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  • Big-Hearted Charlie Learns How to Make Friends
    Krista Keating-Joseph
    Based on a true story about a little boy who starts a new school and is bullied, Charlie wants to make friends. Following advice from his mother and grandmother, he learns how to make a friend by being a friend. Charlie grew up to become a heroic U.S. Navy SEAL and made new friends all over the world. ...
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  • Pretzels by the Dozen
    Angela E Hunt
    Did you know the pretzel is symbolic of the Trinity? Best-selling author, Angela Elwell Hunt shares the compelling story of the hidden Christian symbolism behind the pretzel and helps children ages 4 to 8 discover its fascinating history. In this delightful rhyming and counting tale children will be captivated by the stunning, life-like illustrations by Bill Dodge. Learn surpri...
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  • Emotional Intelligence Program for Children!
    Award-Winning Finalist in the Parenting & Family category of the 2018 International Book Awards.The Emotional Intelligence Program for Children! is an innovative solution for parents and teachers concerned about the social readiness of young children. Classroom, playground, store, and home environments each present unique behavioral challenges for children and even experienced ...
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  • Daisy and the Dirty Dozen
    Brian Wallace
    Daisy and the Dirty Dozen is the heartwarming and fun story of a female mallard duck and her 12 ducklings that take up residence in a suburban family’s swimming pool.The Wallace family take the 13 ducks “under their wing” and are able to watch a mother duck care for her ducklings right from their kitchen window.The ducks also provide the Wallace family with the opportunity to l...
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  • Help, I’m Being Bullied!
    Stephanie S Johnson
    Jeremy Jackson had a problem, a problem so severe that he didn’t quite know what to do about it. A boy in his school was picking on him every day, making fun of him, taking his things and otherwise making his life miserable. Jeremy had not complained to anyone about this—not to his parents and not to his teacher—because he didn’t want them to think he was a scaredy cat. But the...
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  • A is for Ackee
    Nikko M FungChung
    A is for Ackee is an ABCs learning book with a Caribbean Vibe! Take a trip to the tropics with this vibrant children's learning book.  A fun way to learn the Alphabet Introduce children to new fruits and vegetables Bright illustrations A-Z glossary in the back of the book 3 ...
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  • Pigtails
    Mariama Z Whack
    The role of a multicultural children’s book is to help children understand the differences, and similarities among one another. This can promote equality among children. In my book, Pigtails, all the girls are represented from different cultural backgrounds. Although they are all different, what they share in common is that they all have a similar hair style that girls' all...
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  • My Young Adventures
    Jeannelle Effie Brew
    'Meet Mya & Family,' is the first of 'My Young Adventures' twelve book children's book series that introduces you to our protagonist, Mya, and her amazing family. Throughout 'Meet Mya & Family,' Mya guides us through a personal account of what she does and doesn't understand from observing her family members. 'Meet Mya & Family,' introduc...
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  • Twirling and Dancing with Annie and Friends
    Mary Wheeler
    Without realizing it, many of us have forgotten the joy of expressing ourselves through movement and dance.  In this story, Annie and Arthur remind us that we can all rekindle that joy.  Annie finds a new dancing partner when she smashes into Arthur one day at school.  He introduces her to a new style of dancing and with his help, and the help of her friends, she discovers that...
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  • A Birthday for Ben
    Kate Gaynor
    Special Stories Publishing in conjunction with Down Syndrome Ireland are delighted to bring “Freddies Super Summer” a childrens picture books dealing with Down Syndrome to the market. When a child with Down syndrome joins a mainstream school many children can find it difficult to understand a student that is somewhat ‘different’ to them. While the story encourages other childre...
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  • Eso ni se te ocurra
    Ignacio del Dedo
    Precioso cuento infantil- juvenil. ...
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  • El viaje de Orfeo
    Emmanuel Jonás
    Orfeo, hijo de la reina Ofelia y del rey Eagro, es un príncipe que nació del amor y de la magia. Maldecido desde su nacimiento por la bruja Lismena, creció con un don natural para la música. Pero su padre no le permite disfrutar de su pasión porque cree que el arte no debe ser oficio ni de hombre ni de futuro monarca. Años después, cuando se cumple la maldición, la bruja piensa...
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  • Sampadan Kala (The Art Of Editing) (संपादन कला)
    Rajshekhar Mishra
    राजशेखर मिश्र पिछले 23 वर्षों से पत्रकारिता के क्षेत्र में सक्रिय हैं। दैनिक जागरण, रविवार, संडे ऑबजर्वर, स्वतंत्र भारत और मशहूर टीवी कार्यक्रम रू-ब-रू से संबद्ध रहे श्री मिश्र इस समय अमर उजाला में सहायक संपादक हैं और खेल पृष्ठों के प्रभारी भी। वैसे श्री मिश्र अब तक खेल तथा अन्य विषयों पर एक दर्जन से भी अधिक पुस्तकें लिख चुके हैं। प्रस्तुत पुस्तक संपादन के क्षेत्र में कार्य कर ...
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  • Little Boy Stories From Tiger Scrub
    Stephen Guest
    Little Boy Stories from Tiger Scrub are delightful and fun-filled tales from the 1960s when getting out of bed was an adventure and a boy’s best friends were a dog called Frosty, a hen called Enywetta and a little pig called Porky.  Set in a tiny timber settlement called Tiger Scrub off the Injune-Roma road in Queensland, Stephen weaves his way through four loosely-connected st...
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  • La Petite Pétra va à la Plage
    Krystel Armand Kanzki
    Little Petra loves the beach. She enjoys a fun day at the beach with her family. La Petite Pétra adore la plage. Elle passe une très belle journée à la plage avec sa famille. This book is a part of the bilingual book series for children entitled 'La Petite Pétra'. It is a bilingual book, written in both French and English. It is a Level 3 reading book as defined on the back cov...
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  • El Pequeño Ingeniero - Libro Para Colorear - Números
    Seth McKay
    ¡Para esos pequeños que aman las cosas divertidas como los carros, camionetas, cohetes y mucho más!El Pequeño Ingeniero - Libro Para Colorear: Números, ¡es un libro para colorear que ayuda a los pequeños a aprender los números y como contar de una manera muy divertida!Este libro te guiara de la mano para conocer los números del 1 al 20 mediante fotos muy divertidas y cada númer...
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  • The What Does Series - What Does A Caterpillar Do?
    David McArthur
    A message from the author: What Does A Caterpillar Do? was written in memory of Chloe and Aubrey Berry and all profits are being donated to the Victoria Child Abuse Prevention and Counselling Centre. Every child counts. It is the responsibility of every adult to cherish and protect them.Nothing. Else. Matters.Please check out my website to find out more www.akidsauthor.comThe w...
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  • Where did all the Playgrounds go?
    Sean J Laven
    A beautifully illustrated book helping children with all the guidelines surrounding the Covid-19 pandemic. A story to help little ones understand why they aren’t allowed to go to the places they love right now. 3 ...
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  • Nola The Nurse®
    Dr. Scharmaine Lawson / DrScharmaine Lawson
    Join Nola the Nurse and friends as they learn all about germs. What are germs? Do they make us sick? Nola will teach in this first volume of The Germy Series, which explores germs, how to stop them, everyday heroes who fight germs, and how we can stay safe and happy. ...
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  • Olivia y la bicicleta lila
    Julina de Jesus
    Olivia se sorprende sobremanera al oír a su mamá llamarle egoísta.  ¡¿Egoísta?! ¡¿Ella?!Al enterarse de lo que esa palabra significa, se preocupa mucho y decide preguntar al resto de su familia y a su mejor amiga si piensan que es  egoísta. ¿Qué le contestarán?Te encantará esta tierna historia sobre esta niñita que tanto se esfuerza por ser mejor persona. 3 ...
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  • I Know Who I Am
    Portia Smith
    'I Know Who I Am' will teach your childthe ABCs of cultivating a growth mindset, so they can:  -Enhance their critical thinking skills and show courage in facing even the most daunting tasks-Independently display grit and initiative when they encounter challenging tasks-Assertively pursue their goals, while keeping limiting, negative thoughts at bay-Become a self-sufficient, po...
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    Emmanuel Goshen
    This is a picture book good at gaining the attention of little children and teaching activities. This book comes with varied and colourful illustrations that are engaging for the purpose of learning. It could be used in a multicultural setting as it includes words to improve children’s vocabulary. 3 ...
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  • Detectice Roy and the Back to School Mystery
    Hadar Fadida
    Our young detective is wondering what his s]next mystery will be (after solving the riddle of corona). His mom tells him that school is open and he wonders if he will remember all of the new rules and how to read and write, skip and play ball. He soon realizes that friendship will overcome all of his friends’ concerns. The first part of the comic is the detective story. the sec...
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  • Who I Am
    Michelle Owusu-Hemeng
    This book brings the importance of children’s literature which is important because it provides our children with opportunities to respond to literature; it gives the appreciation about their own cultural heritage. This book helps to develop our children’s emotional intelligence and creativity as well as nurturing growth and development. 3 ...
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  • Little Boy Stories From Tiger Scrub
    Stephen Guest
    Little Boy Stories from Tiger Scrub are delightful and fun-filled tales from the 1960s when getting out of bed was an adventure and a boy’s best friends were a dog called Frosty, a hen called Enywetta and a little pig called Porky.  Set in a tiny timber settlement called Tiger Scrub off the Injune-Roma road in Queensland, Stephen weaves his way through four loosely-connected st...
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  • Mam na imię Eliza i nie mówię w szkole
    Lucy Nathanson
    Ta pięknie zilustrowana, pełna pozytywnego przesłania książka jest doskonałą pomocą oraz narzędziem terapeutycznym - zarówno dla terapeutów - jak i rodziców dzieci z mutyzmem wybiórczym w wieku wczesnoszkolnym. Dzieci w wieku sześciu lat oraz starsze mogą czytać tę książkę samodzielnie lub z dorosłym.Książka rozpoczyna się rozdziałem dla dorosłych przeznaczonym do przeczytania ...
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  • Things to Remember
    Jordan Linson
    This book’s purpose is to remind our children whats important, how to treat people, how to be thoughtful, how to do your best, what really matters, and most importantly, that they are unconditionally loved by God. It’s a book to remind them of their self worth, to develop a strong value system, and to embrace and love everyone without judgement.  ...
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  • Learn Maths For Grade 2 and 3 - Logic Trainer For Kids Ages 7 to 9
    Brain Trainer
    The importance of early childhood mathematics:There is a growing body of evidence suggesting that children from birth to age 8, are capable of more advanced mathematical thinking in the areas of number, geometry, measurement, algebraic thinking, and data analysis than what was thought in years prior (Hachey, 2013).In early childhood education it has been demonstrated that a cor...
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  • An Egyptian Adventure Puzzle Book - Maze Book For Kids 7-10
    Brain Trainer
    Following on from the ’The Adventures of Kror’, Brain Trainer bring you another set of fun-loving characters that kids are sure to love! Navigate through 31 illustrated 2D/3D maze quests with Pharaoh Kufu and his family members as they tackle the crazy adventures of life in Egypt.Designed with kids aged 7 - 10 in mind, this hidden treasure is just one click away from being your...
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  • 1200 Fun, Random & Interesting Facts To Win Trivia! - Fact Books For Kids (Boys and Girls Age 12 - 15)
    Did you know that self-discipline is a better indicator of success than your IQ score? Did you know that the Walt Disney Company is the world’s second biggest buyer of explosives? Did you know that oxygen masks in airplanes aren’t actually connected to an oxygen tank? They instead use a chemical reaction to generate it on the spot.In these 1200 facts you’re going to learn more ...
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