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  • Developing Organizational Maturity for Effective Project Management
    Despite criticism for their serious shortcomings, maturity models are widely used within organizations. The appropriate applications of these models can lead to organizational and corporate success. Developing Organizational Maturity for Effective Project Management is a critical scholarly publication that explores the successes and failures of maturity models and how they can ...

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  • The Project Manager
    Amy S Hamilton
    The Project Manager: Life is a Project is a business fable designed to teach readers how to apply simple project management techniques to their daily lives to become more organized and reach their goals.The story follows Ashley, who is a very good project manager who has a chaotic personal life. She is mentored by Thomas Robert Morgan, a legendary project manager, who believes ...

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  • The Shortest Distance Between You and Your New Product, 2nd Edition
    Katherine Radeka
    Do your products take too long to get to market? The Rapid Learning Cycles framework is an approach to product development that has helped hundreds of teams get their products to market faster.When you can get your product into customers' hands faster, you see your vision brought to life sooner. You can beat any competition to market with your best ideas. You can shorten th...

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  • Strategic Management and Leadership for Systems Development in Virtual Spaces
    Christian Graham
    Leadership and the traditional concept of what makes an effective leader is being challenged in the 21st century. Today, many teams are dispersed across time, geography, and cultures and coordinating those team using traditional concepts of leadership and management has been challenging. Strategic Management and Leadership for Systems Development in Virtual Spaces provides insi...

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  • Economic Optimization of Innovation & Risk
    Robert Shuler
    A Theory of Crash Rate for Private & Public Projects with Critical or non-Critical systems.Analyzing & managing risk has been a quest for 5000 years, and is essential to everything from water supplies, finance, and agriculture to computers and space travel. At last there is a quantitative theory and a simple equation that allows you to: - choose your failure rate - get there...

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  • SAP Lessons Learned--Human Capital Management
    LaShonda Rahming / Scott Burton / Steven Chihos
    SAP implementations are always a challenge. An enterprise will deploy its top resources, human and infrastructural, towards a SAP implementation--and yet fall short. Why? Simply because it is the nature of the beast. Typically, SAP implementations are large and complex, involving multiple locations, stakeholder groups and business interests. During an implementation, multiple i...

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  • Don't Spook the Herd!
    Dan Miller
    The word Agile has grown to mean many things. You’re not alone if you have ever found yourself thinking: “What is agile, really? Does agile work? How can I use agile on my projects?” It seems every man and his dog has an interpretation these days. There is a world of confusion about what works, what doesn’t, what is worth your time and what is just noise.Don’t Spook the Herd! i...

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  • Contemporary Approaches and Strategies for Applied Logistics
    Evaluating the role of logistics and supply chain management skills or applications is necessary for the success of any organization or business. As market competition becomes more aggressive, it is crucial to evaluate ways in which a business can maintain a strategic edge over competitors. Contemporary Approaches and Strategies for Applied Logistics is a critical scholarly res...

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  • Managing Project Risks for Competitive Advantage in Changing Business Environments
    Risk management is a vital concern in any organization. In order to succeed in the competitive modern business environment, the decision-making process must be effectively governed and managed. Managing Project Risks for Competitive Advantage in Changing Business Environments presents critical discussions on effective risk management in projects and methods to ensure overall su...

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  • Decluttering Your Life
    Taylor Avery
     Struggling to find peace amid the chaos? Embrace the power of decluttering with this transformative book.Learn to let go of the unnecessary and create a life of clarity, purpose, and serenity. ...

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  • Aligning Instructional Design With Business Goals
    Kristopher Newbauer
    Evaluation-oriented instructional design that delivers business results.Rethink how to design training instruction to meet bottom-line business goals. With his eight-step framework for measurement and evaluation-focused instructional design, Kristopher Newbauer offers a straightforward process for helping instructional designers and talent development (TD) leaders demonstrate a...

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  • Applied Business Transformation
    Roger E. Warren
    It became clear to me that students were struggling because they did not have a solid understanding of how businesses work. Their questions were valid. Project management students were being parachuted into the middle of the concept of project management without any business context. When they tried to connect the dots, there was no context for them, and there was also no conte...

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  • Scrum Release Management
    Paul C. Porter
    Whether you are new to agile methods or have prior experience, this book will provide you with valuable insights. You will learn how to effectively combine Scrum, Lean Startup, and User Story Mapping to respond to the ever-changing demands of the market, with clear guidance and examples. By employing proved agile principles, you can transform your work, enhance your processes, ...

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  • Gateway Framework
    Asian Development Bank
    For tackling complex global challenges, this publication advises how a Gateway Process (GP) can help the Asian Development Bank’s developing member countries channel scarce public resources into viable, sustainable, efficient infrastructure investments.Supporting ministries of finance and related agencies, the publication explains how GPs can enhance the preparation, procuremen...

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  • Building a Body of Knowledge in Project Management in Developing Countries
    George Ofori
    This book presents a state-of-the-art account of the recent developments and needs for project management in developing countries. It adds to the current state of knowledge on project management in general by capturing current trends, how they widen the content and scope of the field, and why there is a need for a specialist body of knowledge for developing countries. Eminent e...

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  • Practical Project Stakeholder Management
    Project stakheholder management is a key ingredient for project success.  One of the most challenging aspects on projects is managing stakeholder expectations and getting their commitment and buy-in to the project. Written by an experienced Project Management consultant, trainer and coach, this book will provide you with the know-how, techniques and templates you need to conduc...

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  • The Sabbatical Method
    Alyson Caffrey
    How can rest save your life and your business?Ian Taylor, who summited Everest in 2008, reports that the most common setback for Everest climbers is not giving themselves enough down time during their expeditions. Climbers need ample time to rest and prepare for the increasingly difficult sections of their climbs. Compared to the most rigorous Everest trainees, entrepreneurs sp...

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  • Principles of Management (paperback, b&w)
    Anastasia H. Cortes / David S. Bright / Eva Hartmann
    Black & white print.Principles of Management is designed to meet the scope and sequence requirements of the introductory course on management. This is a traditional approach to management using the leading, planning, organizing, and controlling approach. Management is a broad business discipline, and the Principles of Management course covers many management areas such as huma...

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  • Principles of Management (hardcover, full color)
    Anastasia H. Cortes / David S. Bright / Eva Hartmann
    Color print.Principles of Management is designed to meet the scope and sequence requirements of the introductory course on management. This is a traditional approach to management using the leading, planning, organizing, and controlling approach. Management is a broad business discipline, and the Principles of Management course covers many management areas such as human resour...

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  • Agile and Lean Program Management
    Johanna Rothman
    Scale collaboration, not process.If you’re trying to use agile and lean at the program level, you’ve heard of several approaches, all about scaling processes. If you duplicate what one team does for several teams, you get bloat, not delivery. Instead of scaling the process, scale everyone’s collaboration.With autonomy, collaboration, and exploration, teams and program level peo...

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  • Capire il Diagramma di Gantt
    Olivier Rebiere
    Capire e finalmente padroneggiare il diagramma di Gantt!Dovete gestire un progetto complesso?Volete acquisire metodi semplici per generare idee, organizzarle nello spazio e nel tempo?Questo piccolo manuale vi aiuterà!Scoprite metodi testati e semplici strumenti digitali gratuiti che vi semplificheranno la vita e vi aiuteranno veramente :-)Come imprenditori, scrittori e formator...

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  • Maîtriser le Diagramme de Gantt
    Olivier Rebiere
    Comprendre et enfin maîtriser le diagramme de Gantt!Vous devez gérer un projet complexe?Vous voulez acquérir des méthodes simples pour générer des idées, les organiser dans l’espace et dans le temps?Ce petit manuel « Maîtriser le diagramme de Gantt » va vous aider!Découvrez des méthodes testées et des outils numériques gratuits simples qui vont vous faciliter la vie et vraiment...

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  • Ace Your Freelancer Game
    AF Delk
    Ace Your Freelancer Game: Crafting a Winning Resume and Tips for Success is a comprehensive guide that delves into the intricacies of freelancing and provides valuable insights, tips, and best practices for aspiring and experienced freelancers alike. The book aims to equip freelancers with the knowledge and skills they need to boost their chances of getting hired, building a su...

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    René Monteil
    Dr. René Monteil graduated from the University of London with BSc and PhD degrees in Chemistry. He was elected a Fellow of the Royal Society of Chemists after his research with Nobel Laureate, Sir Derek Barton, at Imperial College, London. He has held academic positions at the University of the West Indies at both the Mona and St Augustine campuses in the departments of Chemist...

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  • ¿Qué es un Diagrama de Gantt?
    Cristina Rebiere / Olivier Rebiere
    ¿Qué es un diagrama de Gantt? Comprender y utilizar con eficacia el software libre Gantt Project para la gestión de proyectos Comprender y utilizar con eficacia el software gratuito « Gantt Project » para la gestión de proyectos educativosEl objetivo de este libro es permitir a los principiantes intermedios y jefes de proyecto crear y actualizar en tiempo real un diagrama de Ga...

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  • Project Management for Associates
    Lynn Smith
    The goal of this book is to provide comprehensive coverage of all concepts outlined in the 2023 content outline for the Certified Associate in Project Management (CAPM) exam. The concepts are organized in a clear and easy-to-follow manner, and the book strives for conciseness with an intended length of 300 pages. It is important to note that while this book aims to be a valuabl...

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  • Dedicated Transportation Management
    Christopher Ackiss
    Book Description:A compilation of management and design strategies for implementing change while also maintaining normalcy in a dedicated transportation operation. ...

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  • Mastering the Gantt chart
    Cristina Rebiere / Olivier Rebiere
    Mastering the Gantt Chart Understand and use the "Gantt Project" open source software efficiently! Understand and finally master the Gantt chart!You have to manage a complex project?Want to acquire simple methods to generate ideas, organize them in space and time?This little eGuide « Mastering the Gantt Chart » will help you!Discover tested methods and simple free digital tools...

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  • Managing Information Technology Projects
    Information Technology project management has changed dramatically over recent years. Drawing on the experiences of successful project management beyond the IT industry and synergizing cutting edge research with well-established practices in the IT industry, this book prefigures the ’next normal’ in IT project management.As a milestone publication, this book augments and boosts...

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  • Project Management for Writers
    Diane Wordsworth
    Book 2 of a 5-book series In my many years as a freelance writer, I must have read hundreds of books on the subject of how to write. In that time, I’ve picked things up, tried them or not tried them, and either cast them to one side or adopted them. As new books have come along, I’ve had a look, and if I’ve liked what I’ve seen, I’ve tried something new. Sometimes these things ...

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