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  • Why Write? Why Read?
    Michael Rosen
    This booklet gathers together some recent talks and blogs on writing and reading, for use by teachers, librarians, parents, or anyone interested in engaging children and students in reading, writing, analysing why and how we do both. ...

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  • Spedestä Säätiöön
    Panu Petteri Höglund
    SPEDESTÄ SÄÄTIÖÖN – kolme esseetä populaari­kulttuu­rista. Spede Pasanen oli vuosikymmenten ajan Suomen tuotteliain viihdemies. Olisiko nyt aika pohtia myös Speden ansioita suomalaisen komedian uudistajana? John Carter oli Tarzanista kuuluisan Edgar Rice Burroughsin toiseksi tunnetuin seikkailijahahmo, joka sai uutta kuuluisuutta taannoisen suurelokuvan ansiosta. Miten apinamie...

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  • Gender Identity and Sexuality in Current Fantasy and Science Fiction
    A J Dalton / Hazel Butler
    WINNER OF THE BRITISH FANTASY AWARDS 2018 - NON-FICTION.2 of the papers have been nominated for the BSFA Awards 2017: Kim Lakin-Smith and Juliet McKenna.JULIET MCKENNA'S PAPER SHORTLISTED FOR THE BSFA AWARDS 2017SHORTLISTED FOR THE BRITISH FANTASY AWARD NON-FICTION 2018!“Gender identity and sexuality in Current Fantasy and Science Fiction” is the first Call for Papers of Ac...

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  • The Big Time
    Fritz Leiber
    Have you ever worried about your memory, because it doesn’t seem to recall exactly the same past from one day to the next? Have you ever thought that the whole universe might be a crazy, mixed-up dream? If you have, then you’ve had hints of the Change War. It’s been going on for a billion years and it will last another billion or so. Up and down the timeline, the two sides - 'S...

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  • 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea
    Jules Verne
    Thousand Leagues Under the Sea is a classic science fiction novel by French writer Jules Verne published in 1870.In this thrilling adventure tale by the father of science fiction, three men embark on an epic journey under the sea with the mysterious Captain Nemo aboard his submarine, the Nautilus. Over the course of their fantastical voyage, they encounter the lost city of Atla...

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  • The Beautiful and the Damned
    Francis Scott Fitzgerald
    First published in 1922, The Beautiful and the Damned followed Fitzgerald’s impeccable debut, This Side of Paradise, thus securing his place in the tradition of great American novelists. Embellished with the author’s lyrical prose, here is the story of Harvard-educated, aspiring aesthete Anthony Patch and his beautiful wife, Gloria. As they await the inheritance of his grandfat...

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  • Northanger Abbey
    Jane Austen
    A wonderfully entertaining coming-of-age story book, Northanger Abbey is often referred to as Jane Austen’s 'Gothic parody.' Decrepit castles, locked rooms, mysterious chests, cryptic notes, and tyrannical fathers give the story an uncanny air, but one with a decidedly satirical twist. The story’s unlikely heroine is Catherine Morland, a remarkably innocent seventeen-year-old w...

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  • The Scarlet Letter
    Nathaniel Hawthorne
    The Scarlet Letter: A Romance is a work of historical fiction by American author Nathaniel Hawthorne, published in 1850. Set in Puritan Massachusetts Bay Colony during the years 1642 to 1649, the novel tells the story of Hester Prynne, who conceives a daughter through an affair and then struggles to create a new life of repentance and dignity. Containing a number of religious a...

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  • Jane Eyre
    Charlotte Bronte
    Jane Eyre is a novel by English writer Charlotte Bronte, published under the pen name 'Currer Bell', on 16 October 1847. The story follows the experiences of its eponymous heroine, including her growth to adulthood and her love for Mr. Rochester, the brooding master of Thornfield Hall.The novel revolutionised prose fiction by being the first to focus on its protagonist’s moral ...

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  • The Mountain Girl
    Emma Payne Erskine
    David Thryng is the third son of a British peer of the realm. Unwilling to marry into money without love, and unwilling to spill blood on the battlefield, he decides to become a doctor. David travels to Canada, where he studies under Doctor Hoyle. When David becomes ill, Hoyle sends him to recuperate at his cabin, perched high on a promontory in the mountains of North Carolina....

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  • Gothick Meditations at Midnight
    Stephen E. Flowers / Stephen E. Flowers
    This is a critical thematic study of classic horror and science-fiction films and the literature upon which much of it was based, looked at from the angle of cultural mythologies of the late 19th to early 20thcenturies. It is also in part a memoir of growing up as a Monster Kid during the cultural phase that came to be known as the Monster Craze 1958-1968. Special chapters are ...

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  • Far from the Madding Crowd
    Thomas Hardy
    Far from the Madding Crowd (1874) is Thomas Hardy’s fourth novel and his first major literary success. It originally appeared anonymously as a monthly serial in Cornhill Magazine, where it gained a wide readership. The novel is the first to be set in Thomas Hardy’s Wessex in rural southwest England.It deals in themes of love, honour and betrayal, against a backdrop of the seemi...

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  • The Two Destinies
    Wilkie Collins
    My wife, in her impulsive way, forgot the formalities proper to the occasion, and kissed her at parting. At that one little act of sisterly sympathy, the fortitude which the poor creature had preserved all through the evening gave way in an instant. She burst into tears. I felt as fond of her and as sorry for her as my wife. But (unfortunately) I could not take my wife’s privil...

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  • The Price Of Love
    Arnold Bennett
    A story of small-town intrigue that begins with a large sum of money being entrusted and then mysteriously disappearing.  Rachel Louise Fleckring works for the elderly Mrs Maldon, and although with the woman for only a short time, she is taken into the heart of the family.  She falls in love with one of Mrs Maldon’s descendents, but along the way, she has to come to terms with ...

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  • Azhar
    Azhar ul Haque Sario
    'Azhar: Journey of Love' is a captivating tale of love, ambition, family, and friendship that charts the eventful life of Azhar. This story embarks on his journey from a small-town boy operating a mobile shop to creating a widely popular business empire brimming with unparalleled determination and unwavering honesty. Brace yourself to accompany Azhar through trials and tribulat...

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  • A Traveller in Time
    Maureen Kincaid Speller
    MAUREEN KINCAID SPELLER [1959-1922] was a reviewer, critic and lifelong science fiction fan. Active in SF fandom from the early 1980s, Maureen started reviewing for the BSFA magazine Vector in 1986. She served on the jury of the Arthur C. Clarke Award, chaired the Tiptree Award and taught the SF Foundation Critical Masterclass in 2016. Her criticism has appeared in a wide varie...

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  • Sense and Sensibility
    Jane Austen
    Marianne Dashwood wears her heart on her sleeve, and when she falls in love with the dashing but unsuitable John Willoughby she ignores her sister Elinor’s warning that her impulsive behaviour leaves her open to gossip and innuendo. Meanwhile Elinor, always sensitive to social convention, is struggling to conceal her own romantic disappointment, even from those closest to her. ...

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  • The Midnight Ghost - In The Haunted Castle
    Master Samarth Nair
    This book is a suspense thriller where four detectives work together to solve a mysterious case. The story unfolds in a dramatic and unpredictable manner. The entire fiction is skillfully portrayed in 14 chapters, each of which concludes with an unexpected twist that sparks the reader’s curiosity. The characters in the story display optimism and tackle every obstacle with a pos...

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  • مَرَاَكِبُ الّليلِ
    محمد العون
    تتلاشى الحدود بين الواقع والخيال في رواية "مراكب الليل" للكاتب المصري محمد العون، الحائز على جائزة الدولة التشجيعية. تأخذنا هذه الرواية في رحلة شيقة ومؤثرة تحكي قصة هجرة الشباب الغير شرعية في مراكب الموت التي تهربهم من مصر إلى أوروبا عبر البحر المتوسط. بتصوير مدهش وعمق نفسي رائع، تتطرق الرواية أيضًا إلى ظروف المعيشة في القرية وما دفع الشباب للهجرة، وتكشف عن تاريخ أجدادهم وما حد...

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  • On The Origin Of Paranormal Species
    Amy Laurens
    Why do werewolves transform with the moon? When did mermaids get their tails? What sinister history underpins the goblin? Uncover the answers to these questions - and more! - in this collection of seven essays from award-winning author Amy Laurens. First published in the critically acclaimed Aurealis magazine, these essays explore the mythological basis of seven of the most pop...

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  • The Detective Novel
    S. S. Van Dine
    Delve into the intricate world of the crime fiction genre as S. S. Van Dine provides an in-depth analysis and critique of what makes a great detective story. In this essay, S. S. Van Dine examines the various elements that make a brilliant detective novel, including plot, characterisation, and setting. Exploring the works of famous detective novelists such as Edgar Allan Poe,...

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  • Theology in the Early British and Irish Gothic, 1764-1834
    Sam Hirst
    Theology in the Early British and Irish Gothic, 1764-1832 reassesses the relationship between contemporary theology and the Gothic. Investigating Gothic aesthetics, depictions of the supernatural and portrayals of religious organisations, it explores how the Gothic engages with contemporary theologies, both Dissenting and Anglican. ...

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  • The Great Illustrators of Edgar Allan Poe
    Jessica Slayton / Tony Magistrale
    An introduction to some of the most important illustrators producing work inspired by the tales and poems of American writer Edgar Allan Poe from their earliest iterations in the 1880s to the present day ...

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  • Tweaking Things a Little. Essays on the Epic Fantasy of J.R.R. Tolkien and G.R.R. Martin
    Thomas Honegger
    'World-building, name-finding, language-crafting; the flaws in chivalric practice, and the ethics (Machiavellian and otherwise) that produce the moral complexities of Middle-earth and the Known World are thus the topics that Tweaking Things a Little considers. The modest title belies what lies within these covers: nimble readings, profound knowledge of the medieval world, origi...

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  • Bram Stoker
    Bram Stoker
    Bram Stoker: The Complete Novels is an extraordinary compilation that delves deep into the twisted imagination of one of the greatest pioneers of Gothic fiction. This comprehensive collection immerses readers in Stoker’s dark and haunting universe, where timeless tales of horror and suspense come alive.Stoker’s works transport us to eerie landscapes, where supernatural creature...

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  • Bram Stoker
    Bram Stoker
    Bram Stoker: The Complete Novels is an extraordinary compilation that delves deep into the twisted imagination of one of the greatest pioneers of Gothic fiction. This comprehensive collection immerses readers in Stoker’s dark and haunting universe, where timeless tales of horror and suspense come alive.Stoker’s works transport us to eerie landscapes, where supernatural creature...

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  • Suicide and the Gothic
    Suicide and the Gothic is the first study of the representation of suicide in Gothic texts from the eighteenth century to the present. Poems, short stories, novels, films and video games are covered from European, American and Asian contexts. ...

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  • Counterfactual Romanticism
    Damian Walford Davies
    Extends counterfactual thought experiments from history and the social sciences to literary historiography, criticism and theory ...

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  • Dracula (Deluxe Hardbound Edition)
    Bram Stoker
    A young English barrister finds himself in the middle of a string of terrifying events while on a business trip to Count Dracula’s castle in Transylvania. Three phantom ladies attack Jonathan Harker, he witnesses the Count change into a bat, and he finds puncture wounds on his neck that appear to have been caused by teeth. After escaping from Dracula’s ominous castle, Harker r...

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