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  • Summary of The 48 Laws of Power by Robert Greene
    Francis Thomas
    A Complete Summary of the 48 laws of powerThe desire for power is a fundamental human behavior. When one feels that he has no power over others or events, he is likely to be depressed. Everyone wants power. Those who pretend to have no desire for power are either deceiving themselves or attempting to deceive others. Power is like a drug that makes you stronger each time you tas...

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  • Celestial Serenity
    Kiran Ghatora
    Step back in time and immerse yourself in the enchanting beauty of our Celestial Serenity notebook. Adorned with a captivating design showcasing stars, sun, and moon in a vintage style, this notebook is a true ode to the celestial wonders that have inspired generations. Its simple yet elegant pages provide the perfect canvas for you to capture your thoughts, dreams, and aspirat...

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  • Quick Revision Notes -Part I (Biology)
    Monica Sharma
    Introducing the ultimate guide for CBSE exam preparation - CBSE Notes and Question Bank Book! This comprehensive guide is designed to help students in their preparation for the CBSE board exams. The book contains a comprehensive collection of notes, and questions-answers for Biology subject for Class 11.This book has been specifically designed to meet the needs of CBSE students...

    10,40 €

  • The Blockchain Path
    Prateek Tripathi
    Discover the world of blockchain technology with ''The Blockchain Path: A Guide to Understanding and Implementing Blockchain Technology.'' This comprehensive guide provides an in-depth overview of what blockchain is, how it works, and its numerous applications and uses. From the structure of blockchain to its decentralized nature, the book covers all the basics of blockchain kn...

    24,42 €

  • Girl Boss
    Jasi Jai Planner Ideas
    This Girl Boss is keeping high standard always high as she plans her work and work her ...

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  • Puffin Notebook
    Toby Vance
    Handy Puffin themed Notebook. 120 grey line pages ideal gift for dad, mum or anyone who want to keep notes. ...

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  • Study Guide for Book Clubs
    Kathryn Cope
    Looking to improve your book club discussions? Wish you had time to prepare for your reading group meetings more thoroughly? Then try this essential book club companion. Study Guides for Book Clubs provide all the information you need for your book club meeting. Each easy-to-follow guide gives an accessible, comprehensive overview of a recommended book club read. This useful re...

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  • Natural Beauty
    Mercedes Moore
    Looking for a stylish and functional notebook, look no further than our 8.5 x11 notebook. This notebook features a lined page with a beautiful design on the cover, making it perfect for school, work, and journaling. The notebook is also lightweight and portable, so you can take it wherever you go. Whether taking notes in class or jotting down ideas for your next project, this n...

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  • Notebook
    Inspired Press
    6×9' 120 Paged Notebook. Ready for your Thoughts and Dreams ...

    11,35 €

  • Novecento
    Alberto Casadei / Paolino Nappi
    La història de la literatura italiana del segle XX (il Novecento) troba en aquest llibre una síntesi redona i actualitzada, elaborada per mans expertes, única en llengua catalana. Un recorregut detallat, que abasta fins a l'actualitat, per gèneres, moviments, grups, autors i obres, presentat de forma clara i rigorosa, de fàcil consulta. Al costat dels esbossos de conjunt, desta...

    15,00 €

  • Notebook
    Flora Peterson
    Forgetting something? This 50 page lined notebook is perfect for jotting down ideas, writing lists, passwords, or anything you want to remember for later. ...

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  • Notebook
    Peace Of Mind Press
    Floral blank notebook/journal. 6x9 100 white pages for journaling and writing ...

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  • Notebook
    Peace Of Mind Press
    Colorful, floral, blank notebook. 6x9 100 white pages ...

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  • Diary Of An Introvert
    Yadirichi Oyibo
    The Diary Of An Introvert Journal is a self-help introvert journal that helps quiet people achieve their goals one step at a time. Loaded with multiple guides, inspirational introvert quotes, and weekly planners, you can adequately express and organize the world you have inside your mind.Why You’ll Love This Journal- 14 Weeks to Achieve Your Goals- Weekly Planner Schedules- Goa...

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  • By Grace and Grace alone
    Cheryl Smith
    By Grace and Grace alone is a blank lined journal/notebook that is perfect for note taking, sermon notes, journaling, to do lists and more. ...

    18,87 €

  • Someone Listening Above
    PhD LaVerne Adekunle
    Lovely, bright, vibrant colors perfect of doodling, prayer, brainstorming and creating ideas. Journaling is a great stress reducer and great for notetaking. Our journals are well designed and made with premium quality paper. ...

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  • Less Fear More Focus Journal Planner
    Lori Polk
    Less Fear More Focus was created unlike traditional planners/journals. This planner is aimed for those who find organizing difficult to maintain, and are limited on spending time writing.MOUNTAIN THEMEDDaily Planner & Journal with weekly/monthly pagesGreat for ease of productivityAffirmations worksheet page25 Day Daily Challenge WorksheetAccountability worksheet ...

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  • Galaxy Of Physics
    Harshit Kashyap
    Its helpbook for CBSE and state boards students of class 9th. You can use it for best prepration in exams. The students will get many benifites from this book.  ...

    13,04 €

  • You are Fearfully and Wonderfully made
    Cheryl Smith
    Beautiful blank lined journal to write your thoughts, ideas, sermon notes and more. This lined journal was designed to remind you that 'You are Fearfully and Wonderfully Made.' ...

    18,87 €

  • Q&A on Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery
    Dr. Choudhary
    This book is part of series of Q&A for dental students. This book brings out the questions which are normally asked during Viva in university exams and the short notes asked during exams. This will help students to get themselves ready for the exams and viva. ...

    12,70 €

  • Beyond Blessed
    Hermie Climaco
    This is a simple 100-page lined notebook designed to journal your thoughts, jot down notes, or record your daily insights and reflections. It has a date section for you to input the date of your entry, and initials of the days of the week for you to mark or encircle the day of your entry. ...

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  • You Can’t Retire from Being Awesome
    PaperLand Online Store
    You Can’t Retire from Being Awesome, Retirement Gift for Coworker, Gifts for Otter Lovers, Otter Notebook, Animals Notebook, Memory NotebookThis is the Retirement gift for you to write memories wonderful retirementA notebook that records the memories of otter lovers during a happy retirement timeOtter lovers, this book is for you! ...

    23,72 €

  • My Thoughts
    Cheryl Smith
    A Journal for thoughts, study notes, recipes or anything you want, for women of all ages. ...

    17,72 €

  • Hidden away in a cruel world
    Ja’myre Bell
    I am a young author , I wrote my book to help others who have been through what I’ve been through or similar ...

    254,34 €

  • I Need This Shit Out Of My Head Bullet Journal
    Rusty Coffee Cups
    200 page, 6x9in hardcover bullet journal. Numbered pages to find what you need when you need it. ...

    35,63 €

  • Notebook
    Mahdi Ahmed
    This notebook contains 100 lined pages. It can also be used as diary, journal and composition book. So, every one -Especially school students- Can benefit from it. The size is 6×9 Inches. the cover is made of soft glossy paper. The price is competitive. Furthermore, its cute cover makes it a precious gift for cat lovers! ...

    10,08 €

  • Journal
    Ben Garner
    Dark Blue paperback cover with off white/light pink typographic journal design with a matte finish. Dotted lined white paper on inner pages. The ’Journal’, or notebook is designed for ideas, aspirations and note-taking. A perfect addition to the office, your home or as a travel companion. ...

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  • Gecko Notebook
    Alexandra Milewski
    An attractive notebook for your projects, goal setting, book ideas, notes, holiday or party checklists. All beautifully designed with a gecko theme for your enjoyment. ...

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  • TABE 11 and 12 Student Math Manual and Practice Tests for Level E
    Coaching For Better Learning
    TABE 11 & 12 Math Textbook Level EThis student manual is designed to successfully prepare adult students for the TABE 11 & 12 Level E math test and vocational training admission tests. In other words, this manual presents exercises that help adult education programs, Workforce programs, and their adult students meet the Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act (WIOA) math expec...

    14,56 €

  • Notebook
    Diana Botezan
    Take notes easily in this classic designed notebook. Or make someone a gift.This notebook contains 100 lined pages. ...

    9,44 €