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  • Life’s Little Stories and The Colored Glasses
    Tommy Papantonio
    Prepare yourself to have fun! Yes, fun. Life’s Little Stories and The Colored Glasses is a whimsical combination of people wearing Tommy Papantonio’s collection of colored glasses from the dollare store and short stories he wrote from experiences he had in life from childhood to the present. The pictures are of smiling faces of people from all walks of life...real estate broker...

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  • 101 Things To Do With A Dead Body
    Jason Blake
    It seems like every day people are finding themselves left with perfectly good dead bodies.  Sure, perhaps they're a little bruised and they may even have some stretch marks.  But what are the reasonable alternatives?  Cremation? Yes, it's affordable but entirely environmentally-unfriendly in the era of climate change.  Burial?  That's at least $15,000 if done right...

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  • A Connecticut Yankee In King Arthur’s Court
    Mark Twain
    After a blow to the head, American, Hank Morgan wakes up in England. Specifically King Arthur’s England of 528. With no other options Morgan uses his knowledge of science to pass himself off as a great wizard. This earns him the enmity of Merlin. Biting social commentary and laugh out loud humor make this book a classic. ...

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  • Interpretative Guide to Western-Northwest Weather Forecasts
    Marian Blue
    The Interpretative Guide of Western-Northwest Weather Forecasts shines some humorous light on the challenges and creativity of weather forecasts within the unique Great Northwest, influenced by the Pacific Ocean, Olympic and Cascade Mountains, Puget Sound waterways, and many islands. Micro-climates include rain forests, rain shadows, convergence zones, cityscapes, and altitudes...

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  • Will There Be Free Appetizers?
    Don Ake
    Don Ake craves free appetizers. He seeks them out and gets very dissapointed when denied food.  This is just one of Don's quirks which set the table for quirky humor on a wide variety of highly relateable subjects.  You didn't know that having blood drawn or getting a flu shot could be so captivating and interesting, but Don can make you laugh at just about anything.  T...

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  • New York to Los Angeles Roadtrip
    Oliver Markus Malloy
    Join Oliver on his epic road trip across America, from New York to California, as he almost gets blown up in the Sears Tower in Chicago, almost gets bitten by a rattlesnake in Colorado, almost gets eaten by a mountain lion in the Rocky Mountains, almost dies in a sand storm in Death Valley, almost gets killed by a sea elephant in California, almost gets arrested by a Park Range...

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  • Scotland Roadtrip
    Oliver Markus Malloy
    Join Oliver and Iggy on their epic road trip from Aachen, Germany to the Highlands of Scotland and back again. After graduating from high school, two friends from Germany decide to drive to Scotland. ...

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  • Wisdom & Wordplay
    Robert Eddison
    Robert Eddison, a national journalist and playwright, has recorded every original thought he has had since June 1997. They now run to many thousand and take the form of witty, and often profound, one-line observations on an awesome variety of (150) different subjects, ranging from childbirth to political correctness. Publications in which they have most recently appeared includ...

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  • The Days of Dinkum Dodger (Volume 1)
    John Saomes
    Australian bush poetry at its best… entertaining, thought-provoking, hilariously funny, and deftly serious.Comical antics and outrageous yarns as told by the infamous Dinkumous J. Dodger, a true blue Aussie larrikin, are iconically Australian. Political correctness is swept aside and daring opinions are openly expressed to challenge governments, politicians, and international c...

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  • Chicken Sniffer
    Leo J Ward
    Chicken Sniffer will have you laughing out loud as Leo Ward shares anecdotes of his life with you. You will learn why it’s not a good idea to test out scissors on your mother’s new coat; why to check and see if the peanut butter in your sandwich is still there after you leave the kitchen; and several more humorous stories that will not improve the quality of your life one bit! ...

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  • Cravings
    Wanda Hennig
    Did some link between infidelity, a blue movie, vegetables and Paris, France, sprout the seed of liberation? Or was it that ‘Aha’ moment on the waterbed in Pocatello? In Cravings, long-time journalist and life coach Wanda Hennig writes—wisely, hilariously and sometimes poignantly—about sex and food; living for three-and-a-half years at the San Francisco Zen Center; moving solo ...

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  • Teacher of the Year
    Joe David
    Step into the madcap world of “education” and meet the unforgettable character: Erda Von Schwantz, the sex educationist, who has mastered the art of penetrating the minds of her students and who then uses the information to write the definitive book on adolescent perversion; Roger Murphy, the ‘vitamin” pill distributor for a Jamaican manufacturer, who also is a movie producer o...

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  • Spoiler Alert
    Jacquie Purcell / Korttany Finn
    One thing you can count on in life is the fact that you are going to die. How’s that for a buzzkill? Most people diligently ignore the reality of their future demise. Thinking about death somehow seems wrong. Luckily, a real life coroner challenged a few thousand internet strangers to do the thinking for you. The result is a collection of morbid and slightly embarrassing questi...

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  • But First . . .
    Heather Holloway McCash
    Heather Holloway McCash was born butt first. She's been living her life backwards ever since. Her memoir features sotries and poems—in reverse chronological order—about her love life, struggle with Lyme Disease, experience living in New York during the 9/11 terrorist attacks, early foray into ballet, close encounters with celebrities, and battles with corporate dragons. Des...

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  • We've Been Trumped!
    Katherine Tomlinson / Pat Anne Sirs / TL Snow
    Twenty-one short stories - sometimes satirical, sometimes, frightening, and mostly humorous, imagining of life under President Donald Trump! Including stories by... JoAnne Lucas, Paul Alan Fahey, Michael Guillebeau, Kaye George, Craig Faustus Buck, John M, Floyd, Diane A. Hadac, and many others! 3 ...

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  • Meanderings
    Betty McKenzie-Tubb
    Betty McKenzie-Tubb has been scribbling since youth, beginning with contributions to the Sydney Morning Herald and to the ABC radio programme The Argonauts. She was Ancona 49 and wrote regularly to ‘Anthony Inkwell’. Degrees in Education and Arts have helped nourish her writing. She spent most of her working life as a teacher of the deaf, for whom the door to literacy is someti...

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  • Holidazed
    Tracy Curtis
    With her witty and self-deprecating sense of humor, Charlotte Observer humor columnist, Tracy Curtis, shares a collection of Christmas columns past. Holidazed is a spirited look at the chaos and craziness of the season, and the absurdity of trying to make it perfect!Because Christmas isn’t perfect and it never has been. The video card replaced the Facebook card that replaced th...

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  • I Don’t Believe in Asteroids
    Kevin Kite / Michelle McCauley
    Climate change, income inequality, modern parenting, greed, and materialism-the world is going to hell so you might as well laugh. In I Don’t Believe in Asteroids, Kite and McCauley show you the way. Their irreverent, on-point comics will have you cracking up and crying all at once. Kite’s art is brilliant and bright, even as the text is jarring and penetrating. This is a grea...

    20,33 €

  • A Capful of Wind
    Monica Matterson
    A Capful of wind, AKA "Useless Information for Aspiring Skippers" charts the author's progress from her first dubious adventures in a leaky tub to Coastal 1 examination. Despite everything that the elements and even fellow seafarers throw at her, Monica Matterson wittily recalls a wealth of fascinating and usually hilarious tales of misadventure on, in and sometimes under t...

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  • Strange Guts
    Brian J. Orlowski / Brian JOrlowski
    Strange Guts: American Septic is a hilarious and disgusting collection of cartoons. It’s the Far Side meets Friday the 13th! Sure to please the most hardcore horror fan or anyone who enjoys a good disemboweling. Not for the faint of heart, weak of stomach or those lacking a sense of humor. ...

    22,02 €

  • Flash Nonfiction Funny
    Brian Doyle / Doyle Brian
    The seventy-one flash essays collected here are hilarious proof that you don’t need more than 750 words to laugh out loud. Featuring both established and up-and-coming writers, these essays are no flashes in the pan—they demonstrate careful attention to craft and exploration: everything you want in a thoughtful essay, only shorter. This collection is perfect for students of wri...

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  • The Fart Heard Round the World
    Ricky Mintz
     You’re about to enter, the world of gross. You know your body? Not even close!We tackle some subjects, short, and in depth. From boogers to dandruff, to zits and bad breath, This book explains Root canals, belly buttons, and varicose veins, burping and sweating, foot odor and pus. You will never believe, what’s inside of us. 3 ...

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  • Your Next Thirty Days
    Dean Fulks
    You’re only thirty days away from a brand new perspective on life.The United States is a spiritual paradox. Eighty-nine percent of the population believes in God. Yet, only thirty-eight percent feel relationally close to God. There’s a Grand Canyon of difference between comprehension and connection.Spiritually, we are the most informed generation in history. Yet, we are also th...

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  • Hero in a Halfling
    William Tyler Davis
    Not many halflings dream of magic.But Epik isn’t like the rest. Adventure. Excitement. He craves those things. He would rather learn magic, not follow a wizard on some fool's adventure.... Or so he thinks.The problem: magic is outlawed. After setting out for the city, what Epik finds in Dune All-En isn’t at all what he’d hoped. No magic. And few wizards.Luck, or something m...

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  • Luck Favors The Prepared
    Nathaniel Richard Barber
    Nathaniel Barber’s Luck Favors the Prepared is a collection of nonfiction short stories about life, death and customer service. More than just dark comedy, Luck Favors the Prepared allows a peek inside the life observant, where even tragedies can be laid bare by a plain, straightforward narrative and a sharp, unsparing sense of humor. Nathaniel’s perspective is fresh and honest...

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  • Winning the Endgame
    Ray Brown
    America is a nation of death ostriches. By denying mortality, death ostriches reduce the odds of living well as long as possible. This book will help you optimize the rest of your life. You’ll see how to make wise decisions based on your staying power, how to evaluate the pros and cons of selling your house, and how to manage risk.   Death ostriches suffer needlessly and di...

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  • Still Innocent Abroad
    David M. Addison / David MAddison
    In this sequel to his award-winning An Innocent Abroad, Scot David M. Addison continues his account of a year spent as an exchange teacher in Missoula, Montana in the western United States.When he embarked on the exchange, the author vowed he would embrace every experience (within reason) that came his way and mostly they were reasonable, though there were some he would not car...

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  • I Am Newman
    Rob Stroup
    I Am Newman offers the reader the unique experience of a dog exploring curiosities, dealing with insecurities, and pursuing passions from his perspective - behind his big, brown eyes and deep, soulful spirit.  Newman went through the majority of puppyhood as an only “child.”  Just when he was finally figuring out his place in the world, he was forced to deal with the whim of hi...

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  • To Air is Human
    Joseph Weiss
    To ‘Air' is Human, Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About Intestinal Gas is a uniquely informative, entertaining, and well-illustrated volume. Extensive knowledge about the physiology and science of the digestive process and intestinal gas is clearly explained. It covers everything you ever wanted to know about the fart, burp, and bloat but were too embarrassed to ask. In...

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  • Affect Engineering
    Marcus Caesar Woods
    What is Affect Engineering? Is it a no-nonsense approach to modeling emotions that utilizes the universal language of math to simulate them? Is it a smart and sophisticated system for organizing one of the most complex and controversial topics in the social sciences? Is it survival guide for the stoic trapped in a melodramatic world? Is it a must have for understanding that p...

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