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  • Marathon of Heroes
    Lloyd Metcalf / Ric Martens
    The great dragon Vatrastrom sleeps on a bed of treasure at the heart of a volcano surrounded by wicked minions. Miles away, Lord Fez gathers a group of adventurers to request their aid in ending the red menace.  Will your champions be the ones to complete the Marathon of heroes? A 5E adventure for 4-6 level 5 characters 3 ...

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    KLOOTO Games
    Crafty CRYPTOGRAMS is the perfect book for all puzzle addicts. Over 300 carefully selected quotes and sayings have been encoded, and it's up to the reader to crack the codes. This delightful volume guarantees hours of pleasurable puzzling. Arranged by difficulty -- and with a full tutorial included -- this beautifully laid-out book is ideal for beginners to experts alike. T...

    9,22 €

  • Five Hundred and One Tesuji Problems
    Richard Bozulich
    Tesujis are skillful moves that accomplish some clear tactical objective, such as capturing stones or a group, rescuing one of your own groups, linking up your stones, separating your opponent’s stones, making good shape, etc. There are two approaches to presenting tesujis problems. One approach is to collect problems according to the objective that tesujis accomplish. The othe...

    37,75 €

  • Graded Go Problems for Beginners, Volume Three
    Yoshinori Kano / Richard Bozulich
    This volume is a continuation of Graded Go Problems For Beginners, Volume 2 and is aimed at the 20-kyu to 15-kyu player. The problems presented here will require a bit of thought, but none of them is so difficult that a player who understands the rules, has had some experience playing games, and has studied the first and second volumes would not be able to solve in less than ...

    34,86 €

  • The Convocation
    Matt Click / Michael Barker / Tim Kearney
    Shadows linger in the land of Erenoth. But there is a flame in the darkness – an unwavering light that stands against evil and tyranny in all of its twisted forms: The Convocation. Take wing as a legendary Convoker, a griffon-riding warrior of justice and protector of the realm. With enchanted weaponry and armor, and a swath of superhuman abilities at your disposal, you must do...

    14,11 €

  • World of Warcraft Guide
    Joseph Joyner
    This Massively Multiplayer Online Role-Playing Game (MMORPG) has been one of the most played and liked online games since the mid 2000’s. The game is part of the Warcraft Universe Series with expansive 3D environment and characters. Created by Blizzard Entertainment, the game allows players to create custom characters ranging from many races and classes such as humans, elves, d...

    11,16 €

  • WORLDWIDE LOTTERY GAMES In Naturally Optimized Systems
    Cornelia Lala / Corneliu Lala
    Worldwide Lottery Games In Naturally Optimized Systems Pick 5 has been developed on the authors’ initiative, based on the belief that nothing in the Universe happens by chance because there are laws governing everything, and by increasing our knowledge, we can triumph over mere chance. This is a book for players and/or groups of players (syndicates) who want to play to more th...

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  • Business, Technological, and Social Dimensions of Computer Games
    Computer and online games have emerged as a critical area of study due to their implications for business and society, as well as their increased presence in individuals’ lives. Business, Technological and Social Dimensions of Computer Games: Multidisciplinary Developments is a collection of the most recent developments in all areas of game development, encompassing planning, d...

    237,17 €

    Catalin Barboianu
    Man’s daily life is full of decisional situations. Whether we have math skills or not, we frequently estimate and compare probabilities, sometimes without realizing it, especially when making decisions. But probabilities are not just simple numbers attached objectively or subjectively to events, as they perhaps look, and their calculus and usage is highly predisposed to qualita...

    31,61 €

  • The Fart Heard Round the World
    Ricky Mintz
     You’re about to enter, the world of gross. You know your body? Not even close!We tackle some subjects, short, and in depth. From boogers to dandruff, to zits and bad breath, This book explains Root canals, belly buttons, and varicose veins, burping and sweating, foot odor and pus. You will never believe, what’s inside of us. 3 ...

    12,74 €

  • Graded Go Problems for Beginners, Volume One
    Yoshinori Kano / Richard Bozulich
    This is the first volume of a four-volume collection of problems and is intended for players who are learning the rules of go. The nearly1500 problems this set contains cover all phases of the game, from the opening to the endgame. It is assumed that the reader is studying a good and comprehensive beginner’s book on go, such as Go: A Complete Introduction to the Game by Cho Chi...

    35,01 €

  • Stocking Stuffers Large Print Christmas Word Search Puzzle Book
    Puzzle Masters
    A special Large Print Christmas edition that fits perfectly into your standard stocking! The book features 20 full-page puzzles and solutions in extra large print to reduce eye strain. There are 15 words to find in each puzzle, which feature a 12x16 puzzle grid. Get in the Christmas Spirit with this great gift idea for people of all ages! ...

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  • My Brain Teaser Crossword Puzzle No.1
    Shannon Wright
    If you love doing and creating crosswords you must get a copy of 'My Brain Teaser Crossword Puzzle No.1' It allows the user to make great crossword puzzles with ease. A lot of individuals might wonder whether or not this is something that someone would be interested in but the puzzle hound would have something different to say about that. ...

    9,32 €

  • Stop, Go, Murder
    Paul Freeman
    StopGoMurder is a story about murder, the game of Go, and the role of happenstance in shaping our lives. Introduced here is Steven Crane, a homicide detective who has come to see his life, including his current case, as a deceiving game of Go — the ancient board game of strategy, and his obsession.      The killer Crane is after is in plain view, and he knows it in his gut. Sti...

    10,74 €

  • Honour the Role Playing Game
    Dominic Henry Parry
    Honour combines fantasy, science fiction, Asian lore, and interdimensional exploration to give its players an avenue for fantastic storytelling in a unique setting that breaks from the generic RPG mold of Dwarves, Elves, and Dragons.    The game is set in an alternate version of Earth, Pangu, in which humanity is but one of many civilized races. Though largely driven away by h...

    41,93 €

  • Mandala Coloring Book For Meditation
    Bowe Packer
    'Are you ready for a new way of meditation?' 'Good then look no further - for Mandala Coloring Books can provide just that.' 'Let your color imagination come alive and lose yourself!' Relaxation and meditation is an important element to everyday life and allows you to sustain healthy living. This book was designed and made for those who not only love Mandalas but those who want...

    8,09 €

  • David A. Mitchell’s Checkers
    David A. Mitchell / David AMitchell
    David A. Mitchell helped popularize chess and checkers in the early 1900s, edited game magazines, and wrote several books and numerous articles on the subject. In Checkers, he offers clear and simple instructions for playing the game, and a number of checkers problems that can be used for practice by the student. ...

    18,71 €

  • Notebook of silence
    Jasmín Martínez
    Cuaderno multiusos en inglés y español. Con una sección destinada a 50 reseñas de lectura y una para anotar tus citas favoritas. Con un diseño hermoso y a color, además de contener las mejores frases y extractos sobre algunos libros de la creadora de esta libreta: Jasmín Martínez.Size 5x8 con 250 páginas.Multipurpose notebook in English and Spanish. With a section for 50 readin...

    21,13 €

  • Riddles at work in the early medieval tradition
    The first collection devoted solely to early medieval riddles, Riddles at work showcases recent research in this popular, new field. It brings together studies of Old English and Latin riddles, authors at various stages of their careers and a range of approaches, aiming to map out both the state of the field now and its future directions. ...

    43,87 €

  • Fun for the Household
    Emma J. Gray
    When children have passed beyond the rattle age, they reach out their hands for baa-lambs, woolly sheep, cows with bells, cats that meaw, and dogs that say bow-wow. The next advance in amusement is to play with a toy that goes on wheels, and therefore for a half hour at a time, little folk will be content by drawing around the nursery such toys as trains of cars, horses with lo...

    16,10 €

  • Fun for the Household
    Emma J. Gray
    When children have passed beyond the rattle age, they reach out their hands for baa-lambs, woolly sheep, cows with bells, cats that meaw, and dogs that say bow-wow. The next advance in amusement is to play with a toy that goes on wheels, and therefore for a half hour at a time, little folk will be content by drawing around the nursery such toys as trains of cars, horses with lo...

    17,05 €

  • Wordsearch Puzzle Book for Seniors
    Tansen Publisher
    This Word Search Puzzle Book includes 100 puzzles for Seniors.Each puzzle comes with the solution in the back, just in case you are stuck and need a little help.  Word Search is not just a good game as a hobby and relaxation but also a great to improve memory, critical thinking, logic, and problem-solving. That is why millions of men and women love solving Word Search puzzles.E...

    13,40 €

  • Crossword Puzzle Book
    Tansen Publisher
    This Crossword Puzzle Book includes 90 puzzles.Great puzzle book including all solutions at the end of the book. Many hours of guaranteed puzzle fun for all puzzle fans and those who want to become one.Many hours of fun! ...

    16,12 €

  • 100 Word Search Puzzles
    Tansen Publisher
    Many hours of guaranteed puzzle fun for all puzzle fans and those who want to become one.An amazing gift for inqusitive minds.Click on 'Buy Now' above and dive into the famous world of word search puzzles! ...

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    E Dotto
    Dive into a world where Sudoku meets pixel art in this captivating puzzle collection. 'Pixel Art Sudoku' offers a fresh twist on the classic game, combining the challenge of logical deduction with the beauty of intricate pixel art clues.Instead of just traditional numbers, each puzzle is crafted with pretty pixel art designs, providing a unique and aesthetic twist to the solvin...

    12,38 €

  • How to Go to College Almost for Free, Updated
    Ben Kaplan
    Make your educational dreams come true!Worried about how to pay for college? Afraid of drowning in a sea of student debt? Sure, Ben Kaplan once felt that way too. But that was before he discovered that there are billions of scholarship dollars out there for students with all types of interests, skills, and backgrounds. After winning enough college cash to cover virtually the en...

    22,00 €

  • B´ythorian
    Carlos J.r
    Pouco antes de Avelin, rei de Invernell, ser assassinado, mudou a lei do reinocom um decreto de que o novo rei seria o próximo homem que nascesse em seu reino. Nexos, seu primogênito, se certificou de que todos os recém-nascidos homens fossem mortos.Foi neste tempo em que nasceu Ganna, uma jovem que mãe tinha certeza quenasceria homem, pois assim previu uma Druida. E homem a jo...

    22,34 €

  • Sudoku Easy 500 Puzzles
    Sascha Association
    Ideal for your commute, to relax at home, and even for beginners of this super addictive game, both kids and adults.This book with hours of fun inside makes a great gift! We’ve had your entertainment and convenience in mind when designing this book and thought about the small details which make a difference:·        Wide center margins making it easier to work on the puzzles w...

    22,78 €

  • Sudoku Puzzles Medium Level
    Sascha Association
    100 Sudoku Puzzles with Solutions - Increase Memory and Logic Details about this Sudoku book:· Lots of Sudoku puzzles: 100 Sudoku’s · Expertly crafted with accurate skill levels · Answers for every Sudoku included in back · Bigger print than most newspapers  Makes a great gift for birthday or other occasions. Sudoku’s will bring the kids hours of fun and entertainment all while...

    14,31 €

  • Very Hard Sudoku Puzzle Book for Adults
    Sorens Books
    Give your brain a workout with tricky puzzles to sharpen your thinking skillsKeeping your brain healthy is just as important as taking care of your body. Puzzles improve short-term memory, cultivate creative thinking, and hone observational and deductive skills. Great activity book for adults men and women - brain games.Ideal as a gift for sudoku lovers.They’re also a rewarding...

    9,98 €