Filosofía de la mente

Humanidades / Filosofía / Filosofía de la mente (1788)

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  • As a Man Thinketh
    James Allen
    Over a hundred years ago James Allen discovered that one’s thoughts profoundly affect one’s character, physical health, achievement and even circumstances, and penned this classic to help others discover this themselves.    Since then, his insight, a cornerstone of New Age thought, has been rediscovered many times. “This little volume, the result of meditation and experience … ...

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  • THIS IS YOUR QUEST - Your Mission
    Joanne Reed
    An exciting journey through history, socio-economic discourse, and philosophical discussion. This book will guide you, using a holistic approach to finding true happiness. It has the potential to change lives, not by giving advice as to how you should lead your life but by exposing you to concepts, philosophies and a way of thinking (for yourself) that may not have been so obvi...

    23,60 €

  • Dionysos Speed
    Rainer J Hanshe
    As the digitization of every aspect of existence grows more pervasive and absolute, from the monitoring of thought to the tracking even of genitals, the central nervous system of the human body has been completely rewired. In the mapping of space-time, the species has moved into a state of total possession, of the enslavement of its drives, imagination, and will. Through this v...

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  • El Poder De Los Números Caseros
    Jesse Kalsi
    El Poder de los Números Caseros no es un libro cualquiera sobre numerología. Combina elementos ancestrales de la numerología védica junto con los amplios conocimientos de Jesse Kalsi sobre los números y sus planetas correspondientes para ofrecer a los lectores una información inestimable. El poder de los números caseros es un relato en profundidad de las historias de cientos de...

    21,84 €

  • The Philosophy of Spiritual Activity - A Modern Philosophy of Life Develop by Scientific Methods
    Rudolph Steiner
    The Philosophy Of FreedomThere are two fundamental problems in the life of the human mind, to one or other of which everything belongs that is to be discussed in this book. One of these problems concerns the possibility of attaining to such a view of the essential nature of man as will serve as a support for whatever else comes into his life by way of experience or of science, ...

    16,85 €

  • Beelzebub’s Tales
    George I Gurdjieff
    This is the first in a series of three books that provide the reader with the ability to directly compare the text of Beelzebub’s Tales to His Grandson with the text of its earlier draft, The 1931 Manuscript.Despite the differences between the two versions, the text of both bear the mark of Gurdjieff. They are permeated with his rhythm and style. In some chapters, the text of t...

    38,20 €

  • Master and Man
    Leo Tolstoy
    'Master and Man' is a short story written by Leo Tolstoy, first published in 1895. Despite its brevity, the narrative is rich in philosophical depth and explores themes such as human nature, morality, and the pursuit of material wealth. The story is set against the backdrop of a Russian winter and follows the journey of two main characters, Vasili Andreevich Brekhunov (the mast...

    8,93 €

  • The Philosophy of Freedom
    Rudolf Steiner
    Originally published in 1894, Rudolf Steiner’s Die Philosophie der Freiheit was considered by Steiner to be his most enduring work above all others. 'Are we free, whether we know it or not? Is any notion of individual freedom merely an illusion?' Steiner tackles these age-old questions in a new and unique way. He shows that, by considering our own activity of thinking, we can r...

    13,77 €

  • Self Mastery Through Conscious Autosuggestion
    Emile Coue
    Suggestion, or rather Autosuggestion, is quite a new subject, and yet at the same time it is as old as the world. It is new in the sense that until now it has been wrongly studied and in consequence wrongly understood; it is old because it dates from the appearance of man on the earth. In fact autosuggestion is an instrument that we possess at birth, and in this instrument, or ...

    10,95 €

  • Moral E Dogma - Albert Pike
    Elizeu Antonio De Souza
    Moral e Dogma do Rito Escocês Antigo e Aceito da Maçonaria (Albert Pike)A obra Moral e Dogma do Rito Escocês Antigo e Aceito da Maçonaria de Albert Pike, apresentada em sua totalidade em língua portuguesa por Elizeu A.S, oferece aos leitores acesso direto aos ensinamentos e princípios fundamentais da Maçonaria, conforme originalmente organizado por Pike.Este trabalho se destaca...

    53,38 €

  • Thought-Culture
    Theron Q. Dumont
    In other volumes of this series we have considered the operations of the human mind known as Will, Memory, etc. We now approach the consideration of those mental activities which are concerned with the phenomena of thought-those activities which we generally speak of as the operation of the intellect or reason.  Thought-Culture in general will do much for the Imagination, for t...

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  • The Senses and The Mind
    Timothy D Vance
    There are few, at least among the reflecting portion of society, who have not either mentally or verbally asked the question: Is the sun, is the moon, are the planets with their satellites, are the stars, those suns of other systems, tenanted, as is our planet, the earth, by living beings, which declare the omnipotence of God? This is one of many questions which cannot be answe...

    13,34 €

  • The Untroubled Mind
    Herbert James Hall
    The Untroubled Mind is written by Herbert J. Hall, a physician. This book explores the effects of diseases on human health in proportionate to mind’s conception of a disease.  The author humbly says, though many books on this subject have been written by experts, his writings will have its own audience who were unable to find those part or failed to receive from experts writing...

    9,06 €

  • Por las cosas que nunca te dije
    Fernando García-Morcillo Rubio / Francisco Ruiz Risueño
    Descubre el apasionante mundo interno de un adolescente en 'Por las Cosas que Nunca te Dije', el nuevo poemario de Fernando García-Morcillo Rubio. Este libro revela con valentía y sinceridad las emociones intensas y los pensamientos profundos de un joven en su viaje hacia el autodescubrimiento. A través de versos que oscilan entre el caos y la calma, Fernando nos ofrece una ven...

    15,60 €

  • Nina E Lupe No Mundo Da Filosofia
    Valdira Abreu Magalhães Nina Lee De Sá
    Nina e Lupe no mundo da filosofia é uma história encantadora que conta a jornada de Nina, uma garotinha curiosa e seu amigo, o macaco Lupe. Juntos, eles exploram terras mágicas e enigmas filosóficos, desvendando os mistérios da amizade, verdade e imaginação. Ao enfrentar desafios divertidos e jogos inteligentes, Nina e Lupe aprendem lições valiosas sobre respeito, empatia e pen...

    10,56 €

  • The Physical Basis of Mind
    George Henry Lewes
    'The Physical Basis of Mind' by George Henry Lewes is a seminal work in the field of philosophy of mind, originally published in the late 19th century as the second series of 'Problems of Life and Mind.' In this book, Lewes delves into the relationship between the physical processes of the brain and the phenomena of consciousness and mental life.Lewes was a philosopher and lite...

    23,65 €

  • Only Begotten Blood Equity
    Jamie Hughes
    Nothing is ever really as it seems. sO’Hara, a school teacher, built something into the fabric of society and the world until it was found that he was the fabric of society.Which realization was met with much heartache and disaster. This instillment spread and festered broadly for the better, but also for more of the worse. ...

    20,75 €

  • The Impossible Question of Living Well
    Helen Street
    This is a book about understanding change, so you can better understand yourself.We all want to live the best life we can, but what that looks like or feels like is very much open to question. Many would say that relationships are at the heart of wellbeing. But what happens when we lose a relationship with someone or something that matters? After all, all things in life change ...

    13,92 €

  • Action, Embodied Mind, and Life World
    Ralph D. Ellis
    Combines phenomenology with the 'enactivist' approach to consciousness theory and recent emotion research to explore the way self-motivated action plans shape selective attention, exploration, and ultimately the mind’s interpretation of reality - in philosophy, psychology, cultural awareness, and our personal lives. ...

    44,64 €

  • Your Mind is not Your Brain
    Gary Epler
    Embark on a transformative journey to uncover your true authentic self and reveal the limitless mind. In this groundbreaking book, Dr. Gary Epler, founder of the Eplerian Life Philosophy, shatters the long-held belief that the brain is the sole source of our thoughts, feelings, and emotions. Through a captivating blend of cutting-edge research, inspiring personal stories, and p...

    20,63 €

  • Your Mind is not Your Brain
    Gary Epler
    Embark on a transformative journey to uncover your true authentic self and reveal the limitless mind. In this groundbreaking book, Dr. Gary Epler, founder of the Eplerian Life Philosophy, shatters the long-held belief that the brain is the sole source of our thoughts, feelings, and emotions. Through a captivating blend of cutting-edge research, inspiring personal stories, and p...

    17,38 €

  • Inspirational and Empowering a Holistic Journey Personal Reflections On Life’s Lessons and the Path To Growth
    Kristina Alavanja
    'Inspirational and Empowering: A Holistic Journey' by Kristina Alavanja is a transformative guide that invites readers on a journey of self-discovery and personal growth. The book is a collection of the author’s personal experiences, reflections, and life lessons. ...

    21,26 €

  • Essay on the Creative Imagination
    Theodule Ribot
    Contemporary psychology has studied the purely reproductive imagination with great eagerness and success. The works on the different image-groups, visual, auditory, tactile, motor, are known to everyone, and form a collection of inquiries solidly based on subjective and objective observation, on pathological facts and laboratory experiments. The study of the creative or constru...

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  • The Spider’s Thread
    Keith J. Holyoak

    33,84 €

  • First in Time
    Kurtis R Kallenbach
    There is a legal maxim, 'fictio cedit veritati' that means fictions yields to truth. 'First in Time' includes the transcription of conversation between two longtime 'pacifists' which clearly evidences a 'Living Truth' beyond the presumption of any fictitious record or narrative created specifically to gain access to One’s genuine nature via trespass, as well as a highly deducti...

    56,85 €

  • Your Mind and How to Use It - A Manual of Practical Psychology
    William Walker Atkinson
    Psychology is generally considered to be the science of mind, although more properly it is the science of mental states-thoughts, feelings, and acts of volition. It was formerly the custom of writers on the subject of psychology to begin by an attempt to define and describe the nature of mind, before proceeding to a consideration of the subject of the various mental spates and ...

    13,09 €

  • The Art Of Logical Thinking
    William Walker Atkinson
    Truth, providing they are gravely asserted by someone claiming authority. The most illogical ideas are accepted without dispute or examination, providing they are stated solemnly and authoritatively. Particularly in the respective fields of religion and politics do we find this blind acceptance of illogical ideas by the multitude. Mere assertion by the leaders seems sufficient ...

    12,17 €

  • Spectre of the Brocken
    Ran Kime / Randy Kime
    Ran Kime presents a captivating literary journey in 'Spectre of the Brocken: A Halo for the Observer,' a two-part exploration that tears into the intricacies of the human experience. This thought-provoking collection seamlessly weaves together short stories and stream of thought poems, offering readers a unique blend of narrative styles that reflect on a vast spectrum of emotio...

    17,41 €

  • The Story Of The Mind
    James Mark Baldwin
    The Story of the Mind by James Mark Baldwin is a comprehensive exploration of the evolution of human psychology. Baldwin was a renowned psychologist and philosopher, and in this book he delves into the origins of human consciousness looking at the development of the mind from its earliest stages. He examines the relationship between the mind and the body, exploring topics such ...

    14,31 €

  • Artificial Conciousness
    James V Luisi
    Pacific Book ReviewsThe author did such an incredible job of providing a thought-provoking read.The question of artificial intelligence and how far we, as a people, should take the technology is one of our society’s biggest debates at the moment; as AI generated art, texts, and even communications have increased as the technology grows altogether. The insight which each chapter...

    55,22 €