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  • How Science Can Help Us Live In Peace
    Markolf H Niemz / James D Dunn
    Award-winning biophysicist Markolf H. Niemz puts into a nutshell what the top 3 scientists on earth have discovered. Charles Darwin: Animal and man are not two. Albert Einstein: Space and time are not two. Alfred N. Whitehead: The world and I are not two. The world we live in is non-dualistic. Nature is crying for peace, but we shut off foreign from native, poor from rich, othe...

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  • Economic and Philosophic Manuscripts of 1844
    Karl Marx
    In the Economic and Philosophic Manuscripts of 1844 Marx explains how, under capitalism, people rely on labor to live. In the past people could rely on Nature itself for their natural needs; in modern society, if one wants to eat, one must work: it is only through money that one may survive. Thus, man becomes a slave to his wages. It is only through his work that he can find en...

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  • Have Faith in Massachusetts
    Calvin Coolidge
    'Calvin Coolidge is generally remembered as our most laconic President, to the point that most jokes about him revolve around the silence of ''Silent Cal.'' But the President of Amherst College, while conferring on Coolidge an honorary Doctor of Laws, praised him for teaching the lesson of ''adequate brevity.''Before he went to Washington as Vice President, and then succeeded t...

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  • The New Atlantis
    Francis Bacon
    In this work, Bacon portrayed a vision of the future of human discovery and knowledge, expressing his aspirations and ideals for humankind. The novel depicts the creation of a utopian land where 'generosity and enlightenment, dignity and splendour, piety and public spirit' are the commonly held qualities of the inhabitants of 'Bensalem'. ...

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  • Meditations in Water
    Ashi Olshan
    Imagine meditations that are actually refreshing, physically pain-free, & fun. Ashi introduces his 35 original 'Liquid Flying' meditations – both active and inactive – practiced in tubs, pools, lakes, rivers and oceans. Designed to heal your body-mind, restore your spirit, create intimacy, and help you function optimally. For: people interested in finding joy through self-re...

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  • Solidarity
    Andrea Sangiovanni
    Andrea Sangiovanni presents a ground-breaking essay on the important but contested concept of solidarity, which is then critiqued by a group of leading philosophers and political theorists. ...

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  • Bethlehem’s Struggle for Resistance
    Jerry G. Kaufman
    Embark on a compelling regional case study delving into the complexities of higher education institutions, employees, and students in the occupied Palestinian town of Bethlehem. Presented in a three-article format, this project employs a unique blend of autoethnography, mapping, photo documentation, interviews, and direct observation to shed light on the multifaceted dimensions...

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  • The Social Direction of Evolution - An Outline of the Science of Eugenics
    William E. Kellicott
    This small volume is based upon three lectures on Eugenics delivered at Oberlin College in April, 1910. In preparing them for publication manyextensions and a few additions have been made in order to present the subject more adequately and to include some very recent results of eugenic investigation.Few subjects have come into deserved prominence more rapidly than has Eugenics....

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  • Damned Agitator
    Michael Gold
    The most comprehensive collection of writings by an important twentieth-century radical writer. ...

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  • The Republican Hero
    Michael Lusztig
    Explores the question of whether heroes matter in the modern republic. ...

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  • Essays on Political Economy
    Frederic Bastiat
    Essays on Political Economy is a classic collection book of political science essays by Frederic Bastiat.  My object in this treatise is to examine into the real nature of the Interest of Capital, for the purpose of proving that it is lawful, and explaining why it should be perpetual.  This may appear singular, and yet, I confess, I am more afraid of being too plain than too ob...

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  • A Discouraging (de)Creation of Brazilians
    Sebastián Ronderos
    As political crises and social unrest proliferate worldwide, the appeal of populism growssteadily in various fora, including academic fora. In this respect, an abundance of scholarlypublications has sought, through the study of populism, to unravel important aspects ofcontemporary political and social dynamics. Discourse theory scholars, in particular, haveplayed an important r...

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  • Equality and Excellence in Ancient and Modern Political Philosophy
    Interpretations of critically important texts in political philosophy from Greek antiquity to modern times on the tension between human excellence and equality and its possible resolution. ...

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  • The Politics of Orientation
    Hannah Richter
    Interlinks Gilles Deleuze’s critical philosophy with Niklas Luhmann’s systems theory to unpack contemporary democratic politics as a contest for complexity-reducing orientation in sense. ...

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  • The Nature of the Political Left & Right
    Christopher Angle
     This book (in the manner of the Socratic dialogue) explains what is the nature of politics, and what is the anthropological evolution of the political party by defining the essence of the political left and right and their respective raisons d’etre, what motivates them, and the nature of their ethics. The explanation is contained in seven Dictums. Further, the book demonstra...

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  • El culto del capital
    Dario Gentili / Elettra Stimilli / Mauro Ponzi
    Este libro recoge los textos producidos a partir del primerSeminario habido el año 2013 en el Seminario Permanentede Estudios benjaminianos creado por la AssociazioneItaliana Walter Benjamin (AWB), que estuvo dedicado ala lectura y comentario del conocido fragmento de WalterBenjamin «Kapitalismus als Religion» (El capitalismocomo religión) de 1921. En este fragmento, en unas po...

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  • Fuglyface
    Christopher Trackim
    A mugshot perspective from cynical realism on personalities and character idealism. Ten critiques of the social construct of people with questionable conduct. Short stories and social commentary of an abnormal view to indulge the wary. ...

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  • The Giant Computer Answers Life’s Mysteries
    Geoff Pridham
    One day we will be able to build a computer big enough and smart enough to be able to take all the world’s knowledge and use it to calculate the best possible answers for us.But that day still seems far away.Why wait? Geoff Pridham has short-circuited the journey and worked out what this Giant Computer from the future would be likely to say. It’s all here in this book.Politics,...

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  • Ecosystem Alarm Management
    Aidan T Parkinson
    Ecosystem Alarm Management outlines a manifesto in systems architecture that demonstrates how one can act true to strong ideals whilst offering practical solutions that mitigate shared risks for the global commons. In adopting such a perspective, compromise and pragmatism isn’t necessary for a focused initiative towards assured platform stability.A. T. Parkinson is a profession...

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  • Les Nuées
    Les Nuées est une comédie grecque classique d’Aristophane, du Ve siècle av. J.-C.. Le thème de la pièce est le conflit des générations qui oppose un vieil Athénien, Strepsiade, et son fils Pheidippidès. Elle met en scène Socrate, et c’est à ce titre que Les Nuées furent l’une des pièces les plus étudiées depuis l’Antiquité. ...

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  • Les Chevaliers
    Agoracritus, un vendeur de saucisses, est en concurrence avec Cléon pour obtenir la confiance et l’approbation de Démos, un vieillard qui incarne l’allégorie du peuple athénien. Après différentes épreuves, Agoracritus est jugé le plus digne de confiance et humilie ainsi le démagogue Cléon en restaurant la gloire de Démos. ...

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  • Plutus
    Plutus est la dernière comédie d’Aristophane que nous ayons conservée. Si l’on en croit certains lexicographes, une première version avait été jouée en 408 av. J.-C., mais elle ne nous est pas parvenue. Représenté alors qu’Athènes est encore sous l’hégémonie de Sparte, le Plutus n’a aucun rapport avec le contexte politique. La pièce est présentée lors d’un concours nouvelle for...

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  • Les Guêpes
    Quatrième pièce conservée d’Aristophane, après Les Acharniens, Les Cavaliers et Les Nuées, Les Guêpes s’inscrivent dans le cadre de la longue lutte de l’auteur contre le démagogue Cléon. Cette fois-ci, la question de la paix passe au second plan ; c’est le fonctionnement de la démocratie athénienne qui est visé. En effet, Périclès a institué une indemnité journalière destinée à...

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  • Vietnam Main Topic
    Ngo Dinh Nhu / Tham Trong Ma
    Do you want to understand a realistic view of the nature of Vietnamese politics since the inception of its sovereignty as a nation after French domination but not sure where to start? Then this is the perfect book for you!Vietnam Main Topic was written more than half century ago and is still one of the most famous books ever written about interpretation and presentation of Viet...

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  • Les Akharniens
    Troisième comédie écrite par Aristophane après les Détaliens et les Babyloniens, Les Akharniens sont un plaidoyer en faveur de la paix. En effet, la pièce prend place dans la septième année de la guerre du Péloponnèse, qui oppose Athènes et ses alliés de la ligue de Délos à Sparte et sa ligue du Péloponnèse. Athènes est à la recherche de nouveaux soutiens.Aristophane défend la ...

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  • Les Grenouilles
    Excédé par la médiocrité des poètes athéniens du moment, le dieu Dionysos décide de se rendre aux Enfers, accompagné de son esclave Xanthias, pour chercher Euripide et le ramener parmi les vivants. Par mesure de précaution, il se déguise en Héraclès, puisque celui-ci a réussi à revenir vivant de l’au-delà. Après avoir envisagé les différents moyens d’accéder au monde des morts,...

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  • Les Thesmophories
    Furieuses contre Euripide qui a installé des soupçons à l’égard de toutes les femmes, les Athéniennes projettent de concerter leur vengeance pendant la fête des Thesmophories. Inquiet pour sa vie, Euripide envoie un de ses parents déguisé en femme pour espionner les comploteuses. Mais celui-ci se fait rapidement découvrir par ses réflexions misogynes et son ignorance des rites....

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  • La Paix
    Cinquième pièce conservée d’Aristophane, la Paix a été écrite peu après la mort du démagogue Cléon, partisan farouche de la guerre contre Sparte. Aristophane voit en ce décès une occasion favorable pour signer une paix durable avec les adversaires grecs d’Athènes. Il s’adresse donc à la population de la cité à travers cette histoire en essayant de démontrer, sur le ton comique ...

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  • Les Cavaliers
    Agoracritus, un vendeur de saucisses, est en concurrence avec Cléon pour obtenir la confiance et l’approbation de Démos, un vieillard qui incarne l’allégorie du peuple athénien. Après différentes épreuves, Agoracritus est jugé le plus digne de confiance et humilie ainsi le démagogue Cléon en restaurant la gloire de Démos. ...

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  • Ancient Greek Philosophers Plato Aristotle Collection
    Aristotle / Plato
    Nine classic works of Ancient Greek philosophersPlato’s Dialogues are a collection of philosophical texts in the form of conversations between various characters. Dialogues cover a wide range of topics, including ethics, politics, epistemology, and metaphysics, and are considered some of the most important works in the Western philosophical tradition. Providing a detailed and n...

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