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  • Nationalism, Social Movements, and Activism in Contemporary Society
    Emily Stacey
    Nationalist movements have become a force in contemporary American politics regardless of the political party. As social issues plague America, civilian participation in activism is experiencing a resurgence. Nationalism, Social Movements, and Activism in Contemporary Society: Emerging Research and Opportunities provides vital information on the most current issues facing the A...

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  • Off white
    Off white centres the role of race and whiteness to rewrite the history of Central and Eastern Europe and illuminate the development, operation and enduring appeal of white nationalisms within racial capitalism. ...

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  • Keep Your Fork
    Jim & Janis Davidson
    'The United States of America is drowning in a culture certain to keep us down. The church, the family, the home, our children are under attack from almost every direction. We are losing ground with every passing day. The America many of us grew up in no longer exists and the hopes of returning to a simpler and more moral climate seem to be fading. Is there anything we can do? ...

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  • The Hebrew Falcon
    Roman Vater
    A pioneering study of a formative chapter in Middle East intellectual history, examining the historical myth that underlies the 'Canaanite' brand of Israeli nationalist anti-Zionism. ...

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  • Voice of Triumph
    Adolf Hitler
    Nuremberg has served for centuries as a hub of political life in Germany. In the day of the Holy Roman Empire, Nuremberg boasted the high status of a Free Imperial City and hosted several important Imperial Diets, or Reichstage. The National Socialists framed themselves and their new Germany as the inheritors and successors of Germany’s rich political and cultural history stret...

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  • Speech to the Youth of Spain
    Ramiro Ledesma Ramos
    Fascism in its various iterations swept through continental Europe like a tidal wave in the 1920s and 30s. While Hitler’s Germany and Mussolini’s Italy tend to steal the show in historical examinations of the topic, Spain was also one of its most fruitful strongholds. Ramiro Ledesma Ramos, born in Spain at the beginning of the 20th century, made a name for himself as one of the...

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  • Netaji’s Call to Freedom
     'Netaji’s Call to Freedom: Unveiling Sacrifices' is an engrossing and thought-provoking investigation into the life, leadership, and enduring legacy of Subhas Chandra Bose, who is widely considered to be one of the most iconic freedom fighters in India. This book, which has been meticulously researched and is insightful, delves into the remarkable journey that Netaji took, ill...

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  • Divided by Terror
    John Bodnar
    Americans responded to the deadly terrorist attacks on September 11, 2001, with an outpouring of patriotism, though all were not united in their expression. A war-based patriotism inspired millions of Americans to wave the flag and support a brutal War on Terror in Afghanistan and Iraq, while many other Americans demanded an empathic patriotism that would bear witness to the de...

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  • From the River to the Sea
    Reem Borrows
    Discover a new perspective on one of the world’s most enduring conflicts. Are you looking for a fresh and compassionate approach to understanding the Israel-Palestine conflict? Do you want to engage in meaningful conversations and explore the human stories at the heart of this deeply complex issue? From the River to the Sea: Humanizing Freedom is your gateway to a deeper unders...

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  • Remaking the Right
    Chris Chappelear
    There is a feeling that our America is facing late-stage empire kind of issues, particularly when we do things that are so self-destructive and divisive at a time when our country is in real trouble economically. But what do the elites on the right only worry about? Cutting taxes and limiting government.The goal of the right should not be to achieve tax cuts or deregulation. It...

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  • Jefferson’s Angels
    Walter L. Stewart
    Discover a thought-provoking and in-depth analysis from a dedicated citizen-soldier on the events of the Vietnam War and how it had profound long-term consequences for the American Republic. The Vietnam War’s conclusion saw the discontinuation of conscription, severing the connection between the American people and the true costs of war. This disconnection granted national lead...

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  • Belarusian Nation-Building in Times of War and Revolution
    Lizaveta Kasmach
    The proclamation of Belarusian independence on March 25, 1918, and the rival establishment of the Soviet Belarusian state on January 1, 1919, created two distinct and mutually exclusive national myths, which continue to define contemporary Belarusian society. This book examines the processes that resulted in this dual resolution in the context of World War I and the subsequent ...

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  • Os Lusíadas, Os Lusitos, Camões E O Estado Novo
    Flávio Garcia Vichinsky
    Durante o período do Estado Novo em Portugal operou-se uma dinâmica de inculcação de valores e ideologias extremamente nacionalistas, determinada por um processo de cerceamento e controle das individualidades. E isso se deu de forma especial no ensino literário, chegando a atingir o monumento épico da cultura portuguesa, Os Lusíadas, cuja recepção vigiada e orientada pode ser p...

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  • Our God Given Fundamental Rights
    Patrick Bohan
    Our God-given Fundamental Rights accomplishes the following objectives. 1.     It identifies the most necessary and essential God-given fundamental rights for humanity. 2.     It identifies and defines the criteria for God-given fundamental rights to garner constitutional protection. 3.     It illustrates that science cannot disprove God. 4.     It answers the typical atheist o...

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  • Where Currents Meet
    Tanya Zaharchenko
    Where Currents Meet, Tanya Zaharchenko’s path-breaking study of literature and cultural memory, moves decisively beyond the simplistic view of a post-Soviet Ukraine divided between east and west. It positions the Ukrainian and Russian components of cultural experience in the country’s east as elements of a complex continuum. Combining insights from memory studies and border stu...

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  • Struggle over Identity
    Nelly Bekus
    Rejecting the cliché about 'weak identity and underdeveloped nationalism,' Bekus argues for the co-existence of two parallel concepts of Belarusianness-the official and the alternative one-which mirrors the current state of the Belarusian people more accurately and allows for a different interpretation of the interconnection between the democratization and nationalization of Be...

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  • Globalization and Nationalism
    Natalie Sabanadze
    This book argues for an original, unorthodox conception about the relationship between globalization and contemporary nationalism. While the prevailing view holds that nationalism and globalization are forces of clashing opposition, Sabanadze establishes that these tend to become allied forces. It acknowledges that nationalism does react against the rising globalization and rep...

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  • 1776
    Charles L. Dumas
    1776: Gifts from the American Revolution is an illuminating yet condensed history of The United States of America starting with the Puritan’s arrival in 1620 at Plymouth Rock in Massachusetts. As well as covering our Revolution and the creation of the Constitution the book also devotes separate chapters to Blacks and slavery, and to Native Americans and their Trail of Tears acr...

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  • Balochistan
    Anas Mir
    This book is a meticulously crafted exploration of one of the most enigmatic and tumultuous regions in the world. It serves as a comprehensive lens through which readers can gain profound insights into the historical, socio-political, and human rights issues that have defined Balochistan, a region that has remained shrouded in complexity and controversy. This book covers the an...

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  • Modern Arab Kingship
    Adam Mestyan
    How the “recycling” of the Ottoman Empire’s uses of genealogy and religion created new political orders in the Middle EastIn this groundbreaking book, Adam Mestyan argues that post-Ottoman Arab political orders were not, as many historians believe, products of European colonialism but of the process of “recycling empire.” Mestyan shows that in the post–World War I Middle East, ...

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  • España en el cambio de siglo
    Ramón Viader Guixà
    Esta obra recoge diversas áreas de pensamiento y vivencias de un ciudadano, y más concretamente un profesional de la sanidad. En unos años en los que la tergiversación de la historia es constante, el autor nos presenta una visión distinta, pero real, de modo que el lector pueda darse cuenta de que la dictadura de Franco y la Transición española contribuyeron, sin duda, a sacar ...

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  • Neglect in the North of Ireland
    Odrán de Bhaldraithe
    Neglect has become a defining feature of society in the North of Ireland. Manifest in the North’s economy, its politics, housing, and healthcare, the root cause of all this malfunction in the North is clear: British rule. Britain’s argument for retaining its colonial hold over Ireland has always been the idea that the Irish are not fit to govern themselves, and through neglect ...

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  • Digital Memory in Brazil
    Leda Balbino
    Digital Memory in Brazil draws on the results of three case studies to determine the strategies and practices applied by the Brazilian far-right government of Bolsonaro (2019-2023) to construct a negationist digital memory of the Brazilian dictatorship. ...

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  • Le roman de l’énergie nationale
    Maurice Barrès
    Maurice Barrès, l’un des écrivains les plus influents dans la France de la Belle Époque, est connu pour ses réflexions sur l’identité nationale et le nationalisme. Dans cette trilogie publiée entre les années 1897 et 1902, il défend l’idée d’une renaissance nationale basée sur l’énergie vitale du peuple français. Il est ainsi question de promouvoir un sentiment d’unité national...

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  • Bharatiya Nationalism
    Yuvraj Singh Thakur
    The book is an effort of a twenty year old boy Yuvraj Singh Thakur, who tries to pave his way of ideas, amidst of the political, cultural and regional changes. The book talks about the idea of nationalism of Bharat through the eye of a young brain. The book argues to follow the Indic ideas over the Western ideas, it also provides disagreement to the idea of secularism rather e...

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  • The Rise of the NSDAP
    SS Main Office
    This is the story of the rise to power of the National Socialist German Workers’ Party, as told to its members, from seven men in a Munich basement to absolute power over the German state. Originally published as an educational and propaganda work by the SS Main Office and the Reichsführer-SS, Heinrich Himmler, it captures the entire development of the party, from its backgroun...

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  • Nacionalismo Brasileiro
    Felipe Maruf Quintas
    O nacionalismo é a doutrina de defesa e valorização da soberania nacional e de tudo que faz o Brasil ser brasileiro. O nacionalismo jamais se tornará obsoleto, pois, enquanto houver brasileiros, haverá Brasil e, portanto, a necessidade de proteger e realçar a nossa nacionalidade, que nos torna únicos no mundo. Sem soberania e sem nacionalismo não pode haver cidadania. ...

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  • Blood, Soil, Paint - Imperium Press
    Alexander Adams
    The English poet T. E. Hulme said that the root of Romanticism is man’s 'infinite reservoir of possibilities.' Between the French Revolution and the two World Wars, that reservoir burst forth into a new world of promise and crisis, and at the headwaters was the Romantic movement.Blood, Soil, Paint is an essay on Romanticism, but it is much more than that. It clarifies the inter...

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  • Totalitarismo
    Fernando Gonçalves
    Um conto de ficção, que trata da história de Marcos que esta preso na cidade do Escravo Moderno, um lugar onde as pessoas são escravizadas pelo, o grande irmão, que proibi elas de pensarem, a liberdade neste local é inata, as pessoas não possuem nenhuma autorização para expressar suas ideias, democracia não existe, só o que há é inteiramente o autoritarismo, por parte do sistem...

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  • India and Pan-Islamism
    Bhimrao Ambedkar / Jagath Jayaprakash
    It is a travesty of history that Ambedkar, whose mortifying critiques of the caste system are routinely cited by ’liberals’ to scorn and deride Hinduism, but whose trenchant criticism of Islam, and particularly the history of Muslims in India, has received little critical scrutiny and has been swept under the carpet.Babasaheb Ambedkar’s forthrightness and unapologetic voicing o...

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