathered suggestions from writers and chosen pieces that represent the heart and soul of the post calvin. the post calvin is a daily online journal that features twenty-eight regular wri...

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  • From Dawn to Daylight
    Dawn Downey
    Dawn Downey’s second collection of essays is for everyone who savors down-to-earth stories with a twist of wisdom. Deeply honest and deeply personal, her observations are laced with quirky insights and self-deprecating humor. She draws inspiration from the flu, the garden, bad knees and bad TV. She explores larger themes of loss and estrangement, while retaining a youthful outl...

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  • The Book of Days
    The Book of Days is an illustrated anthology from the 2015 Sydney Writers’ Festival. The book was designed live during the festival at a workstation next to the Pier 2/3 Main Stage at Walsh Bay. The anthology is divided into two parts. The first is a selection of writing and illustrations from festival presenters. It includes excerpts of what was read or shown at festival event...

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  • Runaway Thoughts
    In 2013 students at Venice High School in Los Angeles formed the first P.O.P.S. (Pain of the Prison System) club, a club for those whose lives have been touched by prison. Many have parents, friends, siblings, uncles and aunts inside; some have had their own brushes with the law. All have stories to tell. Runaway Thoughts offers the stories, artwork and essays of those whose vo...

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  • Color
    Kenneth A. McClane / Kenneth AMcClane
    In 1991, acclaimed poet Kenneth A. McClane published Walls: Essays, 1985-1990, a volume of essays dealing with life in Harlem, the death of his alcoholic brother, and the complexities of being black and middle-class in America. Now, in Color: Essays on Race, Family, and History, McClane contributes further to his self-described 'autobiographical sojourn' with a second collectio...

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  • Real Women’s Stories 2018
    Beth Kallman Werner
    The twelve brief chapters in this book reflect the beauty and the burdens of life, the highs and lows of being a woman.With stories about: mothers and daughters; relocating from a small town in Idaho to a tiny island in the Caribbean; a United States marine adopting a baby girl from an orphanage during the Vietnam War; surviving divorce, alcoholism, and domestic violence; build...

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  • DeFacto Feminism
    Judy Juanita
    Judy Juanita views activism and feminism as it plays out in her political, artistic and spiritual life. A distinguished semifinalist for OSU’s 2016 Non/Fiction Collection Prize, De Facto… blends essays, poems, graphics by the late Rini Templeton and literary criticism. An act of self-definition with the feel of memoir, these essays follow a long line of thinkers, including Anna...

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  • Whippoorwill Calls
    Gabrielle Songe
    Alternating between prose and poetry the author weaves her journey of awakening from agnosticism to belief. The story travels along paths of loves and loves lost at times metaphorically and other times supernaturally. Does 'More Is Expected' signal a sequel? Old Testament Prophet Jeremiah and King David provide sign posts along the way. ...

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  • Layers of Life
    Stephen Evans
    Layers of Life by author and playwright Stephen Evans presents a thoughtful if fragmented view of a thoughtful if fragmented life. The author sketches a gentle life, filled with awareness of the world around him, fragile, diverse, beautiful, and joyful. ...

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  • Flags & Bones
    Ben Wildsmith
    From Westminster to the Senedd, liars, posers and fools are harpooned as we revisit the surreal bin fire of current affairs 2023-style. Taking in - but never taken in by - a cast that includes Boris Johnson, Carol Vorderman, Mark Drakeford, Shakin’ Stevens, Wayne Pivac, and Charles Windsor;  Wildsmith’s unflinching eye dissects the tragedies and comedies of the year. Whether wr...

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  • The Road
    Jack London
    In this entertaining collection of tales and autobiographical essays, London relates the days he spent on the road. Each story details an aspect of the hobo’s life - from catching a train to cadging a meal. The wealth of experiences and the necessity of having to lie for a living brought depth London’s subsequent stories. ...

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  • 黑暗之家
    [日] 上野千鹤子 / [日] 贵志祐介
    编辑推荐◆冷血无情的反社会人格,连家人都当待宰的羔羊!◆日本销量超过130万册,无数人读后留下心理阴影。◆明目张胆的杀亲案只是挑衅,一连串的冷血谋杀还在逼近!◆反社会人格发出预警:砍下猫头、分尸心理学家......死亡威胁步步紧逼!◆斩获恐怖小说大奖,横扫两大推理榜单,原版豆瓣8.4分!◆恐怖大师贵志祐介,是日本推理作家协会奖等重磅奖项得主!◆它不利用任何妖魔鬼怪等超自然的存在,就成功地写出了让人血液凝固的恐怖。--西上心太(日本评论家)◆翻开本书,看清反社会人格的冷血!◆ 认准读客读悬疑,本本都是大师级。(读客悬疑文库) 内容简介人群中的反社会人格,就像鸡舍中的狐狸。他们行走在人群中,寻找弱小的、能宣泄快意的猎物。若槻是一名保险公司员工,负责理赔审核。一日,他被点名去处理一桩投诉,却在客户臭气熏天的屋里,见到了一具上吊孩子的尸体。一旁孩子的父亲没有...

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  • Damned Agitator
    Michael Gold
    The most comprehensive collection of writings by an important twentieth-century radical writer. ...

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  • Underdogs
    This collection of short stories, poems, personal essays, and other pieces came together from a collection of authors and artists primarily in the San Gabriel Valley in California. The collection was first envisioned as we imagined expanding our bookstore from a pop-up bookstore at the Monrovia Street Fair & Market to a brick-and-mortar shop on Myrtle Avenue in Old Town Monrovi...

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  • Religious and Philosophical Views of Ahmad Zaki Validi
    Muminjon Khojayev
    The spirituality and culture of the nation, and the enlightenment of Uzbek children, and that their progressive ideas are realized due to independence. From this point of view, the religious and philosophical views of the Turkic peoples have left a rich heritage. The hero of the Bashkir people, Ahmad Zaki Validi, who is a descendant of intellectuals, is the leader of enlightene...

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  • 古诗词里的快意人生2
    编辑推荐◎名家推荐:品味中国经典古诗词之美,领略诗人骚客千古风流传奇。诗书画家、文艺评论家刘释之作序推荐:'她俨然一位优秀的导游,引领着大家一起穿越时空,她把陶渊明、王维、李白、杜甫、白居易、韩愈、李商隐、李煜、柳永、晏殊、范仲淹、苏轼、李清照、辛弃疾等人一个个隆而重之地请出来,如数家珍,抑扬顿挫,声情并茂。她为他们的高尚灵魂而歌,为他们的生平遭遇而哭。她甚至和他们一起把臂同游,和他们同呼吸共悲喜......' ◎内容精彩:发世道人心之感慨,道千古风流人物之传奇,透过诗人的人生品读中国古典诗词之美,展现古典诗词的盛世江湖。自'诗三百'、魏晋风骨,至盛唐、晚宋,一路走来,诗词江湖门派众多,高手林立,在文学的天空中鲜活而生动。陶渊明不为五斗米而折腰,王维诗画俱绝,李白千金换酒,柳永一生如灿烂烟花,苏轼人生也无风雨也无晴,岳飞尽忠报国,辛弃疾是铁血男儿.....

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  • Becoming Human
    Natalie Kathryn Sanchez
    Becoming Human explores the essence of grief and its evolutionary nature. Through cherished childhood memories, deep reflections, and current life experiences, Natalie Sanchez provides an introspective commentary on loss. This collection of vignettes features core themes of longing, connection, growth, and love, all sewn together by the universal desire to be understood. Becomi...

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  • Imperfect Memories
    Lenore Manderson
    IMPERFECT MEMORIES EXPLORES THE RELIEF OF STORYTELLING, DELVING DEEP INTO WORKS BUILT FROM REMINISCENCE AND DISCONNECTION, HUMOUR, STRENGTH AND LOVE...For many, telling stories is a means of survival, of making it through days, weeks, months, years. But capturing the past is tumultuous and flawed at best, influenced always by our capability to grasp the fleeting moments when we...

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  • Genuflect 2.0
    Tracy R. Twyman
    2nd Edition PublicationGenuflect 2.0 is a collection of essays and articles pertaining Tracy R. Twyman novel Genuflect written by the author.Adding more external details unto the meaning of her novel, Tracy published online a few articles and essays explaining the construct and other concepts that are in her novel Genuflect, and specifying the locations of where the novel takes...

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    Borrero González, José Luis
    José Luis Borrero González ha publicado novelas históricas, ensayos y diversos artículos en revistas. Mediante la Gaceta —antiguo boletín oficial—, junto con la opinión de historiadores y estudiosos de la policía española, demuestra con pruebas fehacientes e incuestionables la falta de rigor histórico e inexactitud del irreal bicentenario de la Policía Nacional. La Policía Gen...

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    Ángel López
    ¿Dónde estás, papá? es más que un libro; es un viaje emocional que trasciende las generaciones. Escrito en 1987 y rescatado más de tres décadas después, este manuscrito guarda los pensamientos y sentimientos de un padre, plasmados en palabras que cobran nueva vida en las manos de su hija. En un día crucial para la nación (el 23 de julio de 2023, día de elecciones), la hija fina...

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  • Raushan Raahein
    Mukarram Niyaz
    This book, 'Raushan Raahein (Essays)' is a collection of urdu essays related to moral and religous topics written by different renown and lesser known writers from India and abroad.علمِ نافع کی اشاعت کی خاطر سائبر دنیا کے متعدد علمی، ادبی و ثقافتی ویب پورٹلس پر مذہبی و اصلاحی مضامین کی شمولیت کو بھی مناسب اہمیت اور جگہ دی گئی ہے۔ تعمیر نیوز نے اسی روایت کی پاسداری کرتے ہوئے کسی...

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  • Quietly Hostile
    Samantha Irby

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  • Not That It Matters
    John E. Budzinski
    'Life is full of tiny moments thrown together to create events worth remembering.' Most people miss out on these mundane, ordinary, and bizarre moments because they are so busy living, they never take the time to stop and notice them.Not John E. Budzinski. He is an observer and storyteller. He not only stops and takes time to notice, but then he writes about them, too. For year...

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  • 100 Scribblings
    Marc Pierre Bonis
    This book consists of 100 personal poems/ideas/observations the author wrote over the course of his lifetime and reflects how a person’s perspectives change over a period of 50-60 years. ...

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  • Uzbek Modern Storytelling
    Barno Eshmurzayeva
    This book 'Uzbek Modern Storytelling' is a collection of research articles by Barno Eshmurzayeva, a poetess and scholar from Uzbekistan. It contains 8 essays ranging from Image of human spirituality and psychology in the works of Uzbek writers, principles of realism, Image of human psyche to interpretation of women’s spirit, Image of women in modern Uzbek stories. ...

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  • Perilous and Playful
    THE WRITE BRIDGE JOURNALIn each edition of The Write Bridge readers are encouraged to 'mind the gap' as writers and artists with powerful voices explore topics that broaden our thinking. In a 1936 Esquire article entitled 'The Crack Up,' author F. Scott Fitzgerald wrote:'Before I go on with this short history, let me make a general observation-the test of a first-rate intellige...

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