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  • Highways and Backstreets
    Klaus Komenda
    Klaus Komenda had achieved what he had fantasized about for years. He had moved to the United States, worked for a prestigious company in Silicon Valley, was able to afford the luxury German car and the one bedroom apartment in a gated complex with swimming pool, gym and manicured lawn.Yet something was missing.A chain of events turned his life upside down and made him question...

    34,65 €

  • New York to Los Angeles Roadtrip
    Oliver Markus Malloy
    Join Oliver on his epic road trip across America, from New York to California, as he almost gets blown up in the Sears Tower in Chicago, almost gets bitten by a rattlesnake in Colorado, almost gets eaten by a mountain lion in the Rocky Mountains, almost dies in a sand storm in Death Valley, almost gets killed by a sea elephant in California, almost gets arrested by a Park Range...

    10,47 €

  • Texans On the Camino
    Mo Houston
    Texans on the Camino is a daily journal of one couple’s trek walking the Camino de Santiago from St. Jean-Pied-de-Port, France, to Santiago, Spain. Through the eyes of Mo, she writes a daily blog using only her cell phone and typically writing at night using a headlamp for light. The miracles of the Camino come to life each day through the people they meet from all walks of lif...

    24,59 €

  • Donut Famine
    Rick Lupert
    Rick Lupert's 20th book and latest poetic travelogue takes you to the Big Easy, New Orleans, Louisiana and environs where alligators were seen but not eaten, and cocktails were imbibed in the very spots they were invented. Filled with warmth and humor.Rick Lupert's latest book is the work of a poet at the height of his powers. Back on the road, this time across the Amer...

    15,82 €

  • A Pink Suitcase
    Janna Graber
    A Pink Suitcase brings together a talented group of daring women as they journey across the globe on adventures that are as unforgettable as they are moving. These intrepid explorers take on the world with wide eyes, an open heart and a woman’s point of view. They tackle Mother Nature, dive into other cultures and try new things. And in the process, they learn not only about ne...

    12,13 €

  • An Inconvenient Posting - An Expat Wife's Memoir of Lost Identity
    Laura J. Stephens
    British psychotherapist, Laura J Stephens, already had the living abroad tee-shirt, and believed that another intercontinental move, this time to a country where they spoke the same language, would be child's play. How wrong she was! This always candid and often humorous memoir demonstrates that things don't always go as expected - particularly with three kids in tow an...

    12,60 €

  • A Villa in Tuscany
    Susanna Johnston
    This is the story of a beautiful, lifelong friendship of laughter that centred around the Villa Marchio near Lucca, Tuscany, where John Fleming and Hugh Honour, both art historians and the last great British eccentrics, had created the perfect life for themselves. They first met Susanna Johnston, their quirky neighbour-to-be, at Oris Origo’s villa set on a rocky promontory in L...

    16,74 €

  • A través del Turquestán ruso
    Stephen Graham / Daniel Jorge Hernandez Rivero
    En la temprana primavera de 1914, Stephen Graham se disponía a realizar un ambicioso viaje. Tras partir de la ciudad de Vladikavkaz, cruzaría el Cáucaso y el mar Caspio para atravesar el Asia central rusa.Superada la primera etapa en el Cáucaso, Graham recorrió en tren las desiertas extensiones de Transcaspia (donde hoy se ubican Turkmenistán y Uzbekistán), apeándose en las mít...

    26,52 €

  • Across Mongolian Plains
    Roy Chapman Andrews
    Roy Chapman Andrews’ Across Mongolian Plains recounts his daring expedition through uncharted territories of Mongolia. This riveting narrative combines adventure, scientific discovery,and cultural encounters, offering readers an exhilarating glimpse into the challenges and triumphs of early 20th-century exploration. A timeless chronicle of courage and curiosity in the wild unkn...

    14,84 €

  • Shores & Falls
    Virginia Mueller
    Iceland may be known for its glaciers and volcanoes, but it’s also the world’s youngest country (geographically) and home of the world’s longest-running Parliament (though admittedly it has gone through a few changes). Virginia Mueller sets out to circle the island nation, hunting auroras on the south shore and marveling at waterfalls on the north. She learns how to photograph ...

    14,13 €

  • GREEK ISLAND ADVENTURES Escapades for the Sophisticated Traveler
    Claudia Kielich
    Traveling to Greece for over 20 years the Author has authentic Greek experiences with the Athenian and Island locals. The book includes tales of romance, humorous escapades, charming local traditions, and delicious Greek recipes.The Author is the Founder of Goddesses Go to Greece, a travel company which offers women a trip of transformation from a woman in flux to a Greek Godde...

    8,52 €

  • MELPÓMENE. Libro quinto-Pañuelo blanco-Un viaje triangular
    Fernando S. Saiz Vaamonde
    A finales del año 1789, el bergantín goleta de las velas negras Melpómene, en su destino al puerto francés de La Pallice, le sorprenden los primeros lances de una revolución que se viene gestando desde muchas fechas atrás, en donde suenan las voces de un pueblo mísero en pan y derechos, obligados a contribuir con generosos impuestos que, en sus lamentos, reclaman libertad, igua...

    15,00 €

  • Cantando E Contando Os Encantos Do Piauí
    Francisco José Moreira Pereira
    Através deste trabalho de Francisco Moreira, o leitor pode fazer um passeio por alguns pontos do Centro-Norte piauiense, conhecendo um pouco dos atrativos naturais e culturais, além das lendas repletas de magia que são contadas na região.Como alguém que desbrava mistérios ancestrais e se enche de entusiasmo a cada descoberta, Francisco viaja por vários cantos do Piauí em busca ...

    9,07 €

  • London Films
    William Dean Howells
    'London Films' by William Dean Howells is a collection of insightful essays that offer a vivid portrayal of Victorian-era London. Howells, renowned for his literary criticism, provides readers with a captivating travelogue through the bustling streets of the city. Through keen observation and astute social commentary, Howells delves into the urban life and British culture of Lo...

    14,57 €

  • Death on the Beach
    Per Högselius / Agnes Broomé
    A walk with Per Höouml;gselius, skirting shipwrecks and bodies, relics of war and vanished lives, is a deep-dive into landscape and culture. It leaves us fragile and shows us wonders.’"In 15 fascinating, expansive essays that encompass wars, religions, crime novels, murders, poets, and much more, he proves his point that "the seashore is a borderland," a place that once "evoked...

    15,66 €

  • Carlos de Gujera y el jabeque d’il moro
    Juan Carlos Mari Grau
    Es un libro de aventuras en el que se relata la vida y las experiencias de Carlos de Gujera en el siglo XVI, un joven que crece en el entorno marinero de Cullera. Se describe su conexión con el mar, sus travesuras con amigos, y su introducción al trabajo en el almacén y la construcción naval. El libro crea una ambientación a lo largo de su vida, describiendo detalladamente las ...

    19,99 €

  • Travels in Alaska (Warbler Classics Annotated Edition)
    John Muir
    Travels in Alaska chronicles John Muir’s adventures in that astonishing and majestic landscape. Muir first journeyed to Alaska in 1879, a mere twelve years after it became American territory. Over subsequent years he returned many more times, drawn to its rivers, glaciers, sunsets, and northern lights. In lyrical and eloquent prose Muir documented his expeditions to Alexander A...

    10,57 €

  • All You’ll See Is Sky
    Janet A. Wilson
    As Janet Wilson and her husband struggled to reset their relationship, Africa reached out and threw everything-including every traveler’s worst nightmare—at them. An inspiring story that speaks to human experiences and the power of love and trusting relationships in the face of adversity, All You’ll See is Sky is a captivating travel memoir of a couple’s adventurous journey acr...

    14,23 €

  • Steeped
    Recipient of Literary Titan’s GOLD book award for non-fiction, Steeped is Bill Giebler’s memoir chronicling his life-changing travels across India.In 2011, an unexpected gift provoked Giebler to leave a 20-year career and embark on a solo journey in search of transformation. What followed was the dance of hope, dread, excitement, and anxiety that engulfed him throughout a disti...

    21,93 €

  • Looking for Legends
    Scott / Tarantino
    Which would you rather have dreams, or memories? Not since the classic 1,000 Places to See Before You Die has there been such a call to adventure. Whether you’re an armchair traveler, an occasional tourist, a seasoned globe-trotter, a daring adventurer, or an intrepid explorer, there’s something for everyone in Looking for Legends.  Part travelogue and part good old-fashioned a...

    39,05 €

  • 壯遊天地間
    Zhiwei Xu / 許之微

    85,11 €

  • Big World Small Sasha
    Sasha Davlets
    Sasha is not one of those who quit her 'normal' life and sold everything to travel around the world. She never lived a 'normal' life to begin with, or had much to sell.Traveling from Hawaii to Siberia, from New Zealand to Nicaragua, and countless places in between, Sasha has lived out of cars, boats, and hammocks, has hitchhiked across several countries, has been robbed of near...

    22,93 €

  • My Pandemic Paradox
    Lynn Zimmering
    This Memoir is an authentic review of our author’s life, including her time under her mother’s thumb and seeing to the needs of her emotionally handicapped brother. It reveals how she escaped being a frightened little girl whose inner child was suffocating and became a fully realized, motivated, and creative woman.The MEMOIR is divided into three captivating sections: Underpinn...

    27,58 €

  • Rumo Ao Horizonte: Guia De Planejamento Para Viagem De Motocicleta - Método I.p.o.e.
    Marco Lúcio Ferreira
    Embarque em uma jornada emocionante pelo mundo das viagens de moto com o método IPOE de planejamento. Com uma vasta experiência em aventuras sobre duas rodas, o autor compartilha suas histórias, insights e estratégias para tornar suas viagens mais seguras, suaves e memoráveis. Descubra como explorar paisagens exóticas, desafiar limites e transformar cada quilômetro percorrido e...

    14,70 €

  • From Venice to Rome With Two Stops Between
    Sabra Hunter
    Omega Air employee Sabra Hunter is traveling again, this time with co-worker and Italian spitfire, Maya Bonano. A four-day getaway to Venice and Rome is all they wanted, a chance for some much needed apre summer-travel-rush dolce vita. The trip would also be, they thought, a great way to escape ongoing workplace harassment by their dreaded supervisor, Richard Noggins. Vi...

    13,72 €

  • Amazonía Colombiana II
    Jorge Fuerbringer Bermeo
    El relato de una epopeya colomboamazónica enel empalme de los siglos XX y XXI en seis tomos: ¡Por la paz, hermanos, por la paz¡,Un viajero con sombra, Con los ojos del alma, Otras costumbres, otras culturas, Acompañando a Dreifus, Anhelos de dignidad, ha sido elaborado durante el exilio de Jorge en México, país al que concibe como su segunda patria.El presente narra poéticament...

    22,59 €

  • The Virtual Voyager
    Gary Ph.D. Covella
    In the enthralling pages of 'The Virtual Voyager: Unlocking the World of Travel Writing From Your Living Room,' Gary Covella, Ph.D., welcomes you to a world where the cozy confines of your living space effortlessly blend with the vast, thrilling expanse of the globe. Imagine setting off on a global adventure without the need to pack or face the chaos of airport security. This i...

    24,48 €

  • Como Se Mudar Para A Europa
    Rafa Hughes
    Ok. Eu sei o que você está pensando. Que o Brasil se tornou um país maravilhoso para quem vive em um condomínio fechado com um shopping center, um hospital, um hipermercado e a escola dos filhos a apenas duas quadras de casa. Que o Brasil de fato é o melhor país do mundo pra quem tem dinheiro e teve oportunidades. E que se você não é um grande empresário, a única forma de você ...

    12,94 €

  • Mi vida en el Aneto
    Antonio Pulido Ortega
    He realizado muchas excursiones hasta el día de hoy; en cada una de ellas siempre hay anécdotas para contar, buenas y malas.Afortunadamente, muchísimas más buenas que malas. Pero esta que cuento en este libro fue tan importante que he querido escribirla para que, dentro de muchos años, mis hijos puedan coger este libro y enseñarle a quien ellos quieran el accidente que sufrió s...

    12,99 €

  • From Fort Myers to Fairbanks
    Ron Clements
    The third book from award-winning author Ron Clements is about an epic RV road trip from Florida to Alaska during the summer of 2022. The journey completed a quest to get to all 50 states since Ron and his wife, Patti, began living fulltime in their RV in 2018. From Fort Myers to Fairbanks takes you through Georgia, Tennessee, Illinois, Wisconsin, Minnesota, North Dakota, and...

    34,60 €