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  • Ionic Cookbook
    Hoc Phan / Indermohan Singh

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  • Vuex Quick Start Guide
    Andrea Koutifaris

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  • Managing Big Data in Cloud Computing Environments
    Zongmin Ma
    Cloud computing has proven to be a successful paradigm of service-oriented computing, and has revolutionized the way computing infrastructures are abstracted and used. By means of cloud computing technology, massive data can be managed effectively and efficiently to support various aspects of problem solving and decision making. Managing Big Data in Cloud Computing Environments...

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  • Principles, Methodologies, and Service-Oriented Approaches for Cloud Computing
    Innovations in cloud and service-oriented architectures continue to attract attention by offering interesting opportunities for research in scientific communities. Although advancements such as computational power, storage, networking, and infrastructure have aided in making major progress in the implementation and realization of cloud-based systems, there are still significant...

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  • Applications and Developments in Grid, Cloud, and High Performance Computing
    With the continuing growth of the computing field, services have been provided to data centers over the Internet as the different components of computer are unified into an easy and manageable unit. Contributions from various fields of virtualization, service-oriented architecture, grid-utility computer, and distributed systems are shaping the current cloud pattern shift. Appli...

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  • E-Governance and Civic Engagement
    Governments are increasingly turning to the Internet to provide public services. The move towards e-governance not only impacts the efficiency and effectiveness of public service, but also has the potential to transform the nature of government interactions with citizens. E-Governance and Civic Engagement: Factors and Determinants of E-Democracy examines how e-government facili...

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  • Technologies for Enhancing Pedagogy, Engagement and Empowerment in Education
    Although there is broad agreement that preparing global citizens for the digital age is a core responsibility of educators and schools, there is debate and uncertainty about how best to prepare students for this future. Technologies for Enhancing Pedagogy, Engagement and Empowerment in Education: Creating Learning-Friendly Environments explores how technology-based learning can...

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  • Cases on Online Discussion and Interaction
    Discussion, whether in online or face-to-face environments, is central to attaining and disseminating information. Cases on Online Discussion and Interaction: Experiences and Outcomes contains examples of online discussions in a variety of contexts and for a variety of purposes, allowing readers to understand what is likely to facilitate discussion online, what is likely to enc...

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  • Web Services Security Development and Architecture
    Carlos Gutierrez
    Despite solid advances, numerous challenges have yet to be resolved by Web services-enabled service-oriented architecture systems. Web Services Security Development and Architecture: Theoretical and Practical Issues explores a global approach to methodical development in constructing safety architectures for online systems. Addressing security concerns during the full developme...

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  • Building the Knowledge Society on the Internet
    Ettore Bolisani
    In today’s networked societies, a key factor of the social and economic success is the capability to exchange, transfer, and share knowledge. In the wide-ranging area of knowledge management, the issue of knowledge exchange in networked environments emerges in several application fields, and is treated with different approaches. Building the Knowledge Society on the Internet: S...

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  • Handbook of Research on Web Information Systems Quality
    Coral Calero
    Web information systems engineering resolves the multifaceted issues of Web-based systems development; however, as part of an emergent yet prolific industry, Web site quality assurance is a continually adaptive process needing a comprehensive reference tool to merge all cutting-edge research and innovations. The Handbook of Research on Web Information Systems Quality integrates...

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  • Cases on Global E-Learning Practices
    Remesh C. Sharma / Remesh CSharma

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  • Internet Strategy
    Matthew W. Guah / Matthew WGuah / Wendy L. Currie / Wendy LCurrie

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  • Web Portals
    Arthur Tatnall

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  • Etransformation in Governance

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  • Services Customization Using Web Technologies
    Bill Karakostas / Dimitrios Kardaras / Dimitris Kardaras
    The Internet gives the consumer almost unlimited choice in products. At the same time, it causes a globalization of consumer habits and tastes. One important question that arises is: Does the Internet and the World Wide Web offer the same opportunities for choice of services as they do for products? Services Customization Using Web Technologies aims to advance our understanding...

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  • Cloud Computing for Teaching and Learning
    Lee Chao
    With its cost efficiency, enabling of collaboration and sharing of resources, and its ability to improve access, cloud computing is likely to play a big role in the classrooms of tomorrow. Cloud Computing for Teaching and Learning: Strategies for Design and Implementation provides the latest information about cloud development and cloud applications in teaching and learning. Th...

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  • Advancements in Distributed Computing and Internet Technologies
    The benefits of distributed computing are evidenced by the increased functionality, retrieval capability, and reliability it provides for a number of networked applications. The growth of the Internet into a critical part of daily life has encouraged further study on how data can better be transferred, managed, and evaluated in an ever-changing online environment. Advancements ...

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  • I’ve Got a Domain Name--Now What???
    Jean Bedord
    Setting up your own domain and website without a readily available office expert can be challenging, even for the technically savvy. You have to choose from multiple options, from simple to complex, to configure web technology to meet your needs. Individually, each software component is not difficult. It’s the oh-so-important details involved in putting them together that ca...

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  • Sistema de segurança e proteção do lar
    Vadde Radha Krishna
    Hoje em dia, a segurança e a proteção são muito importantes, uma vez que as pessoas saem de casa (com as casas quase vazias) mais cedo e chegam a casa mais tarde com empregos e negócios. Existe a possibilidade de roubo, acidentes de incêndio, etc. Estes podem ser evitados através da utilização de IOT e sensores. Utilizando sensores, podemos detetar tais eventos e enviar mensage...

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  • Attacking and Exploiting Modern Web Applications
    Donato Onofri / Simone Onofri
    Master the art of web exploitation with real-world techniques on SAML, WordPress, IoT, ElectronJS, and Ethereum smart contractsPurchase of the print or Kindle book includes a free PDF eBookKey Features:Learn how to detect vulnerabilities using source code, dynamic analysis, and decompiling binariesFind and exploit vulnerabilities such as SQL Injection, XSS, Command Injection, R...

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  • Linking the World’s Information
    When Sir Tim Berners-Lee first proposed the foundations of the World Wide Web at CERN in 1989, his manager called it 'vague, but exciting.' How things have changed since then! Twenty-six years later, Berners-Lee won the ACM Turing Award 'for inventing the World Wide Web, the first Web browser, and the fundamental protocols and algorithms allowing the Web to scale.' This book is...

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  • Jacking Out
    Aron Lee
    At the end of 2019, Aron Lee decided to live 2020 without access to the internet. He would interact with the world in what we have already come to think of as the 'old-fashioned' way --- taking calls and texting on a flip phone, paying bills by cheque (and receiving them by snail mail), and writing actual pen-on-paper letters to friends and family, all the while continuing his ...

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    c Miya
    The Internet of Things (IoT) enables autonomous, predictive, and real-time sensing and monitoring of things without human intervention. As connected devices have proliferated, so has the need to transmit and receive data, consolidate and evaluate it, and respond to events. IoT solutions connect machines, sensors, and control systems to speed up contemporary industrial manufactu...

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  • Internet Basics
    Frank Sweeney
    Embrace computer literacy in the digital age with "Internet Basics: Everything You Need to Know." It’s never too late or too early to learn! Explore web navigation, computer processing, data security, Wi-Fi, productivity, portable storage, and the language of the internet. Engage with chapter quizzes for an enjoyable learning experience. Enhance your digital skills and confiden...

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  • ChatGPT - Artificial Intelligence - Revolution in the profession - Earn money online - easier than ever before!
    Kenneth Fleed
    ChatGPT – Artificial Intelligence – Revolution in the professionEarn money online - easier than ever before! Chatbots are no longer just a dream of the future - they have long since found their way into both our professional and our private lives. But what if these bots could not only answer questions, but also perform tasks? This is exactly what is possible with ChatGPT. This ...

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  • Beyond the Pandemic?
    This book contains an Open Access chapter Beyond the Pandemic? is integral to the exploration of the sectoral consequences of the Internet for business managers, policymakers and researchers engaged in planning and study for the digital economy future and planning for future pandemics. ...

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  • Becoming a UX Designer
    Sarah Michaels
    Embarking on a career in UX design can be both exciting and daunting. With so many resources available, it can be overwhelming to know where to start and how to navigate this ever-evolving field. This comprehensive guide is here to help you every step of the way, providing practical advice, real-life examples, and expert insights to support your journey into the world of user e...

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  • Principles of Data Fabric
    Sonia Mezzetta
    Apply data fabric solutions to automate data integration, data sharing, and data protection across disparate data sources without moving your dataPurchase of the print or Kindle book includes a free PDF eBookKey Features:Learn to design data fabric architecture effectively with your choice of toolBuild and use a data fabric solution using DataOps and data mesh frameworksFind ou...

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  • Guidebook For Your Digital World
    Chris Dailey
    You were taught how to stay safe in the real world. You know where to park your car at night. You know when a stranger at a bar makes you uncomfortable. Why don’t we do the same for the digital world?Chris Dailey is a former personal safety instructor who made a career shift into the digital world and went looking for the same level of training there that he regularly taught in...

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