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  • Mozart’s ’La clemenza di Tito’
    In the two centuries since Mozart’s La clemenza di Tito was first performed, and the almost three centuries since Metastasio created the libretto, many rumours, myths and prejudiced opinions have gathered around the work, creating a narrative that Mozart, Mazzolà and their contemporaries would scarcely recognise.The essays in this book contribute ideas, facts and images that wi...

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  • Shadows and Acts
    Wilson Roberts
    Born in Philadelphia’s Walnut Street Theater in 1849, George Berrell died in 1933, after a life he often described as one of growing up with the country. His travels of self-discovery and those of his life on the stage are illustrative of a nation moving from travel on foot and horseback to that of automobiles and Boeings first major airliner, the 247. Berrell saw it all and ...

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  • King John
    William Shakespeare
    War and Betrayal--France threatens war with England unless King John renounces his claim to the throne in favor of his nephew Arthur. John refuses and war ensues. John is excommunicated by the Pope, and his nephew Arthur dies under mysterious circumstances. Well, whiles I am a beggar, I will rail,And say there is no sin, but to be rich;And being rich, my virtue then shall be,To...

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  • 10-Minute Plays Anthology Presented by Harlem9, Inc.
    Inc Harlem9
      An inspired collection of 12 short plays commissioned by the OBIE award winning Harlem9 in their annual 48Hours in…™Harlem play festival. Written by established and emerging playwrights, the 12 plays presented in this collection are: Ayanna Maia’s Funny, I’m A Negro • Harrison David Rivers’ delicious(!) • Keith Josef Adkins’ Potato Salad • Derek Lee McPhatter’s All That Yes...

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  • Minstrel Magic
    Eleanor Pritchard
    The Black and White Minstrel Show was one of the greatest shows the BBC ever produced, bringing the BBC international plaudits and awards. Sweeping the board at the first-ever Golden Rose of Montreux, it was snapped up by nearly fifty countries worldwide. It became the first television show in the world to invade and conquer the live theatre, running for an amazing eleven years...

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  • Genesis of the Shakespearean Works
    Peter D Matthews
    This book is the result of fourteen years research scrutinizing thousands of historical documents. Dr Matthews reveals never before seen facts regarding the earliest quartos and the first folio – even new research into the leather cover of the Bodleian first folio and how that particular copy came into the possession of the Turbutt family.Dr Matthews has forensically dated the ...

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  • Shakespeare's Macbeth for Kids
    Brendan P Kelso
    Who will you be? Macbeth? Lady Macbeth? One of the spooky witches?!  Macbeth like you have never experienced it before: quick, fun, and easy to understand. Designed for 6-17+ actors, kids, families, or anyone who wants to enjoy and perform Shakespeare's classic play. Macbeth for Kids is a play versatile enough for sibling fun, classes, drama groups, homeschool groups, or ba...

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  • How to Avoid The Cutting Room Floor
    ACE Jordan Goldman
    What steps can an actor take to avoid being cut out of a movie or TV show? Emmy-winning editor Jordan Goldman, A.C.E. takes you inside the cutting room and pulls back the curtain on how and why directors, showrunners, and editors decide whether your performance makes it to the screen. He explains the key things actors should do - and shouldn't do - to avoid getting cut out...

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  • The Gospel According to Josh
    Josh Rivedal / Joshua Rivedal
    By the time Josh Rivedal turned twenty-five, he thought he’d have the perfect life-a few years singing on Broadway, followed by a starring role in his own television show. After which, his getaway home in the Hamptons would be featured in Better Homes & Gardens, and his face would grace the cover of the National Enquirer as Bigfoot’s not-so-secret lover. Instead, his resume is ...

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  • The Playmaking Way
    Rabin Nickens
    The Playmaking Way is a practical and enjoyable guide for grade K through 3 educators that illustrates ways to integrate dramatic arts into the daily curriculum, while strengthening hard-to-teach skills that are essential to the mastery of reading and writing. Her methodology seamlessly combines constructivist education theory with real life applications in challenging school s...

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  • Ridiculous!
    David Kaufman

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  • Merely Players
    Michael Burge
    When a middle-aged boy player returns to London's Globe playhouse during a terrible revival of Romeo and Juliet, she sets off a chain of events as great as any of Shakespeare's entertainments, revealing a love story that lay hidden for decades, just beneath the lines of the script. Centuries later, an out-of-work Sydney actor connects the dots of this drama and is inspi...

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  • Shakespeare's Romeo & Juliet for Kids
    Brendan P Kelso
    Who will you be? Romeo? Juliet? The nurse!?  Romeo & Juliet like you have never experienced it before: quick, fun, and easy to understand. Designed for 6-18+ actors, kids, families, or anyone who wants to enjoy and perform Shakespeare's classic play. Romeo & Juliet for Kids is a play versatile enough for sibling fun, classes, drama groups, homeschool groups, or backyard per...

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  • Thierry and Theodoret
    Domenico Lovascio
    Enthusiastically praised by Charles Lamb and A. C. Swinburne but unjustly neglected since the early twentieth century, Thierry and Theodoret dramatizes events from medieval French history. With its disenchanted depiction of royalty, its eerie instability in terms of genre, and its black comic overtones, Thierry and Theodoret strikes as a distinctive specimen of tragic drama in ...

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  • Love’s Cure, or The Martial Maid
    José A. Pérez Díez
    A fully annotated critical edition of John Fletcher and Philip Massinger’s ground-breaking comedy Love’s Cure, or The Martial Maid (1615), a fascinating exploration of the journey of two transgender characters in an adverse heteronormative society. This Revels Plays edition offers a modernised text and a full critical commentary. ...

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  • Hyde Park
    Eugene Giddens
    Hyde Park is a striking Caroline example of London city comedy. This critical edition unpicks its valuable insights into the shifting nature of the genre and early modern conceptions of London and courtship. ...

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  • The Light Shines in Darkness
    graf Leo Tolstoy
    The Man Who Was Dead, The Cause of it All, and The Light That Shines in the Darkness are the three plays left by Tolstoy for publication after his death. The Light That Shines in the Darkness -- the last of Tolstoy’s plays, was left unfinished. In Russia it is prohibited on account of its allusions to the refusal of military service. Yet it is in some ways the most interesting ...

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  • Vade Mecum
    Rupert Rhymes
    Rupert Rhymes was centrally involved in some of the key moments of modern British Theatre. From his early days with Sadler’s Wells, through the creation of the new National Theatre at the Old Vic, to the birth of English National Opera at the Coliseum, he was an innovator - and keen observer - during a pivotal period in the performing arts in London and beyond. Later, as head o...

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  • Quando O Sorriso É Feito De Lágrimas
    Cláudio Factum
    Quando fica sabendo da realidade de sua saúde, um falido autor teatral começa uma luta cheia de coragem e amor para deixar uma casa para o filho, uma doce e talentosa criança transgênero, antes de seu fim. Depois de perder seu apartamento, sai pelas estradas do seu estado, com uma companhia teatral inesquecível, com o objetivo de levar alegria, viver os últimos momentos com a c...

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  • El mago de las tablas
    Adolfo Aguilar / Attilia Boschetti / Carlos Alcántara / Daniel Goya / Eduardo Adrianzén / Emanuel Soriano / Fer Flores / Francisco Cabrera / Jason Day / Liliana Galván / María Elena Herrera / Milena Alva / Norma Berrade / Norma Tolentino / Patricia Velit / Santiago Soberón
    Este libro es un desmontaje de la vida de Carlos Tolentino como director, investigador y profesor de artes escénicas y audiovisuales, así como escritor, comunicador y crítico de la realidad. Sobre todo, representa un reconocimiento al profundo montaje que nos ofreció Carlos como ser humano a través de su visión poética, de su íntima relación con lo invisible, lo inexplicable, l...

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  • Hamilton, History and Hip-Hop
    Kevin J. Wetmore
    The volume is a collection of scholarly essays and personal responses that contextualizes Hamilton: An American Musical in various frameworks: hip-hop theatre and history, American history, musicals, contemporary politics, queer theory, feminism, and more. Hamilton is arguably the most important piece of American theatre in 25 years in terms of both national impact and shaping ...

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  • Neverending Tango.
    Yuliy Kim
    Yuly Kim is one of the brilliant first generation of Soviet singer-songwriters, or bards. His name is rightfully listed among such greats as Vysotsky, Okudzhava, Galich, Vizbor, and Matveeva... He has won the Okudzhava Award and the 2015 Poet Award. Kim’s lyrics have been set to music by many well-known composers and performed by some of the best Soviet actors in theater produc...

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  • Комедия дель арте на задворках Баии
    Роз Сампайо Оливейра
    Эта книга появилась в результате исследовательского проекта, проведенного с молодыми людьми из поселения аграрной реформы Посу-Лонге. Исследование изучало аспекты экспериментирования с элементами Commedia dell’Arte с молодыми людьми из поселения, и для руководства исследованием были выбраны следующие элементы: телесное конструирование типов этого жанра, изготовление масок и раз...

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  • Commedia dell’Arte im Hinterland von Bahia
    Rosa Adelina Sampaio Oliveira
    Dieses Buch ist aus einem Aktionsforschungsprojekt hervorgegangen, das mit Jugendlichen aus der Agrarreformsiedlung Poço Longe durchgeführt wurde. Die Forschung untersuchte Aspekte des Experimentierens mit Elementen der Commedia dell’Arte mit den Jugendlichen aus der Siedlung, wobei die folgenden Elemente als Leitfaden für die Untersuchung gewählt wurden: die Körperkonstruktion...

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  • Commedia dell’Arte dans l’arrière-pays de Bahia
    Rosa Adelina Sampaio Oliveira
    Ce livre est le fruit d’un projet de recherche-action mené avec des jeunes de la colonie de réforme agraire de Poço Longe. La recherche a porté sur les aspects de l’expérimentation d’éléments de la Commedia dell’Arte avec les jeunes de la colonie, et les éléments suivants ont été choisis pour guider la recherche : la construction corporelle des types du genre, la fabrication de...

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  • La Commedia dell’Arte nelle aree retrostanti di Bahia
    Rosa Adelina Sampaio Oliveira
    Questo libro nasce da un progetto di ricerca-azione condotto con i giovani dell’insediamento di riforma agraria di Poço Longe. La ricerca ha indagato gli aspetti della sperimentazione di elementi della Commedia dell’Arte con i giovani dell’insediamento e per guidare l’indagine sono stati scelti i seguenti elementi: la costruzione corporea dei tipi del genere, la realizzazione d...

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  • Commedia dell’Arte in the backlands of Bahia
    Rosa Adelina Sampaio Oliveira
    This book emerged from an action research project carried out with young people from the Poço Longe Agrarian Reform Settlement. The research investigated aspects of experimentation with elements of Commedia dell’Arte with the young people from the settlement, and the following elements were chosen to guide the investigation: the body construction of the genre’s types, the makin...

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  • Awakening a Living World on a Kūṭiyāṭṭam Stage
    Einat Bar-On Cohen
    Explores the cultural dynamics of this ancient form of Sanskrit theater. ...

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  • Descent Into Darkness
    Nicholas Dobson
    Macbeth de-mystified!Descent into Darkness charts a war hero’s troubled journey into evil after encountering three demonic witches who activate darkly ’Vaulting ambition’, leading him to an inglorious end as a ’dead butcher’ and ’abhorred tyrant’. Faring no better was his murderous mentor and ’fiend-like queen’, Lady Macbeth. For overwhelmed by the enormity of their actions, sh...

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  • The Princess of Bagdad
    Alexandre Dumas
    Alexandre Dumas (1802-1870) is one of the most famous French writers in history, known for his historical novels of swashbuckling adventure.  Dumas’ work, including The Three Musketeers and Twenty Years After, are still widely read in classrooms throughout the world and remain entertaining upon rereading.  Dumas’ works were serialized, as he was a magazine correspondent and jou...

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