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  • Barossa Journeys
    Noris Ioannou
    Barossa Journeys: Into a valley of tradition creates a sensory experience where the flavours of wine and food intermingle with the celebrations of festivals and music. Favourite places and enchanting, out-of-the-way sites are revealed. Explore places as evocative as the long-lost village of Hoffnungsthal, and the strange cave home of the eccentric explorer Menge. Wander through...

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  • The Worst Country in the World
    Patsy Trench
    “Set against the backdrop of the Australian migrant experience, 'The Worst Country in the World' is not only a great read but a thought-provoking one too, especially for those with links to Australia, which reinvented itself from a convict colony to one of the ’luckiest’ countries in the world.” Karen Clare, Family Tree magazine.In 1801 Mary Pitt, a 53-year-old widow an...

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  • Suburban Bravery
    Andrew R Duckworth
    In suburban Western Australia at the turn of last century, the threat of fire was both menacing and real. Lives and public infrastructure were destroyed. The need for fire brigades both in Western Australia and across the globe had never been greater.Join the men of the North Perth Fire Brigade as they form their fledgling brigade of 20 men and grow into a respected institution...

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  • Scapegoats of the Empire
    George Witton
    According to persistent rumours, the Australian government suppressed the book because its untold story of a slice of colonial history was an embarrassment to the British Empire.  Opens a window on the Boer War, politics of the empire, and the life of enlisted soldiers of the time. George Witton’s Scapegoats of the Empire was published in 1907; however, only seven copies of th...

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  • The Raffle Gods
    Dan Holliday
    When Beastly nearly kills a friend, he knows it is time to take a rest from his job, as a Kings Cross night club bouncer, and get out of town for a while. Travel with Beastly as he heads out bush to find his sense of self again. In a sense, a 'coming of age' story, with a difference, set in Australia in the 70s or 80s, you will find yourself drawn in from the first page...

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  • Dalton's Gold
    Peter D Matthews
    Renowned historian, philosopher and author, Dr Peter Matthews, has illuminated the events of the Eureka Stockade like never before. This book is the culmination of three years research after his Grandfather, Francis Dalton, shared this amazing story just before he passed away in 1995. John Thomas Dalton was swindled out of the find of the century by the very forces sent to pro...

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  • One Hundred Years of Women Police in Australia
    Tim Prenzler
    In 2015 Australia celebrates the centenary of the country’s first appointment of women police. This fascinating book presents for the first time the story of 100 years of Australian women police. A vital contribution to Australian history as well as modern policing and policy, the book concludes with a simple recipe for eliminating discrimination and optimising the contributio...

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  • Where Angels Fear To Tread
    Sylvia Rapley-Anderson
    In 1973, a small group of parents and health professionals set out to overturn the inhumane and rigid treatment children received in hospitals around the country. To do this, they formed the Association for the Welfare of Children in Hospital (AWCH), and their vision was to put the welfare of child at the centre of every decision that was made about them. AWCH’s goals of parent...

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  • Born in 1963? What else happened? 2025 Edition
    Ron Williams / TBD
    ABOUT THIS BOOK. .Born in 1944 describes Australia towards the end of the War. Hitler was just about beaten, and the Japs were crumbling. Australia was breathing a lot easier, and so we were free to do what we liked. So strikes were very popular, criticising the government was now allowed, and we could think about what life would be when peace returned. But still our menfolk we...

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  • Kiwi Birds Coloring Book
    Kiwi Birds Coloring Book, Adult Crafts Hobbies Books, Floral Mandala Pages, Stress Relief Rowi Zentangle Picture, Freestyle Drawing PageIt was made for Kiwi Birds lovers or someone who likes to relax while coloring.Kiwi Birds in zentangle pattern style with heartwarming quotes.It makes the perfect gift for your friends who are Kiwi Birds lovers.This book has a total of 42 pages...

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  • Settlement, Struggle and Success
    Bill Bunbury / Jenny Bunbury
    At a place like Margaret River, it must be remembered there is no sanitary service, and no milk supply. We must attend to our own pans, and may have to consider keeping our own cow. This was the WA Public Health Department’s assessment of the situation when the first Margaret River Hospital opened in 1924.The Group Settlement Scheme (1922-1930) encouraged mainly British settler...

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  • Half a Hero (Esprios Classics)
    Anthony Hope
    Sir Anthony Hope Hawkins, better known as Anthony Hope (9 February 1863 - 8 July 1933), was an English novelist and playwright. He was a prolific writer, especially of adventure novels but he is remembered predominantly for only two books: The Prisoner of Zenda (1894) and its sequel Rupert of Hentzau (1898). These works, 'minor classics' of English literature, are set in the co...

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  • The Great New Zealand Lockdown
    Kimberly Stewart
    On the 28th of February 2020, New Zealand has its first confirmed case of Covid-19. By the 26th of March, the country had gone into one of the strictest lockdowns in the world. As other countries tried to keep their economies going alongside trying to quell the deadly virus, the economy in New Zealand completely shut down as five-million New Zealanders were told to stay at hom...

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  • Snow, Fire and Gold
    Stephen Whiteside
    Stephen Whiteside knew that Spargo’s Hut in the Australian mountains near Mt Hotham had been abandoned for many years. However, when he first visited it in 1982, he got a shock. It looked like it was still inhabited. Could he have been mistaken? Closer inspection revealed that it was, indeed, abandoned. However, its remoteness had allowed it to remain crammed full of all the it...

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  • 41 South
    Robert Bettelheim / Robert J Bettelheim
    High above Wellington, New Zealand, a sentient radar station continues to sweep the skies long after the collapse of civilisation. Ricky, Stack, Tubs and Zoz play up at the old station, imagining a world of aircraft and faraway places - better places. For Stack, Tubs and Zoz it’s just a cool escape from the relentless desperation of life in the remaining communities of Wellingt...

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  • A Concise History of Australia
    Stuart Macintyre

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  • Convict Australia
    Jennifer Twemlow
    Where is the missing fortune that James Dingle and his convict crew stole in a huge bank heist in 1828 that equates to about 20 million dollars by today’s standards? How did a small group of convicts manage to steal a leaky ship and sail halfway across the world? How did Joseph Samuels become the man they couldn’t hang? From astonishing escapes to tragic shipwrecks, piratical s...

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  • United We Stand
    Tom O’Lincoln
    In the state-run prison that was early New South Wales, pockets of capitalism sprang up like sturdy weeds. with them came wage labour and class struggle. Australian workers were organisiing well before the gold rushes, and later a mass labour movement confronted the employers across the continent, opening the way for bitter confrontations.Controversy surrounds the colonial labo...

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  • Tracy
    Cyclone Tracy demolished Darwin, capital of the Northern Territory when it struck during the night of Christmas Eve and Christmas Morning, 1974. Over almost ten hours the small, intense, but slow-moving weather system left a swathe of destruction across the entire town. Few buildings escaped.Sixty-six people died, many of them on vessels which put to sea, while many hundreds we...

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  • Tallawudjah Creek ... and Me
    Elizabeth Webb
    Author and historian, Elizabeth (Bessie) Webb, traces her family roots growing up in Tallawudjah Creek near Glenreagh, on the Mid North Coast of NSW, between WWI and II. A prolific contributor to the history of the Glenreagh area, evidenced by eight other historical works she has researched and authored, Bessie shares her childhood memories. Her collection of photographs adds a...

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  • A Veritable Hell
    Gavin Scrimgeour
    During the Battle of Fromelles on one terrible night in July 1916, the 32nd Battalion from South Australia and Western Australia lost over 85% of its fighting strength.Using the words of those from the 32nd Battalion who survived, the course of the battle in their sector during that night is reconstructed, and the tragic experiences of brave men thrust into an impossible situat...

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  • Alive in the Five
    Glen Humphries
    In 1982 the Illawarra Steelers played their first season in the NSW Rugby League competition. It wasn’t a great start for the club - they finished second-last on the ladder. The rest of the 1980s didn’t bring much joy - the club picked up the wooden spoon three times, including a double in 1985 and ’86.But then the new decade brought with it the bright, shining season of 1992, ...

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  • History of New Zealand
    Thomas Estrada
    This meticulously researched and engaging book delves deep into the captivating history of new zealand, offering readers an insightful narrative that spans centuries. Discover the land’s pre-european roots, as the indigenous maori people cultivated a vibrant polynesian culture, setting the stage for a unique and enduring heritage.Dive into the pivotal treaty of waitangi, a docu...

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  • The Moore Family
    Garry Moore
    John Moore and his wife, Margaret Moore (née Considine), were early European pioneers who settled in around 1843 in the North East of what was then known as the Port Phillip District of the Colony of New South Wales and is now the State of Victoria. Like the great majority of their fellow settlers, neither John nor Margaret was born in Australia.John Moore was born in Woodchurc...

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  • Reading the Bible in Australia
    Reading the Bible in Australia invites reflection about how the Bible matters to Australia. Contributors probe intersections between vital debates about Australian identity (who we have been, are, and aspire to become) and the Bible, bringing a range of perspectives to critical themes--indigeneity, colonization, and migration; landscape, biodiversity, and climate; gender and ma...

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  • Reading the Bible in Australia
    Reading the Bible in Australia invites reflection about how the Bible matters to Australia. Contributors probe intersections between vital debates about Australian identity (who we have been, are, and aspire to become) and the Bible, bringing a range of perspectives to critical themes--indigeneity, colonization, and migration; landscape, biodiversity, and climate; gender and ma...

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  • Lessons From Our First 20 Years
    Laurence F Rowston
    This is the 9th book on Tasmanian Baptist History by Laurence F Rowston. It looks at the beginnings of sixteen of our Baptist Churches in Tasmania commencing about 1880. The churches are Bracknell, Blackwood Creek, Burnie, Deloraine, Devonport, Hobart, Latrobe, Launceston, Longford, Perth, Sheffield, Smithton, Ulverstone, Wynyard and Yolla and also Memorial, the Henry Reed Miss...

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  • The Violence of Others
    Rosemary Duncan
    The highly decorated pilot, Squadron Leader Charles Scherf, returns home to take up his role of father, husband and heir to the wealthy family estate in northern NSW.It is post-war Australia. A war has been won but for some the battle has just begun. Violent energies within and without infect the whole family and especially the young daughter born when the father was at war. Th...

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  • Reach Out, Build Up, Send Back
    May Kuan Lim
    ’I came from a traditional Buddhist family. When I came to Australia to study in high school in 1971, I was an atheist. One person tried to share with methe gospel of Jesus Christ. I had so many questions for him, but he couldn’t answer them. ... [I came to know the Lord] through the ministry of OCF, especially through Lim Kim Bew and his wife, Judy, who are ex-OCFers. They hav...

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  • The Coliban Main Channel A Walking Guide
    Stephen Charman
    Over the course of its seventy kilometres from the Malmsbury Reservoir in the south to Crusoe Reservoir in Bendigo in the north, the Coliban Main Channel winds it’s way through forests, parks and farmland. For much of its length, paths and tracks accompany the Channel, providing opportunities for walkers to trace one of Victoria’s greatest infrastucture projects of the nineteen...

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