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  • The Complete Penny Stock Course
    Jamil Ben Alluch
    You can learn trading penny stocks from the masses and become part of the 90% of traders who lose money in the stock market, or you can learn from the Best. The Complete Penny Stock Course is based on Timothy Sykes’, various training programs. His strategies have helped individuals like Tim Grittani, Michael Goode and Stephen Dux become millionaires within a couple of years.Thi...

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  • The Toxic Boss Survival Guide Tactics for Navigating the Wilderness at Work
    Bill Adams / Craig Chappelow / Peter Ronayne
    What could you learn from a downed pilot struck behind enemy lines, a hiker lost on the Appalachian trail, or townspeople prepping for the zombie apocalypse? If you currently work for a toxic boss, the answer is A LOT. Your wilderness work calls for a strategy, and what you need in your pocket is this Guide (yes, it is pocket sized).Built on research from the Center for Creativ...

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  • Leadership Brand
    David Magellan Horth / Lynn B. Miller / Lynn BMiller / Portia R. Mount / Portia RMount
    Everyone has a reputation. Whether good or bad, your reputation precedes you, and can inhibit or enhance your professional goals. However, how do you actively nurture, develop, and manage how others see you? In this book, we’ll discuss how crafting a brand can give you control of how you’re perceived at work. From proven strategies from CCL experts, to practical advice you can ...

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  • Global Perspectives on Contemporary Marketing Education
    A successful marketing department has the power to make or break a business. Today, marketing professionals are expected to have expertise in a myriad of skills and knowledge of how to remain competitive in the global market. As companies compete for international standing, the value of marketing professionals with well-rounded experience, exposure, and education has skyrockete...

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  • Comptabilisez vos Succès
    Sylvie Deslauriers
    LONGS CAS - RÔLE EN GESTION DE LA PERFORMANCE Préface Mon volume s’adresse aux candidats qui se préparent à l’écriture de longs cas, en particulier dans le cadre du Rôle en Gestion de la performance. Il s’inscrit à la suite du volume qui porte sur les courts cas, volume ayant pour objectif d’initier étudiants et candidats à la résolution de cas multidisciplinaires. Compte t...

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  • The Little Black Book for Entrepreneurs
    Black Matthew
    Take your idea and make it happen with Matthew Black's Little Black Book for Entrepreneurs.Do you have a business idea? something that could change your life forver?  Then this book is your shortcut to success.The Little Black Book for Entrepreneurs is a bulletproof system for finding the ideas that work and then setting them up to make you money - all on your terms!Packed ...

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  • Comment réussir ses études en comptabilité
    Sylvie Deslauriers
    Le volume Comment réussir ses études en comptabilité présente diverses stratégies d’apprentissage menant vers le succès. Il fournit de nombreux moyens d’apprendre à se concentrer sur l’essentiel, dans une attitude gagnante. Le volume offre des clés accessibles à tout étudiant en comptabilité, entre autres, pour étudier et résumer l’information de manière efficiente, pour mieux ...

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  • Comptabilisez vos succès
    Sylvie Deslauriers
    Le volume Comptabilisez vos succès s’adresse aux étudiants et candidats qui doivent résoudre des cas intégrés multi-sujets au cours de leurs études en comptabilité. Il facilite l’apprentissage par le développement d’une démarche pratique structurée. Les propos sont d’ailleurs abondamment illustrés par des exemples qui proviennent entre autres de l’analyse détaillée d’une étude ...

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  • Teaching Human Resources and Organizational Behavior at the College Level
    John Mendy
    New aspects of human resource management and organizational behavior have emerged in recent years. As such, it has become imperative to facilitate proper educational initiatives for professionals entering these fields. Teaching Human Resources and Organizational Behavior at the College Level is an essential reference source for the latest empirical research on emerging teaching...

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  • Business Hints for Men and Women
    A. R. Calhoun
    Business Hints for Men and Women gives basic laws and rules for good business. It is a brief overview of all aspects of business. Sections included are: Common sense farming, Documents you should know, Taxes, Wills, Deeds and Mortgages, Letter writing, Bills receipts and accounts, Banks, Notes and Drafts, Railroads, Contracts leases guarantees, insurance and others.  Although d...

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  • What’s Wrong With The World
    G. K. Chesterton
    In the aptly titled treatise What’s Wrong With the World, one of the twentieth century’s most memorable and prolific writers takes on education, government, big business, feminism, and a host of other topics. A steadfast champion of the working man, family, and faith, Chesterton eloquently opposed materialism, snobbery, hypocrisy, and any adversary of freedom and simplicity in ...

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  • Increasing Human Efficiency In Business
    Walter Dill Scott
    We’ve built machines to become more efficient in business, but humans remain human and inefficient. But must that always be the case? According to renowned business psychologist Walter Dill Scott, managers can help workers find their 'second wind,' the point at which they move past their previous limits and achieve top performance. Applying psychology to business, Scott wrote, ...

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  • Business Correspondence
    Andy R. Kraus
    HOW TO WRITE THE BUSINESS LETTER: 24 chapters on preparing to write the letter and finding the proper viewpoint; how to open the letter, present the proposition convincingly, make an effective close; how to acquire a forceful style and inject originality; how to adapt selling appeal to different prospects and get orders by letter  The practical uses of the business letter are a...

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  • Derecho del Comercio Electrónico
    Agustín Di Salvo / Enrique Molina Pico / Francisco Muñoz / Gisela Martina Luski / Gustavo Ariel Atta / Horacio Tomás Liendo / Juan Darío Veltani / Julián Rodríguez / Laura Felsenstein / Marcelo García Sellart / María Florencia Insausti / María Laura Otero / Pablo Segura / Pamela Echeverría / Paula Fernández Pfizenmaier / Sean Su
    La historia dice que Internet y la inteligencia artificial se crearon hace cincuenta años, y el comercio electrónico, hace algo menos. Sin embargo, el e-commerce comenzó a tener una forma parecida a la que conocemos hoy en los años noventa, cuando Internet se popularizó. Desde entonces, podemos decir que el e-commerce y la inteligencia artificial son la pareja perfecta y que Cu...

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  • The Engaged Business School
    Anthony Sturgess
    Bridging the gap between business and business schools: fulfilling potential or thwarted ambition. The Engaged Business School is a road map to unlocking the potential between business and business schools at a time when it really matters, responding to a global, economic and social recovery. ...

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  • O Level Business Studies
    Azhar ul Haque Sario
    'O Level Business Studies: Exam Preparation Guide' is an essential resource for all students studying business in-depth for their O Levels. This comprehensive guide, filled with clearly explained concepts and tonnes of practice questions, is geared towards equipping students with everything they require provide to secure top grades in their exams.At first, the guide outlines ’H...

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  • Economics
    Azhar ul Haque Sario
    The book titled 'Economics' makes the complex subject of economics easy to understand and provides an overview of its importance and application in various fields. The first chapters cover the importance of economics in daily life and businesses, underlining why everyone needs to understand this vital subject. Further, the book delves into how economics principles can be applie...

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  • Affiliate Marketing Unveiled
    Sheba Blake
    I know you’re excited about affiliate marketing.You’ve probably heard all sorts of positive things about making money online by selling others products. Now is the time.You might want to SLOW DOWN...What You’ve Been Told About Affiliate MarketingHARSH TRUTH: Most things you’ve heard about AFFILIATE MARKETING are LIES, HYPE, OR HALF-TRUTHS!It pains me to say this but if you just...

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    Arnold Will
    ���� Unveil the Power of Your Financial Potential with 'Credit Secrets'! ����Are you ready to unlock the vault to financial freedom? Prepare to be amazed by the revelations that await you within the pages of 'Credit Secrets.' This game-changing book is not just a guide; it’s a powerful roadmap to reshape your financial landscape and take charge of your destiny.���� Master Insid...

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    Liza Thruman
    ���� Introducing 'Credit Secrets: Unlocking Your Path to Financial Freedom' ����Are you ready to take control of your financial destiny? Look no further - 'Credit Secrets' is your ultimate guide to mastering the world of credit and paving your way to lasting financial success! ���� Unveiling Hidden Strategies: Dive deep into the pages of this comprehensive masterpiece as it rev...

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  • Unlocking the Power of Prayer
    Edward Brink
    Discover the transformative potential of prayer with 'Unlocking the Power of Prayer,' the life-changing book by esteemed Bishop Edward Brink. Whether you’re seeking to enhance your personal devotions, deepen your prayer life, or engage in powerful intercession, this book offers invaluable insights and Prayer Power Principles for achieving maximum results.In this dynamic and ins...

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  • Inclusive Developments through Socio-economic Indicators
    Ramesh Chandra Das
    Proposing issues that hinder equal development, Inclusive Developments through Socio-economic Indicators: New Theoretical and Empirical Insights focuses upon the roles of different socio-economic indicators in explaining the convergence or inclusiveness of income across groups of varying wealth as well as within larger economies ...

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  • The Success Pro
    Ezekiel C. Melchisedec
    The true meaning of success in many ways have being misunderstood by many people . Most people think that , success is having a lot of money , cars , houses , popularity , fame , degrees , companies, factories, congregation , possessions, etc. The truth is that all these things are not the success , but rather they can be a means to success .The true meaning of success is an in...

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  • Working Together Alone
    Dr. Dorine Rivers
    Imagine one year from now you’re sitting in your own office running your own company and reading glowing reviews on the company you have just improved and leveraged thanks to the many benefits of outsourcing. After feeling great pride and satisfaction in what you’ve accomplished, you turn your attention to - not analyzing numbers in an Excel spreadsheet or a Quickbooks report -...

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  • LLC Beginner’s Guide For Aspiring Entrepreneurs
    Hannah Taylor
    Introducing 'LLC Beginner’s Guide For Aspiring Entrepreneurs' - Your Roadmap to Launching a Successful Business!Are you ready to turn your entrepreneurial dreams into a reality? Look no further! 'LLC Beginner’s Guide For Aspiring Entrepreneurs' is the comprehensive resource you need to navigate the exciting world of business ownership and establish a solid foundation for your v...

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    Elizabeth Harris
    Unleash Your Entrepreneurial Potential and Rewrite Your Success Story with 'The Dropout Multimillionaire'!Are you ready to break free from the traditional path and create your own extraordinary journey to financial independence? Look no further than 'The Dropout Multimillionaire,' a captivating book that will inspire and guide you on the path to becoming a self-made success sto...

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  • Top Ten Keys to the Business of Writing
    B Alan Bourgeois
    Are you an aspiring or established author struggling with the business side of publishing? Look no further than The Business of Writing: A Comprehensive Guide for Authors. This essential guide provides in-depth information on the top ten items that every author needs to understand, from publishing contracts to managing finances. Learn how to negotiate contract terms, calculate ...

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  • Maximize Your Multiple
    Isaac Reid
    This book helps business owners and and entrepreneurs understand how to build and sell a business for maximum value. It demystifies the world of mergers & acquisitions, private equity, and institutional deal making.Readers will understand how businesses are valued, how to build a scalable and profitable business, and how to avoid the 19 biggest mistakes business owners make. ...

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  • Maximize Your Multiple
    Isaac Reid
    This book helps business owners and and entrepreneurs understand how to build and sell a business for maximum value. It demystifies the world of mergers & acquisitions, private equity, and institutional deal making.Readers will understand how businesses are valued, how to build a scalable and profitable business, and how to avoid the 19 biggest mistakes business owners make. ...

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  • Plan , Track , Succeed
    Pablo Molina / The Latin Trader
    Unlock the secrets to trading success with the 'Plan, Track, Succeed: Trading Journal and Mindset Planner.' This indispensable tool is tailored to help traders of all experience levels accelerate their growth, sharpen their skills, and maximize their profitability.Inside, you’ll find invaluable resources such as:+ A comprehensive quiz to pinpoint your unique trading personality...

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