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  • Guide to Psychic Protection
    Rosemary Ellen Guiley
    Every day, people come in contact with negative forces – toxic individuals who radiate anger and hostility, energy “vampires” who suck up the vital force of others, and those who have grudges and resentments. In addition, hostile spirits and entities look for ways to pester and attach to people, creating havoc in lives and homes. Guide to Psychic Protection has everything you n...

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  • Inspiration & Wisdom
    Inspiration and wisdom is a powerful transformation book that contains 300 profound quotes that has motivated and inspired the author to take unstoppable action during the time of hardship and challenges in his life. The power of inspiration in these profound quotes has transformed his life and propelled his hunger to continuously follow his passion against all odds and challen...

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  • Lessons From The Other Side
    Michael T Vara
    In this book, Michael T. Vara tells his true accounts of his experience of the paranormal realm. Michael vividly retells his own personal heartfelt encounters in having an Out of Body Experience, but also his close exposure to spirits from the other side and his short connection to the unknown dimensional universe through the psychedelic drug LSD. All separate, but many inciden...

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  • Un étrange être-ange
    Ghislain Bourbon
    Le sujet de ce livre, c'est la rencontre avec soi-même. On a tous des petites voix qui connaissent le chemin et qui nous guident (certains les appellent des anges gardiens). Mais encore faut-il nous débarrasser de nos peurs, de nos frustrations qui nous entravent et nous empêchent de les entendre. Parfois il nous faut un gros choc pour réussir à réaliser que des petites voi...

    17,13 €

  • Shadows of Eternity
    Rick Kueber
    After an enlightening and terrifying adventure hundreds of miles from their home, the  paranormal research team of EVP investigations was prepared for a simple and peaceful round of  investigations to find more evidence documenting, and proving, life after death.  A new request had brought them to one of the last places they would have ever expected, a social club. Before the...

    10,34 €

  • Los Aliados de La Humanidad Libro Uno (The Allies of Humanity, Book One - Spanish Edition)
    Marshall Vian Summers
    Los Discursos de los Aliados de la Humanidad presentan una asombrosa nueva revelación sobre la Intervención extraterrestre encubierta y sobre cómo esta se está aprovechando del conflicto humano, de la discordia religiosa y del colapso medioambiental para causar más separación y controlar a una familia humana dividida. La llegada de fuerzas intervinientes de más allá de nuestro ...

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    George Noory

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  • The Cancer Path
    Paulette Kouffman Sherman
    The Cancer Path is a memoir/self-help book about a woman who views cancer as spiritual path. Dr. Sherman describes it as her 'Eat, Pray, Love' of cancer experience. As a psychologist, mother, wife and breast cancer survivor, Dr. Sherman viewed cancer as a zen stick that promoted self-care, healing and greater wholeness. It was a springboard to examine her body, mind, emoti...

    13,81 €

  • Alien Threat From the Moon
    Dylan Clearfield
    We may be in danger from our own moon. Hostile aliens have established numerous bases there and exercise complete control of this nearby neighbor. Using information found in secret alien files and never before seen photographs, hot spots of extraterrestrial activity on the moon are revealed in this book and close ups of extraterrestrial complexes, UFOs, and ancient cities are s...

    17,34 €

  • Foreign Conspiracy Against the Liberties of the United States
    Samuel FB Morse
    The Society of Jesus, the Jesuits, employed the Vatican, Austrian Prince Metternich and his St. Leopold Foundation to infiltrate the United States of America.  Samuel F.B. Morse spent several years in Europe, mostly near Rome, studying the actions and behaviors of the Jesuits, and conferring with dignitaries and others who had intimate knowledge of the Jesuits and their intri...

    25,55 €

  • Monkeys Don't Wear Silver Suits
    Rob Dollar / Tim Ghianni
    Two of America's most highly-regarded independent journalists - Rob Dollar and Tim Ghianni, also known as 'The News Brothers' - look into their crystal ball while exploring the legendary UFO case that helped shape the narrative for sightings of Little Green Men. It was a hot, clear summer night - Sunday, August 21, 1955 - when a flying saucer supposedly landed in Kelly, Kentuck...

    29,97 €

  • Ashen Plains
    Lilith A. Bennett
    From a young age, 16-year-old Wendy Warland has maintained an unusual friendship with the spirit of a young woman named Sybil. With the help of her ghostly companion, Wendy makes regular visits to the Ashen Plains; a world teeming with spirits. For much of her life, Wendy's repeated visits to this world were nothing more than an escape from a mundane life, but now things ar...

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  • The Dwarfs of Mount Atlas
    Robert Grant Haliburton
    Robert Grant Haliburton spent his last years proposing the existence of a distinctive tribal group of small stature within the Atlas Mountains and vicinity. He collected local stories and eyewitness accounts of this 'dwarf people,' debated critics, and published theories. These curious tales disappeared (or at least were never investigated fully) after Haliburton died, but he l...

    18,62 €

  • The Astral World - Higher Occult Powers
    Joel Tiffany
    Do you long to know what lies beyond the cosmos of this world? Have you always instinctively felt that there’s more to this world than meets the eye? Do you find yourself compelled to reach beyond the limitations of human experience to see what waits on the other side? If these questions resonate with you, then you might be ready for an astral projection experience!Then this li...

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  • Cuentos de medianoche Parte II
    Rubin Editorial
    En las sombras de la noche, cuando la luna arroja su pálida luz sobre el mundo, los misterios más oscuros y aterradores cobran vida. Cuentos de medianoche es una antología magistral que reúne más de 100 cuentos de terror procedentes de todas partes del mundo, una colección que te llevará a explorar los rincones más escalofriantes de la mente humana y más allá. ...

    15,74 €

  • How to Mind-Reading
    James Coates
    Thought-reading is duly considered and explained. A clear distinction is drawn between Musculation, or Muscle and Mind-Reading; and although these pages are not confined to Thought-Reading, as generally understood by the public, the subject itself, and as an entertainment, have been pretty fully dealt with. During the past decade, psychological subjects have, in a remarkable wa...

    12,29 €

  • Time Tags
    Yeshua Ruban
    As our societies becomes more engaged and controlled with Smart pocket realities of technology, we as humans are squaring off our minds, or senses and emotions to a gigabyte reality. Our richer engagements in our natural surroundings are filled with dimensional mysteries, esoteric magical moments, existential evolutionary awakenings that are just the surfaces of what we, the hu...

    16,39 €

  • Love Beyond Life
    Joel Martin / Joel W. Martin

    14,53 €

  • Bigfoot
    Oliver Lancaster
    Unveiling Bigfoot delves deep into the mysterious world of the legendary creature known as Bigfoot. From ancient folklore to modern-day sightings, this captivating book combines scientific research, eyewitness accounts, and cultural perspectives to unravel the truth behind the Sasquatch enigma. Join the quest for answers as we examine the evidence, challenge skepticism, and exp...

    14,33 €

  • La verdad oculta
    Ramón Navia-Osorio Villar
    Cuando hace años Ramón Navia-Osorio se planteó la posibilidad de un estudio sobre el Intruso Esporádico Agresivo (I.E.A.), no lo consideró serio, creyendo que podía obedecer a una leyenda mal interpretada.Dedicado a la investigación directa de los no identificados, su introducción en el estudio del I.E.A. era menospreciada. No obstante, recordó que en sus primeros tiempos de in...

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  • ¿Procesos naturales o manifestaciones incontroladas?
    Ramón Navia-Osorio Villar
    Hemos querido buscar explicación para muchas de las cosas que caen del cielo y para ello hemos indagado en otros campos, por ejemplo la Historia, y comprobamos que en la época de los césares ya caían cosas extrañas del cielo. En nuestra atmósfera y en nuestro suelo se producen cientos de anomalías que pasan desapercibidas por el gran público. En esta obra hacemos un pequeño rep...

    22,36 €

  • RAW
    Cheryl Ann Fletcher
    In this book you will read legitimate stories base on my experiences as a renown psychic medium. I’m not afraid to share details with the world. In this book my experiences with the afterlife go from mild to extreme and will leave you at times speechless. There are twists and turns and at times you’ll wonder no more, because my experiences with the afterlife are some you’ve hea...

    35,61 €

  • Telepathy Unveiled
    Welcome to Telepathy Unveiled, a book that takes you on a journey into the fascinating and mysterious world of telepathy. As someone who has spent years studying and exploring telepathy, I am excited to share with you the insights, techniques, and knowledge that I have gained along the way.In this book, we explore the science behind telepathy, looking at the evidence that sugge...

    12,18 €

  • Mastering Telekinesis
    Welcome to my world of telekinesis! I’m so excited to share my knowledge and experiences with you in my book, "The Beginner’s Guide to Telekinesis." If you’ve ever been curious about moving objects with your mind, tapping into your psychic abilities, or exploring the power of the human mind, then this book is for you.In this guide, I take you through the basics of telekinesis, ...

    12,22 €

  • Unseen Shadows
    Erwin Timothy
    Prepare to venture into the shadows of America’s modern-day haunted houses, where the living and the dead collide in mysterious and spine-chilling ways. Unseen Shadows: Modern Haunted Houses of the United States is an exploration of the paranormal encounters that lurk in the corners of today’s society, transcending the boundaries of traditional ghost stories and offering a fres...

    13,04 €

  • Bridging Dimensions One Mind at a Time
    Lana J Thomas
    Bridging Dimensions is a record of telepathic conversations with entities on this planet and others. It contains very pertinent and necessary information about the future of our planet, the risks posed to humans and our role in it. The straightforward and impressive manner in which the 7th Dimension masters communicate will expand your awareness and knowledge of the future. The...

    17,44 €

  • Beyond Belief
    If you have ever been curious about ghosts and hauntings, or if you have experienced something paranormal yourself, you need to read "Beyond Belief: Unraveling the Psychology of Ghosts and Hauntings." As someone who has spent years studying and researching the psychology behind these phenomena, I have uncovered some fascinating insights into what causes people to believe in gho...

    10,75 €

  • Dark Moon Light
    Lauren Hellekson
    Paranormal investigative and practicing craft worlds are so deeply related but we seldom see the correlation at first. If you are or want to be a practicing witch and you’re interested in the paranormal, this is a great segue into that world. On the other hand, if you’re in the investigative realm and want to find some deeper exploration practices, protective techniques, or if ...

    11,19 €

  • The Sasquatch People
    Leanna R Saylor
    My husband Jerry and I stayed busy seven days a week running our commercial construction company. After we moved out to the country, we enjoyed the peace and quiet during our off-work hours. More than a decade later, extraordinary things began happening.'There was one big question I asked myself over and over, but I knew an answer was not forthcoming. I was all alone-or was I ....

    12,45 €

  • The Sasquatch People
    Leanna R Saylor
    My husband Jerry and I stayed busy seven days a week running our commercial construction company. After we moved out to the country, we enjoyed the peace and quiet during our off-work hours. More than a decade later, extraordinary things began happening.'There was one big question I asked myself over and over, but I knew an answer was not forthcoming. I was all alone-or was I ....

    19,54 €