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  • Use Your Dreams to Develop Your Next Book, Creative Project, or Business Idea
    Gini Gini Scott
    USE YOUR DREAMS TO DEVELOP YOUR NEXT BOOK, CREATIVE PROJECT OR BUSINESS IDEA covers these key topics:- How dreams have inspired many projects and decisions that have changed the world;- Remembering and keeping track of your dreams by writing them down;- Understanding the meaning of your dreams;- Using a dream to brainstorm new ideas and turn them into a reality;- Guiding your d...

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  • Discover the Hidden Beliefs in Your Dreams
    Janet S Wahl
    Do you believe you deserve a successful career? …a harmonious relationship? …prosperity? Your conscious mind says, “Yes, I deserve prosperity.” But your subconscious mind might say “No,” and it always wins. If your subconscious says, “No,” it may believe that “prosperity is dangerous,” or “someone will rob and kill you for your success,” or “a relationship will destroy you.” T...

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  • Los sueños. Tu guía interior
    Abderrahman Cherif-chergui Marini
    No se trata de un estudio teórico sobre los sueños. Es una aproximación pragmática y sencilla a la riqueza onírica individual, fruto de décadas de ejercicio psicoanalítico. Se acompaña de sueños reales interpretados en sesiones terapéuticas de diversos pacientes. 10 ...

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  • Uma fábrica de sonhos
    Izaias S. S. Neto
    Este livro procura fazer uma associação entre os processos de uma fábrica e a capacidade da mente humana de produzir um sonho, com a finalidade de mostrar que, na mente de cada um de nós, existem etapas bem definidas para essa produção, assim como em um processo fabril. 10 ...

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  • My Dreams
    João Dux Nada Longo
    Without exception of race, religion, gender, and age, every human being dreams when sleeping, and it is the presence of God in action who introduces the real overview of our projected thought which creates the dream.Any future action gets the true meaning form of our knowingly design that we'll have to find for better perform our desires and preferences, angel characters, i...

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  • The Karma of Self
    Vasile Munteanu
    This is the third volume of The Karma of Self where the same narrator addresses the issue of the influence of a shadow presence that is always hiding behind each of his dreams. In The Karma of Self the narrator makes the following statement: 'He had felt a presence always hiding behind the shimmering, illusory veneer of his dreams and the shadow had been there for a long time. ...

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  • Dream Changer Journal
    Beth Chiles
    This Dream Changer Journal is a companion to the book Dream Changer: Transform Your Nightmares into Victories, Find Help for Bad Dreams, and Win Spiritual Battles in Your Sleep. In this helpful journal, you will discover a clear and practical format for writing down your dreams, categorizing them, and discerning whether or not the dream needs to be changedEvery dream is unique ...

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  • Beyond Unconscious Depths
    Nicole Charland
    We’re humans, we were born to have dreams and conquer obstacles. We were born to accomplish plenty of tasks. But were we born to plan out the life of another individual? Zoey Villow is a typical high school student. A fifteen-year-old with an ordinary life. She lives her life to the fullest, up to one very tragic moment. It’s a moment that tears apart life as she knows it...

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  • Bird of Paradise
    Jane Teresa Anderson
    This inspirational guide to finding your calling and navigating your life using dreams, mysteries, and alchemy draws on Jane Teresa Anderson’s life and work as a dream analyst and author, scientist and mystic.This is a story strewn with flowers that bloom, trees that shelter, and birds that sing — all of which are touchstones to guide you on your path.Part whimsical memoir, par...

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  • In Communication With The Deceased
    Chikuhwa WJacob / Jacob W. Chikuhwa / Jacob WChikuhwa
    In Communication with the Deceased (A Dreaming Experience) is an analysis of dreams and their interpretation. The central theme of the book is based on incidents where the living are able to communicate with the deceased through dreaming. For a period of 16 years dating from 9 April, 1991 to 24 May, 2007, a record of dreams-in the Dreams Diary of this book-reveals the nature of...

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  • Dreams
    Torema Thompson
    The Lord speaks to us in many ways; one of those ways is through our dreams. Many people miss out on the intimacy the Father desires to have with them because they fail to steward their dreams well; however, this journal was designed to help change that.  This Christian dream diary seeks to help you cultivate an intimate relationship with the Lord as you record your dreams and ...

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  • Mythos
    Melissa Wright
    Mythos: A Map to Metaphors, Myths, and Dreams focuses on the important facets of what makes us human. The book highlights the ways in which we communicate, the ways in which we see the world around us. Importantly, how we conceptualize that world, and how we put it into words.Mythos takes a deep dive into our current history's big topics. The well-researched text shows how ...

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  • Born to Win
    J. Steele
    Life is stressful - it’s a fact. Instead of shying away let’s make the most of it!Most of us are always afraid of taking responsibility, we are afraid of making a move towards our own dreams, we are afraid and stressed. There might be several reasons why we don’t take responsibility but the most common reason is that we don’t want to step out of our comfort zone. There are seve...

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  • The Hidden Door
    Elizabeth Fenwick / Peter Fenwick
    For as long as human history has been recorded, people have been fascinated by their dreams. From the mystical visions in the Bible to Freud, Jung and beyond, we have looked for the meaning and significance of dreams and tried to find the connection between our waking and sleeping thoughts. But how much do we really know about them, and what can they teach us?In this remarkable...

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  • Dreamworld
    Z. B.
    Dreamworld: The Diary of an Unconscious Mind is a creative take on dream study that chronicles the adventures of one subject over the course of four years. It retells and reflects on the bizarre, fun, and frightening journeys of her unconscious life.Everyone dreams. Everyone experiences nightly excitements or unwanted terrors. But few write them down, and those memories are unf...

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  • Midnight Worship
    Drake Nelson
    There is nothing more powerful on earth than worship and nothing more confusing than walking through life’s hardships.  In fact, these hardships shape the way we do life.  So how can you train today to get through tomorrow’s midnight?  In Midnight Worship, Drake Nelson shares from his own life experiences and God’s Word how to: face difficult circumstances and life’s hardship...

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  • Get My Sh$T Together Journal
    Dr. Synovia Dover-Harris / DrSynovia Dover-Harris / Lauryn England
    The Get My Sh$t Together Journal is essential to getting your stuff together. If you are dealing with professional and/or personal issues and you need help and motivation to help you to get your stuff together this Journal if for you. Created by Celebrity Stylist Lauryn England on her 30 Day Journey to China to correct some mistakes she made in her life. By setting goals, ackno...

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  • Essential techniques for conquering your bipolar
    Jason Pegler / Venetia Zannettis
    Essential techniques that will help youmanage your bipolar without resorting to medication.Drawing directly from his own experience and personaldevelopment, Jason shares such techniques as…Building self esteem with ha breathingThe power of Neuro-linguistic ProgrammingReprogramming your subconscious mindConnecting with othersSetting goals and achieving themHow writing a book can...

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  • Dreams and Vision
    Zellia Smith
    God speaks to His people. Hold fast the dreams God has given you. Hold fast to His promises. What God reveals to you, is what makes your relationship between you and your God. You can touch the heart of God, His Majesty and His Glory. You can walk into all that He is. He will reveal Himself to you.Open up His book and read about Him. The story of His goodness is endless and His...

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  • El vendedor de sueños
    Una ciudad del Mediterráneo, época actual. Él es un joven convencido de que ya nada puede hacer por enderezar su vida y ella, como un juguete roto, se ha abandonado. Son dos almas sin nombre entre centenares de miles de extraños. Lo que ignoran es que, gracias a la intervención de un vagabundo que vende sueños, sus caminos van a cruzarse.En esta odisea urbana entran en juego di...

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  • Dreams of a Layman
    Franco La Monica
    Some people discard their dreams into a bottomless throwaway basket, but what the author did is make a book about them, especially the work situations that he dreamed. Since he worked with his hands most of his life, he decided to basically write down all his dreams that entailed work scenarios. After all, he dreamed of many types of other dreams, which may require further edit...

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  • From Living to Legacy
    Donelle Cole
    In this timeless material we dive deep into the topic of mediocrity. Yes mediocrity, a form of oppression that suppresses the greatness we were created to live. As we explore this journey, author Donelle Cole, unfolds four paradigms titled “Barriers to Mediocrity.” With these barriers he walks the readers through his personal evolution from being a juvenile delinquent on “Scare...

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  • Vision Board
    Vision Boards (or Dream Boards) are popular with a wide variety of demographics and have been endorsed by numerous celebrities including Oprah. Group workshops and classes on developing dream boards are also popular.Traditionally, vision boards are collaged from aspirational magazine images that reflect the creator’s goals. You could encourage readers to collage and stick image...

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  • Makeup Chart
    Make-Up ChartMake-Up Charts were initially popular with beauty school students and professional make-up artists but as the cosmetics industry has grown, their usage has become more widespread.Usually, the artist will paint the face directly on paper with real make-up (using brushes and applicators). There are numerous tutorials on YouTube showing how they are used, including ve...

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  • Lucid Dreaming For Beginners
    Mia Rose
    Have you ever woken from a dream (or nightmare) and wished that you could have changed the ending? If so then continue reading... Lucid dreaming is the art of taking control of your dreams. It has been practiced throughout history but until recently the way in which Lucid Dreaming works has been a mystery to most people. Are you one of them? Today, science ha...

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  • Dreams
    Mia Rose
    If you want to. Learn To Interpret the Hidden Meaning of Your Dreams from Best Selling Author Mia Rose then continue reading… Have you ever woken with the feeling that the dream you've just had really meant something – but not been sure of the meanings behind the strange images in the dream? After a while you forget about it and continue to live your life. Millions of peopl...

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  • Spirit Guide & Lucid Dreaming
    Mia Rose
    Do you want to change the incidents on your dream, feel another world and want to help yourself to live long? If do, then Continue reading…  Humans spend over 4000 hours a year sleeping unconsciously. What if there was a way to take control of the time you spend sleeping and use it to have impossible adventures and deeply beneficial healing and spiritual experiences? Some peopl...

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  • Dreams & Dowsing
    Mia Rose
    If you want to. Learn To Interpret the Hidden Meaning of Your Dreams from Amazon Best Selling Author Mia Rose then continue reading… The dowsing state is the core of the dowsing process. It is an altered state that is different from the normal waking state of the brain and is characterized by not one brain wave, but four types simultaneously. Have you ever woken with the feelin...

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  • The Path To Sleep, Exercises for an Ancient Skill
    Lincoln Stoller
    The Path To Sleep consists of written and spoken words. It contains a series of twenty-four guided visualizations—that you can download from the internet—that carry you in thought, image, rhythm, and frequency into a range of other states of mind. These are not simply different ideas or perspectives, they are different realities. You are a different person in these different st...

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  • The Path To Sleep, Exercises for an Ancient Skill
    Lincoln Stoller
    If you have trouble falling asleep, staying asleep, or waking up rested, this book will teach you what sleep is all about. We do not intuitively know how to sleep and our doctors can’t tell us.Like three blind mice describing an elephant, sleep professionals will describe and diagnose sleep issues as dysfunctions. Sleep problems are a literal wake-up call, an opportunity to rep...

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