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  • Tattoo Speak
    Karue Wachira
    In this book Karue Wachira brings together his passion for art, with photography as his medium of expression, and his belief that we all should use what we have to make this world a better place. He highlights the beautiful artistry of tattoos and relates this to real human stories in the hope that everyone who reads this book will not only appreciate tattoos as a form of art, ...

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  • No Shenanigans! Mixed Media Painting
    Mimi Bondi
    'No Shenanigans!' is a no-nonsense book full of highly detailed mixed media painting tutorials!With over 450 colour photos and explanations, combined with Mimi's fun and light hearted teaching style, you will be in safe hands, ready to get your fingers covered in paint!If you...  - Are a beginner artist who wants clear instructions- Feel stuck creatively and would like to t...

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  • Urine Need of Art & Philosophy
    Ashley J Hansen
    this is a book of restroom graffiti around Dallas and Austin texas. Some of it is funny, insightful, and also crude. Most of it is gone now. This is a hilarious documentation of drunk philosophies, insights, and nonsense. 3 ...

    24,96 €

  • Adult Tattoo Coloring Book
    INK YOUR OWN. Designed to help you explore your self-expression. These bold classic symbols, good luck charms, and inherently beautiful tattoos will deepen your mana (spirit), inspire your passion, freedom, and balance in your life. CREATE AND ENJOY. Tattoos are the best way to express yourself by showing the world who you are. If you have tattoos or just an admirer, this tatto...

    11,90 €

  • Holding Up the Sky
    Valerie Losell
    Which comes first for you? Words or pictures? In this anthology of paintings and their poems, the artist and poet, Valerie Losell invites you to start with either and enhance your enjoyment of both. Her watercolours and pastels and the poems that deepen their meaning will challenge you to see the world with sometimes a little more 'honey,' sometimes more 'vinegar.'Holding Up T...

    40,33 €

  • Tox-Sick Girl
    LMT Hayley Imbriani / Ronald Joseph Kule / Hayley Imbriani LMT / Ronald Joseph Kule
    A short (under 42 pages), simple, and easy-to-read book, Tox-Sick Girl by Hayley Imbriani, LMT, CCPA, with Ronald Joseph Kule, acclaimed biographer, author, and novelist, foreword by Freddie Ulan, DC, CCN, is relevant and helpful to laypersons with tattoos, those thinking of getting one, and clinicians and practitioners who work with people who have tattoos. Tattoos can contrib...

    17,61 €

  • Victoriana
    Jennifer Anne Gordon
    Victoriana is a beautiful and lush collection of the mixed media collage art of Jennifer Anne Gordon.The original pieces were made with old photos, antique letters, and playing cards, as well hand painted paper and various other ephemera. These were combined with acrylic paint, oil pastels, and watercolor.The colors are rich, and each piece is a multi-textural visual story, eac...

    35,61 €

  • Cut and Collage A Treasury of Bizarre and Beautiful Images for Collage and Mixed Media Artists Volume.2
    Kale James
    Would you like to access a treasury of incredibly bizarre and beautiful images to create dynamic and impressive collages with?Cut & Collage Volume.2 will provide you with precisely what you have been searching for. This offering from the team at Vault Editions features full-colour anatomical illustrations, incredibly rendered botanical and sea life artwork including octopi, squ...

    26,27 €

  • Painted Walls Havana
    Amir Saarony
    The graffiti scene in Havana is vibrant and exploding with energy. Talented artists are turning the historical city into a vibrant, living gallery of contemporary art.Following a long tradition of painted walls being the voice of the government, they are now also the voice of a generation. A generation with a great need to express themselves.The Havana graffiti scene has become...

    116,81 €

  • Carpazine Art Magazine Issue Number 22
    CARPAZINE ART MAGAZINE ISSUE NUMBER 22 Featuring Exclusive Interview with Skum City! More: tsun-zaku, Acid Human Terrorism, 17th annual MF Toy Show at MF Gallery, Chucky Brown from Crazy Eddie, DIYing Breed, Geo from 'Examine' and 'None Above All', Necrotic Society, The‌ ‌‌Avoiders, The Blame, Total Waste, UNWRITTEN, Ireland Graffiti, Gregory Norris, Theodore DeGraff, Greg Mail...

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  • idaho brown
    Cliff Weber
    idaho brown is the 10th printed release by Los Angeles writer, Cliff Weber. The book contains both poetry and full color collage. For more info, visit www.cliff-weber.com ...

    12,30 €

  • Ornamental Design
    Kale James / TBD
    This 2020 offering from Vault Editions is a considered and beautifully curated archive of ornamental designs intended for the practical use of artists, designers and craftsmen.  Featured within the pages of this book are crisp, high-resolution reproductions of cartouches, sconces, pendants, frame designs, Rocaille ornaments, scrolls, decorative arms and armour motifs, elaborate...

    20,97 €

  • Micro Galleries International Artists Coloring Book
    A colouring book that isn’t intended as a colour-bewteen-the-lines kinda experience. There’s plenty of other books where you can do that! This is a reclamation of colour: of the process, of the expression, of the activity. A space on a page where you are the anonymous collaborator with one of our artists; someone you will likely never meet, who has asked you to contribute to th...

    19,10 €

  • The Big Book of Small Tattoos - Vol.1
    Roberto Gemori
    Whether you are approaching tattoos for the first time and want to start small, or you're a longtime fan and only have just that tiny little spot left, you will appreciate this book and its philosophy: small & meaningful. This book collects over 400 small original designs to inspire your own: flower tattoos wanderlust tattoos birds tattoos dragons tattoos unalome tat...

    16,27 €

  • La excepción en la regla: la obra historietística de Alberto Breccia
    Pablo Turnes
    Indagar la obra de Alberto Breccia supone recorrer una serie de creaciones divididas entre encargos un trabajo a pedido y por un salario; y los trabajos experimentales aquellos que tensionan los límites del lenguaje de la historieta sin salirse de ese mercado específico. En esa tensión estaría conjugada buena parte de las polémicas y las contradicciones de los procesos de la Mo...

    21,84 €

  • Fabricantes de viñetas
    José Joaquín Rodríguez Moreno
    Marvel Comics ha producido algunos de los mitos modernos más populares del siglo XX, en buena medida porque sus personajes no solo vivían increíbles aventuras, sino que también reflejaban el mundo y las inquietudes de su tiempo: el Capitán América y su lucha contra los totalitarismos, los X-Men y su mensaje de tolerancia e integración, el monstruoso Hulk y el miedo a la energía...

    18,00 €

  • Registro Arte Urbano
    Gustavo Agrest
    To ramble through a city without direction constitutes one of the most exciting experiences.But to those devoted to photography it is also then innate passion for curiosity: to discover different photographic scenarios that constantly renovate. The art of photography, by the way, thus becomes a privileged instrument to record –among other things– the walls of a city.So the wall...

    70,25 €

  • La caída visual de Fernando Belaúnde y Francisco Morales Bermúdez
    Christabelle Roca-Rey
    Durante los gobiernos de Fernando Belaunde y Francisco Morales Bermúdez, la caricatura fue utilizada recurrentemente para describir a dichos mandatarios como incapaces de dirigir el país y para apelar a un cambio gubernamental. Si bien no es posible hacer un juicio preciso acerca del impacto que tuvo el humor político en la población lectora de medios masivos, la publicación co...

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  • Warrior Writing Drawing Journal
    Michael Huhn / Sir Michael Huhn
    Warrior Writing Drawing Journal. classic stylish sure to be your to go to journal ...

    16,23 €

  • Warrior Writing Drawing Journal
    Michael Huhn / Sir Michael Huhn
    Warrior Writing Drawing Journal. classic stylish sure to be your to go to journal ...

    38,83 €

  • New York City Drawing Book
    Michael Huhn / Sir Michael Huhn
    New York City Drawing Book. stylish sleek and sure to be your go to journal ...

    23,34 €

    The International Journal of Media, Culture and Literature, published biannually by the School of Foeign Languages at Istanbul Aydın University, Istanbul, Turkey, is an international scholarly journal in English devoted in its entirety to media, culture and literature. The International Journal of Media, Culture and Literature is committed to the principles of objective scholar...

    22,37 €

  • The Artist's Journey
    Nancy Hillis
    Art mirrors our inner state in ways that are meaningful and mysterious. Creativity is central to feeling alive. Nancy Hillis, M.D.   Are you an artist tired of feeling blocked from expressing onto the canvas the art that lives deep within you? It's later than you think. You don’t want to come to your final moments regretting your un-lived dreams. You’ve got paintings insi...

    27,23 €

  • Jammer Slammer
    R Nicholas Kuszyk
    An explanatory text. A reality without external comparison. In this simplified environment, made mainly of two types, the first of the two types, according to interpretations of rewritten histories, were Jammers. And then, according to these histories, there was a group called Slammers upon comparison. ...

    9,65 €

  • Folded Book Art Made Easy
    Marta Decker
    This book is a concise manual for learning to recycle books into beautiful folded book sculptures. These easy book folding tutorials and patterns show you step-by-step everything you need to know to create amazing book art!Quickly learn:· Which books are best for folding    Best book sizes    Paper quality and type· Which patterns can be used (and which ones to avoid)· How to f...

    28,09 €

  • Masterwork
    N. Scoto Bowen
    Superb!  Splendid!  Glorious!  No words can properly describe the magnificent tattoos worn by Yakuza gangsters, whose bad reputation makes tattooing an outlaw art in Japan. Seeking a full-body tattoo, Cobey Muller travels to Japan where the greatest master improbably accepts him for the required year-long process. As ink in Cobey's skin reveals the master's long-held ul...

    30,48 €

  • Museum of Street Art
    Benjamin Stein
    Editor’s NoteWelcome to the Museum of Street Art (MoSA). Not within these pages, but while walking the streets, there is a chance you have been here before. The MoSA concept is intuitive, but you might not have noticed it unless you were looking for it.A MoSA is a phenomenom that occurs when there is a high concentration of both art and local stakeholder support in a particular...

    41,37 €

  • Beyond the Ink
    Louis Efron
    Beyond the Ink illustrates the power of combining personal and organizational purpose and executional excellence to deliver transformational results in life and business.Barth has disrupted and transformed one of the largest and most misunderstood industries in the world, in the process delivering new insights into how to turn small businesses into profitable empires.In the pag...

    23,93 €

  • SAMO©...SINCE 1978
    Al Diaz
    Al Díaz and Jean-Michel Basquiat stoked public intrigue in 1978 as teenagers when they began tagging their SAMO©… writings throughout New York City.The statements spoke to people, spoke about people, and sometimes spoke of nothing at all. What began as a cynical, yet clever joke among friends—eventually became a creative cornerstone for both artists—and a hallmark of NYC art hi...

    67,23 €

  • Aesthetics, Disinterestedness, and Effectiveness in Political Art
    Maria Alina Asavei
    This book’s main claim is that political art should not disregard questions of aesthetic reception and value. It argues that some neglected aspects of traditional aesthetics actually enhance the relationship between art and politics more than contemporary art theorists are keen to admit. ...

    122,26 €

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