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  • Analyzing Language and Humor in Online Communication
    Misunderstandings in technology-mediated communication can be due to a lack of tone and facial expression on the part of the speaker, which provide additional context clues into the meaning of the message beyond textual representation. As technology becomes more of a ubiquitous element in our interactions with one another, further study into the ways in which language and humor...

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  • Creating Personal, Social, and Urban Awareness through Pervasive Computing
    The recent emergence and prevalence of social network applications, sensor equipped mobile devices, and the availability of large amounts of geo-referenced data have enabled the analysis of new context dimensions that involve individual, social, and urban context. Creating Personal, Social, and Urban Awareness through Pervasive Computing provides an overview of the theories, te...

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  • Cases on Usability Engineering
    Information technologies play a significant role in modern information-driven societies, making a comprehensive understanding of digital media a fundamental requisite to success. Cases on Usability Engineering: Design and Development of Digital Products provides readers with case studies and real-life examples on usability methods and techniques to test the design and developme...

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  • Fostering 21st Century Digital Literacy and Technical Competency
    Antonio Cartelli
    The 21st century has seen an expansion in digital technology and the ways in which it affects everyday life. These technologies have become essential in the growth of social communication and mass media. Fostering 21st Century Digital Literacy and Technical Competency offers the latest in research on the technological advances on computer proficiency in the educational system a...

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  • Interactive Media Use and Youth
    Modern advancements in technology have changed the way that young people use interactive media. Learning from such methods was not even considered until recently. It is now slowly defining the landscape of contemporary pedagogical practices. Interactive Media Use and Youth: Learning, Knowledge Exchange and Behavior provides a comprehensive collection of knowledge based on diffe...

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  • Web Services Security Development and Architecture
    Carlos Gutierrez
    Despite solid advances, numerous challenges have yet to be resolved by Web services-enabled service-oriented architecture systems. Web Services Security Development and Architecture: Theoretical and Practical Issues explores a global approach to methodical development in constructing safety architectures for online systems. Addressing security concerns during the full developme...

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  • Computational Advancements in End-User Technologies
    Steve Clarke
    In recent years, innovative technologies have lead to rapid progression and accelerated research studies within the field of end-user computing. Computational Advancements in End-User Technologies: Emerging Models and Frameworks contains leading research and practices into the advancement, significance, and comprehensive nature of end-user computing. A defining collection of si...

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  • Organizational Communication and Sustainable Development
    Although social, economical, and environmental sustainability has become increasingly important in this era of globalization, little effort has been put forth to investigate the social and cultural impact. Organizational Communication and Sustainable Development: ICTs for Mobility explores how mobility meets sustainability in contemporary organizational communication. A compend...

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  • Enhancing Learning Through Human Computer Interaction
    Elspeth McKay

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  • Encyclopedia of Human Computer Interaction
    Claude Ghaoui

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  • Handbook of Research on Human-Computer Interfaces, Developments, and Applications
    Human Computer Interaction (HCI) is easy to define yet difficult to predict. Encompassing the management, study, planning, and design of the ways in which users interact with computers, this field has evolved from using punch cards to force touch in a matter of decades. What was once considered science fiction is now ubiquitous. The future of HCI is mercurial, yet predictions p...

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  • Computer-Mediated Communication
    While the majority of Internet users reside in industrialized nations, online access in the developing world has risen rapidly in recent years. As emerging technologies increasingly permit inexpensive and easy online access, the number of Internet users worldwide will only continue to expand. Computer-Mediated Communication: Issues and Approaches in Education examines online in...

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  • Temporal Structures in Individual Time Management
    Dezhi Wu
    The association of personal time management research with calendar applications has remained a relatively under-researched area due to the complexity and challenges it faces. Temporal Structures in Individual Time Management: Practices to Enhance Calendar Tool Design covers the latest concepts, methodologies, techniques, tools, and perspectives essential to understanding indivi...

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  • Intelligent Digital Ecosystems
    Janak Alford
    Turn Technology from a Threat into a Limitless Opportunity.'From examining the omnipresence of data and algorithms in our daily lives to the potential dangers that human ambition has already unleashed, Intelligent Digital Ecosystems is a visionary, timely, and essential primer for the future.' - Self-Publish Review'An fascinating and original work full of fresh insights and per...

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  • Soulful
    David Espindola
    Artificial Intelligence (AI) has hit an inflection point - ChatGPT has popularized its use. The implications are staggering. Machines are gradually but relentlessly encroaching on what was once believed to be the exclusive realm of tasks performed by humans. The displacement of jobs and consequent technical unemployment is inescapable. But those who can collaborate with AI will...

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  • Soulful
    David Espindola
    Artificial Intelligence (AI) has hit an inflection point - ChatGPT has popularized its use. The implications are staggering. Machines are gradually but relentlessly encroaching on what was once believed to be the exclusive realm of tasks performed by humans. The displacement of jobs and consequent technical unemployment is inescapable. But those who can collaborate with AI will...

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  • Who Is the UX Writer?
    Waldo Carr
    'Who is the UX Writer? was created to show beginners how to think while working in UX writing so they can jump into the field and start building skills immediately.' - Waldo CarrIn Who Is the UX Writer?, UX writer Waldo Carr uses a fun, real-world graphic novel to explore the growing and lucrative field of UX writing so you understand what a UX writer does, why user experience ...

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  • Beyond the Screen Human-Computer Interaction in the Digital Age
    A. Scholtens
    "Beyond the Screen Human-Computer Interaction in the Digital Age" is a comprehensive guide to the field of Human-Computer Interaction (HCI) and its role in shaping the way we interact with technology. The book covers the history of HCI, the basic principles of interaction design, and the different techniques and technologies used to create intuitive and user-friendly interfaces...

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  • Practical Arduino Robotics
    Lukas Kaul
    Build your hardware, electronics, and programming skills, and use them to realize your advanced robotics projects with this powerful platformPurchase of the print or Kindle book includes a free PDF eBookKey Features:Become an expert in selecting sensors, motors, and Arduino boards for any robotics projectDiscover how to write effective and reusable code for your Arduino robotic...

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  • Haptics for Human-Computer Interaction
    Mounia Ziat
    In recent years haptics has received considerable attention from the field of Human-Computer Interactions (HCI) for its potential to provide more tangible and immersive interfaces. So much of what we call experience relies on our sense of touch and our sense of where our bodies are in the environment. So much so that we long for a technology that could help us share those feeli...

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  • ChatGPT
    Kenneth Pealock / Robert Conway
    Do you want to spend hours writing and documenting everything for your business? Do you face difficulty in finding the right tone for their texts to convey their message to the audience? Do you find it easy to brainstorm ideas for the betterment of business? All your problems have come to an end with the introduction of Chat GPT. In this training guide, you will learn what Chat...

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  • The Stuff of Bits
    Paul Dourish

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  • Contagious Architecture
    Luciana Parisi

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  • Digital Transformation for Promoting Inclusiveness in Marginalized Communities
    One of the realities characterizing the globe is the exclusion of marginalized communities in digital transformation. Their exclusion has resulted in a lack of participation in the digital space, which has catastrophic consequences on the digital economy. To promote digital inclusiveness in marginalized communities, there is a need to deconstruct the illusion that digital trans...

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  • Artificial Intelligence for Societal Development and Global Well-Being
    Artificial intelligence has become an invaluable tool in modern society and can be utilized across fields such as healthcare, travel, education, and construction. There are numerous benefits for companies, industries, and governments when adopting this technology into their daily operations as it continues to evolve to support the needs of society. Further study on the challeng...

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  • Multidisciplinary Perspectives Towards Building a Digitally Competent Society
    The world is undergoing a transformation as technology enters every ecosystem. Subsequently, there is a need to develop higher-order digital skills to ensure one’s employability as professionals need to build digital competencies to remain competitive in the current work environment. Additionally, businesses must also continue to update their digital practices in order to remai...

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  • Analyzing Multidisciplinary Uses and Impact of Innovative Technologies
    Emiliano Marchisio
    Technology faces rapid advancements every year, and each year, its uses in various facets of society increase and become more profound. Every discipline has adopted technology in some capacity. From FinTech in the business realm to phygital churches in the realm of religion, innovation is applicable everywhere. It is essential that professionals study how to use these advanceme...

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  • Digital Earth
    Sarah Katz
    Digital Earth - Cyber threats, privacy and ethics in an age of paranoiaWhether it’s the next big ransomware attack or cyber terrorism, digital threats have evolved drastically in recent years. Issues surrounding phishing, misinformation, cyber terrorism, physical security, and privacy continue to arise for both individual users and large enterprises.With technology an intrinsic...

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  • UX Decoded
    Dushyant Kanungo
    Industry-proven methods for determining user needs and designing successful products KEY FEATURES ● Practical approaches for identifying user pain spots, behavior, goals, and overcoming biases.● Includes detailed examples, graphs, and drawings to explain various user research strategies.● Industry-accepted approach to product thinking and user-centric design. DESCRIPTIONThis bo...

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  • Applied Ethics in a Digital World
    As advances in disruptive technologies transform politics and increase the velocity of information and policy flows worldwide, the public is being confronted with changes that move faster than they can comprehend. There is an urgent need to analyze and communicate the ethical issues of these advancements. In a perpetually updating digital world, data is becoming the dominant ba...

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