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  • Indian Art & Culture
    Della Kew / P.E. Goddard
    Art and Culture of the Northwest Coast Indians. The Northwest Coast is the land whose aboriginal inhabitants are distinguished by their large rectangular wooden houses, totems and dug-out canoes, and their dependence upon the products of the sea for their food. They placed great value upon the purity of family descent and the virtue of benevolence in the disposition of property...

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    No han tenido buena prensa las Misiones desde la Independencia hasta el siglo XX en que comenzó a conocerse la documentación. El presente libro de José del rey Fajardo SJ, trata de recoger con el aval documental el difícil tránsito que tuvo que acometer el indígena para abandonar la dispersión en que vivía y tener como puerto de llegada la “reducción-municipio”. Es decir, el pa...

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  • Growing Up in Beloit
    Robert Burdick
    Robert Burdick’s Growing Up in Beloit, serves as both an homage to coming of age in a gentler era, and as a poignant love letter to his beloved Midwestern hometown.  In a lively narrative, Burdick brings to life the universal exuberance and industry of youth, from comic adventures, pranks, and pratfalls, to the more serious business of navigating academics at school and experie...

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  • Murdered Judges of the Twentieth Century
    Susan P. Baker
    Although there have been individual books published about famous murder cases ranging from serial killers, mass murderers and more . . . .'Murdered Judges of the Twentieth Century' is the first collection of its kind. Susan P. Baker started this project because she was concerned with the prevalence of violence in American courthouses in the 1980s and 1990s. She had always thoug...

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  • The Blessings of Liberty
    Francis Pickens Miller
    Defining liberty as balance between freedom and security, the author speculates on the possibilities of the preservation of liberty and the Union. This is dependent on the subordination of commercial activities, sectional interests, and our varying social traditions to a common purpose--one that transcends and conditions all citizens to a continuing operation of our democracy o...

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  • George B. McClellan
    Bryan Conrad / H. J. Eckenrode / HJEckenrode
    In their study, the authors redeem the most ill-judged man in American history' and point out that it was he who took command of the Union forces and probably saved the Union cause. More than the stry of McClellan, it is the story of the nation’s capital fearful of invasion, of a Washington dominated by politicians and partisans, and of military intrigue in high places.'Origina...

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  • The Culture of Early Charleston
    Frederick P. Bowes / Frederick PBowes
    In the golden days of its material prosperity, Charleston built a pattern of culture whose opulence and grace have not been duplicated elsewhere in America. No American city espoused the cause of independence with more courage and spirit. This study of the culture of early Charleston adds to our knowledge of the American past and the American tradition.Originally published in 1...

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  • Hip Santa Cruz 2
    Ralph Abraham
    First person accounts from pioneers of the Hip Culture of Santa Cruz in the 1960s and 1970s, including: Doug Hansen, Pat Miller, Lee Quarnstrom, Lex van Zyl, Stanley D. Stephens, Raven Lang, Jodi Frediani, Rosalie Allen Taylor, Estelle Fein, Gerd Stern, Fritjof Capra, T. Mike Walker, Ralph H. Abraham, Glenn Allen Howard, John Livingston, Ray Gwyn, Kate Bowland. ...

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  • Color Historic Jacksonville
    Anne Brooke Hawkins
    Living in Jacksonville, Oregon for 24 years gives me a special vision of the many facets of this historic community. Driving into town, a traffic sign reduces your speed from 45 mph to 25. You see the town in the distance as you put your foot on the brake and with a sigh you think, God’s in his heaven, all’s right with the world!Coloring books have enjoyed a surge in popularity...

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  • How Great a Crime - to tell the truth
    Neil Kay / Steven Kay
    Joseph Gales was one of the all-time great Sheffielders – forget Joe Cocker, Jessica Ennis-Hill, Sean Bean or Michael Palin. These are all minnows compared to Joseph Gales – and their stories are boring besides that of the Galeses. The Galeses story has been forgotten and has not been brought together in one place before – it is not just something dredged up from history – an i...

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  • The Great National Divides
    Paul Brakke
    THE GREAT NATIONAL DIVIDES discusses the many divisions in the United States and how to fix these divides to reunite this great country.  It begins by tracing a first divide back to the origins of the racial divide going back to Civil War times.  Then it discusses our bleak present, reflected in the controversy over the killings of blacks by cops and the Black Lives Matter move...

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  • Nashville Baseball History
    Bill Traughber
    Nashville is a Big League city despite never having been home to a major league team. From the Civil War era, to star-studded exhibitions, to outstanding Negro Leagues teams, to some of the great minor league franchises of all time, few cities have as rich a baseball tradition as Nashville, Tennessee.Nashville sports historian Bill Traughber, who has been writing about baseball...

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  • Mr Menzies' Garden Legacy
    Clive Lionel Justice
    The information found in this history represents a life of interest in plants of the coastal region by the author. This interest undoubtedly relates to the author’s roots on a Gulf Island in the Strait of Georgia. There is a special afinity with the sea and the land that is developed when one grows up on these islands. There is also great appreciation for the conservation and l...

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  • The Native American Cookbook Recipes From Native American Tribes
    G.W. Mullins
    Light Of The Moon Publishing along with Author G.W. Mullins and Illustrator / Artist C.L. Hause have joined together to explore Native American Indian Cooking.  More than just a cookbook, this Native American recipe collection offers a look into a forgotten past.  'The Native American Cookbook Recipes From Native American Tribes,' offers a large collection of recipes from and i...

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  • The Road to Louisiana
    David Cheramie
    This anthology constitutes the first attempt to fill comprehensively one of the most enduring lacunae in Louisiana historiography—the French-Antillian migration to the lower Mississippi Valley. Generations of Louisiana historians have neglected this influx, involving more than 10,000 Saint-Domingue refugees between 1792 and 1810. These newcomers were subsequently joined by far ...

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  • Entre la aceptación y el rechazo - El reto de vivir en Cuba
    Raudel García Bringas
    “Eres un símbolo de la ­fidelidad de Dios y la integridad del hombre. Eres un Job de la era moderna. Con Dios siempre tendremos un ­final feliz, y si este momento no es un momento feliz, entonces significa que no es el ­final” Pbro. Guillermo Ramos Mantilla Miembro de la Junta Directiva de la Convención Bautista de Cuba Occidental y profesor del Seminario Teológico Bautista d...

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  • '...and the Mille Lacs who have no reservation...'
    Clarence Ralph Fitz
    The book chronologically explains the bungling of the federal government as they attempted to be fair to the Indians while at the same time moving them out of the way of settlement. It also delves into the interaction between the Sioux and the Chippewa, including the joint attempt in 1862 to kill all the white people in Minnesota, and how the results of that interaction affecte...

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  • The Headless Horseman of Booger Holler and Other Dover Tales
    Mindy Campbell Hudson
    Collected through firsthand interviews, author Mindy Campbell Hudson brings local lore to life in The Headless Horseman of Booger Holler and Other Dover Tales with stories of Dover, Arkansas's own legends, history, and supernatural tales. Complete with photographs of historical Dover, this collection of tales captures the legacy and traditions of rural Arkansas and sets it ...

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  • Pan-Africanism and Education
    Kenneth J. King / Kenneth JKing
    This is an analysis of the complex links between Black America and Africa in the period of 1880 to 1945. It examines an extended white attempt to pattern politics and education in colonial Africa upon the example of the U.S. South. This export of United States race relations to Africa was resisted by Black intellectuals in the United States and many of the early nationalists in...

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  • Freedom by a Thread
    Freedom by a Thread: The History of Quilombos in Brazil brings together some of the best scholars in the world working on the history of quilombos (maroon societies) in Brazil from a variety of perspectives and approaches. Over 40 percent of the total volume of captive Africans arrived in Brazil during a 400-year period of legal and contraband transatlantic slaving. If slavery ...

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                                                      The Hamiltons                The experiences of the Danbury Hamilton family run through 350 years of U.S. history.  Originating in Glasgow in 1640, family members hunted whales off Cape Cod and were charged with witchcraft.  They purchased large swaths of land on Bear Mountain in Danbury’s Pembroke district.  They served as mil...

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  • Maya Math Simplified
    Njord Kane
    The Mystery of Maya Math Code is solved and simplified! Presented in a manner that is not long winded by explaining centuries of theories regarding ancient mathematics, Maya philosophy, and history. This book jumps straight into the Maya mathematical system in a simplified and easy to understand manner. There are many books already out there regarding the Maya, their history an...

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  • A Public Spirit
    George H. Atkinson
    George Henry Atkinson (1819-89) was a son of New England who arrived in the Oregon Territory in 1848, sent by the American Home Missionary Society. Although his commission from the Society specified that his work was to be ecclesiastical and educational, he took an approach to that assignment which went well beyond his mandate. Well-informed and energetic, he made an impact on ...

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  • From Dillenburg to Texas
    Ursula Hatzfel / Henry Salzhandler
    From Dillenberg to Texas is a thoroughly researched history of the conditions in Germany of the mid-1840s that led to the establishment of a Society of Nobles to help create a German colony in the Republic of Texas.  It traces the Society's actions to purchase land in the Hill Country of Texas and create a system to transport emigrants to that land and settle it.  It concen...

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  • Decryption of the Lipstick Killer Wall Code
    Loren L Swearingen
    DECRYPTION OF THE LIPSTICK KILLER WALL MESSAGE - The most important clue in the infamous murder of Chicago's Frances Brown is the lipstick writing on the living room wall of Miss Brown's apartment, which read: 'For heavens [sic] sake catch me before I kill more I cannot control myself'. This book will show that this message is encrypted. It will be decrypted and analyzed. The...

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  • A Study of Prehistoric Soapstone Vessels of the Middle Atlantic Region of the United States
    Gary D. Shaffer / Gary DShaffer
    This study began with an intensive search to identify all prehistoric sites with soapstone artifacts in Maryland and the District of Columbia. A review of published and unpublished records and interviews with avocational archaeologists found that the number of (precisely and imprecisely mapped) is at least 340. Avocational archaeologists had collected most of the reported soaps...

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  • Variación Esqueletal Humana y Contexto Arqueológico
    María Carolina Barboza
    South American Archaeology Series No 23Reliable sex and age estimate on human bone remains is a fundamental aspect in bioarchaeological investigation since such estimates represent the basis on which supplementary studies aiming at contributing to the knowledge of biological and cultural aspects of prehistoric populations are structured. However, since many features, both metri...

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  • Artefactos Domésticos de Casas Posclásicas en Cuexcomate y Capilco, Morelos
    This book is the second volume of the report on excavations at the Aztec-period sites of Cuexcomate and Capilco, carried out in 1986. This book is the first complete report of the entire range of artefacts excavated from Aztec domestic contexts. It is a descriptive report that focuses on the artefacts in addition to reporting the system of analysis and the artefact sampling pro...

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  • Publicola
    John Quincy Adams
    The letters of Publicola, a fascinating window into the debate that occurred in the early days of the French Revolution, before significant blood had been shed in France, before the French people had beheaded their king and queen, before the Reign of Terror, before Napoleon was a name of any significance, and before all of Europe became engulfed in war, written anonymously by J...

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  • Gringo Lessons
    Bill Whaley
    Gringo Lessons: Twenty Years of Terror in Taos is a tale of modern adventure about a young man, who experienced the local culture from 1966 to 1987. There he met the community: skiers, La Gente, los vato locos, Chicano activists and their Spanish contemporaries, the artists, drug dealers, fellow soldiers, tempting sirens, the occasional movie star, and a host of con artists. Fi...

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