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  • Barossa Journeys
    Noris Ioannou
    Barossa Journeys: Into a valley of tradition creates a sensory experience where the flavours of wine and food intermingle with the celebrations of festivals and music. Favourite places and enchanting, out-of-the-way sites are revealed. Explore places as evocative as the long-lost village of Hoffnungsthal, and the strange cave home of the eccentric explorer Menge. Wander through...

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  • The Worst Country in the World
    Patsy Trench
    “Set against the backdrop of the Australian migrant experience, 'The Worst Country in the World' is not only a great read but a thought-provoking one too, especially for those with links to Australia, which reinvented itself from a convict colony to one of the ’luckiest’ countries in the world.” Karen Clare, Family Tree magazine.In 1801 Mary Pitt, a 53-year-old widow an...

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  • Suburban Bravery
    Andrew R Duckworth
    In suburban Western Australia at the turn of last century, the threat of fire was both menacing and real. Lives and public infrastructure were destroyed. The need for fire brigades both in Western Australia and across the globe had never been greater.Join the men of the North Perth Fire Brigade as they form their fledgling brigade of 20 men and grow into a respected institution...

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  • Scapegoats of the Empire
    According to persistent rumours, the Australian government suppressed the book because its untold story of a slice of colonial history was an embarrassment to the British Empire.  Opens a window on the Boer War, politics of the empire, and the life of enlisted soldiers of the time. George Witton’s Scapegoats of the Empire was published in 1907; however, only seven copies of th...

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  • The Raffle Gods
    Dan Holliday
    When Beastly nearly kills a friend, he knows it is time to take a rest from his job, as a Kings Cross night club bouncer, and get out of town for a while. Travel with Beastly as he heads out bush to find his sense of self again. In a sense, a 'coming of age' story, with a difference, set in Australia in the 70s or 80s, you will find yourself drawn in from the first page...

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  • Dalton's Gold
    Peter D Matthews
    Renowned historian, philosopher and author, Dr Peter Matthews, has illuminated the events of the Eureka Stockade like never before. This book is the culmination of three years research after his Grandfather, Francis Dalton, shared this amazing story just before he passed away in 1995. John Thomas Dalton was swindled out of the find of the century by the very forces sent to pro...

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  • One Hundred Years of Women Police in Australia
    Tim Prenzler
    In 2015 Australia celebrates the centenary of the country’s first appointment of women police. This fascinating book presents for the first time the story of 100 years of Australian women police. A vital contribution to Australian history as well as modern policing and policy, the book concludes with a simple recipe for eliminating discrimination and optimising the contributio...

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  • Discovering Australia
    Sarah Cloete Jones
    Embark on a captivating journey through the diverse landscapes, rich cultures, and unique experiences that define the enchanting continent of Australia. 'Discovering Australia: A Traveler’s Guide' invites you to explore the extraordinary tapestry of this vast and vibrant land, providing an expertly crafted companion for both first-time visitors and seasoned travelers seeking ne...

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  • Knocking The Top Off
    Knocking The Top Off: A People’s History of Alcohol in Australia explores the changing nature of drinking in Australia and the role it has played in social and economic life over several generations. From the early days of colonisation through to the contemporary moment this heavily illustrated collection chronicles the ways in which alcohol consumption has impacted on, and bee...

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  • Australia’s Grand Slam Tennis Champions
    John Coomer
    Australia has a proud history on the world tennis stage. From pioneers like Jack Crawford, Nancye Wynne (Bolton) and Frank Sedgman, through the golden era of champions like Ken Rosewall, Roy Emerson, Rod Laver, Margaret Smith (Court) and John Newcombe, and on to more recent success stories like those of Ash Barty and Dylan Alcott.This book highlights the achievements of every A...

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  • An Illustrated Journey of Cookie & Co
    Michael owen Perkins / Michael Perkins
    Embarking on an incredible adventure as we traverse the world in celebration of the By-Centenary of Australia 1788-1988, in a mere 152 days, accompanied by COOKIE. Our vehicle of choice. A vibrant yellow 1924 14/40 Vauxhall roadster that goes on to inspire the beloved Pixar/Disney animated film 'CARS,' captivating audiences worldwide and achieving remarkable box office success....

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  • The Langlands
    Edward (Ted) Stephens K.S.J.
    IN 1840 ROBERT LANGLANDS, A YOUNG SCOTTISH MAN, TOOK A HUGE STEP FOR LOVE AND LEFT HIS FAMILY TO EMBARK ON A ROMANTIC ESCAPADE ACROSS THE OCEAN...He shocked his family by deciding to pursue his lady friend who had been deported to Australia for a minor misdemeanour.After arriving in Melbourne, Robert immediately set off to Sydney to ask his girlfriend, Agnes, to marry him.Rober...

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  • Half a Hero (Esprios Classics)
    Anthony Hope
    Sir Anthony Hope Hawkins, better known as Anthony Hope (9 February 1863 - 8 July 1933), was an English novelist and playwright. He was a prolific writer, especially of adventure novels but he is remembered predominantly for only two books: The Prisoner of Zenda (1894) and its sequel Rupert of Hentzau (1898). These works, 'minor classics' of English literature, are set in the co...

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  • The Wild North
    Ion Idriess
    In these pages Ion Idriess has brought together stories gathered and lived in his happy battling years in the wild lands of Australia’s Far North and the islands beyond. Stories of gold and pearls, of land and cattle, of the search for wealth in dangerous and lonely places. Stories of unnamed men and women, white and brown and black, of primitive passions unleashed far beyond t...

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  • Aliens & Savages
    Andrew Enstice / Janeen Webb
    Aliens & Savages is a hands-on historical record of the racism that underpins Australia’s growth as a nation. First published twenty-five years ago, this new and revised edition asks: what has changed? As we approach the referendum on an Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Voice to Parliament, Aliens & Savages is still the only publication of its kind - a survey of racism and...

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  • Indigenous Liberation & Socialism
    Jordan Humphreys
    Australia is a profoundly racist society: the cops continue to murder Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people, land rights are trod on to dig up fossil fuels, far-right vigilantes whip up attacks on Indigenous youth, and the gaps between Indigenous and non-indigenous people endure in income, health, education and housing.As the Liberal Party runs vile, racist campaigns aga...

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  • There’s Glory For You
    Frances Gibson
    The business of the historian, is to remember what others forget: the history of the early community legal centres is not yet forgotten-but it soon may be. Legal centres are not good at recording their past: they are understaffed, resources are stretched, the demands of the work seem urgent and unrelenting, and there’s no time for looking back, reflecting on experiences, honour...

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  • There’s Glory For You
    Frances Gibson
    The business of the historian, is to remember what others forget: the history of the early community legal centres is not yet forgotten-but it soon may be. Legal centres are not good at recording their past: they are understaffed, resources are stretched, the demands of the work seem urgent and unrelenting, and there’s no time for looking back, reflecting on experiences, honour...

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  • 41 South
    Robert Bettelheim / Robert J Bettelheim
    High above Wellington, New Zealand, a sentient radar station continues to sweep the skies long after the collapse of civilisation. Ricky, Stack, Tubs and Zoz play up at the old station, imagining a world of aircraft and faraway places - better places. For Stack, Tubs and Zoz it’s just a cool escape from the relentless desperation of life in the remaining communities of Wellingt...

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  • No Longer Silent
    Australian College of Nursing
    No longer silent: Voices of 21st century nurses is a celebration of the diversity of nursing practice in modern times.It is a far cry from the Nightingale style of nursing Lucy Osburn brought to these shores more than 150 years ago. The authors featured in this book are very aware of nursing history as they celebrate the voices of nurses in the 21st century.The chapters are wri...

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  • The Corruption Of New Zealand
    Perce Harpham
    Everybody belongs to a minority of some sort so there is sympathy for removing "The tyranny of the majority". But this results in the "tyranny of a minority or minorities" and the destruction of democracy. This book explores Government’s obsession for giving Maori different legal rights from all other citizens.A pattern of events and vested interest moves have corrupted our dem...

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  • 75 Years of Christian Witness
    Laurence F Rowston / Maurice French
    In 1984 Maurice French began the journey of capturing the remarkable history of a baptist church in the Northern Suburbs of Hobart. Maurice and his wife Chris, have been constants in the 75-year journey of the Lenah Valley congregation, which is reflected in the words he wrote back then:'This is the history thus far of the Lenah Valley Baptist Church. It is a resumé of a people...

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  • The Van Diemen Anthology 2023
    Chris Champion
    The best of the VAN DIEMEN HISTORY PRIZE 2022-2023 selected by Dr Kristyn Harman, Kirstie Ross, Tony Fenton and Chris Champion.The idea for The Van Diemen History Prize came out of a conversation with Associate Professor Kristyn Harman, of the University of Tasmania. Her idea was then honed to fit the underlying philosophy of Forty South Tasmania - high-quality writing on a Tas...

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  • Diary of a Young Boy
    Barry Revill
    ’In unaffected prose, Barry Revill takes us back to the Australia of his childhood, a time of simple pleasures and caring communities ready to heal each other’s wounds. He shows us that, while some of the ties that bind drag us down, others offer liberation through the grace of small mercies.’ - Paul Mitchell ...

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  • Crossing the Dead Heart
    C.T. Madigan
    This book is a classic narrative of modern exploration; a story of adventure, enterprise and patient scientific exploration, illustrated by photographs taken on the expedition.The Simpson is a sand-ridge desert extending 200 miles (322 km) west to east, the ridges running parallel from north to south at roughly quarter-mile (0.4 km) intervals, some reaching as high as 100 feet ...

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  • Socceroos - A World Cup Odyssey, Volume 1 1965 to 2002
    John Maynard
    The first of two magnificent volumes from Emeritus Professor of History, John Maynard, on the Socceroos journey through World Cup qualifying campaigns. Volume 1 starts with the campaign to make the 1966 World Cup in England, which ended for Australia in Phnom-Penh in 1965; includes the first time Australia qualified for the World Cup held in West Germany in 1974; and ends with ...

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  • Socceroos - A World Cup Odyssey, Volume 2 2006 to 2022
    John Maynard
    The second of two magnificent volumes from Emeritus Professor of History, John Maynard, on the Socceroos journey through World Cup qualifying campaigns. Volume 2 starts with a ’new era’ for the Socceroos with the first of five consecutive successful World Cup qualifying campaigns starting with Germany in 2006 through to Qatar 2022.In that time, the team had five coaches, four c...

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    Anne Henderson
    A fascinating story of a personal rivalry that shaped Australian politics.- Professor Geoffrey Blainey ACMenzies and Evatt are painted in their strengths and flaws, with their shared endeavours and their irreconcilable differences and with their competing views of Australia and the world. Anne Henderson’s account is fresh and compelling, a study in the triumphs, tribulations an...

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  • The Clark Brothers
    Garry Moore
    'This trio of brothers, whose names are almost unknown to the present generation, are deserving of a monument to their memory in each of the respective towns in which they resided, and so liberally assisted to establish as centres in the north-eastern part of Victoria.'North Eastern Ensign, Friday, 30 June 1893, p. 3. ...

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  • The imperial Commonwealth
    Wm. Matthew Kennedy
    The Imperial Commonwealth examines what empire meant to late nineteenth- and early twentieth-century Australian settler colonists, how it seemed to entail special obligations for white settlers of British heritage, and how, in developing settler colonial categories of empire, Australian itself became an empire. ...

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