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  • On Our Way Home
    Dwight Kiefert
    How do you handle the loss of a child? Where do you turn for answers? Death does not have to be a mystery. Join author and father, Dwight Kiefert as he shares his story: the tragic loss of a young son, Matthew, killed by a drunken school bus driver in 1987; and the direction and faith he and his family came to know after their darkest hour. More than 95% of marriages that su er...

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  • Murdered Judges of the Twentieth Century
    Susan P. Baker
    Although there have been individual books published about famous murder cases ranging from serial killers, mass murderers and more . . . .'Murdered Judges of the Twentieth Century' is the first collection of its kind. Susan P. Baker started this project because she was concerned with the prevalence of violence in American courthouses in the 1980s and 1990s. She had always thoug...

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  • Son of a Bitch
    Jason B. Sheffield / Jason BSheffield
    Immaturity, simmering anger, and years of therapy - budding defense attorney, Benjamin Scales owes it all to his mother.She dragged him through hell while clawing her way to the top of the sexist, male-dominated legal profession, sacrificing everything to build a life for herself and her son - a bizarre and broken life, but a life. Under her ferocious veneer, Carter Scales is a...

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  • AKA Michael
    Michael Garramone
    This is the story of a young boy born to two hard working Italian parents, as an only child, in an affluent area of Queens New York, with a very bright future. That all came to a crashing end the morning his mother shot and killed his father while he sat out in front of one of their stores when he was 12. The story then goes on a multitude of different types of stories, as he a...

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  • American Criminal Justice System Inc
    Fred E Eghobor
    The United States is only about 5 percent of the world’s population, but home to 25 per cent of global prisoners. The American criminal justice system presently is broken, and an example of justice run amok. The system has deteriorated to a point whereby innocent people are being imprisoned even with the lack of sufficient evidence. For the real criminals, punishments are often...

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  • Decryption of the Donna Lass Code
    Loren L Swearingen
    A Zodiac killer encrypted message on a locally circulated reward poster for the missing Donna Lass was thought to perhaps give some clue to the location of her body.  For the first time, the decrypted messages are published in this book. ...

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  • Forgiving Murder - The Voice of Reason
    Anita Lambert
    This thought provoking and inspirational story is the true account of how Anita’s nephew’s brutal murder forced her to experience forgiveness in the rawest form. It is a testament to the strength of the human spirit’s ability to heal after crippling devastation which would forever alter the lives of all those effected, negatively or positively. Anita gives a very personal accou...

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  • His Name Was Murder
    Phil LeVota
    This book tells the story of five different homicide cases from Kansas City, Missouri as told by the prosecutor who handled the cases himself, Phil LeVota.  Five different stories are the five chapters that tell the different tale of true crime from the criminal's perspective, the police perspective, and the prosecution perspective. The Jackson County Prosecutor's offic...

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  • Socioeconomic and Legal Implications of Electronic Intrusion
    In the information society, electronic intrusion has become a new form of trespassing often causing significant problems and posing great risks for individuals and businesses. Socioeconomic and Legal Implications of Electronic Intrusion focuses on abusive and illegal practices of penetration in the sphere of private communications. A leading international reference source withi...

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  • Fabricating Evidence II
    James Fancher / Sr. Britton Mosley
    The purpose of Fabricating Evidence II: Office of the Attorney General/ Mississippi Department of Corrections Integrity Meltdown is to expose the corruption inside the Mississippi Department of Corrections and the Office of the Attorney General. Former Correctional Warden John “Jimmy” Fancher and former Correctional Captain Britton Mosley, Sr. became targets after Fancher refu...

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  • National Security and Counterintelligence in the Era of Cyber Espionage
    Eugenie de Silva
    As technology continues to advance, the threats imposed on these innovations also continue to grow and evolve. As such, law enforcement specialists diligently work to counteract these threats, promote national safety, and defend the individual rights of citizens. National Security and Counterintelligence in the Era of Cyber Espionage highlights technological advancements in int...

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  • The Table of Truth
    Jacob M Carter
    The Kennedy assassination is a vital part of our national history, but for those who study it, it becomes something more, something…personal. That personalization of history creates a healthy passion that drives research forward. But it also carries the risk of becoming dangerous if researchers lose sight of the original goal for studying this pivitol event—the truth. ere are ...

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  • Above and Beyond
    Don Lomax
    Beginning in May of 2007, noted comic writer and illustrator Don Lomax (MARVEL's The Punisher, CALIBER COMIC's Vietnam Journal) teamed up with Police and Security News magazine to produce the series "Above and Beyond" - real life depictions of heroic acts by law enforcement professionals.   Just as our soldiers here and abroad deserve recognition for their unwavering se...

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  • The Ultimate Sacrifice
    Anthony Fields
    Betrayal is worse than slaughter. That's the motto Antonio Ameen Felder always instills in his friends. When a murder at the prison threatens to incarcerate them all for life, one man decides to sacrifice himself to free the others. All he asks for in return is that his family is taken care of. Luther ""Khadafi"" Fuller is the leader of the recently freed trio. He takes his...

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  • Undercover Angels Virginia Hall And The Spy Women Who Fought The Nazis During World War II
    Davis Truman
    Step into the covert world of World War II's untold heroes, the female agents of the Special Operations Executive (SOE). While history often overlooks their pivotal roles, these daring women defied societal norms and infiltrated enemy lines, rewriting the rules of warfare."Undercover Angels: Virginia Hall And The Spy Women Who Fought The Nazis During World War II" uncovers ...

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    In the rugged Australian bush, young Ned Kelly forges an unlikely friendship with a young Aboriginal man, a bond that seems destined to be a guiding light. However, as he navigates the challenges of adolescence, Ned is drawn into a life of crime, skilfully concealing his actions from his well-intentioned friend. Amidst the breathtaking landscapes and moral crossroads, a grippin...

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    Maryam Abdul Ahad
    Amelia was born into a rich family, but she was not treated as if she was rich. Her brother was the apple of her parent’s eye, always the golden boy and the one who was in the right. She was forgotten most of the time, and her parents never hid their hatred for her. And then, mysteriously, Amelia’s family drowns in their cruise, and none of them survive. Three detectives immedi...

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  • Study in Scarlet
    Arthur Conan Doyle
    Arthur Conan Doyle’s first ’Sherlock Homes’ novel introduces the talented detective Holmes to his loyal partner in investigation, Dr. John Watson. A Study in Scarlet is the first of four full length Sherlock Holmes novels written by Arthur Conan Doyle. The novel begins with a war-wounded Watson being introduced to Holmes by a common friend, when looking for a place to stay. Ini...

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  • Fighting For Her Life
    Alison Guffey
    Based on True events:As a recent, post-pandemic college graduate, Alison attempts to find her true love. Alison sees someone who catches her eye. Dale quickly checked off the prerequisites Alison had set, in her dream guy. Alison and Dale become inseparable. Their fierce and passionate personalities feed off one another, creating uncontrollable and unpredictable emotions. With ...

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    D.A. Chadwick
    On March 31, 1922, on a cold, snowy night, five members of a German farm family were murdered along with their new maid. Days before the crime, Andreas Gruber had complained to neighbors that his house key was missing and there were footprints from the woods behind the house up to the barn, but no prints leaving the area. Police would find roof tiles moved on the south and nort...

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  • Dear Dr John Garang de Mabior KILL THE GENERALS All of Them
    Tearz Ayuen
    'Tearz Ayuen is a literary renegade.' - Anonymous Without an iota of fear, Tearz Ayuen - also the author of Laughter and Cry - in this epistolary book names names, attacks the attackers, and intimidates the intimidators - the ’legal criminals’ he believes are to an extent responsible for the seemingly organized destruction of lives and property and stunting of the general growt...

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  • Perfectamente Aburrido
    Jane Flowers
    En este fascinante relato, Jane Flowers, la hija del Dr. T.C. Boring, desafía con valentía los falsos retratos difamatorios de la vida y el asesinato sin resolver de su padre, tal y como se describen en el ensayo de William Stephenson 'Perfectamente Aburrido' que se publicó en la revista Oxford American Magazine.Armada con un conocimiento íntimo y una búsqueda de la verdad, Jan...

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  • The Mosaic Effect
    Ina Mitchell / Michel Juneau-Katsuya / Scott McGregor
    There are two worlds out there - an 'in the open' world where people go about their daily lives. Locked in by borders and governed by laws. In this world, people live with a false sense of security in 'the system'. Now juxtapose this with another world, a parallel world that operates in the shadows. In this world, a war has been waged by the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) whose ...

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    Maurice Hicks
    An incredible true story of extraordinary courage and grit! Working undercover, conducting covert operations in the shadows, leading an FBI Homicide Task Force, and investigating drug smugglers, drug kingpins, murderers, and serial rapists would be the last thing you would expect from an introvert.. But, as destiny would have it, Maurice was that guy. Maurice had spent his enti...

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    Maurice Hicks
    An incredible true story of extraordinary courage and grit! Working undercover, conducting covert operations in the shadows, leading an FBI Homicide Task Force, and investigating drug smugglers, drug kingpins, murderers, and serial rapists would be the last thing you would expect from an introvert.. But, as destiny would have it, Maurice was that guy. Maurice had spent his enti...

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  • Louisiana Slim the Family
    Jason Luv
    From the depths of a poverty stricken city emerges Louisiana Slim. A diamond in the rough, this six-foot-five charismatic shrewd thinks brother has a plan to get real rich and real fast.Realizing he can’t do it alone, he creates a family of unknown members who are tired of struggling at the bottom. Slim gets them to buy into his vision. All he demands are loyalty, ability to fo...

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    John Louis Lauber
    TABLE FOR ONE is a gourmet’s dream: A murder mystery series set in the world of fine restaurants and elite dining. Jacques Rousseau is a world-class chef who grew up in France and now owns TWO Michelin stars and the finest restaurant in Chicago - but he’s an unwitting target of the political machine in the Windy City. In TABLE FOR ONE: The Standard, dangerous, chilling foes are...

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  • Rick Vargo Revelations
    S. Michael Leier
    Set in the year 1932, 'Man of Shadow' unfolds in the serene town of Demming, where an eerie and ominous presence casts its disturbing influence. Born from the depths of fear, this mysterious entity spreads a shroud of terror over the town, enveloping it in an unsettling darkness that threatens to consume all in its path. The enigmatic roots of this force harken back to a crypti...

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  • Journey of the 50-ft Cat
    Gato Maya
    Is it a bird? Is it a plane? No! It’s a 50-ft cat!(Based entirely on a true story with real life events!) When a young fisherman is betrayed, he suddenly finds himself on a nightmarish ride of his life with the odds stacked entirely against him!   Within the murky world of drug trafficking and dirty money, the stakes are extremely high, and those in power will often go to great...

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  • Let Us Come In
    Rev. Sky Starr
    There are many topics and issues around gun violence that must be addressed. There are few individuals with the depth and understanding, coupled with first-hand experience, who can do so. Rev. Sky Starr, in her second book, Therapeutic Prescriptions for Fractured Communities, provides practical solutions for victims of gun violence. This must be in the hands of policymakers, co...

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