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  • Close-Up Micro Photos and Effects - Mark Xiornik Rozen Pettinelli
    Mark Rozen Pettinelli
    These are close up micro photos - that is, photos that are taken at close range. Close to the actual object that is being photographed. There are also modifications of those photos done with various effects. ...

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  • Business Road Warriors
    Eddie Morgan
    This book includes images of terminals, equipment, the workers and the crew who made the system function.  In addition, it includes images of some fellow travelers and the personal stories of the crew and the travelers.The pilots and flight attendants were professionals who were the face of the industry to the travelling public. They each had a story, and many shared those stor...

    29,05 €

  • Restaurant Kitchens of Miami
    Jacob Katel
    Starting in 2008, I began calling the best restaurants all over Miami and asking if I could go in their kitchens on their busiest nights and take photos for a couple of hours. A lot of times in life, all you gotta do is ask; and more importantly, follow through. Thankfully, everybody said, “Yes!” This artistic survey represents some of the best restaurant kitchens of Miami from...

    53,79 €

  • Flowers for the Soul
    Narad Richard M. Eggenberger
    Within the pages of this book are the inspired utterances of writers and poets, philosophers and teachers, seers, sages, saints and mystics, of gardeners and those who simply love and admire the beauty of flowers and the deeper meaning of their presence on earth. May the light contained in the poetry, sayings and observations of these sensitive, often enlightened souls, fill yo...

    50,21 €

  • Our World
    1000 Tales Co-op Ltd
    Our World is the flagship project of 1000 tales Co-op Ltd. It aims to highlight the diversity of both our lands and its peoples. It is a coffee table book featuring up and coming photographers from around the world. Each photograph is accompanied by a short written piece about the world from the perspective of the Photographer. These pieces were written in the photographer’s na...

    16,63 €

  • Samurai Seasons Exposed
    Daniel H. Wieczorek / Daniel HWieczorek / Kazuya Numazawa
    Daniel and Kazuya created three different print edition calendars for 2014.  The titles are shown below and these are still available through Amazon and other book sellers.2014 Photo Calendar Showing Japan Mountains and Mountain Flowers2014 Photo Calendar – Japan’s Flowers, Plants & Trees2014 Photo Calendar – Japan Mountain SceneryThey only created one calendar for 2015.  The t...

    32,94 €

    Jan-Willem Dikkers
    Conversations unfold between cover star My Friend Dahmer’s Ross Lynch and Derf Backderf, as well as Brandi Carlile and TORRES’ Mackenzie Scott. Director Jessica M. Thompson discusses her new film The Light of The Moon with lead actor Stephanie Beatriz. Winfried Bullinger details his photobook At The Edges of Power. Collaborators Alex Cameron and Roy Malloy answer questions from...

    26,62 €

  • Galveston Architecture
    Galveston Historical Foundation / Pino Shah
    Galveston Architecture: A Visual Journey’ is a photographic journey of the architecture and history of select 100 buildings in Galveston, Texas with photographs by World Heritage Photographer, Pino Shah and narratives by Galveston Historical Foundation (GHF). ...

    75,50 €

  • Architecture of the Lower Rio Grande Valley
    Pino Shah / Stephen Fox
    Through photographs, 'Architecture of the Lower Rio Grande Valley: An Introduction,' celebrates the architecture of the Texas-Mexico border region, its craftsmen, its cultures and its climate. The architectural images by Pino Shah provide a journey through 160 years of history and heritage, revealing the border’s built environment as filtered through diverse cultures: M...

    60,48 €

  • Other California
    Andrey Vlasov / Daria Labonina
    What is the first thing you think of when you hear the word: 'California'? The answer is as plain as the day - ocean, golden sand, palm trees, wind in the hair, relaxed and smiling people. But, it's not that simple, California is not just fun by the beach. It is much more interesting than just bright leaflets made for tourists.If you want to get acquainted with 'other' Cali...

    39,98 €

  • Outdoor Photography of Japan
    Daniel H. Wieczorek / Daniel HWieczorek
    A Book of Photos taken in eastern and northern Japan through the autumn months only. Daniel has been living in Japan for over 14 years and he and Kazuya have known each other for about 13 of those years. They have been traveling around together and doing photography in northern and eastern Japan and exhibiting their work on their respective websites.Friends have been encouragin...

    38,50 €

  • San Francisco
    Andrey Vlasov / Daria Labonina
    San Francisco is a city of free and relaxed spirit, contrasts and conflicts, liberal views and traditional values, unusual past and wealthy present. It will never leave you indifferent. Indeed, everyone who has ever been to this city always wants to come back.What is it, San Francisco?It’s a city of contrasts.Visiting the city for the first time you get surprised with the thick...

    36,72 €

  • Power and Piety
    Graham Hobster / Günter Endres
    This series of books is intended to provide a unique fully illustrated record of monastic houses in the British Isles, with gazetteer, description and photographs of the most interesting and elaborate architectural remains, and brief historic coverage of significant events. Coverage ranges from the most impressive survivals to a single fragment of wall languishing unheralded in...

    58,31 €

  • Climbing a Few of Japan’s 100 Famous Mountains - Volume 13
    Daniel H. Wieczorek / Daniel HWieczorek
    Not everyone summits mountains and not everyone can capture the experience with stunning photographs. Daniel and Kazuya have done just that! Join them on the boundary between Nagano and Yamanashi Prefectures, Japan to share their climbs of Mt. Yatsugatake and view through their camera's eye several of the landmarks here. They've captured Mt. Akadake, the highest peak of...

    41,55 €

  • Urine Need of Art & Philosophy
    Ashley J Hansen
    this is a book of restroom graffiti around Dallas and Austin texas. Some of it is funny, insightful, and also crude. Most of it is gone now. This is a hilarious documentation of drunk philosophies, insights, and nonsense. 3 ...

    24,96 €

  • Sinéad O’Connor 48
    Andrew Catlin
    Sinéad O'Connor 48 reproduces the chronological sequence of photographs from one of the first photographic shoots with Sinéad for a magazine cover, including the out-takes. It gives a fascinating insight into both Sinéad at a turning point in her life, as she was becoming famous, and into the process of a photographic portrait as frame by frame the picture is rearranged and...

    27,44 €

  • Barack Obama
    Ben Arogundade
    Dramatic and startling — The GuardianWitness Barack Obama as you’ve never seen him before — as feminist, communist, fashion model, Jew, Muslim terrorist, Messiah, Superman, George Washington, President Roosevelt, Julius Caesar and Hindu deity Lord Shiva.Obama: 101 Best Covers shows America’s ex-president in all these guises and more, on the front pages of the world’s leading pr...

    58,22 €

  • Let the Spirit Move You
    Lynn Noble
    Let the Spirit Move You, is a beautiful blending of Poetry that is inspirational,uplifting and insightful along with Photography that is rare, sacred and unprecedented.Lynn Noble communicates from a universal perspective with an undeniable honesty and truth.Her message is simplistic, profound and eloquent.She takes you on a journey, inspired by Spirit, to help you navigate life...

    36,20 €

  • Mad Scientist with a Camera Presents
    A collection of costumes photographed at Dragon Con 2013 by Bryan Humphrey. Over 200 different costumers featuring over 300 different costumes from Anime, Steampunk, Superheroes, Science Fiction and Pop Culture. 3 ...

    100,96 €

  • Notes From London
    Ilene Winn-Lederer
    Notes From London: Above & Below is an unusual 42 page collection of annotated illustrations culled from journals carried on the artist’s travels there between 2002 and 2009. These images are more than the straight reportage of Brits, bridges, buildings and double-decker buses that characterize travel brochures, posters and a myriad of merchandise. They are a synthesis of actua...

    35,82 €

  • Mystical Moods of Ireland, Vol. I
    James A. Truett / James ATruett
    Do you feel a deep connection with Ireland, but a visit isn’t possible right now? Or perhaps you’ve already experienced the enchantment of the Irish countryside firsthand and, you left your heart there?Let yourself be whisked away to the Emerald Isle right from the comfort of your home through the pages of Mystical Moods of Ireland, Vol. I: Enchanted Celtic Skies, the first vol...

    24,43 €

  • Carpe Nocturne Magazine Summer 2017
    Visual Adjectives
    Carpe Nocturne is the preeminent digital and print publication to feature the alternative subculture and eclectic creative offerings of all things Fantasy, Goth, Sci-Fi, Steampunk, and every genre in between. We are a publication that features aspects of the contemporary creative cultures and subcultures to include Art, Entertainment, Fashion, Interviews, Life and Style, Film a...

    21,04 €

  • Colorful Artwork Photos by Mark Xiornik Rozen Pettinelli
    Mark Rozen Pettinelli
    Colorful Artwork Photos by Mark Xiornik Rozen Pettinelli has what the title of the book says, photos of artwork and colorful paintings of Mark Pettinelli. The colors are very bright however the paintings are classic. ...

    9,11 €

  • The Crystal Coffin and Other Notes on Photography
    Patrick Reynolds
    The Crystal Coffin and Other Notes on Photography is a volume of both photography and writing by Patrick Reynolds, consisting of eighty photographs and accompanying essays. The photographic work presented within The Crystal Coffin includes a selection of landscape imagery and portraiture taken between 2011 and 2015 in Chicago, New York, Los Angeles, suburban Massachusetts, Lisb...

    54,11 €

  • Outdoor Photography of Japan
    Daniel H. Wieczorek / Daniel HWieczorek / Kazuya Numazawa
    This is a book of photographs which were taken in eastern and northern Japan (most of the prefectures to the east and north of the black line on the map below) through the four seasons of the year. At the time this book was published (June 2011) Daniel had been living in Japan for over 10 years and he and Kazuya Numazawa had known each other for about 9.5 of those years. They...

    54,64 €

  • True Confessions of Nude Photography
    A K Nicholas
    A Step-by-Step Guide to Recruiting Beautiful Models, Lighting, Photographing Nudes, Post-Processing Images, and Maybe Even Getting Paid to Do It. (third edition)Prior experience with nude models is not required to benefit from this how-to guide. This guide can be enjoyed by anyone, but is written for two main audiences: the accomplished photographer wanting insight from a peer,...

    23,60 €

  • The Deep Ark
    The Arkonauts
    A psychedelic odyssey that plunges the reader into a mythic exurban world of wonder, ritual & friendship, The Deep Ark blurs the lines between the imagined, the real and the invoked. Moments of tenderness, humor, grief, joy and revelatory intensity combine to form a fragmented narrative of astonishing lyrical beauty, suffused with an abiding reverence for the music, memories, c...

    48,57 €

  • Adult Coloring Book Fashion
    Regina Peay
    Embark on a captivating journey into the world of fashion with ’Adult Coloring Book Fashion’ - an exciting collection that showcases fashion design, modern outfits, beautiful dresses, as well as dazzling and trendy designs, all ready to be colored for fashion-forward teens and stylish adults, offering a relaxing and creative experience.Each page becomes an artistic challenge, w...

    20,03 €

  • TSUBA - in Rolling Brook Gallery, Special Collections
    S. J. King
    Rolling Brooks Gallery hosts an eclectic range of hand-carved timber artworks, snuff bottles, antique/vintage carved camphor chests, and many East Asian edged weapons. The Tsuba, hand guard to the Samurai warrior’s Katana, has captivated the Gallery’s heart and holds centre stage. This book is a result of the gallery’s current digitisation efforts and is the first official poin...

    34,37 €

  • Diamonds
    Petra Drahova
    Diamonds - colouring with a difference is a colouring book with more than 100 patterns, created only with diamond shapes. Patterns are simple and large enough for small children. If you are older you can use more than one colour or your decorations. Make it your own. ...

    23,03 €