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  • We Are The Blessings Of Africa
    Dr. Queen Blessing Itua
    'This book is endorsed by the First Lady of Nigeria, Her Excellency, Dr. (Mrs.) Buhari.'We Are The Blessings of Africa is a reawakening call on every African, home and abroad to unite in turning their diversity into a powerful solution for African issues.  When we see ourselves as the blessings of our communities, our attitude about our individual roles changes. We see ourselve...

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  • Thousand Cricket Song
    Catherine Strisik
    The keen eye of compassion in each detail, the steady touch of its cadence in each unfolding line. Olga Broumas Author of Rave: Poems Here is a perfect, clean and delicate (powerful and often terrifying) work of art. In its simplicity lies profound emotion, both beautiful and laden with sadness. These masterful slim poems speak with...

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  • Impact of Communication and the Media on Ethnic Conflict
    Throughout the world, cultural and racial clashes remain a major hurdle to development and progress. Though some areas are experiencing successful intercultural communications which pave the way for peaceful negotiations, there are still many regions experiencing severe turmoil. Impact of Communication and the Media on Ethnic Conflict focuses on both the positive and negative o...

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  • Terms of Inclusion
    Paulina L. Alberto / Paulina LAlberto
    In this history of black thought and racial activism in twentieth-century Brazil, Paulina Alberto demonstrates that black intellectuals, and not just elite white Brazilians, shaped discourses about race relations and the cultural and political terms of inclusion in their modern nation.Drawing on a wide range of sources, including the prolific black press of the era, and focusin...

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  • Lynching and Spectacle
    Amy Louise Wood
    Lynch mobs in late nineteenth- and early twentieth-century America exacted horrifying public torture and mutilation on their victims. In Lynching and Spectacle, Amy Wood explains what it meant for white Americans to perform and witness these sadistic spectacles and how lynching played a role in establishing and affirming white supremacy. Lynching, Wood argues, overlapped with a...

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  • Handbook of Research on Transformative Online Education and Liberation
    Online education has the potential to utilize cutting-edge technologies in order to bring together learners, e-facilitators, and e-contents. The Handbook of Research on Transformative Online Education and Liberation: Models for Social Equality discusses the potential for transformative models to liberate online education. With a focus on the societal, social, political, economi...

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  • Apsara in New York
    Sokunthary Svay
    Poetry collection by Sokunthary Svay, Khmer writer and musician from the Bronx, New York. She and her family were refugees from Cambodia who survived the genocidal Khmer Rouge regime. “Sokunthary Svay’s Apsara in New York is truly like no other poetry collection I’ve read. Transnational and pan-ethnic in scope, the book begins in a refugee camp in Thailand, settles in the Bronx...

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  • Barack Obama
    Ben Arogundade
    Dramatic and startling — The GuardianWitness Barack Obama as you’ve never seen him before — as feminist, communist, fashion model, Jew, Muslim terrorist, Messiah, Superman, George Washington, President Roosevelt, Julius Caesar and Hindu deity Lord Shiva.Obama: 101 Best Covers shows America’s ex-president in all these guises and more, on the front pages of the world’s leading pr...

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  • Through the Eyes of Rebel Women
    Iris Morales
    THROUGH THE EYES OF REBEL WOMEN: The Young Lords, 1969-1976 iTHROUGH THE EYES OF REBEL WOMEN: The Young Lords, 1969-1976 is the first account of women members — a 'story within a story' told from the inside out. The Young Lords Organization emerged in the late sixties to fight poverty, racial and gender inequality, and the colonial status of Puerto Rico. Women joined to build a...

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  • On Cultural Islam
    Shahidi Islam
    In an Age of American Empire What Real Hope is There for Black People?On Cultural Islam: A Godbody Sociology of 1990s Black America Shahidi Collection Vol 3 takes a novel look at life in late modernity, with specific focus on the 1990s and the global events that occurred during that momentous decade. It also investigates the godbody movement and seeks to find ways to define the...

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  • My Larger Education (Esprios Classics)
    Booker T. Washington / Booker TWashington
    Booker Taliaferro Washington (April 5, 1856 - November 14, 1915) was an American educator, author, orator, and adviser to several presidents of the United States. Between 1890 and 1915, Washington was the dominant leader in the African American community and of the contemporary black elite. Washington was from the last generation of black American leaders born into slavery and ...

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  • Circumstantial Evidence and Other Stories (Esprios Classics)
    Edgar Wallace
    Richard Horatio Edgar Wallace (1 April 1875 - 10 February 1932) was an English writer. He joined the army at age 21 and was a war correspondent during the Second Boer War, for Reuters and the Daily Mail. Struggling with debt, he left South Africa, returned to London, and began writing thrillers to raise income, publishing books including The Four Just Men (1905). Drawing on his...

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  • The Trial and Execution for Petit Treason of Mark and Phillis, Slaves of Capt. John Codman (Esprios Classics)
    Abner Cheney Goodell / Jr.
    'It is not surprising that the execution of a woman, by burning, so lately as when Shirley was governor,-a period when the province had greatly advanced in culture and refinement,-should seem to any one incredible. Indeed, even so critical and thorough a student of our provincial history as our late distinguished associate, Dr. Palfrey, once wrote to me inquiring if the rumor o...

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  • The Condition, Elevation, Emigration and Destiny of the Colored People of the United States (Esprios Classics)
    Martin Robison Delany
    Martin Robison Delany (May 6, 1812 - January 24, 1885) was an African-American abolitionist, journalist, physician, soldier, and writer, and arguably the first proponent of black nationalism. Delany is credited with the Pan-African slogan of 'Africa for Africans. Born as a free person of color in Charles Town, Virginia, now West Virginia (not Charleston, West Virginia) and rais...

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  • The Settler and the Savage (Esprios Classics)
    R. M. Ballantyne / RMBallantyne
    Robert Michael Ballantyne (24 April 1825 - 8 February 1894) was a Scottish author of juvenile fiction who wrote more than 100 books. He was also an accomplished artist, and exhibited some of his water-colours at the Royal Scottish Academy. In 1848 he published his first book Hudson’s Bay: or, Life in the Wilds of North America, and for some time was employed by the publishers M...

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  • John March, Southerner (Esprios Classics)
    George W. Cable / George WCable
    George Washington Cable (October 12, 1844 - January 31, 1925) was an American novelist notable for the realism of his portrayals of Creole life in his native New Orleans, Louisiana. He has been called 'the most important southern artist working in the late 19th century', as well as 'the first modern Southern writer.' In his treatment of racism, mixed-race families and miscegena...

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  • From the Darkness Cometh the Light; or, Struggles for Freedom (Esprios Classics)
    Lucy A. Delaney / Lucy ADelaney
    Lucy Ann Delaney, born Lucy Berry (c. 1830 - after 1891), was an African-American author, and activist, a former slave notable for her 1891 narrative From the Darkness Cometh the Light, or, Struggles for Freedom. This is the only first-person account of a 'freedom suit' and one of the few slave narratives published in the post-Emancipation period. The memoir recounts her mother...

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  • Move Like Water × Be Fluid
    Vaughn Lowery
    This provocative history of the advent of age explores the power of branding, a technique which the writer developed very early on and that he carried all his life. Lowery presents a compelling yet compact story of someone constantly persevering, reinventing their life and finding innovative ways to move forward. ...

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  • Djoula Français
    Bréhima Diarra
    Le manuel Je me débrouille en Djoula est destiné aux personnes qui étudient le Djoula seules; vous pouvez vous en servir également si vos études sont suivies sous la direction d’un professeur.Ce manuel a été conçu dans le but de faciliter l’intégration des personnes étrangères francophones dans la société malienne et en particulier dans la communauté Djoula. Il est une contribu...

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  • A Little Here A Little There
    Andrea Angie Palmer
    THE NARRATIVE Clearing comes before clarity. This book is a journal for decluttering your ideas by scribbling them down, sorting through them, then sequencing them with a compassionate vision for both your fruition and the fruition of your ideas.THE RITUAL Each time you have an idea, make it a ritual to jot them down and get clear on what developmental stage you and your idea ...

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  • African Folktales of Hare and Baboon
    Sarura Kids
    A collection of five delightful tales about the sneaky Hare and the trusting and gullible Baboon.These stories are translated into English and offer an insight into the folktales that have been told through the generations in Zimbabwe.With charming illustrations by Sarura Kids, these stories are a delight as well as being tales that teach and advise. ...

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  • Continuing Shadow Workbook
    Amber Presley
    Embark on a profound voyage of self-exploration and transformation with Continuing Shadow Workbook - Whispered Silhouettes: Unveiling the Unseen Path - , an illuminating work journal crafted by the insightful author, Amber Presley. Within its sacred pages, you will unveil the hidden depths of your being, navigating the intricate labyrinth of self-reflection, healing, and person...

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  • Constructing Perspective
    Construct The Present
    Step into a world of self-discovery and empathy-building as you embark on this transformative journaling experience. Each page is meticulously designed to guide you through introspective prompts, thought-provoking exercises, and mindful reflections. ...

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  • Monthly Sabbathing Rhythms - A Soul Care Gratitude Journal
    Andrea Angie Palmer

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  • Ngatitambei nematatedzvinyu
    Sarura Kids
    Let’s have fun learning about dinosaurs with Sarura Kids!Kids can learn and colour in dinosaurs as they discover 29 dinosaurs. Discover dinosaurs such as the lufengosaurus, rajasaurus, fukuiraptor, and more!Why not try your hand at the maze, where you can improve your fine motor skills while also having fun learning. We have also included connect-the-dots drawing, which not onl...

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  • Let’s Write Shona
    Sarura Kids
    Dive into this fun with our Shona language tracing and colouring in book for preschool kids.In this book you will find tracing practice from A all the way to Z.It includes large letter tracing as well as short word formation to get your little one writing short Shona words.Each letter also comes with a cute colouring in exercise.This book also contains a bonus section on matchi...

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  • Tinofarira Kudzidza
    Sarura Kids
    Tinofarira Kudzidza!We love to learn!This is an activity book for little ones to begin to explore the world through structured activity.This is a Shona language activity book for children to develop their fine motor skills, learn how to trace, learn how to find patterns through relatable material that they see every day, all while developing their confidence for school.The book...

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  • Vehicles in Shona and English
    Sarura Kids
    Dive into this fun colouring in activity book from Sarura Kids.This book has the name of each vehicle in Shona as well as English so that little ones can practise tracing the words in both Shona and English.With 30 fun vehicle illustrations to colour in. ...

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  • Body Parts for Kids
    Sarura Kids
    Welcome to the book that you always knew you needed but you never knew where to find!This introductory book for toddlers contains delightful illustrations of the human body and the names of body parts and actions in Shona and English.This 36 page book contains the basics of learning about the body. It also has recognition games and activities that help with remembering what has...

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  • Black Girl Coloring Book for Adults
    Lea Schöning BB
    40 Amazing Black Girl Patterns Coloring Book by Lea SchöningBlack Girl Coloring Book for Adults offers a unique way to express your creativity and at the same time promote your relaxation. The pages of the book contain detailed illustrations of Black Girls in various poses waiting for you to color.Great for all skill levelsWhether you’re a beginner or an advanced artist, this c...

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