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  • Poseidon’s Daughter
    Zimbell House Publishing
    Seven tales from the deep explore what life is like for the daughters of Poseidon. Not all goes swimmingly when your father is the ruler of the Deep, from learning to protect the realm, to concurring your desires, battling your nature, to discovering what consequences your choices provide, it’s never easy when the blood of gods and humans flows in your veins. Featured Contribut...

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  • Grimenna
    N. K. Blazevic
    When Courage finds Hope…It was in the great forest Grimenna that the first spirits were born, created from the beliefs of men and nourished by thoughts both good and evil. As time unfolded men began to shun these spirits, he turned away from their guidance and plundered the forest for his own means without giving thanks. It was then dark creatures rose from the earth, conjured ...

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  • Ochumaré Takes On the Black Snake
    Dr. Kat Williams
    Part current events and part myth, this storybook was inspired by the 2016 protest of the Dakota Access Pipeline at the Standing Rock Reservation. It imagines the unseen forces at play in that historic gathering; portraying the mythical beings that come to the aid of the Water Protectors in their fight against the Black Snake. Ochumaré the Rainbow Serpent, the two-spirit orisha...

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  • The Iliad & the Odyssey for Boys and Girls
    Alfred J. Church / Alfred JChurch
    The Iliad is typically described as one of the greatest war stories of all time. Set during the Trojan War, this timeless poem vividly conveys the horror and heroism of men and gods wrestling with towering emotions and battling amid devastation and destruction. Homer’s tale is a compassionate view of human life lived under the shadow of suffering and death in the face of an oft...

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  • Phantastes
    George MacDonald
    Phantastes: A Faerie Romance for Men and Women was the first work of fiction by MacDonald. Phantastes, exerted a strong influence on fantasy authors of later generations: for example, C. S. Lewis claimed that his imagination had been baptized by reading it. The story concerns a young man, Anodos, who is pulled into a dreamlike world and there hunts for his ideal of female beaut...

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  • The Golden Fleece
    Padraic Colum
    In Greek mythology, the Golden Fleece is the fleece of the gold-haired winged ram, which can be procured in Colchis. It figures in the tale of Jason and his band of Argonauts, who set out on a quest by order of King Pelias for the fleece in order to place Jason rightfully on the throne of Iolcus in Thessaly. The story is of great antiquity - it was current in the time of Homer....

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  • Beauty and the Beast
    Vivienne Savage
    Princess Anastasia Rose dreams of attending school, but her plans are put on hold when war begins between her father and the beastly lord of a nearby castle in the mountains.Prince Alistair isn’t an ordinary dragon. He’s a shifter afflicted by a curse, unable to become human again until he finds his true love. When a mortal king’s adventurers trespass in Alistair’s territory to...

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  • Princess Coloring Book
    DP Kids / Princess Coloring Books
    Gorgeous princess coloring book will provide your little princess with hours of coloring fun. Large 8 1/2 x 11 inch full page illustration. Features a range of beautiful princesses to color including fairy princesses, dancing princesses, dressed up princesses, masquerade ball princesses, and more. High-quality pure white paper is printed single side for ease of removal and no b...

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  • Silence
    Demelza Carlton
    A little mermaid. A prince to save. Only silence can break the spell.Once upon a time...The mermaid Margareta saved Prince Erik from a shipwreck. Wanting to see the prince again, Margareta strikes a bargain with the Master of Beacon Isle. If she saves his sons from a terrible curse, he will reunite her with Prince Erik. All she has to do is stay silent until the curse is broken...

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  • Curse of the Gargoyles
    Rebecca Chastain
    Mika was trying to save a gargoyle, not doom the world...Mika Stillwater isn’t known for her skills with combat magic. As a gargoyle healer, she spends her days mending broken appendages and curing illnesses in the living-quartz bodies of Terra Haven’s gargoyles. But when a squad of the city’s elite warriors requests her assistance in freeing a gargoyle ensnared in a vicious in...

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  • The Laird of Duncairn
    Craig Comer
    The year is 1882 Scotland, and the auld alliance betwixt king and fey has long been forgotten. Men of science, backed by barons of industry, push the boundaries of technology. When Sir Walter Conrad discovers a new energy source, one that could topple nations and revolutionize society, the race to dominate its ownership begins. But the excavation and use of this energy source w...

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  • Ahe’ey
    Jamie Le Fay
    Morgan's feminist books didn't prepare her to deal with the dashing Gabriel and the land of Ahe'ey . . .Morgan is a dreamer, change maker and art lover. She is a feisty, slightly preachy, romantic feminist full of contradictions and insecurities. Morgan uncovers a world where women have the power, and where magic is no longer just a figment of her wild imagination. ...

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  • No Prince Charming
    Michelle Helliwell
    Dashing off in a daring elopement with a prince, handpicked by her mother, Lady Gwyneth Snowdon anticipates an extravagant, secure future. But when a mysterious stranger kidnaps her, Gwyneth fears her happy ending is doomed.Used by his maniacal father, Edmund Pembroke turned his back on society. Seizing the opportunity to say good-bye to his past forever, he makes a deal to sep...

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  • Centaur Rivalry
    Nancy Straight
    The Centaur world is rocked as news spreads of the Lost Herd, Camille's existence, and her Centaur protector. A death order against Camille's father and family sends all into hiding.Camille and Drake leave the country pursued by the Lost Herd as well as by Centaur Council enforcers. Camille's twin brother Cameron is manipulated by the Council Head and is quickly bec...

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  • Conjure Woman's Cat
    Malcolm R. Campbell
    Lena, a shamanistic cat, and her conjure woman Eulalie live in a small town near the Apalachicola River in Florida’s lightly populated Liberty County, where longleaf pines own the world. In Eulalie’s time, women of color look after white children in the homes of white families and are respected, even loved, but distrusted and kept separated as a group. A palpable gloss, sweeter...

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  • Silesian Folk Tales
    James Lee / James T. Carey
    Long ago in the region between old Bosnia and Silesia there dwelled The Mountain Spirit, a mischievous yet warmhearted creature who loved his relationship with mankind. This collection of traditional folk tales, originally published in 1915, recount some of his encounters with various people - and how they were either punished or rewarded for their deeds.Whether you are of Sile...

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    Jack Zipes
    BEAUTIES, BEASTS AND ENCHANTMENT: CLASSIC FRENCH FAIRY TALES Edited and translated by Jack Zipes A beautiful new collection of 36 French fairy tales translated into English by renowned writer and authority on fairy tales, Jack Zipes. Cinderella, Beauty and the Beast, Sleepy Beauty, Puss In Boots, Bluebeard, and Little Red Riding Hood are some of the classic fairy tales in this...

    40,94 €

  • Daughter of Destiny
    Nicole Evelina
    Before queenship and Camelot, Guinevere was a priestess of Avalon. She loved another before Arthur, a warrior who would one day betray her.In the war-torn world of late fifth century Britain, young Guinevere faces a choice: stay with her family to defend her home at Northgallis from the Irish, or go to Avalon to seek help for the horrific visions that haunt her. The Sight calls...

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  • The Chanterelle Chronicles
    Andrée Lislèle / Sylvain de Ville-Amois
       Chanterelles have long been considered a food of kings and noblemen. An indulgence fallen to by the rulers and instigators of empires. Ironically, they have also been a food of survival for explorers, foraging as they blazed trails through the forests of the New World.   Alas, empires come and go. Chanterelles are timeless.   The Chanterelle Chronicles define the princi...

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  • The Dagger and the Rose
    Bill Hoard
    An adopted princess, a dark stranger, and a kingdom of masked souls. The king brought Iris into his castle when she was only days old, but on her sixteenth birthday she will be swept into an adventure which threatens to uncover or destroy her home, her life, and her very identity. The Dagger and the Rose is a contemporary take on the great fairy tales. Illustrated in striking ...

    25,21 €

  • Proof the Novel
    Ted D. Berner
    A controversial verse in the Bible sparks college graduate student Ty Larson’s curiosity causing him to stumble onto the faint trace of an ancient advanced civilization that’s been all but lost to the sands of time. It soon becomes apparent that he’s not the only one with an interest in this long-lost civilization, but the others who share this interest and what their intention...

    27,21 €

  • Proof the Novel
    Ted D. Berner / Ted DBerner
    A controversial verse in the Bible sparks college graduate student Ty Larson’s curiosity causing him to stumble onto the faint trace of an ancient advanced civilization that’s been all but lost to the sands of time. It soon becomes apparent that he’s not the only one with an interest in this long-lost civilization, but the others who share this interest and what their intention...

    11,30 €

  • Revealing Hannah The Myth of Cassandra
    Laura Fedolfi
    A week away from graduating college and all Hannah Summers has to do is make it across campus in high heels without falling over, turn in her senior thesis, and meet Carl, her very nice boyfriend, for dinner with his rather awful parents. A straightforward plan. What could possibly go wrong? Unfortunately for her, quite a bit. The Greek gods she'd studied in school are abou...

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  • The Grimsah Forest
    K. L. Beckman
    The world is hanging precariously in the balance between the good and evil forces who have come to earth in the aftermath of human wars using nuclear bombs and biological weapons. The planet has been decimated. Nations have fallen. Technology has been eradicated. Those who survived have begun rebuilding, but all will be destroyed if evil forces, led by Leibus, win. One girl, un...

    14,39 €

  • Pleasure
    Billy Scudder
    Pleasure is a very personal book by a very personable author, Billy Scudder, and includes stories inspired by his friends, poetry relating to his fae and spiritual nature, and artwork contributed by Brian and Wendy Froud, Linda Ravenscroft, Helena Nelson Reid, Jen Delyth, and Alan Katz. In truth, it is more than a book; it is the essence of a rare and wondrous human. These ar...

    11,96 €

  • Beauty and the Beast
    Emilyann Girdner
    Beauty and the Beast is a treasured classic fairytale passed down through generations that explores the love story of a beautiful young girl captured in the enchanted castle of a frightening beast. Now, Beauty and the Beast has been creatively reimagined in this delightful Coloring NovelsTM edition which includes over 50 colorable designs as well as featured art by Emilyann Gir...

    13,66 €

  • Small Shen
    Kylie Chan
    A fabulous tale of gods, dragons ... and stones. A mix of Kylie Chan's text and stunning illustration/comic work by Queenie Chan shows the events leading up to Kylie's bestselling DARK HEAVENS TRILOGY (WHITE TIGER; BLUE DRAGON; RED PHOENIX). SMALL SHEN is the amazing story of Gold - a stone spirit and a chronic troublemaker in the court of the great Gods of Chinese myth...

    19,81 €

  • The Devil’s Patch (Sleepy Hollow Horrors, Book 2)
    Austin Dragon
    This is not the fake, Hollywood-style Sleepy Hollow American television series. This is the true, terrifying story.The Devil’s Patch! Book Two (and conclusion) of the debut Sleepy Hollow Horrors by Austin Dragon.Ten years ago Ichabod Crane disappeared! The Horseman took him—like so many others—one dark night in 1790. All that remained of the town's amiable schoolmaster was ...

    16,21 €

  • Lost Mines and Buried Treasures of Arkansas
    W.C. Jameson / W.CJameson
    Arkansas has long been a land rich in history and lore, and few of the events associated with The Natural State are more compelling and provocative than those associated with lost mines and buried treasures. Within these pages, award-winning author W.C. Jameson has captured and interpreted the most complete collection of these rich and varied stories of lost treasure. ...

    16,65 €

  • Wayward Wulves Beware
    L. N. Passmore
    Wayward Wulves Beware, first in Eye of the Wulf Series, weaves Celtic myth and mountain lore into a tartan of greed and treachery, courage and sacrifice. Wulves and Faer Ones, their faerie allies, defend Eden-like Lisnafaer against the corruption wrought by human necromancers.From on high, Sky-Wulf warns the birth of Anell and Akir’s eagerly awaited cubs portends imminent dange...

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